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Shadow of Bellvue (Shrub and Aerilaya)
  • Robin followed them all in, though ignored the others as she went straight up to the innkeeper's desk to pay for a room. There was no way she was going to be sharing space with a bunch of strangers again, it was far too awkward.

    It didn't take long to get the key to her room, and she grasped it tightly and hefted her satchel on her shoulders a little. She clambered up wooden steps, following the wooden numbers hammered above the doors until she found hers, which had a rather battered looking number eight over the door, like someone had fumbled with the hammer and hit the number itself several times.

    The key went inside the keyhole, turning the tumblers until it was unlocked. She quickly went inside, closing the door quickly behind her.

    Now that she was alone, she could really start to think.
  • Lori and Brocc both took a seat at the table, although Lori took a moment to reserve a room with the innkeep who didn't really seem to want to rent out one to witch. However, another piece of silver sliding across the table seemed to sway his decision to give her a key.

    "I'd appreciate anything that can attempt to get me drunk," the Russian said cheerfully, gladly taking Khaz up on his offer. Pulling out his mirror, he looked at his reflection once again, running his fingers through his hair before flashing a winning smile at the glass. Beautiful as always. "You really know how to treat a date."

    Brocc felt a bit bad for the girl - she was clearly a third wheel in Khaz's attempt to woo him. The knight was too kind in his attempt to make her feel included when it was clearly the Russian he was interested in. Not that Brocc could blame him. They had something special together. A bond thicker than blood. He wasn't sure how to let him down gently though that he wasn't gay.

    Lori on the other hand seemed a bit lost in though, playing with the metal bracelet around her wrist as she stared at the person holding a pair of scales thoughtfully. Even though she said by 11 p.m. she would know where the children were, it seemed that she wouldn't be able to live up to her boast. It ... bothered her to tell the truth. She had no leads, she wasn't really sure where to turn for any, and all day there was something which she could feel. There were others like them here, and it seemed they were watching them. Honestly it was a bit unnerving, but Lori couldn't let them know she could feel them. She couldn't tell the others though, not without alerting their watchers.

    I'm going to need something to keep me awake tonight if I want to catch the kidnapper. Doubt they have coffee here, ugh.

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