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    • A lot of my dreams are within vacant indoor arcades and play ports, usually colorful with a "clownish" kind of appearance. Despite the vibrant colors, there is also something cold and dim about these places due to it's industrial style structure. In these dreams, these rooms are quite spacious with high ceilings, with nobody around. Ever since I started having these dreams as an adolescent, I became obsessed with places like these and they kind of serve as a coping mechanism for me. Here are some examples:I'm sure I could find better examples if I looked hard enough, but a few of these pics are actually from a place I went to often as a kid, and even as a teen and adult

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    • Most of the time, I don’t dream.
      But when I do, I have really weird an elaborate ones.

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      In my last dream, I was working for an emperor. I remember I was high ranking, and I spent pretty much all of my time with him (I think I was a guard?), but he never spoke to me unless absolutely necessary.

      He had two advisors. No one had a name, and the advisors looked nearly identical, so I’ll call them Frank and Ernest.

      Ernest spent ALL of his time with the emperor. He was like, the highest-ranking dude of all the high-ranking dudes. The emperor was not allowed to be let out of his sight. I think this was cause the emperor was sick, and was considered too young to rule. (He was around 17)

      “The emperor” is a mouthful so I’ll call him “Kit” lol

      Frank was... a traitor. How did I know this? I was a traitor too lol
      We were working against the empire
      There was at least one other person in the castle working with us. The cook, I think.

      I remember using some sort of magic to transform into Kit to impress the cook with my ability lol
      Not five minutes later, Ernest takes me away cause he thinks I’m the real emperor

      He tells me all of this top secret stuff about war and the royal family assuming I know what he’s talking about
      And I’m just like... “????????”

      Then he goes off and he’s like “I knew you we’re ugly and weak, but I continue to be ASTOUNDED by the magnitude of your idiocy. You have no redeeming qualities, and blah blah blah”

      I manage to leave, and I’m like “is he always like that??” “does kit have to deal with that all the time??” “are we really working against him when he’s already sick and like, a kid, and he has to listen to that dude, too??”

      And then I decide I’ve gotta be a double-double agent, and find a way to save kit from my allies, while still making sure the empire falls.

      Then I woke up just when it was getting interesting :(
      I would appreciate it if you could check out my Choose Your Own Adventure story!~☆

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    • Last night, I dreamed about lucid dreaming. It was super meta. Like, I was having one of my persecution-complex dreams in which an old teacher of mine was being really mean, except I was like, "You're not even real; I'm dreaming. So I don't have to take this from you. The real you was also mean sometimes, but she could also be sweet." And then eventually I woke up. Except I really didn't because I was actually still dreaming, and then that dream went elsewhere lol. The encompassing dream wasn't lucid! XD
    • The other night Andy dreamt that him and I were looking at peoples patio furniture to get an idea of what we liked. Except we were going right into the backyards. And then for whatever reason when we found one we liked, we took it off the lady’s porch. She caught us so we dropped the furniture and ran different directions so we wouldn’t be caught and we’d find each other later.

      When Andy was describing the dream to me, I asked him why we wouldn’t just meet at home. “We couldn’t meet at home, we were fugitives!” That was the dream mentality present when we ran away in the dream lol.

      It’s such a silly little thing
    • I had a dream that I went on a manic induced alcoholic bender, and got in debt for over $9,000 to a casino for gambling and drinking, and that I didn't have any memory of it afterwards, pretty much. The crazy thing is that that sounds entirely plausible if I just decided to go off my meds and start drinking a lot. But trust me, I'm not going to do that. o.o

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