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Mafia XII - Twilight Princess
  • In the land of Hyrule, all felt a sudden chill in the air. Though none could notice it, their bodies began to fade into nothingness, their happiness into dread, and the sight of their best friends into faceless phantoms. No matter how hard they tried, anyone and everyone looked like a stranger. Or worse, a monster.

    Hyrule Castle lay in ruins, a sad testament to the sudden assault that ravaged it and the surrounding lands. Within the crumbling bricks and mortar one could hear animalistic shouts and fighting, warped and distorted by the cloud of twilight.

    “You!” A great figure bellowed, his deep voice shaking the very ground of the throne room beneath him. “Fool! A pathetic creature like yourself cannot stand against me! I’ll see to your death for daring to take Hyrule out from under me!” The one he was threatening, a lithe figure shrouded in a cloak of shadows, chuckled.

    Behind this other person, massive figures loomed in the darkness. “Oh but, don’t you see?” The lithe figure taunted, startling the man by throwing a body onto the floor, a tattered dress fluttering in the wind. The white and purple clothing would have been beautiful had it not been sullied by dirt and the dried, caked blood of its wearer.

    There was a sharp intake of breath as the man realized who he was looking at, whose corpse stood at his feet, and that’s when the chuckling shroud flaunted not one, but two pieces of the Triforce. “Don’t you see? You are already dead. And this world shall fall into shadow once more!”

    With an enraged roar, the man fought with the fury of a thousand suns, but even he could not withstand the might of the Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Courage. He soon lay at the feet of his better, knowing his life was draining away, feeling his own blood pool below his body, and heard the sword of his enemy cut through the air towards his neck. And then the great, proud man knew no more.

    Topaz Mutiny and Spaghetticus were
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    Zelda and Ganondorf


    Twilight has once more befallen the golden land of Hyrule, but do not fret! Those strong of will have taken up arms against the darkness, and will fight to return the land to its shining form. But to do so, they must find and kill the ones responsible, and already these vicious enemies are mobilizing to eliminate any remaining threats.

    Welcome to Mafia, Twilight Princess edition! For a quick rundown on what Mafia is and how ZU’s version of the game is different, see the first section of our GM Guide!

    ~*~* Rules! *~*~

    Some Big Rules

    You cannot talk to others via PM unless explicitly told to do so. If you talk to other players via PM when you are not allowed we will have you removed from the game and your character killed (known as a modkill).

    You must not directly state, quote, or post pictures of any PMs you may have received from the GMs or from private conversations (such as the Mafia conversation).

    You must remain active throughout the game. As mentioned in the Hub, this is a game built around communicating with other people. Two consecutive days of no participation will result in a modkill.(this doesn’t mean you have to make tons of posts or post walls of text like some of the known players do - just pay attention to the game and make a few relevant posts throughout each day)

    You may not use fake tags or tags not given to your character. Doing so will result in a modkill.

    You may chat in the Hub and other places so long as it does not contain information that could impact the game. If you reveal information that others may not know the offending post will be deleted, and may possibly result in a modkill depending on severity.

    You may edit only to fix grammar and spelling mistakes - you cannot edit a post to change or remove content! If you said something you later regret, you’ll just have to deal with the consequences.

    Voting and Tags

    Tags play a big part in the game, because this is how the town votes every day and how the GMs count votes! If you do not vote, or unvote without making a new vote, you will count as a vote towards yourself! So make sure to vote before the end of the day!

    You may vote for another player or for a No Lynch. If a player has the most votes at the end of the day, that player is Lynched, removed from the game and their role and alignment revealed. If No Lynch has the most votes at the end of the day, then no one is Lynched and the game immediately progresses to the Night Cycle.

    To vote, simply use the [vote][/vote] tags (always bold for clarity!) and write a player’s name inside. Ex. [vote]Spagh[/vote].

    If you want to change your vote or remove your current vote, use the [unvote][/unvote] tags. Ex. [unvote]No Lynch[/unvote]. This tag is important! If you do not unvote before changing votes, your new vote will not count!

    Finally, there may be other tags in the game that may be used. Generally if one of these tags is used, do not post and please wait for the GMs to create a post that will contain the results of those tags.


    Roleclaiming is tricky, as it is simultaneously a part of the game and yet is reviled for sucking out a lot of the fun of the game. The point of mafia is that the truth is obscured and hard to come by, and yes people will suspect you for anything and everything, and yes people you thought trustworthy may not be so, and yes people you thought an enemy may turn out to be an ally, and yes it is incredibly stressful, but that’s the point! That is the spirit of Mafia.

    That said, roleclaiming (and fake claiming) is allowed, but we ask you to please refrain from doing so too early or too rashly to maintain the spirit of the game. Also you’ll make Topaz a sad panda. And Spagh an angry noodle.

    Player List

    See here for a look at everyone in the game; doubles as a live update over who’s dead and what those dead people were.

    Double A
    Sansa Stark
    Live Update

    Arizora - Telma a Townie Jailkeeper - lynched Day Three
    Cody - Yeto a Lynchproof Survivor and Lover - killed Night Three
    Cookie - King Bulbin a Mafia Roleblocker - killed Night Two
    Double A - Rusl a Townie Cucco Vendor - killed Night One
    English - Fyrus a Mafia Flavor Cop - lynched Day Two
    gamtos - Ashei a Townie Tracker - killed Night Five
    Kaeporas - Jovani a Vanilla Townie - killed Night One
    Luka - Yeta a Bulletproof Survivor and Lover - killed Night Three
    Rambo - Stallord a Mafia One-Shot Bulletproof Goon - lynched Day Six
    Ruki - Renado a Townie Faith Healer - killed Night Five
    Sansa Stark
    Shayface - Diababa a Mafia One-Shot Poisoner - killed Night Four
    Silver - Midna The Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams Out Of Its Ass - killed Night Four
    thejoeybloom - Zant a Mafia One-Shot Governor - lynched Day Five

    Town Wins!

    Now, heroes and villains, go forth and bring Hyrule to light, or shadow!

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    I mean seriously, this is a (decade old) spoiler...
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    Back to Hyrule.
    Back to our roots.
    Back to the site of the first truly crazy game of ZU mafia.
    Back to a damning defeat.
    Back to the Spagh sauce, for one more terrible taste.

    Hey folks, let's play Mafia!

    If you're new, you may be wondering how the game proceeds from this point. The rules of the game, after all, don't really tell you how you're supposed to behave: it's up to the rest of the town to do that.

    Now... trust is a precious commodity in a Mafia game. You can't be entirely certain that I – or anyone else – has your best interests at heart when giving play advice. When I outline my general thoughts about “pro-town” play in a post like this I'm really hoping that you'll eventually see myself and others living out these ideas, see the benefit it brings to the town, and then adopt them yourselves based on the evidence.

    The principle goal of day one – for townies and scum alike – is survival. This will not be true forever - in a good game of Mafia, 90% of the players die, and eventually almost everyone will need to stop thinking about staying alive and start thinking about making their inevitble deaths *useful* - but on day one, survival is a priority.

    We will end day one by lynching the player whom we think will be least helpful to the town. There is a very small chance that that will be a scum player who makes a critical mistake, but far more likely it will be a player who shows themselves incapable or unwilling to cooperate with the town's good intent. If the principle goal is survival, the best way to achieve that goal is by playing “pro-town”.

    What does that look like?

    1) Be active. Make productive posts and be visible but don't weigh down the thread.

    2) Don't vote for yourself.

    3) Don't vote “randomly” without a sufficient display of rigor.

    4) Don't claim positive-utility passive roles, like bulletproof or paranoid gun owner. Ever.

    5) Initially believe someone who tells you they're a cop. Invstigate their claim in the most natural way and without argument.

    6) Understand your role and its position in the town. Don't be afraid to check the wiki, re-read past games, or even seek out advice from non-players (with the GM's permission obviously).

    7) Recognize that Mafia is anti-inductive.

    8) Keep us notified of your absences and try to be present for the day's end.

    9) Lynch all Liars.

    10) Have fun!



    [vote]No Lynch[/vote]
    Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

    boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
  • Ready to play my first Mafia!

    Posting to sub, like everyone else.
    It's "OAK-UH-REENA."

    "I'm sorry you have to waste your time with these little brats when you must be tired from doing all the important stuff you do!" -_-;;

    Honestly, I gotta say- there hasn't been "the best Zelda" yet. Here's to hoping Zelda U Breath of the Wild finally takes the title.

    "It appears people finally realize that realism IS an art style! :D"
  • Avalanchemike wrote:

    Don't pay attention to me, just your average soldier in a stone mask.

    Gamtoskill, activate~!

    Eh, that won't work? No problem I guess. Perhaps at the very least I'll be lucky enough to be on opposite camps with foo; taking him down might alleviate some of the serious salt I had in the last mafia game. Pretty dang salty, I tell ya what.

    Right, I should mention, for those who don't know me, I'm a rather large fan of the gruesome and copious amount of death that usually haunts these games so I hope as many people as possible die, ideally all of them, but that really doesn't reflect on my allegiance; it just means I really like this game.

    Ergo, don't lynch me if I say I wanna kill you all because that's just how I say "how do you do", capiche?

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  • Love you too bud.

    Anyway, assuming we complete the role quickly and know early on that we have no inactives, we'll need to decide how to proceed. There are two strategically sound options:

    1) Vote no Lynch.

    I'm not generally a fan of the "no lynch" option. Whether it's a *mathematically* sound strategy or not varies from set-up to set-up, and its often hard to guess in the complete absence of information, but no matter what the set-up deciding not to lynch promotes passivity from the town, building bad habits and sapping momentum. I could be convinced of a no lynch - in the situation where its very clearly the proactive choice of a proactive town, and not just the default position of townies scared to act on minimal info - but I'll likely go another way, as I always have in the past.

    2) Begin selecting players at random, and using the townie band-wagon to pressure them.

    This is a risky proposition. In the worst case scenario we exposed a doctor to the mafia and start the game severely disadvantaged. In the best, though, we establish the first pillars in the strategy which will ultimately carry us to victory. We've never quite had to resort to this sort of measure on ZU before - there's always been an inactive player to remove, or a mafia flub to punish, or some other element working behind the scenes - but it is, unfortunately, set to become something of a standard practice as everyone gets better at the game.

    Should it come to that, I've started my usual Okoros Campaign Page with establishing role 77 on a 10,000 sided die. For those unfamiliar with this tactic, please see this post.
    Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

    boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens