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      Hiya, GD! This is the first in a series of discussions that I believe will assist designers (or anything else creative) in expanding their knowledge and perspective of what comes before a piece is begun: inspiration, motivation, and influence.

      What has influenced you as an artist, or for a specific piece? Where and how are you inspired each and every day? What gives you the will to go the extra mile and create something truly spectacular? These are a few of many questions that can be discussed here. If you participate in the discussion and want others to join and add their experiences into the mix, be sure to let them know it's happening or better yet, place a link in your signature space.

      While this thread is primarily for digital artists and graphic designers, the topics discussed here could be applied to any creative endeavour. It's up to you to use what's written in here in your own work! Have at it, guys~

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    • for me, the majority of my inspiration comes from stories. video games that touch me emotionally, books, movies, shows--it's those things that make me think, and a lot of the time i can convey that though some sort of visual, which is often a tag or some sort of fancy typography.

      motivation is a more complicated thing for me--whenever things in life get hard, or i'm feeling like i'm at rock bottom, i can funnel my emotions into whatever i'm working on. i can stay up for hours working on a piece where emotion is pushing me in a certain direction. the emotion and passion might not be visible in the piece, but it pushes me to be as precise and perfect as I can possibly make it. some of my best art comes from these types of situations.

      the most of my influences are actually people on this forum ahaha. eternalegend, IGNIS, .Hog, and malia are likely my biggest ones. i joined here when I was 12 or 13, and when i started posting in GD they were the ones active at the time (EL was in artwork but same difference), and i strove so hard to put out work just as good as theirs. i can't even articulate how much i appreciate them just being around, and letting me and the rest of the forum see their work. it's made me a much better artist/designer.
    • good thread caleb :)

      influences eh? i dont really have a lot of "digital artist" influences. mine tend to be traditional artists, and top of the list is my papa :) hes a kick-ass artist. back at my home in new zealand, we have several paintings around our house up on the walls. it wasnt until i was like... 10 that i found out my dad painted them. i still remember being -amazed- at his talent, and feeling like i wanted to be just like that when i got older.

      i also took a lot of inspiration from anime/manga from age 5, when i watched street fighter alpha. in regards to dynamic poses, its something i still take with my digital work.

      here on zu, i took a lot of inspiration from umi back in the day. he made some amazing stuff.

      also caleb, i love how much your work has changed over the years. i still remember your early stuff. youve gotten so good <3
    • I'd have to say that a lot of my signature inspirations come from seeing watercolor paintings, I love the splash, and splatter effect around the images! I'm inspired every day at home because of my mother, she's an amazing artist, and her work always gives me hope that one day I can be as great of an artist as my momma =). She always taught me to never give up on something, whether it looks unpleasant to myself, there's always room for improvement, and if you keep at it, you can look back at what was unpleasant and think wow I have come so far!
    • I think a lot of the things that influence my writing also influence my art and design. Cucumber Quest and games like the Wind Waker continue to be a huge source of inspiration for me, mostly in terms of color. I like artists like Kali Ciesemier a lot. I like Hemingway, whose approach to writing has really influenced how I look at design; in my writing and art I try really hard not to be excessive. I've grown up around it, I guess, but I've also always been inspired by the art of the Middle East; so geometry and patterns are things I think about a lot. Most of all, I'm inspired by those around me. Anytime I see anything cool, or finish a really good book, I'm always put into a mood to create.
    • For my inspirations, I try to collect images of art that I really like on Pinterest. Which I understand is a weird answer, but it gives me a place to look over all these awesome things people have made, and remind myself of the creative things I can still do.

      As for influences, I read a lot of web comics, so I'm sure some of them have made a change in my own art style.

      And that leaves motivations, which has to be my favorite, cause I have three answers for that.
      1. Music. More importantly, soundtracks. And better yet, game soundtracks. I love listening to this type of music as I work, as it keeps me focused, and has so many different forms. I have bought games in the past for the sole purpose of listening to the sound track that was included.
      2. How much do I want it. This answer is related more to making physical art like needle felt figures and other things, and sounds a bit selfish, but wanting to see and have a finish product makes me want to complete it so much faster.
      3. (And before my last answer, a quick note that will give more context, because I realize I have no information here on ZU. I'm an admin over at ZW, with most of my work being image editing.) Someone asking for my work. I love working over at the Wiki, being able to help contribute to something bigger, making images look their very best. Having them in articles for other people to see is a great feeling. The best feeling comes from completing a task for a requested images. Having the person who requests an image, to only have kind and generous compliments towards it. This is what motivates me to do more, and to do better each time.

    • I am such a visual hoarder, it's kinda insane...I've gotten better since I joined tumblr in college (and since I've had to move 3 times in a year), but I used to just collect shreds of things from magazines and old books in like, all of my drawers. Now I just like and reblog inspiring images to keep track of them digitally instead...and I occasionally still scour the good wills around here for inspiring record art/childrens books/etc.

      @Holden already mentioned one of my favorite artists (Kali is so amazing!), but there's so many others I regularly turn to for inspiration. This includes people whom I graduated with from college, which is both awesome that I know such amazing artists, but also really lends itself to detrimental comparisons...but I wanted to include a short list here in case anyone wants to check anyone out:
      Display Spoiler

      Aside from other artists though, I love looking at off-beat fashion blogs (more everyday stuff, less high-fashion), love looking at children's apparel (Oh still my heart), and then there will just be every day stuff I happen upon. I moved out to Texas a few months ago and I've never lived anywhere where you can see such huge expanses of the sky like you can just goes on forever, the sky is so much huger than I ever imagined and there are some stunningly dynamic colors and values that happen up there that I'm just astonished by. Very inspiring.

      I also get into drawing when I'm hooked on a video game...I've been on a strong Dragon Age kick and before that it was Skyrim, so I've been drawing (very different looking) mages and warriors inspired by those looks a lot. This sometimes happens with TV I'll get inspired by costuming from Mad Men or Marco Polo (if you haven't watched it yet, go watch just for the costumes omggggg) and get really into drawing type stuff tends to help when I'm in a funk because I don't have to start from nothing to make something, I start with characters or costumes or whatever that's inspiring.

      So can be anything...a lot of times it's other art though. I'll see a shape or line or color or something that I love and want to make something kinda emulating that element in some way.
    • i think it's cool to see that you guys have such a wide variety of inspirations! @Holden has writing, @Vynrah has fashion, Pixel has music--it's a really neat thing to see someone's work and have an idea of where it could have come from.

      i wonder--how do emotions affect your work? i know I make the best stuff when i'm really anxious, or really angry, but not so much when i'm just sad.

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    • Ooo, great question!

      I don't really see emotion affecting my writing too much, just because that's a very long process. If anything, it only affects the conception of a story. My poetry, however, is almost always affected by some kind of emotional state, simply because poetry's something I do quickly, and then step back and look at later.

      In terms of art and design, I think it certainly affects what I'm in the mood to make or the kind of colors I use. I make digital collages every once and a while, and those always start with me searching for sources based on feelings or places. (For example, I found the figure in this collage by plugging the word "lonely" into a search bar on a stock image website.)
    • Hmm, for me emotions sometimes matter, sometimes not.

      I can work through anything (I kinda have to loljobz), but I generally don't have the drive to draw when I'm tired, content, or deeply upset. I work best when I'm actively feeling great, melancholy, or excited/nervous. Anger can go either way. I also get more motivated when I'm a lil busy, rather than when I'm overworked or totally underworked.

      I think my emotions affect quality a bit too though...nervous/excited emotion tend to produce the best as I'll spend more time on things and really engage. Melancholy is probably second best as I kinda get a lil reflective. Happy tends to produce fluffier, happier, less intense art...but I'll also be more decisive with my line work.