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    • I've been inspired to start this thread based on a huge surge in the rate and vividness of my own dreaming. I also watched the movie Inception a week ago, haha.

      I recently moved and started a new job and I have little doubt this has been a causal factor in the uptick. What I have casually noticed throughout my life is that times of increased learning and activity in my life have associated with increased dreaming.

      Dreaming is a subject that seems, at least compared to many others, to be relatively poorly understood by the scientific community. I'm unaware of any great theories of dreaming, although I am sure progress has and will be made as the technology to observe the brain improves. My sci-fi fantasy has always been that we will one day be able to record dreams and play them back. I've always wondered if this would be exciting, disappointing, or disturbing . . . probably all three.

      Some general observations I've made over the years:

      -Increased dreaming with increasing learning, activity, life changes
      -More busy days, more dreaming
      -More dreaming in the early morning (during periods of increased REM Sleep)
      -Dream recall is very, very hard. Keeping a journal, though hard, can further increase dreaming, improve recall, and increase chances of lucidity.
      -Sleep paralysis is a horrible phenomenon that I have thankfully not experienced since childhood. Throat paralysis, which occurs when I try to awake during a nightmare, still occurs rarely.
      -Common themes (or recurring dreams) are a thing. I often dream about an old friend I harbor guilt toward. We used to be good friends, but drifted apart as his deviant behavior turned from fun/funny to immature and dangerous. I still feel guilt about avoiding him and blowing him off. I also commonly have dreams where I find myself back at high school (but never younger, interestingly) with the same teachers, for whatever reason retaking high school courses. Inevitably, I am always a semester's work behind and on the verge of failing, and my old teacher's are disappointed with me since I was once an A student.

      My dream last night was awesome, thrilling, and bizarre (and had its scary moments too). I don't remember everything (or even most of it) and there's no way prose can convey how cool it was, but here was what I remember. There was a sledding "resort" at Mount Everest. Ski lifts would take you up to the summit. These were not ordinary ski lifts. There were sections that would take you up in a linear fashion like a normal ski lift, but there were also automated robotic cranes that would lift your cart individually and take you up super fast, set you down, and another one would do it again. It was thrilling, but super intense, especially since my bars wouldn't lock into place. When I got to the summit, there was a huge inter-tube and my family and some other people filled in the spots. The ride down was uber-fun and it lasted a really long time. There were fairly realistic segments with grand views and more surreal segments that took place in pristine ice caverns. The most unrealistic part came during a portion where the inter-tube defied the laws of physics and continued underwater unabated (a bit like Mario Kart).

      Incidentally, I also recall a part of the dream where my family was sitting outside a camp fire, roasting beetles for--at least from my understanding, I kid you not--to unleash their THC content. I have no idea where that came from. The wonder of dreaming.

      Share and discuss dreams here.

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    • I dreamed Halloween was closing in and ZU hosted a huge Halloween-party near my town.
      I found out about it pretty late and had to rush to fix a costume. I chose to dress up as a creepy clown, even though I hate clowns! But I turned into a mime instead. A slutty mime to be specific.
      My dad was going as well, he was dressed up as Gandalf.
      Oh, and I had a date to this party, it was Gamtos. xD Everyone had dates by the way and for some reason, everyone was expected to get laid.
      I suddenly rememberred this as I was getting dressed and thought "damn, I'm so hairy... Oh well, Gamtos probably won't mind".
      My legs looked like critters! They were that hairy! Thick, brown hair covered them. You couldn't see the skin underneath.
      The dream ended there so I never saw anyone.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Recently I had the most vivid dream of my life.

      I remember everything, even down to the smell of the woods, and myself.

      In the dream, I remember I was walking through a dense forest...almost like a Jungle. It wasn't Humid though, it was a sort of middle between humid and dry. The forest smelled of rich soil, and tons of smells I didn't even recognize. I could even smell myself. I smelled like musty ass to put it nicely, I was wearing a large fur pelt, and some kind of primitive shoes. In the dream I didn't think in any language (Sometimes I dream in Chinese, and other times in English) but in this dream I only seemed to think in images, pictures almost, but they weren't super clear...I remember making simple grunts to this younger girl who was walking in front of me, and then I smelled something, but in the dream I instantly knew what it was. Then there was a rustling, and something pounced out of the brush towards us.
      I remember it was a huge cat, like a mountain lion. I remember screaming and jumping to make myself look big, and pounding my chest hard with my spear in hand. I jumped at the cat and attempted to stab at it, but it swiped at me, and caught me in the arm.
      The worst thing was I had this horrible fear, like worse than just "I'm going to die" Like I was doing something important, and failing meant something much worse than just me dying...
      After that I woke up..but since then I've been having really odd Caveman-like cravings, and urges, but not really in a sexual way (I mean sure that's there, but not any different than usual)
      My muscles have been getting bigger faster than before, but that could just be because I'm constantly eating instead of dieting anymore, and I keep feeling some burning need to go out into the woods and hunt something. Whenever I have to piss I feel like I HAVE to go outside to do it on a couple of trees around the treeline of our forest.
      I hate to sound like one of those cringey kids who pretend to be Vampries or Werewolves, but these urges are really strong, and I don't understand where they came from all the sudden.
      I am personally a believer of reincarnation, so maybe that dream was something more, but I won't go justifying it as if it's fact... don't know, just strange
    • I was in school in this dream and I was going to swim. But I had to get a package first, it was very important. The guy at the postal office was a foreigner and didn't understand me. He sold me a bowl of soup instead!
      2½ hours later I got my package. My teacher called me and was furious because I was so late.
      But I had to get this first. It was a baby bird in it, but it looked like a cross-breed between a duck and a llama.
      I was the birds new mother and I had to feed it constantly. Unfortunately it ate bugs. Chewed up bugs.
      I chewed beatles and spiders and whatnot. Luckily it didn't bother me.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • This is isn't a dream I've had recently, but it's one of the most perplexing recurring events in my dreams. Various people in various situations will grab me and look into my eyes. Then, I either wake up or fade into another dream. It's happened multiple times, and I don't understand the significance of it (if there is any). The weirdest one is this one:

      I'm standing in some kind of factory (for want of a better term.). There's a young boy, a dark-brown haired woman in her early twenties, and an elderly woman with grey hair standing nearby. I say hello to the group of them. This appears to anger the elderly woman, who shouts at me, "I cannot be slain!" She then charges at me. We struggle for a few seconds, then she restrains my arms by putting me in a sort of bear hug. Why? So she could stare into my eyes, it seems. I see a sort of black cloud pass over her pupils, then I wake up.

      There are other less "scary" episodes of staring. That's the only time I recall seeing something 'off' about the person's eyes. However, that's the only one I can recall at the moment. It's just weird, and I thought I would share it with you guys. :)

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    • I was some sort of agent infiltrating an evil organisation. I was in a relationship with the leader of this organisation, but he was about 60 years old. But I loved him anyway.
      We were at a gala together (because this organisation had a good "front") and he refused to refer to me as his date. He told everyone that I was his second daughter because he thought he would come across as a pervert if he told the truth. His real daughter was my age and she hated me. She actually blew my cover and sent some mercenaries to kill me.
      I ran and ended up in a small room where someone lived and kept E.T as a pet. I ran away again because the inhabitant was so loud.

      Now my ex-friend S had my car. I needed it and she got cranky. I mean what the hell!? It's my damn car and I'm suddenly not allowed to use it?? She got angry at me and threw ciggarettes everywhere.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • The night before yesterday I dreamed about the theatre.
      I had decided not to be a part of the revue but the night of the premier I changed my mind, and to my surprise, they let me join in.
      There was one sketch they let me do. But it was an improv. The only things I had was a table, a chair and a dollhouse. Behind the stage were a stack of lines if I wanted something to say and a bunch of cellphones as prop.
      I went out on stage and sat down. I had nothing to say! The audience were completely silent and watched me do abolutely nothing. I got up and walked out to get a line in the back. They all were completely random and did not help me at all. When I got back I had a fellow actress on the stage, she was going to back me up.
      Her friend joined in too with a piece of paper. We cut out paper-dolls from it. The audience laughed and applauded like it was the funniest thing they've ever seen.
      I felt like Alice in Wonderland.
      Later I asked them what the hell that was all about. They said they all thought it was great to have a sketch with no manuscript, because they wouldn't have to rehearse or learn anything. Anyone who wanted could just enter the stage and do whatever they wanted.
      It was a terrible idea!

      The next night I had multiple dreams but I only remember 2 of them now.
      In the first one I was in school.... Or my family's barn was a university. The upper floor was the cafeteria and I was desperate to befriend someone. But no one wanted anything to do with me. I started undress myself as a desperate cry for attention. I was almost completely naked when my dead friend showed up and stopped me.

      Then my parents were Lois and Peter Griffin. They were getting married but in the last minute Peter decided to call off the wedding. Lois was going to marry my cat instead. xD
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I know this is my third post in a row but I don't care.

      I have to spoiler-wrap this dream because of it's sexual AND macabre content. It's about Harry Potter btw. ;)
      Display Spoiler

      I was a student at Hogwarts, but the school was a common muggle-school. Every dorm inhabited 2 students. I lived with Harry Potter. We weren't friends or anything. We said hi and never talked to each other. The only time we were in our room at the same time was at bedtime.
      The following morning I felt strange. I looked at myself and I wasn't a 12 year old girl anymore, I was around 30 years old. And I wasn't a 30-year old self, I was a different person. My new name was Rebecka and I worked as a professor at the school. I had red hair and glasses. I looked like the typhical hot teacher. But I had sinister obsessions... I dreamed of killing students, I wanted to hear them cry for mercy and then slit their throats and lick the wound. But at the same time, my student-self was still in my concious, battling these new ideas.
      But the adult was stronger than the child so I brought in one student to talk to him about his studies at an office. He sat down and I stood behind him with a razor in my hand. I slit his throat, but I didn't feel enough.
      I walked out like nothing had happened and was about to get to my dorm. But in the hallway stood a bunch of students and Snape, but they had no faces. In fact, they had no heads. There were just hair resting on nothing, like their heads and neck were invisible.
      They all were facing me (pun not intended) and stared at me. I felt the stare and I felt their judging. I got both scared and angry at them. That's when I heard judgemental voices in my head, like they were sharing their thoughts with me.

      I ran straight to my room and turned into myself again. I calmed down because Harry would be there any minute.
      He came in and bragged about how well he's doing in school, how popular he is, how many girls he had banged (yeah he seriously bragged about that) and about how much money he had.
      He was a douche and he pissed me off.
      I killed again that night.
      The next day the 2 corpses had been found and people instantly thought Harry was the real target and that the killings were done by deatheaters.
      I realized that Harry IS the target, I hated him and wanted to kill him. That's why I turned into Rebecka, because she could do what I couldn't.
      Unfortunately she wasn't too interrested in killing Harry. She wanted to kill him as some sort of grand finale.
      I turned into Rebecka when I walked out of my dorm room and had a voice in my head telling me to kill people and how to do it.
      But the group of faceless students and Snape were everywhere. They projected a very angry energy towards me but they just stood there like before.

      I found a girl anyway. She had darkbrown hair and must have been about 14-15 years old. I tied her to a chair in her own room (she happened to be my neighbour). She cried and screamed but I didn't hear that. I heard instructions in my head. I knew what to do.
      I had gynecological tools in a bag so I took them out and raped her with them. Then I slit her throat and cut out her eyes.
      The voice in my head was very pleased. But someone heard her scream so I was suddenly in a rush.

      The ending doesn't make any sense at all, but it did at the time. Here goes:

      I made a doppelganger of her and disguised her to look like Harry. Then I brought her doppelganger into my room where Harry was asleep. I made it look like Harry too and fused it and Harry together. I don't know how that would help me. :S

      And that was it.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • And here comes the fourth post in a row.

      I had a magical night last night. Because I lived in a magical realm.
      At first I was with Scooby Doo, we were trying to find a ghost like they always do and our search brought me to the world of magic.
      I had been transported to a castle that were preparing for an attack. There was a revolution going on here.
      The castle reminded me of Hogwarts. It was full of both adults and children, and their leader looked just like Dumbledore. The attackers reminded me of the Deatheaters but their leader was an unknown man.
      They were rebels who wanted to change their entire way of life by killing the children because according to a prophecy they had to kill one specific boy to get what they wanted, but they didn't know who this boy was, so they wanted to kill them all.
      Their ultimate goal was to have the entire nation populated by humans only, (there were other races and species).
      The people inside the castle were trying to prevent that.

      A flying ship came to take us away from the castle because they couldn't protect it for all eternity.
      The ship was flown by one of the species the rebels wanted to wipe out: Poodangs. They were just talking dogs, that's all.
      They dropped me off in a city that looked like a victorian London. This was the city of the other race: the Tektiks.
      Tektiks were humans, but they all were born as twins. One-egged twins. They were disgusted of me because I didn't have a twin.

      I didn't have time to finish the dream unfortunately. :(
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe

    • Introduction:

      If my story can give hope to some people who have little or none, I'm happy. And if my story can give hope to just one person... then sharing it is worth it to me. Because after all, Irmo built the Path of Dreams to give hope to people in the first place. The story I'm about to tell is a true story, and it is my story. It is the story of my spiritual experiences, of my exciting adventures in the Spirit/Astral Realm, of my encounters with Daddy Jesus and His angelic Beings of Light/Spirit Guides, of my interactions with them, of the dreams and visions they sent me, of my discoveries, of both my failures and my ceaseless spiritual growth, of the life-transforming lessons I learned in the presence of those Beings, of the feelings I experienced in their presence (though words can't really describe the feelings I experienced, I shall try to do my best to put them into words, despite the limitations of human language).

      I wrote my experiences in a journal, but it's not like I haven't already posted on the Internet about my spiritual experiences with dreams, visions, Out of body experiences, and angelic visitations. At this point, I just don't care if someone thinks I'm crazy. I honestly don't care about that anymore. I don't need their approval and I don't have any desire to fit their narrow view of the universe or to convince them of anything. I'm merely telling my story, because one day, someone might embark on a similar spiritual journey, and also because writing down/typing my experiences help me to put them into perspective in order to further learn and grow, as well as uncover some deeper meaning/lessons I might have missed at first as I take it all in.

      I'm not responsible for what others think of me, my experiences, my journey, etc. I'm not responsible for what others think of that, and I honestly do not care anymore. I have the approval and the unfailing love of Daddy Jesus, and that's all that matters to me. He bear witness of those things I have experienced, He can retell them much better than I could, and He knows I'm telling the truth to the best of my ability even though I have a fallible and finite memory and I often come out of those spiritual experiences (dreams, visions, out of body experiences, angelic visitations, etc) grown, but with half of my memories of them gone for some reason (one of the reasons might be that the embodied have limited memory capacity, well more limited than the spirits, and cannot consciously remember everything all at once, another might be that there are certain things we are not yet ready to face or cope with or consciously know and they will eventually and naturally come to the surface when the person is ready to accept and appreciate them, and another might be that Daddy Jesus doesn't want us pondering too many things at once which would makes it even harder for us to assimilate them and understand how they fit together. Focussing on only two or three things at once and then pondering them and meditating on them help me a lot to put them into perspective and see how they fit together. I don't think remembering too much at once or forcing the issue would help, and knowing myself, I know I would end up being just as frustrated as I am when I try to force the unconscious memories to surface (to no avail) anyway.)

      Sometimes I have dreams and out of body experiences involving Valar and important lessons about growth, wisdom, and universal love. And I've heard that just like Tolkien's Valar, the angelic Beings of Light/Spirit Guides of our Creator will often disguise themselves into forms you are comfortable with when they teach you through dreams, visions or out of body experiences, that they modify themselves and things like appearance and names are somewhat like costumes they find in the attitc trunks of our minds. So why should I be surprised if they take the appearance and names of the Aratar or the Fëanturi when interacting with me and teaching me? Though I admit that it leaves me in wonder from time to time. And of course, they surely know that nothing excites my curiosity and fascination like the Valar, especially the Fëanturi, and that I have read pretty much everything I could get my hands on about those angelic Powers (Daddy Jesus even used those works of Tolkien's as tools and keys to teach me important lessons, and reveal important spiritual truths to me). So they take the appearance and names of the Valar (which they found in the attic trunk of my mind) to get my attention and make me feel comfortable. And now, I'll begin the retelling of my story...

      Part 1:

      Date: I don't remember the exact date, but it was during the third week of April 2015.

      (Note: Part 2, 3, and 4 are further up in the thread.)

      I dreamed that I was in a dark hall and one of those angelic beings from J.R.R Tolkien's universe appeared in front of me (a Being of Light and one of the angelic servants of Creator Eru Illuvatar, they are more commonly known as the Valar or Ainur. Valar/Ainur is the plural form, and Vala/Ainu is the singular form.) I couldn't see him well, probably because the hall was dark and he was disembodied/unclad/in fëa. I say "he" because that being must've manifested as a male, since it had a masculine voice. I couldn't see him well, but I knew it was a Vala, it sure looked like one anyway. I couldn't identify him because I was unable to read the Being's energy signature this time around (I didn't know which one of the Valar I was talking to), and he didn't throw a name at me. When I saw the Vala, I remembered Elrond's family being ripped apart (Elrond lost his parents as a child, and then his brother, and eventually, his daughter and foster son too) as a result of the choice the Valar forced on the half-elven family (a choice no one should ever have to make), and I became very angry.

      I also remembered my own family being ripped apart, how powerless I felt, and how much I can identify with and relate to Elrond (one of my favorite characters from Tolkien's universe) because of my own personal experience with losing family members and seeing my family fall apart. I felt powerless all over again. I also felt like a waste of space who can't do anything right. I felt a mixture of anger, guilt, shame, self-loathing and self-condemnation. The memories had no image (and I didn't feel any mental intrusion from the Being), it was just informations and feelings as if I was sitting in my living room thinking about my past but I was not in my living room. I felt like a failure. I couldn't stop my parents from fighting and divorcing when I was a kid, my family from falling apart, my sister from attempting suicide (she's doing much better now), my earthly father from dying before I could reconcile with him (he had susbtance additions and our relationship wasn't easy even though I loved him with all my heart), the few friends I had from leaving me, and sometimes I can't even advance the cause for human rights and equality for all no matter how hard I try (and I'm not even talking about the opposition human rights advocates meet at every turn from the most prejudiced people in our society).

      I felt like I failed everybody including my brothers and sisters of the human race, my loved ones, myself, and my Creator (Daddy Jesus). And I failed to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better aunt and a better activist. I wished I had been drunk, numb or both. If that's how my father felt about all the crap that's going on in the world and if that's why he got drunk and high (to numb the pain), I don't blame him, even though it didn't make things any easier for the both of us. Also I will soon be 35 (I will turn 33 on June 6th 2015). I'm dangerously close to my 40s. I've been told that mid-life crisis happens when you're between 40 and 50 and I'm starting to wonder if that's what I'm going through at the moment, what with me feeling so unsatisfied with what I've done with my life and questioning every choice and decision I've made so far. You decide.

      I was very angry, I started shouting at the Vala, shaking my fist at him. I blamed him and the rest of the Valar for what happened to Elrond and his family, as much as I blamed myself for what happened to mine. The Vala became very angry too, and pretty soon it turned into a verbal joust. I was having a verbal joust with an angel! I don't remember a word of this verbal joust, I only remember the topic. And I shouted invectives at him. The angry Vala was scary and I was scared, but I was determined to stand up to him, I was not going to cower or run away. I don't remember what he said and I don't have access to those memories yet, but I remember that he sure wasn't happy that I was blaming him and his brethren for what happened to the half-elven family and that I was beating myself up for what happened to my own family. His angry voice crashed like thunder in the dark hall. The lamplight danced, throwing oppressively dark shadows against the walls. He seemed to grow, or the hall to shrink, until I felt as insignificant as a drop of water before a flood. The very air crackled with energy, hinting at the vastness of the power he commanded. Kinda like when Gandalf partially revealed his Maia (a Being of Light, a servant of the Valar, an Ainu of lesser rank, the plural form is Maiar, the singular form is Maia) nature and power to Bilbo when the hobbit accused him of wanting the ring for himself in the first book and movie.

      See this scene:

      Except the Vala's shadow was mingled with flames at that point. I was scared, but more than ever before I was determined to stand up to him, I was not going to cower or run away. We were both furious and frustrated. The verbal joust was starting to annoy me, but also at this point, I felt a bit sad too. But I didn't back down. I clenched my fists so hard I was shaking. I shout an "accusation" at him (it felt like an accusation to me, no matter how odd of an accusation it might be). I yelled, "You're a wall of flames! You're a wall of flames!" And the next thing I know, the Vala turn into a wall of flames embedded with sapphires. A wall of flames embedded with sapphire... blocking the way. That made me even more angry, I don't like hindrances and obstacles that stand in my way. I just stood there, refusing to cower or flee (to run where?). Then I heard a shout of frustration and the wall of bright flames embedded with sapphires quickly engulfed me. I was frightened, but the fire/Vala didn't harm me when it engulfed me and I didn't feel any pain at all (that left me intrigued and perplexed). In fact, it felt like a gentle caress, as if he wanted to pull me into his embrace and comfort me. I woke with a start and jumped out of bed, turned the light on and looked around. The dark hall and the Vala/Ainu were gone. After a few seconds, I realized that I was home and alone.

      Fire is a symbol of transformation, illumination, love and purification. And I've uncovered some pretty interesting things about sapphires on the Internet.


      "To see sapphires in your dream represents protection, heaven, and divinity. Alternatively, you may be getting to the truth of something. Perhaps you have unlocked an aspect of your unconscious."

      "Sapphire also represents an unlocking and understanding of your unconscious. "

      "Sapphire: Can indicate protection, or that you will discover a hidden truth that will change how you act in various situations."

      "Sapphire: A symbol of purity and WISDOM."

      To keep in mind for later:

      Irmo - "The Vala of the Dead is also the Vala of WISDOM."

      An angelic Being of Light of the Creator... of a similar sphere/functions to Namo's thus appeared to me as Vala Namo, in that moment he took that name and appearance (even though I couldn't see his face, but had I been able to see him better, I know I would have seen a young man in his mid-twenties with ebony black hair and grey eyes. And we apparentky didn't bother to use names, not that I remember much of what he said to me anyway because I don't have access to those memories yet, which saddens me and I should've paid attention instead of ranting. Also, maybe I somehow suppressed those memories because I felt bad about the way I treated him and how I messed up my first encounter with him (to my knowledge it was my first encounter with him anyway)). Fortunately, I learned important things from this experience. WISDOM, humility, and that he loves me more than I can comprehend. Also, I was getting it out of my system, I know that what I told him I was never able to tell anyone else. But I think that somehow he was counting on it and that he understands. I needed to get that poison out of my system, and now I can finally start to heal and find peace with myself and my past. Thank you, Namo. I'm looking forward to meeting you again. And learning everything you can teach me...

      Namo, Vala of the Dead:

      Two must read redemption arcs/fanfics, this is the ending we all deserved (and my compliments to the authors):

      "Legend of Zelda: Breaking the cycle", by Assassin master ezio 91 <3 :yeppers: :cheers:

      "The Minish Magician", by EternalFluffy <3 :yeppers: :) :cheers:

      My FFN and AO3 pages (with my favorite fandoms, fanfictions, and ships): (My favorite fanfictions are in my "favorite stories" section) (My favorite fanfictions are bookmarked and recced)

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    • I've been fascinated by dreams since I was young, as I've been an active dreamer my whole life. I believe that most of my dreams are just my brain sorting out information, as sometimes I have really random things from my day appear in my dreams. Most of my dreams are fun - I often go on crazy adventures and when I was younger I used to write stories about things I had dreamt.

      I occasionally get sleep paralysis if I fall asleep on my back, which is a weird sensation. I rarely have nightmares or bad dreams, but I'm more likely to if I'm on my back. I'll normally dream that there's someone watching me or even in my room and I'll hide under my covers but they come and sit on the bed or on top of me. When I was little I used to cry out to my parents in my dream but no words would come out. And although it seems so real, I'd suddenly wake up. Fortunately I have trouble falling asleep on my back anyway, so this doesn't happen too often.
      A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.

    • The night before yesterday I dreamed I was grocery-shopping naked. That was a weird feeling...
      Then I watched a movie about a family and their friend on vacation. They had put their car on a raft and went on a voyage on the sea.
      I started watching at a scene where they were in the middle of an ocean and bathed. Then I noticed, their friend was Voldemort! In a womans swimsuit! With a sunburnt face! It was so weird I went inside the TV and said "what the hell are you doing in this movie?! Get out of here!". And so he did. Nothing happened for the rest of the movie. They just drifted around, doing nothing.

      Last night an acquaintance said she wanted a horse. She went to get one but rejected it because it had the wrong colour. I went from happy to mad in a split second.

      I raged and yelled "you can't have animals if you're going to treat them like furnitures!! Horses aren't wardrobes or beds!! They're living being with intelligent thoughts and feelings like anyone else!!".
      I went on like that forever. And I have no idea where the wardrobe and bed-thing came from. :S
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Last night I dreamed about a wedding. I was the ugly sister to a bridezilla. Nothing went as it should have and she blamed me for everything. It was a real downer.. No guests arrived. Not even her fiancé showed up! Eventually I had enough as well and dumped her.

      Then I was with my pokémon-team. I had a nice team containing Greninja, Charizard, Haunter, Espurr and some other cute thing. We were in a forest, picking mushrooms. We stumbled upon an old cemetary and there was an old cottage there as well.
      My dad was there so I went over and asked what he was doing (my pokémons were gone by now). He had he took his ATV for a ride and found this place so he stopped by to steal stuff.
      The owner of the cottage came. He was fairly old, had grey, long hair that was a mess and a rough beard.
      He said he wanted the ATV. My dad said no so the old man pulled out a gun and shot my dad in his leg.
      I ran away to get help (and avoid getting shot). I called the emergency hotline and described the situation.
      Suddenly the old man had kidnapped my dad instead.
      I told the operator about an old cottage I found in another village earlier. I didn't have an adress or anything but the police could find it with my non-existent description.
      They rescued my brother. Because now it was my dead brother who had been kidnapped and not my dad.
      Then I woke up.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Irmo, Vala of Dreams and Visions:

      "Irmo is the Vala of Dreams and Visions. He does not work in the open, his power is unseen and his influence is subtle even to the Wise. He is not sought in scenes of strife or woe where conflict takes place. He sent hope to the Children of Illuvatar (Illuvatar is the Creator, Illuvatar means "Father of All", He is also known as Eru, which means "The One") when the darkness of Morgoth covered Middle-Earth. He is sought in inspiration, in desire, in hope, and in the dreams and hearts of those that oppose evil. He is associated with hope, inspiration, love, desire, dreams, sleep, and visions. His gardens are the fairest of all places in the world."

      Part 2:

      Date: May 3 2015.

      I was in a dark "place". Well, not really dark, just dim I guess. And a disembodied voice spoke to me, a masculine voice (but it wasn't Namo this time, this one's voice sounded different. See my previous post in this thread for part 1). The Being of Light who spoke to me wasn't visible to me this time around, but I could feel his gentle, calming presence and it filled me with such peace and serenity that I yearned to stay around him forever, or at least for as long as I could. In that moment, I wanted to stay forever. If it was an out of body experience, I never wanted to return to my earthly body and the world of the living. If it was a dream, I never wanted to wake up. But of course, I would not be able or allowed to stay with him, but I can find consolation in this: I would meet him again (and I did meet him again! Twice in fact!) and he is with me always even as I am awake and walking the world of the living.

      This wasn't Daddy Jesus, but a Being of Light VERY close to Him. I felt at peace, embraced and loved by this gentle, calming presence. The disembodied voice was beautiful, soft and kind, and seemed to come from everywhere. Just like Namo, this Being of Light didn't throw a name at me. But I experienced a very strong conviction that this Being who was speaking to me was in fact Irmo, the Vala of Dreams and Visions. Or at least, an angelic Being of Light/Spirit Guide of a similar sphere/functions, because this time around I was able to gain some informations via the being's energy signature (don't ask, not even I can exactly comprehend those extra senses we manifest in the higher spheres, how it works, and how much of that potential can be developed there, I don't think anyone knows save our Creator, Daddy Jesus).

      He said only one thing to me (or at least one thing that I remember clearly) and it stuck with me. He said, "The Vala of the Dead is also the Vala of WISDOM." Of course, he was talking about Namo (though the Vala of the Dead in Tolkien's writings is not called by the title Vala of Wisdom, not that I know of anyway), or at least angelic beings serving similar functions. As I went about my daily business, those words haunted my every waking moment and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Frustrated, I decided to google it, but I didn't find anything on a Vala of Wisdom, or on Namo being called by that title, I didn't find anything no matter what key words or phrasings I used. I felt annoyed, bothered, and dissatisfied with the lack of answers. The lack of answers made me feel upset and restless.

      The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the spirit realms and some of their angelic Beings (guides and guardians) who serve a variety of functions (specific tasks) have a stronger connection with and knowledge of spiritual wisdom and growth than others of their kind serving other functions, and those who have a stronger connection with and knowledge of those things are the ones who guide and minister to the spirits of the dead when they cross over. There's also the sapphires in my encouter with Namo, sapphire is a symbol of purity and WISDOM. The only other conclusion I can draw is that J.R.R Tolkien's works (and of course study of his works) are tools and keys given to us by the Creator, Daddy Jesus Himself, to aid us in our spiritual journey of discovering, unlocking, and understanding important spiritual truth and gaining insights into spiritual matters such as growth and WISDOM.

      What Is Wisdom?

      "... A wise person is one who desires to deeply understand things, who is humble and aware of the limitations of knowing, who can see things from many perspectives and avoid black and white thinking, and who radiates compassion..."

      I have long recognized how spiritual (and in fact, very Christian) Tolkien assumptions are in his fiction, from "The Silmarillion" right to "Leaf by Niggle". Our All-Loving Father provides us with various tools and keys to help us in our spiritual journey, and I have no doubt that J.R.R Tolkien's works (and a few other authors' works for that matter) are some of them. Now some people can call me stupid, delusional, crazy, or a troll, but I've felt much closer to my All-Loving Father (and more at peace) reading and studying J.R.R Tolkien's works than I did reading and studying any traditional religious book (including the bible), and to be quite honest, like I already said, I'm not responsible for what other people think of me and my journey (I have no control over what others think, and I am slowly coming to that place of if I have my All-Loving Father's approval that's really all I need), I'm responsible only for what I think of myself and where I'm at in my journey.

      An angelic Being of Light of the Creator... of a similar sphere/functions to Irmo's thus appeared to me as Vala Irmo, in that moment. I felt safe, loved and at peace. And I know that Irmo, just like Namo, love me more than I can comprehend. To my knowledge, this was my first encounter with Irmo. And I learned important things from this experience. I learned among other things that I am not alone, that I am loved, and that Namo and those who serve similar functions to his have a strong connection with and knowledge of WISDOM and spiritual growth. Thank you, Irmo. I can't wait to meet you again... and to learn everything you have to teach me.

      I leave you all with the wise words of Bilbo Baggins. The lyrics of his song perfectly describe what a lifelong spiritual journey looks like, we can't always see (or tell) where the road leads but we keep on learning and growing:

      "The Road goes ever on and on
      Down from the door where it began.
      Now far ahead the Road has gone,
      And I must follow, if I can,
      Pursuing it with eager feet,
      Until it joins some larger way
      Where many paths and errands meet.
      And whither then? I cannot say."

      "Though most people see a myth as a story of something untrue, Tolkien saw myth as the exact opposite. His great friend C. S. Lewis once objected to Tolkien that, "...myths are lies, though lies breathed through silver." "No," said Tolkien, "they are not."

      There are truths, Tolkien said, that are beyond us, transcendent truths, about beauty, truth, honor, etc. There are truths that man knows exist, but they cannot be seen - they are immaterial, but no less real, to us. It is only through the language of myth that we can speak of these truths. We have come from God, Tolkien said, and only through myth, through story telling, can we aspire to the life we were made for with God. To write and/or read myth, Tolkien believed, was to meditate on the most important truths of life.

      Tolkien believed that what he wrote in The Lord of the Rings was true, not in the sense that the events really happened, but in the sense that they portrayed truth to us in a way that everyday events could not. After reading a bit of his work a friend asked him how the story would end. Tolkien responded, "I don't know. I shall try to find out." He felt that he was uncovering the truth already there, only hidden.

      ... Tolkien's life was dominated by his vision of the future - not a vision of what he would do for God, but what God would do for him. His mind was occupied with what some people call a meditation on the afterlife. He was fully aware and confident that "this light, momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison."..."

      Display Spoiler

      Beings of Light are all around us. Some Angelic Beings travel about the country in human form to this day, sending love energy to all and testing the Creator's children about their hospitality.

      Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

      Two must read redemption arcs/fanfics, this is the ending we all deserved (and my compliments to the authors):

      "Legend of Zelda: Breaking the cycle", by Assassin master ezio 91 <3 :yeppers: :cheers:

      "The Minish Magician", by EternalFluffy <3 :yeppers: :) :cheers:

      My FFN and AO3 pages (with my favorite fandoms, fanfictions, and ships): (My favorite fanfictions are in my "favorite stories" section) (My favorite fanfictions are bookmarked and recced)

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    • I had a pretty weird one last night. I'm standing in the living room, and my uncle walks in. I acknowledge him, but then I realize that he's been dead for about five months now. I say, "Um, you're dead."

      "No I'm not."
      "Yes are you. You died a few months ago. This must be a dream."

      I pinch my hand, and I don't feel anything. I know that I'm dreaming. I try to fly, but it doesn't work. His eyes begin to rapidly dry up and crumble inside of their sockets. Then he says, "This is not a dream, and I'm really not dead!" in a sincere tone, as if he's really unaware of what happened. The conversation was getting a bit creepy because, well, the man had no eyes. I started to step outside, and that's where my memory of the dream ends.

      This is different from the other few lucid dreams that I've had. I've asked dream characters if they knew it was a dream or not, and usually, they'll give you a blank stare and say nothing, at which point the dream either ends or shifts to another episode. That's the first time I've ever debated the matter with a dream figure. ;)

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    • I had such a boring dream I wish I didn't remember it!

      It was winter and I was looking for a beetle. It was called "snowbeetle" because it was only active during the winter.
      I had to take a picture of a group of lame people who had a lame swords club. Then I continued looking for the beetle. I gave up. The end.

      I was so disappointed when I woke up because this dream was beneath me!
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • A few nights ago I had a dream I was trying to escape zombies and I went to the white house to look for the big red button (the one that "ignites the nukes"). I looked everywhere in the oval office and couldn't find it and the zombies where right outside the door. I eventually found like a hidden wall and I thought for sure it had to be behind it. I pushed on the wall and it led into a tiny room with no red button I was like dang it, however there was a small door on the right wall, I opened it and there was a mattress and pillows it was like a little cubby hole that you could hide in. I was going to hide in there from the zombies and then boom I woke up.
    • I had to go on a journey somewhere so I met captain Hook (once upon a time-version) and he agreed to take me to wherever I was going.
      After some time on the sea, we encountered a storm. It was a great storm so we all were worried that the ship would sink. But instead, we met Kraken.
      Kraken was a giant sea serpent and it targeted us. It ate the entire crew and I switched dream before it ate Hook and I.

      I was going back to school. But the wrong school. For some reason I was going through junior high all over again. Some authorities had made that decision. My mom dropped me off like I was some little girl. She didn't like it any more than I did but I had to do it.

      So there I was, a 24-year old among a bunch of 13-15 year olds. I was a misfit, I felt it to the core of myself and they saw it. All kids looked at me with hate in their eyes because they knew I didn't belong there.
      I got the same locker I had when I went to that school before, but they had moved it to a different location. I had to crawl on my knees to reach it.
      I started to sing out loud for no reason, when I was done I rememberred I have a complex about singing and that I can't sing so that anyone hears and instantly got anxious about it.

      I went to my class. I think it was math.. Everyone stared at me during the entire class. Even the teacher.
      I had enough. As soon as the class was over I headed towards the principals office, but a fight started in the middle of the hallway so I couldn't get anywhere.

      Instead I was in an episode of Pokémon. Pikachu were going through a procedure it had to do once every year in order to not become a Raichu. It cloned itself.
      10 pikachu's flew out of it's furr (like when Gizmo gets wet in the gremlins) and we ate them.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • Last night, I had a dream that seemed to mixed Mias and Elle and Skin Deep by Kory Bing with a dash of SCA guilt. Friends and I discovered we had powers to turn into fairies, fauns and what not; subsequently, we had to go on the run to protect ourselves. Somewhere in there I checked my Facebook and felt bad I couldn't go to a get-together hosted by two SCA friends. It ended with two guy-pals and I hugging like champs in a dark elevator while a ball of magical energy drifted through the floors from us.

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