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    • Last night I had the perfect de-stress dream. I dreamed I found this amazing National park in Norway. It was so magnificent it even looked beautiful on the map. xD
      It was only 2 hours away from home so I jumped in my car and headed over there.

      It was a summer afternoon and the sun was setting. I stood by a quiet lake in a fairytale-forest and watched the serene scene. The only life I could see was dragonflies and birds.
      The sky had some pink in it and the sunlight made the mountains glow in a reddish tone (because these mountains were brownish like some mountains in America). In the distance was a gigantic waterfall which provided with water for the lake.

      I walked on a path alongside the lake. Then I walked alongside a river and ended up at a perfect fishing-spot not far away from the waterfall. I brought out fishing gear out of nowhere and sat down on a rock to fish. I got 6 halibuts. It was a bit confusing because that's a saltwater fish. They're not supposed to be found in freshwater.
      Then I watched the waterfall for a bit until it was getting darker. Then I went back home.

      ClockTownResident wrote:

      Miss Poe wrote:

      I dreamed about the show I was about to have today.

      We were serving the audience food and we (the actors) had to cook it for some reason. So inbetween the sketches we ran to the kitchen. One time I, my friend and the kids went to the kitchen and my friend looked out the window and went: "oh-ooh". I looked out too and there was a blazing fire out there that came from the basement.
      We evacuated the building and soon enough the building was completely engulfed in flames. It was my friends fault. She had turned on the heat in the basement that day and she turned a switch the wrong way which caused the fire. xD

      The fire spread to the surrounding houses and soon the entire village was on fire.
      The next day I went to check if anything survived. The building was just a skeleton. Everything inside turned into ashes. I asked what we should do. We obviously couldn't continue the show and the question was: would it be profitable to rebuild the theatre? My mom said it was all fine, the building should be built in a few weeks so the show could be up and running in no time.

      The next day we decided to have a meeting and talk about what just happened. We went to the village but noone was there. It was like a ghost town because everyone had left. We tried to find a house that was in good enough condition to enter (I dunno why we didn't have the meeting at home instead) but we didn't find a good place.
      Wow Miss Poe, you seem to have a lot of dreams! Or a good memory of them at least ;) I wish I remembered all my dreams so well, I used to but I don't dream/remember my dreams as often as before
      I do dream alot, but writing them down helps me remember them and it also makes me remember more. It's a great technique if you want to remember your dreams. :)
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Last night I dreamed that my brother was alive but then he suddenly dropped dead. I did the CPR on him until he came back to life. It was very emotional because I had undone something I couldn't undo irl.

      Then I dreamed about a war between humans and monsters. The humans were looking for a prince of the monsters because with him, they could end the war.
      I had caught an important figure and locked him up in a shed. He was black and skinny with a body type that reminds of Gollum. He was decorated with a few glittering jewels and black feathers. He also had a black beak.
      Now I had to take him with me because the monsters were closing in and they could not get this guy back on their side. So I put a leash on him and kept him away from me with some keys. His specie couldn't touch metals like iron or steel, it would burn through their skin like acid, so a key worked like a weapon. They had really sharp claws so he could have killed me otherwise even if his hands were tied.

      So I brought him out and instantly he started playing mindgames on me (because this specie is also extremely intelligent and cunning). I knew what he was up to so I shoved a key in his face to shut him up. He screamed from the pain and I realized I made a dumb move because the monster-soldiers would hear him.

      We hurried (or I did, I just dragged him along) and we jumped up on a tall rock. It was like a comb of rocks with peaks like fingers. I jumped across this odd rock-formation and some mutated wolves were running alongside with me, hoping that I would fall off.
      But the comb came to an end and more wolves and also ogres were waiting at the end of it so I turned back.
      The bird-creature saw this as an opportunity to escape, as I turned around and tried to stay balanced he pulled the leash out of my hands and jumped down to his fellow monsters.
      I was just thinking about myself at this point though.

      So I ran back and attempted to hide in some ruins not too far away from the shed. But monster-soldiers found me so I was captured along with some other humans they caught before me.

      We were brought to a palace. There were monster-children there and I recognized them as the princes and princesses. One of them were the prince that the humans so desperately wanted to get.

      I was separated from the rest of the group and showed into a traditional Japaneese room. It was quiet and serene in there. A door was open and outside was a pond and a blooming cherry tree.
      Suddenly someone appeared in the room. It was the emperor of the monsters. He looked like a really old Japaneese man. Like a sensei, mixed with a dolphin. He floated in the air using telekinetic powers.
      He was really mad with me because I had caused alot of trouble for the monsters prior to the dream (because I just jumped right into the story).
      He wanted us to fight to death. So he started attacking me with glowing orbs that he created. At first he was really slow so it was easy to avoid but then he got really fast and ended up killing me.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Spoiler because of massive post.
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      Last night I dreamed that I was at some rich womans house. I was supposed to watch her cat or something even though she wasn't leaving.
      A man came by and said he was selling security systems. He looked very shabby. He had a beard stub, his hair was messy, his suit was oversized and he smelled bad.
      As he talked about the security system, he walked around the house and checked all potential entrances. When he was on the backside I stopped him. I said: "No. We're not buying anything from you. Do you think I'm stupid? I can tell you're not a salesman, they look proper at all times and they're not behaving this way either. You're just throwing out buzzwords that don't mean anything. I know you are a burglar because of how you've been looking at the property this whole time. You're scouting! So get the fuck off this property before I call the police".

      He leaned in towards me and said between his teeth: "you'd better watch out. Someone might break in because you got no security system". Then he hurried away.
      I went after him because I wanted to get his licence plate.
      He didn't even have a car, it was a navy blue vespa. Now, the plate was a hell to memorize! It said: "YNNCA YMAX YHEM YXAC" (there are 3 recognizable words in there btw. Max was a lizard I grew up with, Hem = Home, Yxa = Axe). I said these letters over and over again until I just barely remembered them (I woke up at one point and took the opportunity to write these letters down).

      He left and I told the owner what happened. She went hysterical so while she was ranting "OMG I can't believe this is happening, I'm gonna get robbed, then killed! OMG what if he takes my cat? Or my jewels!? OMG etc" I was walking around the house looking for weak points. Some windows only had mosquito-nets so I told her she had to put windows there immedietly.
      The backdoor didn't have a lock so that needed to be fixed as well and the basement had old windows that could easily be removed.

      She called for the people needed to fix this and meanwhile I went to the police station. I told a policeman the licence plate of the vespa and what the man looked like.
      The policeman said: "Now wait a minute, just because someone looks shabby doesn't mean he's a bad person. Your dad looks shabby for example".

      I was stunned by the stupidity of that comment, then I replied: "he may do that sometimes but he doesn't have a job in which he needs to look flawless. A salesman always has to look proper in front of their customers. This man was obviously a phony".
      He kinda gave in at this point but stated that it still didn't mean he was a burglar.
      I could barely believe this. There has been a scam running in my home town in which burglars sold security systems and when peopled said no, they broke into their homes at night. Then they came back and asked if they didn't want a security system after all (this happened irl and I guess this dream was influenced by this).
      So it baffled me that the police didn't see the connections.

      Later on I was father Brown (Brittish detective series featuring a nosy priest who likes to solve crimes) and I was looking for a clue in a little creek near my aunts summer cabin. I had figured out that the murderer hid the weapon there.
      While I was searching, a man and a woman came. They ran when they saw me and that meant they were the murderers.

      I chased them over to my cousins summer cabin, I caught the woman, grabbed a saw and started sawing her head off. The man came to her rescue so I sawed his head off too. I looked up for one second and when I looked down again they were logs.
      In fact, the murderers were trees all along. Somehow they just looked like humans to me at first. (What the hell is wrong with me?? xD)

      I stopped being father Brown and became myself again. I went inside my cousins summer cabin and found my other cousin and her entire family there. She invited me and my dead brother to stay for lunch. So we did.
      I ate a bit, then went to fetch some water and when I came back my cousins kid had cleared my plate. I said "what the hell are you doing?" and they just replied that's how they do in their family. If someone's not eating they'll throw the food away and if I didn't like it I could just fuck off.
      So the mood in the room shifted. I left, I was hungry and angry and I didn't want to put up with bullshit.

      Then I went home and the dream got sad (to me). Nelissa was alive, sitting in her terrarium.
      I greeted her and checked her tail (she had a wound on the tip of her tail). The scab was gone but instead her tail was hollow. It had rotted away and left an empty shell of skin behind (I've experienced that irl, which makes this dream so much worse). I broke down in tears, knowing that I had to put her down now.
      Then this scenario started all over again. However, what just happened was just a dream within the dream. I checked her again and now her tail was fine, in fact, it was healing better than ever.
      She had also eaten and pooped a little which showed that she was feeling better. She also looked healthier.
      I had actually forgotten about her. I had neglected her completely for months and somehow my neglect made her healthy again.
      I started taking care of her again and then I was told the cyst was still there. At that moment she started bleeding from her nose and died in my arms.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • The 3 previous nights were really boring but 4 nights ago I did have an interresting dream. It was litterally a "beauty & the beast"-dream. The Disney-version. But without the romantic element.

      I played the part of Belle, being trapped in the beasts castle..... with Pewdiepie. We were locked up in different cells but I could hear him talking silly to himself all the time, like "ah mah gerrd, it's pewdepei, whas hess doing herrr?" etc. I tried to make him pull his shit together but he kept going with this strange crap. Also, he refused to speak Swedish, he pretended he only knew English.

      So I figured I wouldn't get any help from him and attempted to break out my cell on my own. But at that moment the Beast came and let me out. He said I was his new maid so I had to clean the castle.
      It was mainly dark, torch lit dungeon halls with no windows and no interior except for carpets. Other than that: just stone everywhere. I didn't really understand what I was supposed to do since there was nothing to dust or clean. So I tried to find an exit but that place was like a maze.

      And the Beast could show up at any time to check up on me. He also beat me up every time because he wasn't pleased with my bad job but also because he thought it was fun to abuse me. Especially when I tried to run away from him and he hunted me down.

      He had a minion that was basically a male Salandit (pokémon). He also popped up at any time and annoyed me but at one point he asked for a box. I said I hadn't seen it but it was very important that he got the box and I didn't keep it for myself.
      I figured whatever was inside the box could be used to get me out, at least that's what he made me believe. So I got quite happy when the Salandit came back later with the box and asked me to hide it from the Beast.
      I went down the basement and opened it. It was full of beer coasters. Nothing but beer coasters.
      I got angry but hid his damn box anyway.
      The beast came when I was on my way back up and said Salandit had told him I was up to something. I could tell he was about to beat me up again so I ran past by him and hurried upstairs.
      He caught me and said I couldn't be trusted to walk around in the castle so he threw me in a cell. But it was a new cell: with a window. That medieval kind that has no glass. I crawled outside and climbed down as far as I could, then I jumped.
      The snow was soft so I wasn't hurt from the fall. I started running but there were just woods and mountains around me. And soon wolves started chasing me. So I went back to the castle and was imprisoned again, but this time with Pewdiepie and he annoyed me to no end.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • A few nights ago I dreamed I was 16-17 years old. I had my first iguana Rex and he needed to see a vet for a checkup. My mom and my brothers left with him and I was home alone. I dunno where my dad was.
      Some squirrels started mocking me in Japaneese, I had no idea squirrels were Asian but now I knew.
      I went back indoors and upstairs to my room. I fell asleep. Unfortunately, I forgot to lock the front door.
      When I woke up I opened the door and a huge, black wolf was standing there, growling at me. I shut the door and called my mom in tears and said someone had let a wolf into the house. I didn't think of calling 112.
      She said "are you sure it's a wolf? Maybe it's just a dog?"
      I said it didn't matter because the wolf was aggressive and clearly guarding my door. I was sure that someone put the wolf there so that he could clear out the house of anything valuable downstairs.

      I woke up before anything else happened.

      Today I had a scary dream. I was stuck in the ocean in dark waters with man-eating sharks around me.
      There were tons of shipwrecks and planewrecks around there so I could hide, but I still needed a safe place with air.
      The sharks kept chasing me around until I had no energy left. At that moment a diving bell came down. The diver that was supposed to be inside was dead and stuck in a wire of some sort so he had drowned. The sharks immedietly went after him instead and I went inside the bell. It was a horrible dream. I'm afraid of dark waters and sharks.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I dreamed that I had dyed my hair and the result was awful. I had only used one colour but when it was done I had around 10 different colours in my hair. I was miserable.

      I had this dream because I'm about to tone my hair white. I dunno if it will work or not but if I can't have white hair I think I will go purple instead. So that's probably where this dream comes from.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Last night I had several really weird dreams. In the first one I was a grown woman in her late 30's who was haunted by a child spirit. This spirit lured my inner child out of my body and tricked her to do things. She kept saying it was a game, that we were having fun and my inner child believed her.

      My adult self found my child self and merged together. Her memories became mine. Now I was in a great hurry because I had trapped a man in a torture device. He had a box on his head. It had a metal frame and the rest was wooden.
      Two plates was slowly getting closer like a vice and I tried my best to stop it from happening but this mans head got crushed and his brain poured down on the floor all juicy.

      Then the dream shifted. I was at home and had received a box in the mail. It was a box full of hate from my former friend S. She had sent me everything she has ever written about me and it was all horrible stuff. There were even journal-entries from way back when I considered her to be my best friend.
      I read through several pages and I got so hurt and mad that all I could to was bawl my eyes out. I woke up sobbing.

      When I fell back to sleep I was in an abandoned castle. It reminded me alot of the castle in Beauty and the Beast.
      But it wasn't abandoned. An old man lived in there and I was there to steal something. I sneaked through room after room and eventually I reached his living area. He was asleep but something woke him up and he spent quite some time searching for an intruder (me). He found someone else, a man. I didn't even realize I wasn't alone. He brought this man up a stair and knocked on a door. He said "I have a visitor for you master". The door opened and a huge demon grabbed the guy and pulled him inside the dark void.
      I hurried away and hid in the dining room but the old man went in there soon and found me. He was about to present me to the demon when I switched dream again.

      I was in my community. There was chaos all around the world, even where I live, because Trump had offended about every world leader and caused world war III.
      I was in someones car, a guy I don't know, and we were heading to a safe place. We went into a forest and drove alongside a creek when I saw some beavers. I got out of the car and ran to say hello to the beavers for some reason.. They eventually helped us carry the car over the creek (I know, what?).

      And finally I had a Greys anatomy-dream. I was following Dr. Shepherd around Merediths mind. It was all white corridors and some doors were open and leaded to dark places. I lost Dr. Shepherd and was forced to make it out of there on my own. I found a room with a kid who had severe ADHD. He was maybe 4 years old and the most annoying thing I've ever encountered. I wanted to strangle him.
      Then I woke up.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe