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    • Character Adoption Thread

      Welcome to the Role Play Guild, and most importantly, the character adoption thread! If you are interested in joining the Tales of Characters board as quickly as possible, but for whatever reason don't want to go through the long approval process of making a character, you have an opportunity to adopt a character here provided you meet certain stipulations.

      What are these stipulations you may ask? We're glad you asked! These stipulations are created in a way which will allow new people to join quickly to the RPG and integrate into the community. However, the character adoption thread is only for those who have not made a character prior or have one in the works. The character adoption is only for people who have no prior characters approved or pending. So essentially, one character adoption per person!

      So, you are a person then with no prior characters approved or pending. Yet you still have some questions we bet. Well we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your leisure. If your question isn't on here, please contact one of the Role Play Guild mods - Sam Nornal or Ruki.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1) I want to adopt a character. How do I do that?
      It's simple! Essentially what you do is PM one of the two Role Play Guild mods your desire to adopt a character and which one you wish to adopt. After receiving your request, we will make sure you are eligible and if so, give you the approval to do so. After that, you merely copy the character into a new thread and post it We suggest quoting the character to keep the formatting. Once approved, the character will be removed from the adoption thread and no longer be able to be adopted ever.

      2) What is the difference between a complete and partial character?
      A complete character is one where everything has been provided for you. It is made to be instant-approved, so you don't need to deal with an approval process. A partial character will have most important information down - such as race, weapon, armor, powers/magic/skills, battle strengths and battle weaknesses. Some may have the appearance or parts of the appearance provided given if it links to the race or the character was made from a certain ethnicity, and the writer wants to make sure that is gotten across. A name might even be given, if only as a placeholder to make the profile easier to write. Essentially though, the most scrutinized parts are provided for allowing for the adopter to fill in the blanks for everything else. Even if a partial character isn't instant approved (typically due to need for expansion on what is given in the appearance), the approval process will be very short.

      3) I want to make some changes to the character, can I?
      Of course! Everything in an adopted character is up for change and tinkering. However, once changes are made, we can no longer guarantee an instant or quick approval process. Changes made after the character is approved must follow our Edit and Update procedures.

      4) I don't like any of these characters up for adoption. Can I make a request?
      No. If you don't like any of them, make your own. The writers who provide the characters here have put time and effort into making these available for you so you can join the community quicker. They are not here to do your work for you.

      5) I have a character I never RPed with/never got approved and its my first character. Can I adopt?
      No. As stated earlier in the stipulations, these characters are only for people who have no in progress characters or approved characters. In addition, once a person adopts a character - even if they don't RP with them for whatever reason - they can't adopt another.

      Writing A Character Profile For Adoption

      Some long time members here may wonder how they can help provide character profiles. The character profiles here are written by the members of the community at their leisure. Once written, they can send it to one of the Role Play Guild moderators, who, if the character is approval, will put it in the thread. If it isn't instantly approvable for a new player, the moderator themselves will make the necessary changes to make it approvable instead of going through an approval process with the writer unless specifically asked otherwise.

      Characters Up For Adoption
      (Complete) Brice Lyle - A selkie with the powers of seduction and the attitude of a spoiled brat.
      (Partial) "Suré" - A member of the Tarahumara people from Mexico who are renowned for their running.

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    • Name: Brice Lyle
      Nickname /Alias: N/A
      Age: 18
      Apparent Age: 27
      Sex: Male
      Race: Selkie
      Display Spoiler
      Coming from the Orcadian dialect word for "seal," selkies are a very common sight across Orkney. Gentle creatures, the selkie-folk have the ability to transform from seals into beautiful, lithe humans. If this sealskin was lost, or stolen, the creature was doomed to remain in human form until it could be recovered

      Height: 6'1"
      Weight: 290 lbs
      Eye Color: Dark brown
      Hair Color/Style: Brice has wavy pitch black hair which reaches half way down his back. While he typically tends to keep it down with his long bangs tucked behind his ears, he sometimes pulls it back into a ponytail or braids it when he is getting "dressed up."
      Skin Color/Complexion: Brice - like other Selkies - has pale, soft skin.

      Appearance: Brice is a beautiful young man who seems to give off an unnatural aura of beauty. His soft, pale skin seems to glimmer - especially when he is in the water - and he has no body or facial hair. In fact, the only hair he has on his body is his wavy pitch black hair which frames his chiseled face which has traces of baby fat on it.

      Brice is rather muscular - he has large, broad shoulders and well define muscles across his body. Always willing to show them off, Brice doesn't exactly believe in shirts (or shoes for that matter judging by his bare, calloused feet) and typically goes without. The only thing which covers his upper torso typically is a seashell necklace. If he has to though, he can be found with a button up shirt - typically one of the Hawaiian variety - which he leaves typically unbuttoned.

      Thankfully, he has a bit more modesty when it comes to his lower regions. He wears a pair of black "shorts" (honestly they are just swimming trunks) which reach down to his knees. They don't cling to his body - which has left some people disappointed - and while they fit him well enough around the waist, they are lose around the legs. Over this, Brice wears a grey seal pelt wrapped around his waist - which, when stretched out, mysteriously is the same height as he is.

      However, this just describes Brice as a human. Brice as a seal is a cute thing with a streamlined body covered in smooth grey fur and four limbs that are modified into flippers. His technical seal family is the harbor seal and posses a unique pattern of light spots on his grey fur. His body and flippers are short, and heads is rounded. His nostrils appear distinctively V-shaped. His eyes are rather large and spherical and are on the front of his face, as is common with predators.

      Weapon(s): None

      Armor: None

      Carried Possessions: None


      Seduction: While selkies are benign creatures for the most part, their unnatural beauty gives them the power of seduction. While they cannot create attraction where there is none, they can greatly amplify attraction when present leading to a woman (or if a man) to eventually give in to their urges and lay with the selkie.

      Typically selkies tend to seek out "unsatisfied women," sometimes even ruining marriages in the process. Brice himself is no stranger to such a thing, although he pays it no mind - after all, as he reasons to himself, if they were satisfied they wouldn't turn to him.

      The power of seduction, however, goes beyond simple sex. Selkie, using their power of seduction, are able to convince people to do things for them. Protect them, fight for them, steal for them -depending on the person and their limitations and moral code, the possibilities could be endless. After all, people do crazy things for "love" - although a better term here would be lust.

      The longer the amount of time a person stays with a selkie, the more vulnerable they become to the selkie's powers. For Brice's case, the main people who will be completely immune from him would be asexuals and homosexual women ignoring possible powers which would make a person immune. While demisexuals have a higher tolerance when it comes to Brice, increased time in Brice's presence would allow them to make them to make the emotional connection needed to start to develop their more sexual urges.

      The below chart can give a good indicator on how much Brice can affect a person and what would it drive them to do. This counts for continuous time stayed with the person, and will jump to major milestones where a difference in attitude (however subtle) is most noted. It should be noted this is for a person with a normal sex drive - more sexually active people or less sexually active people will have different times accordingly.

      Less than a day
      During the first 24 hours, a person will be drawn towards Brice. They will feel warm in his presence, and their eyes will constantly be wandering over to him. They may feel the need to run their hands through his hair or wondering what it would be like to kiss him, although they wouldn't necessarily act on those feelings.
      While a person who is at a bar looking for a quick fling or a one night stand will be likely to go home with him, most people are able to control themselves and their urges. People will be willing to do him minor favors - even without being prompted - like perhaps giving him a discount or a little extra food. If he is speeding, he is likely to avoid getting a ticket.
      Three Days
      The feelings by now haunt the person's mind. If they haven't acted on the simpler ones - little touches here and there, a peck on the cheek, or, better yet, the lips - they will soon. Their thoughts always find themselves back to him, wondering what he is doing, if he is thinking of them. They will want to be around him more, and if they see him with another person they will get jealous and upset.
      The person is more likely to do bigger things for Brice. Tell him things perhaps that they shouldn't tell him or perhaps try to woo him with some big gift like tickets to a popular concert in town. They'll also be "accidentally" bumping him all over - although it would be a more correct term to say they are stalking him. Flirting by this time is also more obvious, and for those who are in a easy-to-end relationship (such as dating if the couple hasn't been one for long), if they haven't broken up to chase after Brice they will soon. Even if they don't break up, they will be likely to cheat on their significant other.
      A week
      If the person hasn't had sex with Brice already by now, they now would. Their thoughts will be filled with him, and it would be fair to call him their obsession by now. If a loved one points out how unhealthy their feelings and attitude is towards Brice, they will angrily deny it, which has the possibility of creating friction. Just how they say love is blind (although at this point it is still just lust), they only see Brice through a rose colored lens. To them, he can do no wrong.
      The person is willing to do anything Brice asks as long as it sticks within their current moral codes. For example, if Brice asked an honest person to perhaps embezzle at work, they wouldn't while a more unscrupulous person would. They are willing to do whatever he wants as long as it is within his power and not that out of the way for them to do.
      A month
      By this time, the person's feelings would have turned to blind love - although they would still lust over him. Love, somehow, has become blinder. They find themselves agreeing with Brice and going along with his plans in order to make him happy. To them, Brice's happiness is their happiness, and their own life has ceased to exist.
      By this time Brice can essentially ask them to do anything, and they are likely to do it. Obvious restrictions and limitations go towards the person's moral code (depending on how strong it is) and their own limitations. If Brice, for example, asked a mother to kill her children, she is unlikely to do it. Or if a person simply doesn't have it in them to kill, and he asks them to kill a stranger. Brice typically has more luck convincing people to do things if he presents it in certain ways - what way that is depends on the person in question.

      The effects of seduction can eventually be worn away after a certain amount of time of Brice's absence. The deeper the person has fallen to his spell, the greater the time will be. This amount of time is dependent on the person and varies.

      Seal Skin: Selkies have the ability to transform from human to seal by putting on and taking off their seal skin. Without the skin, selkies are unable to transform back to seals or even go back into the sea.

      Seals, while not as fast in the water as dolphins as they cruise around 6-17 mph, are more flexible and agile. Brice's type of seal - Otariids - use their front limbs primarily to propel themselves through the water and have hind limbs that can be pulled under the body and used as legs on land.

      Seals have well-developed senses—their eyesight and hearing are adapted for both air and water, and they have an advanced tactile system in their whiskers or vibrissae. He can hear equally well on sea and water. Some species are well adapted for diving to great depths. They have a layer of fat, or blubber, under the skin to keep warm in the cold water.

      As one might imagine, Brice is able to communicate to seals in this form - although he can also do so when he isn't wearing his seal skin. When he is in his seal skin, however, he is unable to communicate with humans verbally.

      Battle Strengths: While Brice isn't a fighter, his seduction power can make him a worrisome opponent - especially when someone is left for too long within his presence. Lust and love is a powerful thing, and when controlled and the wrong hands, can lead to disastrous results. (Just ask the Trojans.)
      Battle Weaknesses: Brice isn't a fighter, he's a lover and a seal. Selkies aren't known for their physical prowess or for fighting each other. Especially not fighting humans with sharp pointy things and magic.

      Personality: Brice is a young Selkie who has lived what essentially boils down to the easy life. Never needing to really worry about anything due to the harem he amassed while living on the Orkney in Scotland, he has taken everything he had in life for granted.

      While many may describe him charming (no doubt the seduction spell plays a big part into this), those who aren't affected by such magics would see him as vain and self-centered, expecting to be handed to him on a silver platter and prone to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

      Likes: Fish, women, sex
      Dislikes: When he is "disobeyed" i.e. doesn't get what he wants.
      Fears: Brice only truly fears for his life; he is a coward who puts his own self-being first.
      Virtues: While Brice is a spoiled rotten kid, don't give up on him yet. While those under his spell would sing praises of all his "virtues," his true virtue perhaps would be he enjoys helping others. If they have a problem, he likes throwing his "power" around to help them out. He wants to make the world (or his world) a better place where he feel he and others can live in comfortably without fear or want.
      Vices: Brice is very much about himself. He puts himself forward in every little thing he does, and his powers make people his enablers. You would be hard pressed to convince him the world doesn't revolve around him and his wants and needs.

      History: A Selkie hailing from Orkney, Brice never worked hard a day in his life. Preferring to stay upon land instead of the water, he fell in love with the human culture and all of its vices. When everything is handed to you on a silver platter just for being beautiful, what isn't to love?

      However, Brice's hubris one day got the best of him. People, unaffected by his power for one reason or another, got fed up with him for essentially making most of the town his bitch. Upon forming a mob, they managed to chase him out of town and away from the extravagant life he had lead up until that point.

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    • Name: Suré
      Nickname /Alias:
      Apparent Age:
      Race: Human (Tarahumara people)
      Eye Color: Brown
      Hair Color/Style: Black
      Skin Color/Complexion: Dark brown skin with callouses on the hands and feet.


      Weapon(s): While Suré prefers to literally run prey to exhaustion, a bow and arrow is also typically carried to help hunt game.

      The bow itself is one which Suré made. Made of ash - a hardwood which is very strong but elastic - is about a yard in length and is thicker in the center, giving the bow strength and serves as a good grip. Leather thongs surround the center to create an even better grip. The bowstring can vary to whatever Suré has on at the moment or recently replaced it to, but typically fall into animal gut, sinew or rawhide. Plant fibers can also used for bowstrings including nettles, dogbane and milkweed or the inner bark of basswood or yukka.

      The arrowheads themselves are made out of flint and are a "Diagonal Notch," which is characterized by its straight base and deep narrow notches chipped at 90 degree angles. The shafts are made out of dry, hard, sticks of wood which measure about half the size in length of the bow. Feathers are required to give arrows their 'spin' during flight and balanced the weight of the arrowhead to prevent the arrow from tumbling during flight. The feathers of the buzzard and turkey were easy to locate and to work with.

      The quiver is weaved out of birch.

      Armor: None

      Carried Possessions:

      Running: The Tarahumara word for themselves, Rarámuri, means "runners on foot" or "those who run fast" in their native tongue. With widely dispersed settlements, these people developed a tradition of long-distance running up to 200 miles (320 km) in one session, over a period of two days through their homeland of rough canyon country, for inter-village communication and transportation and hunting. The Tarahumara use the toe-strike method of running, which is natural for barefoot running. They are even known to run 400+ miles within 50 hours

      The Tarahumara commonly hunt with bow and arrows, but are also known for their ability to run down deer and wild turkeys. Anthropologist Jonathan F. Cassel describes the Tarahumaras’ hunting abilities: “the Tarahumara literally run the birds to death. Forced into a rapid series of takeoffs, without sufficient rest periods between, the heavy-bodied bird does not have the strength to fly or run away from the Tarahumara hunter.”

      However, long distance running does not equate into speed. It is about endurance. As a result, the average speed Suré can go is 13 mph (20 km/ph).

      Archery: While the Tarahumara people prefer running down their prey (and running in general), archery has also been a part of the culture. Excellent at hunting game by accurately targeting vulnerable areas.

      While not drawing the bowstring all the way back will allow for faster shooting, it also comes at the cost of less draw power and therefore less damage. To bring down some unarmored game, a 35 lb draw is needed, but is more likely 40 lbs. For larger game, 50-60 lb bow draw is needed. Drawn at 50 lbs, the arrow can travel at 280 feet per second, going so far as 450-500 yards. Suré can shoot three arrows within 5 seconds.

      Survival: While other cultures may have kept up with the progress of civilization, the Tarahumara people have kept largely to themselves. As a result, their society is something much more simple. They don't need nor pay attention to modern amenities such as cars or trains, nor do they need fancy running shoes as it actually seems to worsen their performance. They can live off the land, and it seem to adapt to any landscape they are forced into.

      However, putting a Tarahumara native into more modern societies - such as ones with said cars and trains - will lead into culture shock, as one might expect.

      Battle Strengths: The most glaring strength - and the one the Tarahumara people are known for - is the ability to literally kill by running prey into exhaustion. Even if it fails to kill a human or others, the Tarahumara people's endurance is far greater than most and that alone is their most notable strength. Plus the ability to adapt to less than accommodating terrain allows the Tarahumara to stay one step ahead and be able to fight in all sorts of place with little to no ill side effects.
      Battle Weaknesses: While the Tarahumara's endurance is impressive, as is their survival skills, Suré is still only human and is bound by human limitations. Unable to do magic and lack of knowledge about more modern culture can cause a disadvantage as this is not something Suré would come across and have no knowledge of. Without knowledge, after all, how is one supposed to act?





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