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    General Fire Emblem Thread - Fire Emblem Treehouses
    • Everyone's dislike of female Byleth's design is surprising to me. I don't think it's incredible or anything, especially with that asinine navel window, but I think I like both the male and female designs for Byleth more than the Robin or Corrin designs from the last few games.

      Worse than many historic main character designs in my eyes, but... an improvement over recent history.
    • Just chiming in to boringly agree on the general concensus in both the boxart being bad and female Byleth's design being terrible, I mean it's been a pretty long time since a Fire Emblem character design has been so unappealing to me and I have pretty high tolerance to stupidity in that front given that most of Kozaki's shenanigans in the recent games didn't bother me all that much (heck I was more bothered by the generic armor in Awakening and those were made by a different artist IIRC).
    • Wow, am I the only one who likes female Byleth more than her male counterpart?

      I mean yeah, her clothes look pretty stupid, but... Man, I dunno, male Byleth just looks like a bland, forgettable oaf. I think it's his face. He's an avatar, I'm sure we'll be able to alter his appearance, so maybe I'll like him better once I can fix what I dislike about his face and hair, but I'm still liking the female's design more. Just... not the outfit. But maybe Promotion will fix that, too.
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