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    • *clears throat* boy do i have a story to tell you. One time when i was much younger I had.... Pink peep bunnies. The only problem about this was it was a full box of them minus 1. for like anywhere between 7 months to a year they had been just left out getting stale. I ate them all.

      Bad idea. No i didn't get sick I had a weird acid trip of a dream.

      Evil. Mutant. Rabid. Pink. Peep bunnies were swarming and trying to eat me in return. They ate my brother. I ended up flying away to the what's new scooby doo theme song. but the followed me and then i was like "wait they can't fly... i'm dreaming."

      though i also had a dream recently where i was sleeping in a literal dump because "it's where i belong" i didn't find that weird at all and i woke up confused why i wasn't in a dump.
    • I had a dream that was somewhat interesting four or five days back. There was some sort of MMO that I stumbled across, where you fill out a questionnaire upon signing up and it assigns you to a five person team. Specifically, a Super Sentai/Power Rangers team, only the members were Oni, not Rangers. I feel like the Oni connection comes from when I was playing on an Ao Oni server in Doom the night before, but regardless, I was assigned to be the Red Oni for a team. There was a Black Oni, a Blue Oni, a Pink Oni, and a Green Oni as well. Red had the power to control fire, Pink could generate a bow and shoot energy-based arrows, Blue could create explosives from nothing, Green had electrical powers, and Black could spawn black holes and manipulate gravity.

      So we get a mission right after starting, and we dispatch some low-level monsters with no problem. Then we're brought to our hideout, a high tech facility where each member could customize their rooms as they saw fit (I kept mine stock). I decide that, as the leader, I need to know my teammates, so I call up Pink. She was the only one who wasn't busy, and she comes to my room. She tells me about her family, how she had a sister who worked for the same organization that contracts these Oni teams, but during an experiment, something from another dimension latched onto her and corroded her mind, making her violent and driven entirely by impulse. Pink feels unnerved after telling me this, and asks to sleep in my room.

      The next day, our hideout is attacked. Low-level monsters again, but there are too many. We're picked off one by one, until only Blue and Pink are left. Blue is defeated by some sort of gremlin enemy, and Pink makes a mad dash for the armory to see if there's something she can use to get the upper hand. She's ambushed by a new enemy type, the witch. These enemies don't just defeat you, they magically disable you. They did something to Pink that weakened her mind, and they offered her a choice - keep resisting and be tormented, or submit and know pleasure unending. Pink chose the latter, and they destroyed her mind and made her into another witch, her consciousness trapped in a dreamlike state forever.

      The day after that, our four remaining members found a new hideout. We just got in touch with the organization and learned we'd be getting a replacement Pink. And then I woke up.