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      How come we don't have a Fire Emblem thread?

      Well, here's a Fire Emblem thread.

      FE16 was announced today with the title "Fire Emblem Three Houses":

      "A brand-new Fire Emblem game with a new story and characters is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game takes place on Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and its people."

      Looks pretty cool, IMO. It looks very different from the usual FE, with formations and more in-depth free roam. It looks like there will be three lords, their names being Edelgard von Hraesvelgr, Claude von Regan, and Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd. Kozaki is no longer the artist for this game, and instead looks to be either Shigenori Soejima, or Kurahana Chinatsu (personally, I'm leaning towards Chinatsu). The woman's voice you heard in the trailer is Cristina Vee, who voiced Tatiana from Shadows of Valentia. You also might know her as the voice of Velvet from Tales of Berseria.

      I'm pretty hyped! What about you guys?

      old stuff
      So the Fire Emblem Direct released a ton of new info on upcoming games. First off, FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (May 19, 2017):

      I'm really excited about this. I've never played Gaiden (pretty much only 10 people in the world have played Gaiden), but I've heard some interesting things about it. Announcing this title feels like IS is telling the old fans that they haven't forgotten about the old games (besides the Archanea games). The art style is really nice, too. It's really a lot more grounded than the more recent FE designs, and it's got this sort of comfy look to them, what with the painted textures compared to Kozaki's "cleaner" designs. The armor and clothing designs themselves remind me of the Tellius designs, which are probably my favorite out of all the FE games, while the artwork itself reminds me of Sacred Stones' official art. It has a Fire Emblem feel to it, which I didn't get from Kozaki's designs. Kozaki's work is great and all, but honestly I don't think he's a good fit for FE.

      One interesting thing is the title. I've read a lot of speculation that the "Echoes" in the title isn't part of the name of Gaiden's remake, but is actually the name of a subseries that'll be made up of remakes of the older games that were never officially localized overseas. This makes a lot of sense, as "Echoes" can mean "echoes of the past" or something, which is exactly what remakes are. Adding more fuel to the theory is the Japanese boxart, where "Shadows of Valentia" are in Japanese, but "Echoes" is in English. It wouldn't really make sense for only "Echoes" to be in English, while everything else is in Japanese, unless it's the title of a subseries.

      Echoes appeals to older fans of FE, while also bringing in some of the newer fans that were introduced to the series with Awakening or Fates. I think this is a good way to bring the divided fanbase together.

      On another note, I find it pretty funny that Alm and Celica are getting amiibos before Corrin.

      Next up, a new game for the Switch was announced. We weren't given any footage or screenshots, which was pretty disappointing. What we did get, however, was confirmation that they are making a FE Switch game, and that it'll be coming out in 2018.

      Then they showed FE Warriors (Fall 2017):

      Not much is new. We've seen most of the trailer from the Switch presentation, but we also got some short gameplay footage of Chrom fighting soldiers. It'll be coming out on both the Switch and the New Nintendo 3DS.

      Finally, FE Heroes, Nintendo's new mobile game (Feb 2, 2017):

      Looks neat. It's free-to-play with micro-transactions, which isn't very surprising. Some people were saying it looks like Final Fantasy Record Keeper, but I've never played that, so I couldn't say. You can vote for which characters you want to get a special outfit for. The top 10 characters voted will also get wallpapers. You'll be able to cast a vote once each day until January 31st, so don't forget!

      Here's the voting link: Fire Emblem Heroes - Choose Your Legends

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    • Marxist forever.

      Also about that split, i really doubt its gonna be a thing out here. If it is, i think its gonna be merely cosmetic. Like Nohr version just be a darker color etc. Splitting the game via cart like that defeats the purpose of its intention, imo. RIP Japan. Oh well.

      As for the SMT/FE crossover, i said it before: Anime Hell. I think ill pass, but who knows. It could be fun.

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    • Speaking of FE:If, I'm kinda torn between which side to choose. On one hand, we've never had a FE game based on Eastern influences, has a samurai with lion hair, and having a world map is fun, albeit makes the game a cakewalk because of grinding. On the other hand, the Nohr route sounds a lot more interesting story-wise, it's more difficult, and it has the traditional chapter-by-chapter progression. If the overseas version ends up not splitting up the game, then I'm probably gonna go Hoshida > Nohr > Neutral.

      Also, anybody else notice the enemies can pair-up? Maybe they're balancing the mechanic so it's not as broken as it was in Awakening. The crit animations also look way cooler (i.e. that one ninja animation where the unit was serpentining) and the maps seemed like they were more interactive. Now let's hope for more objectives other than Route the Enemy or Defeat Commander.

      EDIT: Edited the OP to include a source.

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    • Not interested in FE14 after the annie-may casualfest that was FE13. The game looks just as watered down as FE13, and now they're making the Avatar be the main protagonist, as if Robin Sue wasn't bad enough.

      And certainly not interested in "SMT" x FE anymore now that it turned into Persona: featuring Marth and Lyn from the Fire Emblem series.

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    • Some more info on Fire Emblem IF (JAPANESE VERSION ONLY!):
      - Fire Emblem If: White Kingdom will be the easier title, providing alternate ways to gain EXP and money, as well as more freedom
      - Fire Emblem If: Black Kingdom will limit these experiences and requires more strategy to maintain resources - White Kingdom and Black Kingdom's storylines are the same until chapter 6. From here, the storylines split.
      -If you buy only one physical copy, you'll be locked into whatever game you purchase. However, for 2,000 yen, you can download DLC with the other story path.
      -For digital users, players are given a choice of what path they would like to take. The other path (the one you don't choose) is available to download as DLC for 2,000 yen.
      -A third storyline will be available as DLC, though details aren't known about this DLC yet.
      -A special edition Fire Emblem If bundle, a two in one cartridge that has both versions of the game, as well the third storyline, limited edition artbook and trading card will be available for 9,250 yen.
      "Can't post that on a Christian forum."

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    • Fire Emblem if is like my most anticipated game after Zelda U so I was crushed to see its scheduled for 2016.. It's even worse knowing it will be out in Japan in June, so the game will be all done and spoilers everywhere but as usual we have to wait ages for localisation.

      Anyway I really like the idea of being able to take a completely different gameplay path depending on what you decide during the story. But I'm not sure what to think about the whole splitting the game in half thing. If its something like OOA/OOS where each game gives a full and lengthy experience on their own then I won't complain about having 2 FE games to play at once. However if its just one game physically split into two parts I won't be happy about that.

      As for SMTxFE.. I really don't know what to say about it. I had a feeling with the announcement of FE if it would mean the crossover won't be that much of a FE game and so I lowered my expectations for it. Haven't played a SMT game but can't say I like the idea of playing an anime because that trailer felt like it was an anime show not a game. So for now can't say I'm interested in it but I'll wait and see before making up my mind about it.

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    • I think it's kind of lame that the two different campaigns have different difficulty levels. Given how easy Fire Emblem is at what Intelligent Systems considers "Normal Difficulty", I might consider skipping out on White Kingdom altogether.

      Another reason it's a shame is that the concept of fighting against the "peace-loving kingdom" doesn't really appeal to me.

      DANK wrote:

      Also, anybody else notice the enemies can pair-up? Maybe they're balancing the mechanic so it's not as broken as it was in Awakening.

      Not only that, but I hope they make it so that you can split up and THEN make a move (if you haven't moved already). Pair-up essentially forces me to keep a character paired up for an entire battle, when there's more room for tactics otherwise.
    • I like choice... sometimes. I don't like having to choose between which games I wanna buy. That's the main reason I don't like the look of FE14 so far.

      SMTxFE looks.... uh..... I'm not interested. There are people telling me there are Fire Emblem characters in the trailer, but the only one I can see is Tiki. That person does NOT look like Marth.

      Now then, since this is the general thread, I have a question for all of you: What is your favorite all time unit in the Fire Emblem series?

      For me it's split between ^ and Ephraim.

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    • I hope we get a situation like SMTIV where the only version of the game we get is the Special Edition, even if we don't get the third path as part of it. The 2 version model probably won't work. The only franchise that did make it work aside from Pokemon was Megaman Battle Network, but in that franchises case it was relatively minor, unlike the current case where it's literally "What units and story do you want?"

      Kitty Darkstar wrote:

      Now then, since this is the general thread, I have a question for all of you: What is your favorite all time unit in the Fire Emblem series?

      For me it's split between ^ and Ephraim.

      My favorite personally is Micaiah, if not Henry. Gotta love Henry's humor :lol:
    • So, I went to the Serene's Forest link in the OP and read the article in full...They said it "seems there won't be a world map for Nohr", not that there won't, plus they're merely speculating. They also say there will be limited opportunities to level up and earn gold, key word being "limited", rather than there won't be opportunities to do so outside of the main story. I'm also kinda doubting there won't be a map or something of the sorts in Nohr like there would be in Hoshido, the games are exactly the same up to Chapter 6. They both either have it, or they both don't have it. Adding two and two together, I'd guess that, when it comes to gaining exp and gold outside of the story, perhaps Hoshido can purchase something akin to Reeking Boxes from Awakening early on, while Nohr either can't buy these and they're only drops from enemies, or they obtain them later on in the game, possibly when over 2/3rds of the game is completed.

      Also for those wondering about content, apparently each of these games individually has a similar amount of content as Awakening.
    • I'm really excited for the game, but I will be disappointed if it's split up like that here in the states. Both story lines should be in the same game, not one cartridge and another as paid DLC. That pretty much kills the whole point of playing to chapter 6 and then deciding for yourself who to side with.

      Out of the FE games I have played (FEA, SD, PoR and SS) I would say my favorite recruit is Frederick.
    • Kitty Darkstar wrote:

      Awakening was pretty lacking in content. There were two recruitable enemies. Gaius and Tharja(or whatever her name is). The enemies recruited in paralogues or something like that don't count. That is my main beef with it, the lack of characters.

      While Awakening was lacking, don't forget, each game individually has as much content. The third path probably will end up having more content if you ask me. The only way I can see it is Kamui (Japanese name for the Avatar for those unaware) starts his/her own force, possibly recruiting members of Hoshido and Nohr, which could end up providing a middle ground storywise and a likely larger cast to use, but this is just my little theory.
    • So, was going through a bunch of posts on Serene's Forest, they actually did an Analysis on the direct focusing on everything revealed about the game. I think I'll just drop a link, it was a pretty good read. While it mostly focused on characters, there were a few things I found out that I'm not sure I like or not that I missed in the Direct....Like weapons not having Durability and Dragonstones having various ranks...While I like the Dragon Stone change...I'm not quite sure if I like Durability being flatout removed.