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    "How do I?" General Help Thread
    • New thread for a new forum, this reboot doesn't have all the irrelevant questions the old thread about vB had. If you've got any questions about how to do something on the forums, feel free to put them here! Please read through this post to see if your question isn't already answered :)

      How do I put an image in my signature?
      Select and copy the url to your image. If it is an image that is on your computer, you will need to upload it to an image hosting site, such as Photobucket, imgur, or ImageShack.

      Click your name near the top of the page, then select "Settings", then "Signature" from the list of options, under the heading "User Account".

      Further down the page, you will be presented with your current signature (if you have one), and a text box. From here you have two options, both accomplishing the same task:

      1) 1) You can copy and paste the image into the editor. If you get an error saying that your sig exceeds too many words, upload it to an image sharing site like imgur and copy and paste it from there.

      2) You can press the Insert Image button and paste the url into the image box that pops-up on your screen.

      3) You can type [img] then paste the url to your image and type [/img]

      Either way, you should have something that looks like [img]Url Here[/img] - for example, a sig of one of our longest-serving moderators is [img][/img], which displays as

      How do I get an avatar?
      As with your signature, go to your Settings.

      Under "User Account", click the "Avatar" option.

      From here you can choose to either upload an image from your computer, use the Gravatar registered to the same email address you have supplied to Zelda Universe, or choose to use the blank default avatar.

      How do I embed a Youtube video?
      You can either type the code and paste the entire URL in between the tags, or simply past the url straight into your post and the tags will be added automatically.

      So it should look like this:
      or with

      How do spoilers work?
      Spoiler tags hide the information within, which can be retrieved with a single click. There are still some kinks to work out during this beta period, but here's how they currently work: In [SPOILER][/SPOILER] tags, all forms of BBcode are hidden within a box similar to quote boxes, which reveals itself when you click the "Spoiler" button; this is recommended for posts with lots of images or videos, or for when quoting several long posts.

      Additionally, spoiler tags can be given a title, displayed on the button instead of the word "Spoiler"; you can create these by including the title as part of the tag, like so: [SPOILER=Button Title][/SPOILER], which creates the following effect:
      Button Title
      Spoiler content

      Alternatively, we have "True Spoilers"/"Black Bar Spoilers", which bring back the old functionality of the spoilertagged content being in-line with other text, like so. These are made by putting text within [truespoiler][/truespoiler] tags, although unlike the other kind of spoiler, these cannot be given a title.

      How do I join a clan?
      Read the Clan Placement thread!

      How do I strike out my text?
      Just click the S button at the top of the editor.

      Here's an example.

      How do I post images?
      To post an image, simply copy and paste it into the editor. Another way you can do this is to put the image link between [img][/img] tags. This way is slower and not recommended.

      How do I post BBcode without it disappearing?
      You have to use the No Parse tags. I've riddled examples of this throughout this little how to guide, but simply put, it's like this: [noparse][img]" />[/noparse]

      This doesn't currently work for smilies or the [media] tag, but we're looking into it.

      How do I stop following a thread?
      If you go to this page (which is linked pretty much only from here right now, but we're working on that), you can select one or more threads using the checkboxes on the left, then at the bottom can choose to "Unsubscribe marked threads". Click this, and all threads you marked will have your subscriptions removed.

      How do I change skins?
      It's simple! If you want a more classic forum experience, just go into your settings, and from the Style menu select "Throwback", and viola!
      Here's how to do it:

      And this is what the alternate skin looks like!

      Questions may be added at a later date if it merits it o:

      For more helpful info on how to do things here check out The Ultimate Guide to Zelda Universe!

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    • Does the profanity/language filter work yet? Too much swearing going on to be enjoyable.
      If so, where do I activate it?
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    • Unfortunately, there is not currently a viable swear filter, but I assure you that we've been looking into it. (The current one "works", but as you may know, filters way too much, and was extraordinarily easy to bypass. So we turned it off.)

      Although I agree about the swearing. While swearing in general is currently allowed due to the lack a viable filter, feel free to report any post which is being crass or inflammatory, as these are still against the rules.
    • choose the recommended avatar size?
      It's "OAK-UH-REENA."

      "I'm sorry you have to waste your time with these little brats when you must be tired from doing all the important stuff you do!" -_-;;

      Honestly, I gotta say- there hasn't been "the best Zelda" yet. Here's to hoping Zelda U Breath of the Wild finally takes the title.

      "It appears people finally realize that realism IS an art style! :D"
    • jalo wrote:

      how do I delete my post, for example accidentally duplicate posts? And how do I 'like' posts, I can't find the button anywhere or am I blind.

      Deleting: Click "Edit", then "More Options", then at the top is "Move this post to trash bin". This is deleting.

      Liking: When you hover over somebody else's post, you should be able to see a thumbs up in the bottom right corner; this is the Like button. If you can't see it, then I think that means you have adblock active.
    • Is there a way to search specific threads for posts?
      Ironically I was going to use that function to search in the previous thread for that question, but alas.
      Also is the search function in general pretty slow and/or bugged for everyone?
      I can't seem to find posts from post 2011 via search, though i've not had a chance to try it more than a couple times cause it's taking 10+ minutes to work if it does.

      Also just a general comment on the search - I think the Sort By Time should be changed to Sort By Recent? purely because it's vague as to what ascending and descending do when i don't know if it's sorting by new or old :)

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