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    Zelda Wiki Introduction Thread
    • Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon, welcome to the introduction thread! Let's start off with introducing yourselves telling us of your history with Zelda Wiki. I'll start.

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      I'm Tony, also known as Kasuto on the Wiki. I joined Zelda Wiki back in 2008 (coming up on nearly seven years, wow). At the time, I was enamored with starting up little websites, so I was trying to create my own Zelda site and looking for feedback from members of the community. That plan never got off the ground, but I did end up contributing on-and-off to Zelda Wiki until about 2010 or so when I started to edit consistently with the translations pages; reorganizing information to look nicer and giving what little knowledge on Japanese I had. After that, I started to really tackle articles by integrating the Names template (which provides a list of the names in other languages) and the related Exp template (now no longer in use). I also put my focus on Hylian Language translations.

      In 2011, I really started to become a normal editor, fixing whatever I could find. The very day that Skyward Sword was released in North America, I went onto the wiki to find that I was promoted to staff. Looking back at my past edits, it's really strange how awkwardly noobish (and sometimes downright rude) I used to be, but that's nothing special for an interneteer.Throughout my history on the site, my role's been pretty sporadic. From providing knowledge on lingual matters to general editing, I also dabbled in image editing and rendering. Sadly, since we have an official Nintendo resource now, I don't get to do much of that anymore, but I basically have Zelda Wiki to thank for my development of Photoshop skills.

      In January of this year, I was promoted to Director (in place of the highly-talented Justin, who now works as the leader of the development team). I'm doing my best to lead the team however I can, and I'm glad I played a role in helping make Zelda Wiki the great resource it is now. I'm even more excited that I get to help in making it much greater with the strides we're making now.

      So that's me, let's hear about you!

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    • Why, hello, Dello! I am Eric, better known as EzloSpirit and most commonly referred to simply as Ezlo. I hung around ZU all the time from 2009 until 2013. Many of you may know me as the host of "EzloSpirit-Style Profiles" and "EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies" on the old ZUCast podcast. I also served as the designated Writing Forum Mod from June 2012 until April 2013.

      I joined Zelda Wiki in April 2009 because I wanted to strive to get one of the old "Zelda Wiki Contributor" banners on ZU. So very noble, I know. In any case, that didn't work out since I only wound up contributing sporadically…until seven years later.

      I responded to an announcement that the wiki was looking for new admins in April 2015. I applied because I have a deep respect for Zelda Wiki: it is a great, independent resource for Zelda info, clearly supported by an active staff and userbase. I wanted to help out more than I had up to that point, and becoming an admin would be a surefire incentive to do so. Lastly, I had been fairly isolated from the online Zelda fan community ever since vanishing from ZU, so this presented me with a good passageway back in.

      And here I am! In addition to patrolling and helping out around the wiki, I am pretty much the designated Hyrule Warriors series "expert" among the wiki staff; most of my substantial contributions on the wiki are related to those games. I also have an especial passion for Twilight Princess and Majora's Mask. Finally, as a huge fan of the music of the franchise and video games in general, I expect to be leading an effort in the near future to provide wiki readers with passages of various scores to supplement relevant articles.

      I do love helping new users—I was an Adopter here on ZU for much of my active time here—so if you have any questions about the wiki, Zelda, or…whatever, really, please do drop me a line!

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    • My account's been verified. A spy has allowed me to penetrate your borders.

      Anyway, my name's Gateway2Drillbit. Abbreviate it however you like and we can be fwiends. I applied to the Zelda Wiki team early in April and was given a response just over twenty-four hours ago. We've known each other for so long. Why did I apply? 'Cause I freakin' love Zelda and I'm hoping there's a greater, more intelligent community based around it than the comment section of Game Theory.

      From what I've read, I'm a trainee with a Piece of Heart next to my name. I've never edited for a Wiki before, despite the fact I've visited and read Zelda Wiki for years (less often now that the main page doesn't have a news feed thingy, grumble grumble). I do consider myself a writer, though, and an overall "artist," as it were.

      I don't have much history here to speak of, so I'll talk more personally so my post can be longer than everyone else's and then I'll feel important. My all-time favorite Zelda game is Wind Waker, followed by a tie between Ocarina of Time and Minish Cap, and then Hyrule Warriors in third. Video games have shaped me throughout my life, producing this wad of flesh that enjoys creativity and tries to have an open mind.

      I'm set to attend the art school in the next city over in the fall to study animation. I use Illustrator and Photoshop in my freetime, fiddle around with Flash and Spriter Pro (on Steam), and game to fill in the cracks. Throughout middle and high school, I studied and passed the highest levels of math, physics and computer science I could, for the sole purpose of milking the college credit (because saving money is just so much fun). I seem to have a bit of an obsession of collecting things from games I like, but I doubt that's true don't look at my amiibos over there oh no there isn't much shelf space anymore you betrayed me Ikea you said it was three feet long but it's barely two.

      Aside from all that, there ain't much to me. I don't like cooking, I don't like cleaning, I don't like sleeping, I don't like showering, and I don't like sleeveless shirts. If I could, I'd sit in a cave all day and draw or write, never having to eat or vocalize--I'm a rather solitary person (you can tell 'cause I won't stop typing). If I could be any fictional race, it'd be Zora, 'cause those guys can be naked and all aquatic and evolve into bird people.

      That's probably enough beans spilled. Hopin' you guys at least find me tolerable, and if you don't, feel free to do anything and everything about it.
    • Hey everyone! I swear I made a post before introducing myself, but that must have been on a different thread, so here we go...

      My name is Joshua (Lahvu on here and the wiki) and I'm currently attending university for a degree in computer science.

      I've never been part of any wiki's staff before, so editing wikis is new to me, but I have referenced wikis my entire gaming life, everyone needs a little help sometimes. I just became part of the team yesterday, but I'm looking forward to working with such an amazing group on such an astonishing series.

      I'm useful with adobe premiere and photoshop but I especially love using premiere for the simple fact that I love making gaming videos and I have a youtube channel purely for fun (Matrimonypony is my channel in case anyone was wondering).

      As for gaming, I love the Legend of Zelda series, Resident Evil series, the "souls series" (Demon's, Dark I/II and Bloodborne), and put my head on a spike for it but I love Runescape too. I've been playing Zelda since I was about 6. The first game I ever beat was Ocarina of Time on my old Nintendo 64, and I've beaten it about 45 times to date (it never gets old).

      Seeing as I'm brand new I obviously do not have a specific section I focus on (I'll do whatever work is needed to be done), but my time would be best suited for Ocarina of time, Majoras Mask or Wind Waker, as those are my top 3, but not in that order.

      That's pretty much it for me, I hope you all like me, I don't think I'm that irritating...

      I look forward to working with everyone here!

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    • I'm GorMor, known as The Goron Moron on the wiki. I joined it back in 2008 on my birthday, and as of since last year, now work for the wiki as an admin. I'm partially responsible for bringing the wiki boards here on the ZU forums, having suggested it as a means of bringing the two sites closer together.

      On wiki, I'm best at content writing, and like to preoccupy myself with a couple of side projects. Lately I've been focusing on updating the CD-i articles on the wiki in my spare time and enjoy it. This is probably my best and most proud of work so far (as funny as that may sound, CD-i and all), though I've also dabbled in content writing for other things, such as HW.

      That's about it, you can reach me either by my talk page or by sending me a private conversation.
    • Greetings. I am Caffeinated Pixel, or better known as just Pixel on the Wiki. I joined back in 2010, where I removed backgrounds from the images that were placed within the Image Request page. Quiet as I am, I kept to myself. Constantly reading the Help Guide over and over, and watching other peoples edits, so that I could finally learned the basics of editing. As of November 2014, I was given the opportunity to be part of the main staff. Still no regrets joining this awesome team.

      My contributions still generally revolve around image editing, and with the help of other admin's ripping abilities, I have uploaded countless images to Wiki. With background removal feeling more like an easy going activity now, I have also worked in heavy editing like image recreation.

      After 5 years, I'm still a quiet person. Though I am happy to talk to anyone who sends a message my way.
    • Hey all,

      I'm Caralista pretty much everywhere, so if you want to find me on other sites that's the name to look for. I just recently got accepted as a trainee, so I'm still finding my way around, but I'm looking forward to working with everyone.

      As far as experience, I'm in a similar boat to Lahvu; I've used wikis most of my gaming life but haven't done much editing with them. I have no preference on specific section focus, but I'm familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator and I've done some UI work, so that could possibly come in handy. I also really enjoy editing and like, grammar hopefully that embarrassing trait will be helpful as well. Zelda games I know best are OoT, MM, and WW (I know, so unique, right?). I'm slowly trying to finish every Zelda game, so currently ALBW is fresh in my mind. I also love watching speedruns.

      I just graduated with a degree in Game Design Art but I want to keep going with school so I'll be applying to master's programs in the fall. I'd love to talk game mechanics with people (and the sociology of games too, but I know that can be a slippery slope). Anyway if you have a lot of feelings about video games like I do we should discuss and just nerd out together.

      Excited to collaborate with everyone!

      P.S. Can I swear on here? Y'all have such clean writing and proper grammar; I wasn't sure what the deal was with profanities.
    • Hello! My name is Wyatt, or Captain Desdinova at the Wiki. I joined the staff last year, I believe in October. Since I'm still relatively new to the technical side of administration, I've not done much other than rewrite sections and patrol. I don't have an interesting story to tell about joining, actually. I wasn't around terribly long before becoming an admin, but I did have some experience with various other wikis.

      I am from a small town in West Virginia, which is not my favorite place. I'm an English major at Marshall University, and I enjoy organization, lists, wikis, and complete sets of things. I write quite a lot, whether it's assignments, personal projects, or wiki content. I consider writing to be what I do best, which is part of the reason I'm here.

      I've been playing Zelda games since I was five or so, and have been in love with them ever since. There are some I still haven't played, as my family has always been on the struggling end of the economic scale, but that will be remedied eventually. My favorite Zelda game is probably A Link to the Past. I've said many times that it was Majora's Mask, but recently I've been reconsidering that.

      That's me, guys. I'm happy to be here, and I hope to be a lot more active than I have been recently.
    • Hi all,

      I see new members haven't really been using this thread recently, but as I have a spare moment I'll give it some love by briefly introducing myself. I'm Jack, a UK based (southern England to be precise) Zelda fan who's just been made a trainee. I've been using the Wiki for years to fill the gaps in my Zelda knowledge, and began editing a few months back and creating some pages with Tony's guidance. I'm a musician, tutor and writer, so would like to contribute towards the Wiki and forums in a way that can maybe elucidate some ideas re: the use of music in the Zelda franchise (and game music in general) that might be unfamiliar to some.

      Besides that, I look forward to my time working with all involved. Cheers!

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