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The Book of Thoth (Shrub)
  • It had taken several weeks of traveling, but with the sun high in the sky the group of the Greek gods finally reached their destination - the Egyptian city of Khmun. However, it had long since lost that name, donning the name Hermopolis, after Hermes, whom the Greeks invaders identified with Thoth, because the city was the main cult center of Thoth, the god of magic, healing and wisdom, and the patron of scribes.

    "If he's anywhere, he's here," Athena had assured them at the time as they trudged through the desert, the sun beating hard on them. While Athena and Aphrodite were more than used to such poor traveling conditions, Roxy - who spent her whole life literally surrounded by water - struggled much more than the gods. The heat burned her pale skin, giving it a rich tan where it didn't burn it. Her cheeks and her nose were currently a rosy red, flakes of skin peeling angrily. Against Athena's insistence not to, Roxy took off her blue shawl which noted her as a priestess of the Titan Cronus. It was too hot not to.

    However, now that they were in the city, Roxy was sitting in shade enjoying the gentle breeze and the slightly lower temperature. It seemed to her the ocean was a better place to live than here - at least the temperatures never varied to such extremes. Between the scalding heat of the day and the frigid temperatures of the night, as far as Roxy was concerned this place was terrible.

    All the same, she couldn't help but marvel at the city which was once Greece's rival before they conquered them. While she could see some Greek influences here and there, it seemed even though it lost its name it retained its culture.

    The roads were dusty and dirty, although in the main part of the city were made of brick and stone for horses and carts to get around easily when the monsoons came. Shrubbery littered the landscape and tall trees which Athena identified as "palms" provided shade. Not that far away was the River Nile, boats and cargo pushing up and down the stream.

    Alabaster buildings with colorful murals could be found wherever one looked - the statues themselves were equally as beautiful. Merchants and people went about their daily life, and while Roxy had paused to look at some of their wares - scarab beetles made from stone, glazed blue and green - among some others. Athena patiently explained what each was and their significance and meaning.

    "He's not in the library either." Roxy looked up to see Aphrodite approaching her, the love goddess' stride confident and purposeful. With the city so big, and the god not in his shrine like they thought he would be, Athena decided it would be easier of the two scoured the city while Roxy managed to catch her breath. "I got you this though."

    Roxy held out her hand and Aphrodite handed her a small ceramic cup with some sort of green mush inside.

    "It's aloe vera," Aphrodite explained as she sat down next to Roxy, smiling warmly at her as men and women alike would pause in their activities to stare and gawk at the beautiful woman. Roxy had found it interesting that the Egyptians shaved their hair and wore wigs - Athena said to the Egyptians, natural hair was unclean. Some people had natural hair, but Athena explained it was because they were the lower class. "It should help you with your burns. Do you need help putting it on?"

    "Thank you," Roxy said relieved, touched at the goddess of love gesture as she took a glob out and rubbed it over her nose and face. The gel was cool, and her skin immediately felt better afterwards. Some dead skin rubbed off when she did so, but Roxy didn't care. She was glad to be rid of it and wished she could peel it off. With Athena not back yet, she was really tempted to. Unable to further properly express herself in Common, she switched back to Ancient Greek. "If you could put some on my back, I wouldn't mind."

    "Of course," Aphrodite purred and for a fleeting moment, Roxy wondered if it was such a great idea, but then when Aphrodite dipped her long fingers into the gel and rubbed it on her inflamed back, she decided she was worrying over nothing. Besides, if it meant that those awful burns would go away, she would accept any sexual harassment coming from the other woman.

    "So, what are we going to do if Thoth isn't here?" Roxy asked, shivering slightly when Aphrodite ghosted over her tattoo. Aphrodite didn't answer right away as she switched shoulders, and Roxy wondered if she heard her, until -

    "I don't know. I suppose we would need to find one of the other gods, but the only one who I know would be easy to find for sure would be Horus. He's in Alexanderia, and well, uh ... he wouldn't be too happy to see us. He never quite forgave us for the whole conquering thing," Aphrodite explained sheepishly. "Plus it might not be a good idea to let him know about the state of affairs of the Greek pantheon if he hasn't learned already. It's a mess as is - we don't need other gods and goddesses to get involved into this whole affair."

    "So, we just are going to walk around this country looking for Thoth even though we have no idea where he is?" Roxy asked dryly. Aphrodite game her a gentle smile as she finally took away her hands, clasping them in front of her innocently as she leaned against Roxy and closed her eyes.

    "Well ... we're doing that already."

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  • “Where are we?”

    Khaz moaned this as they paused in the city. The walk here had been terrible. Well, at least Khaz was used to the desert heat to some degree. He spent seven years of his life in one. He had no idea how Rontu survived wearing all that black. The drow was sweating visibly, but just as much as Khaz was. Rontu did mention that the Drow Empire capital was in a desert too. He supposed Rontu was accustomed to desert heat as well.

    As for Ren … well, the half-dragon was laying down on a bench, basking in the sunlight and warmth, with a rare smile on his face, his eyes closed. For once, Ren looked peaceful. Khaz knew Ren had a preference for hanging out at Gerudo’s Fortress back in Hyrule anyway. Aside from Trisa being there, Khaz knew Ren enjoyed the heat.

    Aside from the desert heat, they were in a place where no one spoke Common. Some other language. Rontu was returning from yet another attempt to communicate. Drow had to be non-existent here, because he attracted stares wherever he went. Khaz had people staring at his ears too though.

    Rontu shook his head. “We should just try to move on. I managed to get us some water though.”

    Water was the most important thing in the desert. Rontu knew that very well.
  • Athena sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow as she looked up at the blistering sun. She had been in Egypt before of course, but still the heat was unbearable when she was used to the sea breeze and temperate temperatures of Greece.

    That's when she noticed an odd light in the sky. It was bright as a second sun and shined like a star. Raising her hand to her forehead, her grey eyes narrowed as she stood. People in the streets stopped as well, pausing to look up at the appearance of the second star. People began to murmur for Ra, others for Apollo. Some even asked about Helios.

    "What in the seven hells is that?" she asked, having a sinking feeling of forbearance in her heart. She didn't think it was the Eye of Ra, and she knew it wasn't Apollo nor Helios.

    That was when the star turned into a pillar of light and raced toward the ground like a lightning strike, the purple light radiating outwards and she could even feel a great gust blowing up and Athena was forced to close her eyes least the sand get into her eyes.

    Shit! she thought as screams of panicking people began to fill the streets. Pots broke and fruits and vegetables rolled on the ground, trampled underfoot as people began to flee from the area. Athena began to flee as well - however, she ran toward the commotion, not away.

    With each step she took, armor appeared on her body. Her lorica squamata first, then her steel greaves. Her helmet appeared as she twisted through the crowd which pushed against her like a wave. The appearance of Aegis allowed her to push forward against the tide.

    "Move!" she roared. "I, Athena, command it of you!"

    The crowd began to make way for her. She wasn't sure if it was because they believed her to be the Greek goddess of their once conquerors or the fact she was an armed woman, but it mattered not. Thoth was not here, she felt no other Egyptian gods or goddesses in her hunt - they would not hold her protecting their people against her. Especially at one time they had been hers as well.

    The javelin now in her hand, she turned the corner only to pause in shock as she immediately felt three auras of gods - no, not quite, although close - as she stared dumbly at the scene before her.

    One of them was underneath what was clearly a girl with a shock of blonde hair and wearing a track suit of all things. She seemed to be from Germany with her apperance, but with the migration of the people she knew better than to assume. She was crushing what looked like to be an elf with dark black hair, a strange bipedal purple beast next to her.

    On the bench was what looked like to be an albino boy, stretching lazily like a cat soaking up the sun's rays. Not that far away was a drow of all things, wearing black like a fucking idiot, his hand resting on his sword. Luckily it wasn't drawn - Athena didn't want to have blood spilled unnecessarily.

    What in the world ... she thought grimly as she looked between the small group, wondering what exactly happened. One thing was for sure, none of them belonged here. Three foreign entities. A modern human. She grimaced as she gripped her javelin tighter waiting for something to happen.

    "Athena!" The goddess turned her head slightly, if only in acknowledgment, as Roxy and Aphrodite appeared from the corner. "Athena, what happen-"

    The Atlantian's question stopped mid-sentence as her blue eyes took in the scene. Time seemed to stand still as the German girl pushed herself off the boy, groaning in pain as she did so. The hat on her head fell to the floor as she looked at the boy she just crushed and then-

    "Khaz!" The girl choked out in Japanese before she hugged him. "I found you! I was worried about you, you god damn moron!"

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  • Khaz was staring up at the sky. The heat wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to. The sun here was just as unforgiving as it was in the Gerudo’s Fortress. A breeze swept over him, allowing his sweat to actually help cool him. He noticed another light in the sky, one other than the sun. But it was in the middle of the afternoon, so it couldn’t be a star…

    That was when it seemed to get bigger … and somehow closer. Khaz’s brow furrowed and a sense of unease swept over him. Somehow, he didn’t think this light was a natural thing.

    And then it struck as swift as a lightning bolt. Something came shooting out of the sky with the light. It came directly down on Khaz.

    Something hit into him. The light enveloped and blinded him as he crumpled to the ground under the weight of the thing that hit him from above. Khaz was winded, the air struck out from his lungs.

    He lay on his back on the hot sandy ground with some kind of weight on top of him as he gasped for air, coughing. He opened his eyes and looked down at what was on him.

    It was a girl, maybe sixteen summers or so in age. She slowly pushed herself off him with a groan, her hat falling off as she did so. Then she opened her blue eyes and gazed up at him. Khaz stared back in shock. A girl came out of the light in the sky? Khaz had seen a lot of weird things, but this was high on the list.

    “Khaz!” The girl choked and then threw her arms around him. She then spoke in something that sounded like … Ancient Hylian?

    “… Huh?” was all Khaz could manage with the girl now clinging to him. She had clearly said his name. How did she know his name? Who was she?

    Soon Rontu over them, his hand still on the hilt of his blade as he studied the girl with Khaz. Other people were slowly approaching them too. Rontu raised a brow at Khaz, obviously also hearing that the girl had said his name.

    “Uhh—um …” Khaz grasped her shoulders and pushed her back a little. “C-come again? I can’t understand you …”

    Even Ren pulled himself off of his bench and came over to stand next to Rontu. “So women do just literally fall in your lap.”

    “We must be greater than what we suffer.”
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  • Upon hearing English, Shiki pulled herself off who she thought was Khaz. Well ... it looked like Khaz, except he looked a bit older. The same midnight blue eyes. The same tossled black hair framing the same (annoyingly) handsome face. However, as her eyes traveled downward to see a dark blue tunic one would see at comic conventions or at LARPs.

    It was also not what he was wearing when she saw him last. That and his fucking ears. Did the fucking asshole go to a comic con without her?!

    "What the actual fuck are you wear-" Shiki began to ask him in English only for her to get pulled up and her head suddenly finding itself next to a rather perky, if not soft, boob. Her eyes bugging out, she could see a sea of white hair in her line of vision, pressing tightly against the other breast.


    Who else could it be besides the albino? However, the strength of the woman - who seemed to be wearing very little as her body seemed to be pulled against more skin than clothes - was unfamiliar. Her mind quickly ran through the possibilities and quickly ruled out each one as it entered her head.

    "You two are absolutely adorable!" an unknown voice cooed, pulling both the albino and the Japanese girl closer to her bossom. "I could eat you both right up!"

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  • Ren was happily sneering at Khaz and the new blond girl. He was interrupted by someone grabbing his head and suddenly pressing it to a soft warm chest, a breast in particular. Man or woman, someone was touching him.

    His fist reacted instantly and whapped the person holding him in the gut as he pulled back as quickly as possible to wrench himself free. Disgusted anger rippling across his face.

    “Do. Not. Touch. Me,” his ugly growl came lowly across his gritted teeth.

    While a normal person would have been on the ground or been afraid, it seemed this woman was not a normal person.

    Blonde like the new girl, she was wearing close to nothing and held her stomach with her hands. She let out a small sensual moan. Then she giggled, looking up with bright, playful blue eyes. A smile which was more common on lecherous old men was plastered across her face.

    “Ohhh, you like to play rough,” she cooed. “Good thing I like it rough.”

    And then, for whatever reason, came at him again with her arms wide open clearly going in for another hug.

    Luckily, Rontu saw it fit to intervene. He stepped directly into her path. He stared down at the odd woman with bland staring, gold eyes.

    “I would not recommend that,” came his deep monotonous voice. “So I ask for your own safety that you cease this behavior.”

    “Don't worry, I can handle a little rough and tumble,” the woman purred, running a single finger down his chest before another woman with black hair and garbed in armor appeared behind her and smacked her on the head hard with her shield.

    “How many times do I need to tell you to stop harassing people?” she growled as the woman yelped and held the back of her head with her hands, nursing where the blow was.

    The woman turned to the newcomer, her lip jutted out in a pout as she wibbled a bit.

    “Never. You told me to stop being a whore and flirting with people.”

    Rontu still had his hand on the hilt of his sword. He knew most women were not the same as drow females. But he never ruled out the idea that they might try to kill him while flirting or after being rejected.

    Ren, however, was already pulling out his sword, Kasai, his shoulders raised like the shackles of an agitated cat.

    “Out of the way, Rontu, I don’t need your help to make this quick,” he snarled. She liked it rough? She made a weird noise when he hit her, almost like she liked it. Fine. There were all sorts of fucked up people in the world. He could kill her in a quick and painless way. Ren would most definitely not allow her to enjoy it. More importantly, the quicker she was dead the sooner she would no longer bother him.

    “Ren, calm down,” said Rontu, not looking away from the two new women in front of him. What did they want?

    The black haired woman glanced a bit coldly at Rontu and Ren, inserting herself between them and the pervert. Another woman, this one with her hair as white as Ren's, stepped up beside the armored woman, her hand resting on her hip as her lips thinned slightly.

    “I'll ask you civilly that you don't attempt to hurt Aphrodite. She may be a pain in the ass, but she's my pain in the ass,” she replied curtly before glancing at the white-haired woman and said something to her in a foreign tongue before switching back to Common. “Also, Aphrodite, if this turns into another Ares debacle, I will beat you into an inch of your life.”

    “Love you too Athena,” was the cheerful reply.

    Ren's lips slid back in a dog-like snarl as he raised a disbelieving brow. His eyes were widened with a familiar sort of maniac rage that Rontu had seen before in his gaze. It was strange though, Ren was indeed quick to anger but …

    “I don’t give a fuck, you hear me? If your little cunt tries to touch me again, I will cut out her fucking heart before she can make a sound,” said Ren, tilting his head back slightly, still holding Kasai tightly.

    “I will gladly give you my heart. In fact you already have it,” came Aphrodite's reply only for Athena to facepalm at the other woman's insistence on egging Ren on. It was like she had a death wish or something.

    That was when someone, or something else, interrupted them.

    “METAL CANNON!” A rather large iron sphere flew right between the two parties and crashed into the house across the street.


    Khaz had stood up and watched the exchange between the two of four new women and Rontu and Ren. What was going on? Before he knew it there was a sound of “metal cannon” in his ears and an iron cannon ball flew across the street.

    Rontu’s hand had tightened on his sword but he still did not draw it. He looked back toward Khaz and the where the shout had originated.

    “What is going on?!” exclaimed Khaz. “I just—I don’t even know why—why? What?”

    Khaz looked around. Too much was happening all at once.
  • Shiki was breathing heavily, Dorumon at her side after she just had him blast the wall across the street from her. The Digimon was standing protectively at her side, and the Japanese girl effectively getting the attention of mostly everyone. His golden eyes watched everyone, ready to jump in and Digivolve if the situation called for it. Something odd was amiss here, and it worried him at the different state of being of Ren, Rontu and Khaz and most notably the lack of their Digimon partners. Khaz also didn't seem to recognize Shiki and replied to her in English. Also, Dorumon had never heard Ren string together a single sentence of fluent English before.

    Shiki's thoughts were on similar things, pushing her hair back as she glared at all of them. She finally held up four fingers.

    "First things first. Why do you three assholes-" she pointed to Khaz, Rontu and Ren, "Look like you went to a god fucking damn comic book convention. Second, where the fuck is Leita, Kira, Takara, Kai, Ari, Molly and James? Third, where are the fuck are your partners. And fourth, who the fuck are these cosplayers?" Shiki demanded before swearing again. "Fuck! I leave you guys alone for a short period of time and everything goes to shit! What the actual fuck!"

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  • There was a long pause and silence after the blond girl babbled what sounded like almost utter non-sense. Except for that fact she had a few names correct such as Kira, Kai, and Leita. But there were other names that did not sound familiar in the least. Ren stared at the girl with his angry brows already furrowed hard on his forehead in an incredulous look. Partly because he couldn’t believe she actually interrupted him when he was busy threatening someone. Then it was the non-sense that came pouring out of her mouth.

    Rontu stared with his own brow furrowing as well, his gold eyes piercing trying to make sense of her too. She had some names right, but it also sounded like she thought she knew them. She knew Khaz’s name too. It seemed too messy to be some sort of elaborate plot for an assassin. All the same, that didn’t mean Rontu would be any less cautious around her. He still wasn’t sure where that canon ball even came from. She also had a particular accent he couldn’t quite place.

    Khaz turned to stare at her with an utterly lost expression. Finally, he seemed to find words. “Who are you? Why do you know my name, my sister’s name, and the names of two of my other comrades? I have no idea who you are and why you seem to think you know me or them.”

    He gestured at Ren and Rontu.

    “I also have no idea who Ari, Takara, Molly, and James are. As for the other three women here, I don’t know. I just met them. Like I just met you now.”
  • "Oh you are fucking unreal you little shit," Shiki snarled as she pushed the sleeves to her track suit up, her fist clenching tightly as her knuckles turned white. She didn't know what his deal was, but she had been worried about him - about them - and now he was looking like a fucking fool, missing more than half his party and he dared to act like he didn't know her. Well she would remind him who she was. All she needed to do was realign that stupid faulty brain of his by hitting it one or two times. Maybe more. "You lying, deceitful fuck. You think that will work on me? I don't know what your deal is, but you better stop playing games or we're going to have a nice long talk."

    Dorumon's ears flattened against the base of his skull as he looked at his Tamer worriedly; he was well aware how she could get when she was angry. The fact Khaz for whatever reason was playing with her emotions wasn't making things much better, but he couldn't help but feel something was off here.

    "Shiki," Dorumon insisted, reaching up and pulling on her jacket. "I don't think punching Khaz will help matters. Something's not right here. Can't you feel it? Just ... just calm down, OK?"

    Shiki's head snapped down to stare at Dorumon, her shoulders shaking with each breath she took. There was a tense moment of silence as the two stared at each other and the tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife. However, after a minute the Japanese girl closed her eyes and took some deep breaths. Dorumon, pleased to see his Tamer had listened to him, turned to Khaz and smiled a bit and decided to humor him.

    "Well my name is Dorumon, and this is my partner, Taiga Shiki. We know your names because ... well, we know you," he explained. "Uhm, as you may know - or not - I'm a Digimon. I'm a creature from the Digital World, and Digimon can partner with children to reach new heights. Usually this happens when the Digital World is in trouble. Everyone Shiki just mentioned, including yourself, have a Digital partner. We've been fighting and traveling together ... or were until we got separated."

    That was when one of the women - the armored one - cleared her throat.

    "If we are making introductions, I am Athena and this is my cousins Aphrodite and Roxane." With each name, she gestured to her companions in turn.

    "Wait - Athena and Aphrodite?" Shiki interrupted. "As in the Greek goddess of war and love."

    "And sex!" Aphrodite helpfully reminded her. "But yes. That's us!"

    There was a silence before Shiki threw her head back and laughed.

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