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    • Oh boy, my dream was such a pain in the butt.

      At first I was 14 again and I was hanging out with my best friend S on a lovely summerday. We were biking in the city and eating icecream. We laughed and had fun.
      Then time went by in a flash and suddenly it was present time. I was 24, my best friend wasn't my friend anymore and I felt the weight of my sorrows.
      I had a dentist-appointment. But I had forgotten when. The problem was, it was written in my former BFF's diary. (I don't know WHY it was written there of all places and I don't know why I couldn't just call the dentist and ask).

      I went to her house and knocked on the door. I was extremely nervous. Her dad opened the door. She wasn't home and neither was her boyfriend. He was babysitting her son and her cousin was there to help out.
      I told them about my problem and they understood. S's dad helped me searching for the diary and as I was searching I wondered how my dentist-appointment ended up in her diary. We hadn't seen each other for years so that didn't make any sense.

      I found it and as I opened it I heard the front door slam shut. S was back home.
      She stared at me and said: "WHAT are YOU doing here!?". Even her own family got nervous and couldn't give a proper response. I looked down in the floor with the diary in my hands and I felt my face turn red.
      "Is that my diary!?!", she yelled.
      "I haven't read it! I promise I didn't intend to read it, it's just that I'm going to the dentist and the appointment is..", I had a realization mid-sentence, "ooooh, I had written it down in an old diary I got from you as a kid. Silly me... hehe... he.. I'll just be on my way then."

      She got mad and attacked me fiercely. She punched me and kicked me. Her cousin yelled "don't kill her!". I fled through the front door but she didn't come after me. She stayed at the doorstep and threatened me, then she slammed the door.

      I realized I had my clothes in there (whyyyy did I take my clothes off??? xD) so I went back and opened the door carefully. I quickly grabbed my clothes when she saw me and ran for my life. This time she had murder in her eyes. But I got away safely.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Last night I had a ZU-dream. I was playing on my 3DS and suddenly I was part of a virtual world.
      @Malia , @gamtos and some random person were there and said "Hey Miss Poe! Come with us, we have to rescue @Spagh."

      We warped through a hole and ended up on the shore of a tarn. There was a narrow plank there that lead to a raft. Next to the raft were 2 floating structures and a boat. All 3 were behind me and pushed me to jump on the floating structures. I refused because there was a freakin' shark in the water, waiting for me to trip and fall. "It's not hungry, I promise", Malia insisted. "Spagh needs you", Gamtos said.

      I still refused to jump so they jumped ahead of me and gracefully got into the boat like a trio of ballerinas.
      That's when I saw something in the water. "It's Spagh!!", someone yelled. "You have to get in there and save him!".
      I took a great leap to get as far out in the water as possible, because the splash would attract the shark.
      I swam towards the spot that looked like Spagh's hair but when I got there I noticed it wasn't Spagh. It was a popcorn! Everyone yelled that I had to throw the popcorn to them. They had sent me on a suicide-mission to save a popcorn....
      I ate the damn thing and woke up right before the shark bit me.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Sadly, my vivid dreaming phase has subsided. Lately, I haven't recalled my dreams much at all, although I do remember having a couple of nightmares.

      I've read that losing teeth is a common dreaming motif. I have to tell you--I have experienced that one many times (although not recently), and it makes me wonder what that's all about. It's a very disturbing experience. Your teeth just sort of crumble to dust and fall out.

      I often dream of my father, for whom I harbor a mixture of guilt, sadness, acceptance, love, resentment, and fear. He suffers from a cocktail of mental illnesses that range from depression and anxiety to paranoid schizophrenia. I've seen a lot, and it does enter my dreams from time to time.

      I may have said this in the OP, but I also sometimes dream of an old friend I haven't seen in years. We were good childhood friends and even hung out occasionally into high school. But he was became highly deviant the older he got, and I often tried to avoid him. I harbor a lot of guilt about that, as he was fun to be around and very loyal. I just didn't feel comfortable in his presence and we had less and less in common the older we got.
    • Had a dream that didn't make much sense. I was playing a game where I was surrounded by four things. One a volcano which I think I associated with the Deku. One a pipe from the Mario games, and another one which was also a Mario pipe, but taller and with a smaller brim, and for some reason I associated it with tennis. I don't think I imagined anything for the fourth thing. A lot of other stuff happened but I forgot.
    • Last night I had a dream that I was in my twenties and was married but unfortunately my husband passed away. I being his widow came into a good sum of money, so being so young and now having some money I went out parted and meet a guy. We apparently dated for a while and he asked me to marry him and I said yes. But that was not to be either because I somehow found out he was only dating me to get to my money and I broke up with him. That is okay though because then I decided to go to college where I was the hottest girl there and every guy wanted to date me, I walked around the college scoping out hot guys and handing out my number.

      The end.
    • Another zombie dream.

      Zombies were everywhere and me and my family were trying to get to a safe place. We decided to go to my cousins who had a giant garage like where they store airplanes big. A bunch of people where there hiding out trying to stay safe. My dad and my cousin and his friends decided to go outside the garage for a while and talk while I sat on a picnic table. The next thing I know I looked over at one of the garage doors and a horde of zombies was getting in. Somehow someone managed to close the garage door so more of them didn't get in. Everyone was running and screaming and trying to escape, someone ran and hid beside the picnic table I was sitting at. The next thing I know there was a zombie underneath the picnic table and it bit the person hiding right on the cheek. I didn't even realize what was happening and I panicked and yelled for my dad who came running in then I woke up.
    • Creepy dream-alert!

      I dreamed that I was a 15-16 year old girl with a bow in my hair and a white little dress. I could have been very innocent if it weren't for my father. He and I had a sexual relationship. The father in my dream is actually a real person, he's my friends dad. :S
      But we had a relationship sort of, and slept together on a daily basis. I think I was manipulated into doing it though. My dream-mom had no idea, we used to "do it" in their bed as a way of mocking her behind her back.

      I didn't feel too good when I woke up.. But I'm glad that my mind didn't screw me over completely and use my actual dad! That would have been traumatic.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I was disappointed the other night. I remember starting to have this amazing dream, but I was woken up in the middle of the night before it could continue. :(

      I remember there was a train, and that a dragon was hiding beneath the train that I had to try and hide from the bad guys who were searching for it. But then somehow I was the dragon, and I was about to fly and escape! Man, it felt pretty awesome. But then I was woken up.

    • Last night, I once again experienced another version of being back in school and about to fail several classes. The environment and particulars always change, but the theme is the same. I've forgotten to chose not to go to class all semester, and I'm scrambling to figure out what to do.

      This is one dream I wish I could exorcise from my subconscious. It's not a terrible experience, but it is unpleasant, and it's boring.
    • Last night I was a terrible burglar. I was drunk half the time and broke into houses during the day, while the residents were at home.
      At last I walked in through the back door only to see that the owner of the house had the police there. I pretended to be his wife and for some reason he played along.
      Then I said to the officers that I was "dizzy" and had to "go get some sleep" so I excused myself and went to a different room. I should have climbed out of the window but since I was drunk, I wasn't good at decision-making. I hid next to the door.
      The police left and the owner kicked the door open and charged at me with a baseball bat. He was furious.
      Then I woke up... I had some more dreams before this one but my memory is too fuzzy about them.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I was an agent at NCIS (not the show, just the bureu). And I was assigned to protect a young guy from Afghanistan. He was said to be an informant who's information lead to the death of a terririst named Malik Mahluk. Now this guy was a supposed target so I and another agent had to take him to a safe house in America.

      But when we got there, other terrorists came almost immedietly. We had to escape and stole a car in the process so that the terrorists couldn't trace us.
      However, they found us anyway. And once more we dodged bullets and fled.
      Now we got suspicious. Our whereabouts should be classified, so how did these men find us all the time?

      It turned out, the guy we were protecting were actually Malik Mahluk. No one knew what he looked like before because he was always disguised. We were at a trainstation when we realized this, he ran alongside the railroad and I went after him. I said to my partner that I was going to kill him. Being tricked like that truly pissed me off.
      I shot him from a distance and the bullet hit his back. He stumbled a bit and stopped. Behind him was a tiny sinkhole that he didn't notice. He lost his balance and fell to his death. I was just upset that I didn't get to kill him.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Has anyone else ever gotten like a false memory from a dream? This was a few weeks ago. When it starts, I'm on the same school bus that I rode to school a decade or so ago, but I'm just visiting, as opposed to being in school a second time (although I've had that dream, too). The bus driver mentions 'the girl next door', asking what happened to her. I think about it for a moment, wondering, "Who is she talking about?" At this point, I get off the bus at my dad's house, and the very same girl is waiting for me. She's a bit of a tomboy with extremely short hair, and she's wearing kind of summer clothes with shorts and a tanktop.

      At this point I 'remember' who she is. I say something along the lines of, "Hi there! Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!" as we both walk down the road that leads to the my dad's house. I recalled how we used to be inseparable during my childhood, and all of these little details about our friendship.

      "I know, I've missed you, too!"
      "Are you in town for long?"
      "No, I just stopped by to see you. I have to be going back soon."
      "To my house. My dad won't like it if you come over." And she turns down a road to her house, although neither the road now the house actually exist in that neighborhood. It's just a stretch of woods in the waking world. The dream ends shortly after this.

      So I wake up, and I'm thinking, "Who is this person? She does seem really familiar. Now why can't I think of her name?" And I think about this for about twenty minutes, eventually concluding that she was a figment of my imagination. However, I must have had like a previous dream with the same character in it. That's the only way I can rationalize it.
      "Wow! This looks pretty heavy. You won't be able to lift it because you're a Dalek and have a plunger for a hand."

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    • I dreamed that I was watching "Once upon a time", which is one of my favourite shows for the record.
      It was a confusing episode. Regina had a baby and a group of ogres wanted it to do whatever with it.
      Suddenly I was a part of the show. The ogres suddenly had the baby and I had to get it back.
      I went inside a hollow treetrunk, someone made it spin and when I got out I was in a different dimension. It was the same place but at the same time not (Like Hyrule/Lorule).
      I had to get inside another tree to get to the ogres headquarters. They lived underground and the tree functioned as an elevator.
      It was stupid and I didn't want to do it so I left.

      I followed a girl who were a farming-student. She was 16-18 years old and studied at a farm that looked like it came from the 1800's.
      She was in the stable when a man came in and molested her. She killed him and chopped his body into tiny pieces. Then I heard a voice in my head talk about an unknown serial killer who kills men on her birthday. She kills on other days too but always on her birthday.

      Then I knew somehow that everyone she killed was perverts who either made disgusting propositions, molested or raped her. And she killed on every birthday because her dad molested her and one birthday she had enough and killed him. So she was reliving that moment every year.

      Anyway, she walked out of the stable like nothing had happened. As soon as she was outside a man suggested that they should have sex regardless of her opinion. I could hear her thoughts now and she thought that she was going to kill him in a minute.
      She went to get something sharp and on the way another man came and groped her. He said they were going to have sex and went inside a little shack and waited for her.
      Now I was visible and she asked me to kill him with her. I said "sure" and went to get some sharp tools.
      I woke up before we did anything.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I dreamed that I was Bernie Mac and I had entered some kind of improvisational comedy contest so I could win a cool new guitar. A camera crew would take me to various places and I was supposed to just mess around with whoever I met there. They would often get mad at my jokes, but that only fueled me and the judges seemed to love it whenever my mouth got me in trouble. They would score each segment separately and I think I broke some records when they put me in the same room with four old ladies and their dogs. It turns out that old ladies have the easiest buttons to push so maybe that's why. Only one of the judges gave me a 9.5 for that segment and I guess he dropped the .5 because he was a dog person. Something I said about one of the dogs was probably a bit uncalled for.

      I thought I already had it in the bag until I ended up in some house party with a bunch of teenagers who I think must have been pumped full on sedatives or something, because they all talked... really... slowly... and kept avoiding eye contact like their lives depended on it. They wouldn't react to anything I ever said to them so there was no way to tell if any of my material was getting to them at all. Like this one girl would only talk about ice cream and nothing else, to no one in particular. Everybody loves ice cream so how are you supposed to make fun of that? I wasn't making progress so I eventually retreated onto a couch in the corner for the rest of that segment and started playing on an NES someone had brought.

      Needless to say I didn't get my guitar. The consolation prize was getting to be Bernie Mac the entire dream so I can't feel too bummed out about it.
    • I was a creature in my dream. Something between a zora and a slug or frog, I was sort of slimy anyway with a blue-gray skintone and black eyes. But I had humanoid features like the zoras.
      I was located on a huge submarine along with others of my specie. We were aiding the US navy because we knew more about the seas than humans did.
      Well we were forced to help.
      My dream started in the middle of the story, I didn't get any sort of background at all.
      I was in love with a guy (zora-guy) but he was troubled by something and would withdraw himself all the time.
      Soldiers got beaten up often but they didn't know what attacked them. Whatever it was vanished without a trace.
      Soon enough a soldier were almost beaten to death and they blamed my people for it.

      It turned out it was the guy I was crushing on. He carried a parasite that grew inside him and then it could transform into whatever it wanted and break free from his body, like a siamese twin cutting itself loose. It looked like a man in a grey fullbody sock most of the time but when the truth was revealed it made an attempt to escape by taking form of a horse.
      It was weird..
      The guy was dying because the parasite had been feeding off him for months.
      Then I woke up.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I may need to stop ZUing before bed:

      For context, I've set-up a July Camp NaNoWriMo cabin for ZUers. Among those pondering joining us is someone who's come across as a jokester; as I don't know them real well yet, I shall refrain from citing their username. Notably, we do not get see each others' written works; we just encourage one another.

      Last night, I dreamed that this individual had written up a paragraph, but then proceeded to copy+paste two words (something like "round butts") until he met his word-count. He then went on to happily note to the group that he met his goal in about 2-3 hours. As I viewed this in my dreamscape room, I buried my face in my hands.

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    • ecrofirt wrote:

      Has anyone else ever gotten like a false memory from a dream?
      I don't recall if I have, though I've had similar feelings of familiarity or dejavu. It's also a known problem within the spheres of psychology and criminology. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact case to provide the best example on the internet, and I don't have my books on hand at the moment. :/

      "When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the Sacred Realm will call those destined to be Sages..."
      ~ Sheik, LoZ: Ocarina of Time
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    • ^ Are you talking about like the cases where people think they've been abused by large secret Satanic cults or something?

      Dream phenomena are fascinating. At times, they seem almost otherworldly. I've had several dreams which follow a certain formula. They're related to sleep paralysis, I suspect, but they're not really threatening (with one exception). They go like this: I've just fallen asleep, although I'm not aware of that until I wake up. Sometimes a weird series of vibrations will pulsate throughout my body. Then, I feel a presence. I appear to be alone, but I know that I am not. Then, a voice speaks and says something mysterious.

      The first instance was weird. It almost seemed like it was externally induced by some unknown entity. I suddenly became very tired and decided to lie down on the couch to rest my eyes. I quickly fell asleep, and seconds later, the routine in the above paragraph happened. Then, the voice of a young woman with a British accent said, "Trust your mother and not your father." I woke up immediately after that.

      The second instance involves a man with a very deep voice telling me, "All things." Inside of the second dream, I'm thinking back to the first dream, and I ask him to elaborate. 'All things' means nothing in particular to me! He responds by saying, "All things." placing emphasis on the all. It's like I'm supposed to understand, but I don't.

      For the magnus opus of my weird 'invisible voice from beyond' dreams, it happened while I was reading a book about alien abduction. The writer (Karla Turner) was suggesting that all religious experiences are created by aliens to cover up some nefarious agenda. As I lied down, I began to entertain the possibility that she was correct, mentally comparing similarities between fairy folklore and alien abductions. So I go to sleep, and the now familiar pattern occurs. The voice of a little girl begins to sing in tune to Faerie Queen by Blackmore's Night. Now I wrote it down in a message to a Facebook friend immediately after the dream, but there were parts I didn't remember at that point. So there's every chance that it didn't flow as well as what I'm sharing here. However, the basic rhyming structure was actually in the dream! "We ride along all night, into the rising sun. Improving all the people, made perfect like a Psalm. There is something to this, but it may strike you odd: I am not your Queen, I am your god." It all came across as rather threatening.

      So, I do have a wild imagination in the waking world. I'm more or less of the opinion that such dreams are a product of that imagination, although I can't be completely sure... lol!
      "Wow! This looks pretty heavy. You won't be able to lift it because you're a Dalek and have a plunger for a hand."

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    • ecrofirt wrote:

      ^ Are you talking about like the cases where people think they've been abused by large secret Satanic cults or something?
      It's similar, though the cases I know of that involve false memory suggestion created by therapists. This one was where a young woman had a nightmare of being raped that was so vivid, she not only thought it was real, she took a man to court over it. It took substantial evidence to prove that the man had not raped her. This case is separate form the one where a woman confused a memory expert with her rapist because she saw his TV special soon after the incident.

      "When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the Sacred Realm will call those destined to be Sages..."
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