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    • Most (if not all) of the Zelda games re-released were erroneously called remakes. They were either enchanced ports or remasters. I suggest changing the label to be more accurate.

      A Link to the Past for the GBA is not a remake. It is an enhanced port because it is the same game but with several updates. A few and glitches bugs from the SNES version (such as the Cane of Somaria weighted switch bug in Skull Woods) and Ganon can be killed without the Silver Arrows.

      Link;s Awakening DX is essentially the same game but colorized a couple of aesthetic changes, slight dungeon room modifications, and bonus features.

      The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD are remastered ports. The graphics got a slight update and the gameplay mechanics were altered for smoother gameplay experience.

      Four Swords Anniversary Edition is a single player added remaster with bonus material.
    • @AquaBat

      I locked the thread because it was getting overly bested and I wanted to give everyone some time to cool off.

      It is a temporary lock and I will be re opening the thread when I have addressed it. I was on lunch and didn't have the time to do it until this moment. Bear with me, please! I never leave a thread locked without letting you guys know why!

      Thanks for voicing your concern, but in the future, contact the mod of the board (myself or @Sólsetur) with your concerns regarding mod action.

      If you have any more concerns with this issue or any others, feel free to shoot me a message!
    • My last post was deleted in the other thread, so I'm just going to reinstate my message here.

      I know people are frustrated, but please don't take your anger out onto the wiki or voice that it is declining in quality. The rest of us pour a lot of time and effort into its pages, specifically in cleaning up and updating entire articles to the newer format, organization efforts, doing extensive research, and creating new pages relatively quickly. There are quite a few people who do appreciate those efforts. As volunteers, this is something we all do by choice and in our own time. So I would appreciate it if people do not lump the entire wiki with this controversial policy change. The policy only affects certain pages and only their infobox.

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    • Hello Zelda Wiki! Thanks for the great content!

      I've been often looking for something comparable to "Wikiquote": the texts of legends, prologue stories, and other authoritative accounts. These are core canonical sources about mythology and history, and compiling them would be useful to serve as reference when discussing theory (like Bible quoting :) )

      Besides, I'd like to use the key texts as material for Hylian translations on Zelda wiki


      PS: Zeldapedia has some content of this kind, but i'm sure Zelda wiki can do better!

      PPS: i'm Sahasrallah on Zelda wiki

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    • Hey, I'd like to suggest some things for the wiki about character pages:

      New fields for the characters infobox template
      Since I've acquired the collector's edition of the Prima Games guides, I've wanted to fulfill some pages that were missing information or citations. Unfortunately, my edits were removed since I didn't ask for it first, and that's more than okay! So here I go:

      • Birthday
      • Age
      • Birthplace
      • Hometown
      These fields could be added and the information easily found in those books or upon further research in the actual games.

      Characters quotes
      Again, for the characters, this idea comes from Bulbapedia (the Pokémon's NIWA wiki). We could add every quotes from the characters who ever spoke in the games. Something similar to what they did on Professor Oak's page. That way, the reader would be able to see for themselves the personality of the character on the spot.

      Split the Biography section
      I would suggest to split the Biography section of character pages into two (or three?) smaller sections:
      • Appearance
        • Everything about the character's physical/visual aspect. Its clothing, color, etc.
      • Personality
        • Everything about their behavior, personality, how they speak, coward or courageous, etc.
      • Utility in the games (optional)
        • Optional, since it wouldn't make much sense to add this kind of section to characters like Link. Everything they do to help or harm the player's progression, what items do they give? What quests do they start? What tips or advice do they give to the player? etc
      Well, those are just some ideas I had, let me know what you think. I'd like to see them implemented someday! :)
    • As far as sourcing from the prima guides, up until very recent ones those guides have not been considered canon sources. the Birthday, age, and birthplace of characters are rarely if, ever, mentioned in game and so interviews with developers would be the only valid source for those. Hometown maybe could be a decent idea. I see little need for a text description of a character when we have images of the character right there on the page as well. personality is a possibility however most characters arent interacted with enough to get a solid idea of it.
    • Most if not all of those fields feel rather pointless. I don't recall any instance where an actual birthday is given, and the only character with a relevant age is basically Link, who doesn't even have a 100% confirmed age, as guides, manuals, and even the creators themselves differ with it. And I wouldn't consider the TP Prima guide a good source for ages, as "around #" doesn't sound encyclopedic at all, but rather like a random number they decided to add. The birthplace and hometown can be easily incorporated within the biography of the character, as there aren't really many characters whose location differ from its birthplace, I can only think in like one or two characters from TWW.

      We used to have quotes but were phased out has they don't bring anything to the table, especially since pages are already filled with quotes used in citations. Finally, some character pages already include those sections, take Zant for example. Most of them are main characters, as they are almost always the only characters that warrant those sections.
    • I don't understand why even if it's only for one character. Why don't we still add those fields and only add them when we have a source for it, thus, it won't appear on pages that don't have it, and will on pages that we have some.

      Technically, every character of Twilight Princess has an official given age. Why don't we add this fields to those characters and cite the book ?

      I just don't understand why there is some information that is considered "not notable" even if it's official ?
    • MannedTooth wrote:

      MannedTooth wrote:

      I don't understand why even if it's only for one character.
      A single character isn't enough to add a whole field to a template.

      MannedTooth wrote:

      Technically, every character of Twilight Princess has an official given age. Why don't we add this fields to those characters and cite the book ?
      As said before, "around # years old" sounds like a made up number used as a filler. Prima wasn't an official source until PH, when Nintendo Power ceased publication, so I wouldn't trust their TP guide that much, especially since the truly offiicial guide for the game was the Nintendo Power one.

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    • Hi everyone!

      So I was reading the original Zelda game's page, on the Wiki site.

      Under the mistranslations heading, I see this:
      When Link pays the Old Woman behind the waterfall, she will tell him to "Go up, up, the mountaintop." This was corrected to saying, "Go up, up, the mountain ahead".

      I just checked an original copy of the game, and this seems false.

      Can anyone prove (screenshot) that mountaintop has ever been written in any version of this game? I think the Wiki has been taken for a ride with this, and it's never been referred to as mountaintop at all...

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    • Help!
      I'd like to file a trouble ticket about the access to my ZeldaWiki user account, which seems to have been lost in the transfer to Curse. The user page is still here, but neither GamePedia nor Twitch recognizes the user "Sahasrallah" when i try a password reset.

      thanks for your support, I'm looking forward to continue contributing to ZeldaWiki :DD
    • That's because the user "Sahasrallah" does not exist on Twitch or Gamepedia, as far as I can tell. You will need to create a Gamepedia account. Gamepedia accounts have to be linked to a Twitch account, so if you already have a Twitch account, you could use that account. Once you have created your Gamepedia account, you will need to visit Gamepedia Support and submit a ticket including your old Zelda Wiki username and your new Gamepedia username to merge the two accounts.

      Note that this will mean any action/page linked to the account on Zelda Wiki would be updated to your Gamepedia username. If for any reason you want to change your Gamepeida username now or in future, again, you will need to visit Gamepedia Support and submit a ticket including your Gamepedia username and your desired username.

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