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  • JasonBall34 wrote:

    And, speaking of, how does whoever it is have access to the Nintendo Assets Library? Its only for the press and businesses and stuff.

    Big fansites and Wikis also have access to the assets library, such as Bulbapedia, or Zelda Universe in this case. Some of the ZU guys are even going to E3 this year, so don't worry about it being illegal or not :p

    JasonBall34 wrote:

    Moving on, the ads suck. I don't remember there being ads where they are now, namely the top, bottom and sidebar.

    Ads have been there for a while, and as we are a free encycopedia, we need to survive from somewhere :p but don't worry, you can create an account to browse the site ad-free.

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  • Yeah, but how do they have access? They apply and say "Hey, we're a fansite, and we're wanting to use massive images from your library to put on our fansite. Please let us in!" It seems pretty fishy to me.

    Speaking of, isn't that the big official MM3D mask artwork for your profile pic?

    I realized why I hadn't noticed the ads. I had been browsing with my account, but yesterday I was in Chrome which I haven't logged into for ZW. So that's why.
  • We're pretty off-topic at this point so if there aren't any further questions specifically about the Main Page, I'd like to close the thread. You're more than welcome to ask any other questions you may have in the General Chit Chat thread or the Suggestions, Feedback and Requests thread.

    I don't like to put my foot down like this, but it is an announcement thread that's publicly advertised on the wiki. For the benefit of the people who click the link, the content of the thread should be relevant to the actual announcement.

    Thanks for the feedback, Jason!