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    • Last night I dreamed that I was an american guy on a date with a girl. We were sitting and chatting in my orange pickup when a middle-aged man came and snatched her out of the car and pulled her inside his car.
      He took off and I went after him.

      He had stopped at the foot of a mountain and attempted to take her to a hideout.
      I used my car to kill him by running him over.
      The police came and they thought I did a good job. The girls father thanked me and gave me a hug.

      Then I was at a gala and took the money that was given for charity. I took it because the whole thing was a scam and I intended to expose it.
      Security was after me but lost track of me when I entered a room full of trans people and drag queens. Turns out, trans people were also vampires. And so I was a vampire too but not trans.
      I didn't get farther in the dream.

      The last dream was a real creeper and has bothered me the entire day.

      I was visiting my ex friend because she had invited me over. I intended to make it clear that I didn't want to see her again.
      She was acting all happy to see me which confused me.
      Then she started talking about a movie where 2 same sex besties became a couple and said she wanted us to try that. I basically choked and thought it must be a bad joke.
      She was dead serious and started interrogating me. It just came out of nowhere.
      She thought I had an affair with the neighbour girl Sara because I had looked up a recipe for a potato dish.
      First, I found it ridiculous that she even considered that I would get involved with her. Secondly, I'm not gay. And thirdly, how did she know my browser history?

      She admitted that she had been keeping tabs on me and had followed me everywhere both on the internet and irl.

      I realised she was a crazy stalker and wanted to leave. I told her I had to go and she immediately went into a fit of rage, accusing me to cheat on her with Sara. She really believed that we were a couple.
      I ran for my life and she came after me with an axe full swing.

      I made it outside the house. It was a cold winter night in the middle of nowhere.
      I ran a few steps before she whacked me in my knees.
      I fell down face forward and felt every ounce of hope leaving my body and dread filling up it's place.
      She grabbed me by my ankles and pulled me back inside.

      That was it.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I don't want to go into the specifics since the last dream I had was kind of personal, but the highly unusual ending was worthy of mention. Basically, a shocking revelation I received in the dream necessitated my making a fond farewell to a friend. I made a little monologue which, summed up, said, "We're never going to see each other again, but don't take it the wrong way. I think the world of you."

      The friend stared at me, nodding in agreement, but never really interacting. So finally, I ask, "Is there anythign I can do for you before I go?"

      "Yeah." Then, the friend started repeatedly motioning for me to get up with his hand.

      "I'm already standing up. What do you mean?" And then I woke up. I think he was motioning for me to wake up in real life. Weird, huh?

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    • Ah good to see this thread is still alive. I have been having a weird series of dreams this summer, and I needed to unvent on them and maybe get some help with interpreting them..

      Background: They all rebound around the same person, my best friend, who is also the man I'm interested in. His homophobic friends that have tried to split us apart, wirh help from his family, have also appeared in the dreams.

      Dream #1: We were in some strange hallway, getting dragged along to what seem to be a pool or a party by his friends. He then looks at me, but he looks different than the denizes of the dream, his eyes had a humanity to them. He tells me that he was ready to confess his true feelings for me, but the extreme jealousy I had because of a girl that was getting too close to him made him hold the confession back, and try another attempt to be with a girl as his family desires.

      Dream #2: This happened in 2 different scenes. First, he was infront of our university's theater reading a script with that girl mentioned in Dream #1 and one of his friends. I said hi, but he didn't noticed me at all. It then cutted to his friend leaving the theater with him walking behind them, still readinf the script, this time he looked above and noticed me. It then cutted to us being in the exit od the university, and hr had no script and was his usual happy self and was super happy and sweet with me.

      After that dream, things got weird. I always dream about something yhat will happened or has happened, or something I must interpret to understand what is occuring. The dreams always occur somewhere, but this time... it didn't.

      Dream #3: We were in some weird black mindscape. There he was well dressed with blue buttton up shirt, with light blue vertical lines, and he had a gold-red gift bag in a stool next to him. He tells me "You know you are my best friend, that I adore you, thay I love you". He then went on to pick something from the bag, but then the dream cutted suddenly.

      And the most recent, after not knowing aboug him for a week or two, and asking for a sign in any way that told me if something was wrong.:

      Dream #4: He entered a room with one od his friends to see a video. The dream then cutted to a university campus, which didn't seem like ours. He tells me with crazed eyes that he loves some girl, I furiously respond back that he shouldn't have any hopes for it, and he entered a weird feral mode. Dream cutted again and I begin to arrive to the same campus in a car, he was restrained in a bating cage. I approach and his eyes show thay weird humanity from the first dream. Then the dream cuts again and we enter the same black mindscape from the past dream. He looks with hopeful dreams that if I really meant what I said in the video, but when I was about to speak, he lost control of himself and went into a feral pain, as he began to say "Your feelings for me.. they disgust me" and he was engulfed by darkness and encased in a Yiga clansmen suit as he began to attack him.

      That last dream.. it honestly makes me worried. His family seemed to had forced his older brother and his boyfriend into "conversion therapy" some years ago, and he had mentioned me he was going to a psychologist some months ago, but he completely danced around the issue when I asked him why he was going to one. Which makes me afraid when considering that his psychology visits fit with the time he began to have full on random psychological shifts and absorbed the personality of people he was hanging out with, ehich all fit with the dreams.. it scares me they are doing something to him..
    • Don Saltine wrote:

      Last night I had a dream that I woke up late and was rushing to get ready on time.

      I woke up late this morning.

      Funny that.
      Spooky, man. I had the same dream. I woke up early from it around 3 AM, and after about an hour of early morning Galaga, I went back to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, my alarm clock came unplugged somehow. However, I woke up with a startle around the time I was supposed to get up. Internal chronometer ftw.
    • Last night I had a dream where, for some reason, I was invited to go on a trip with the symphony orchestra of the university I unfortunately had to drop out of years ago. The details of where we were going were never made clear. Also I was never certain whether I was playing an instrument on the trip or not. Back then I played bassoon, and now I play oboe. This was a confusion to me in my dream, and at one point I had gone on the trip without any instrument on me. Lol.

      I guess the dream makes sense in context of two things: When I was there, in that orchestra, we did go on a trip. Second, my university that I just graduated from's wind ensemble is going on a trip in a couple of years and I am invited to go with them. So this dream was some strange mix of the two concepts.

      Also the odd thing about the dream was that I woke up several times in the night, but the dream kept on coming back when I fell back asleep.
    • I usually keep my dreams to myself, but I had a rather metaphorical dream last night.

      I climbed a mountain with another person who was experienced climbing this same mountain all the time. Climbing up required many jumps and brute forcing the way up.

      We reached the top, which was a very small stone "bench" carved into the mountain. There were a bunch of old men sitting around on this bench along with a book shelf with obviously old books with old knowledge and stories. There was little room to move with everyone there.

      The experienced climber had brought food up and everyone ate. Everyone. The climber then headed down. I stayed and talked to these old men. Some said they had climbed up in their younger years; others as old men.

      I looked down and there was a heavy fog so that I couldn't see my path back down. I asked one old man how others get down. He said, "They don't. They stay here." It was clear everyone here was waiting to die. However, the fact they ate meant they weren't ready to, despite their hopeless situation.

      I began to try and establish a footing to climb down, but the first cliff side was too crowded by the men and books to move around for this. One old man encouraged me to stay, which was tempting, but I had no intenton to die waiting around doing nothing and reading "old books" (dream got symbolic as heck on me").

      I tossed many of the books down the mountain to make room to maneuver. I edged my way down the first few steps, then made the small guided drop of faith through the fog to the next platform of the mountainside that would be the first step to getting down.

      Here my dream fast forwarded to the house of someone I look up to. I told them I went up it with no gear (unprepared) which was stupid, but I still got down despite those old men and the mountain still being there. I had no desire to go back.



      This dream is quite different from ones I usually have so figured I'd share, but I can definitely see it's my mind trying to teach me something about a particular situation in my life that feels hopeless and bring out how I feel.

      The mountain is a problem. The old men were people stuck in a situation that they refused to take steps to get down. In short, they're comfortable in a bad situation, reading old stories, but still miserable and fearful, encouraging others to stay with them.

      The experienced climber is a glimpse of what my life might be like, even with the necessary tools. I'd simply be going back to that mountain all the time, feeding the old men, but never changing the situation or motivating them to come down. I'd simply be adding to their comfort.

      Myself is the current thoughts I have of the problem. I want to go up to the mountain since I enjoy challenges. However, I didn't know how to come down from it and I didn't want to stay there, despite how fearful I was to climb down without seeing a path. I didn't want to be these old men, waiting to die with them on the same problem.

      Tossing the books is getting rid of the past and things of wisdom that I used to think was right. The conclusion of the story is me telling myself I shouldn't have wasted time on that mountain, especially as unprepared as I was.

      Anyhow, that's my #deardiary today.

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    • I can't remember much of last night's dream. Or much of the ones that preceded that night, my sleep schedule has been a mess. But I did remember a tidbit, which is good. It means I'm starting to get healthier and more meaningful sleep. Hopefully I can soon be back on track 100% and have pretty good sleep hygiene and better dream recall, now that one of my friends is in a closer timezone, to where we can talk almost normally without one of us destroying our sleep schedule lol.

      The main detail I can remember was me sitting in a chair in the living room watching TV, except the TV was really big. And when I noticed how big it was I kind of panicked and woke up.

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    • I had a Harry Potter dream last night except it wasn't really. I was the protagonist who was a student at a school of witchcraft.
      I struggled with potions class. My fellow classmates were mean to me and talked shit behind my back.
      My only friend at the school was my familiar who was a rooster.
      At the end of class my classmates ambushed me and attempted to hurt me or even kill me. One guy tried to set me on fire.
      I cried for help when the teacher showed up but he turned out to be the mastermind behind the attack.
      He was my old mentor and he was also a mix of Snape and Crouch Jr. (My mentor looks alot like the Alastor Moody-actor so that's what he looked like with the attitude of Snape).

      He had a plan to kill everyone with a magic trinket he had at home and I was the only one who could stop him.
      I threatened to let everyone know who he really was (not a death eater but something similar) and left to see the headmaster of the school.
      He threatened to kill one of my friends if I did so I had to do deal with him on my own.

      Then I saw him leave with a horse carriage from the eyes of Lucius Malfoy. He had a 5 year old Draco in his lap and knew Moody was up to something. (In my dream Lucius were a good guy who worked as a teacher at the school)

      Back to me.
      I made myself smaller and hopped on my roosters back. He flew me to Moodys home and my friends had come along. They were Ron and Hermione and they has transformed into a black and a brown bunny.
      We came to Moody's cottage before he did and started searching the place for something odd.
      I found a music box called "an old man's house" and it was opened with a key that looked like a knife. I was absolutely sure this was it and put it in my pocket.
      Before I could leave Moody showed up. He laughed, grabbed something and left. I was wrong.

      I chased after him and realised I didn't have my want on me so I pointed at him with my finger and yelled "crucio!!" but nothing happened. He laughed and kept walking. Then I pulled out a piece of a broken wand from my pocket and threw it at him.
      It exploded and killed him.

      End of story.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I had one earlier where I was trying to board Vah Ruta from the POV of Link and Sidon; like, through their eyes to the point where I could feel the water around me as well as the jolts of electricity.

      But the weirdest thing was that Vah Ruta acted like a guardian, too. When I/they got too close, floodgates would open and we drowned. And you couldn't let yourself be seen, period, cause no weapons were strong enough - not even the Master Sword.
      If it's wrong to dream of a world where we're together

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    • I had a dream about ZU.

      It was a real place, and my family came too. There was an arcade section, with games that you became a part of.

      There was also a group of people sitting around a home in the floor, shouting through it. Apparently someone got lost in the depths of ZU.
      That's pretty much everything I remember.
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    • Briefly mentioning last night’s dream experience (weird and awful) in the negative thread, it got me to thinking!

      How does your brain handle your dreams?

      Now, it’s not uncommon for me to have bizarre dreams, and I’ll remember many of them! Most of the dreams are pleasant, in a way, and any “bad” ones are usually just stressful or mildly frustrating. Every now and again though, I’ll have dreams that leave me feeling wrong.
      My brain does something funny with those wrong-feeling dreams. While they might wake me up in the middle of the night and I’ll recall them quite vividly, they never stay. Once I’m actually awake in the morning, I cannot remember them even slightly. Instead, I’m left with the resulting wrong-feelings from the dream, and I know it’s from a dream, but I don’t actually know what happened to cause the feelings!

      It seems my brain lets me remember the pleasant ones, let’s me have a laugh. And then it appears to be trying to cover up the bad ones, just not very effectively. I’m not overly bothered by it, but I do think it’s fascinating!
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