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Merchant Rules
  • Merchant Characters in Tales of Characters

    Merchant Characters in the Tales of Characters are nothing new. However, due to the varying merchants and the different items they sell, as well as potential lore behind them, it has been decided that they need to be regulated. The regulations are made in mind with keeping consistent with RPG rules and providing rights to both the seller and the buyer.

    1) All merchant characters must be PC characters
    That isn't to say the wares must be within the PC thread. As long as the two are linked to each other within the merchant's thread, the wares themselves can be in the resources.

    2) All items/weapons/armor must be approved.
    Each weapon/item/armor must have an individual stamp of approval before being posted. So, if a merchant is selling the Master Sword, it must say Master Sword, approved by Fi before it can be sold. Just like mods cannot approve their own characters, they also cannot approve their own wares. Saying a mod approved it when they didn't will result in disciplinary action.

    3) Companion characters will, if determined necessary, be required to go through approval
    If a Moderator deems it necessary due to certain powers the companion character (character which always travels with the playable character) possesses, they maintain the right to require the character be put through approval. Once put through approval, any significant changes made to the companion character must be approved by an official approver, as designated by the Editing/Updating Policy.

    4) Merchants can use their wares in battle
    However, everyone in the role play must agree to the merchant using their wares. While the merchant must agree to it as well, it is possible as a result of this merchandise can be stolen or damaged.

    5) Once sold, the seller gives up all rights to the item.
    While the buyer can go to the seller to get their blessing, if they want to change the item in any way or add on to the lore, that is their prerogative and right and would be subject to the edit and update policy. While the buyer cannot change the core function of what the item can do willy nilly, they can if they have an role play which explains the change. So if the buyer buys a weapon which can only shoot laser beams, they cannot say it shoots fire now unless they have an role play or character fiction which adequately explains the change.

    World and Lore Based Merchants

    World and Lore based merchants operate on a little bit of separate rules than regular merchants. While the first four rules apply to them, the fifth one does not. All items received from lore and world based merchants and storylines must go to the person they got it from if the buyer wishes to change it. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Any world and lore based merchant roleplayer who goes inactive in the Role Play Guild for longer than a continuous year relinquishes this protection. World and lore based merchants are expected to answer any and all questions regarding the lore and world regarding the item in a timely fashion.

    However, to claim to be a world or lore based merchant, certain stipulations must be met.

    World Based Merchants
    World Based merchants don't necessarily need a single merchant or a merchant at all. However, all items must be obtained from the world the items come from. A character from the world, as well as a discussion thread and/or a resource thread outlining what people can expect in the world is required. The character doesn't need to be the world based merchant or even part of the threads revolving the obtaining of the items - there just needs to be a precedent that the world was there prior.

    Lore Based Merchants
    Lore based merchants is a bit trickier than world based merchants. The first way is the character needs to be from the world itself as does all the items. Any item not part of the lore or world the character is from is not protected under the world and lore based merchant clause. A role play in the world prior to receiving status is also mandatory.

    The second way is that if the items are not given out by a character from the world the lore is based on, require separate proof that the world exists (ie. A resource thread with all the relevant information) before a lore-based merchant can be approved.

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