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Shadow of Bellvue (Shrub and Aerilaya)
  • At first glance, the small town of Bellvue, who the fuck knows where, seemed one of those quintessential places which one could plop on a medieval travel brochure. Mud streets which only had a rather manageable amount of shit intermingled in the dirty paths because there was a heavy rain which recently washed out the filth. Only half of the springs and wells were polluted, and everyone was so close together as houses facing each other on opposite sides of the street nearly met in the middle and the houses formed a tunnel-like passage way over the street.

    But most importantly, the admittedly annoying cries and screams of children were mysteriously absent. While some people may find that a blessing, other people - most notably the families - found this to be a rather distressing fact.

    Lori Sevola, Auror and wannabe superhero, first noticed this after about 30 minutes of wandering around the city trying to find the local pub because all the buildings looked the same. There were no street names, and she only noticed she was going in circles the fifth time she passed a recently burned-down building.

    In her defense, all the buildings looked really flammable.

    After spending the good part of 10 minutes trying to get the bar tender to accept her money ("These sickles are just as good as your Muggle money! They're made of silver too!"), she finally got around to asking where the children were.

    Much to her shock, she learned that the children were being spirited away. There were very few children now left in town, and those that were still about were locked in their homes, guarded around the lock by family members. The town was in a high state of panic, and the rumors to what was causing all this ranged from the magical to the downright sinister.

    Which is how Lori found herself on the tallest monument she could in the town square. It was a bronze statue of a man she didn't know, and her hand was grasping the sword held in the air for support, the metal wet from the recent rain. However, she had done stupider things in the past and "danger" like this was not going to stop her from her mission.

    "Citizens of Bellvue!" she called out, yelling as loud as she could since she figured she should look less of an outcast then she already did with her clothes. She didn't want to be burned at the stake if they found out she was a witch, especially when she was trying to help them. "It has come to my attention that your children have been lost. Spirited away! Mysteriously vanished! But never fear! For by 11'o clock you shall know where your children are!"

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  • Another day, another town.

    Things got dull quickly after the war in Altamire. It was back to their usual routine of muddling around, hoping to stumble onto any sign of Kira and the others while hoping to avoid any sign of the empire. Luckily, they still seemed to be somewhere no one seemed to recognize what the hell a drow was. Rontu still got weird looks and questions, but no one was crying for a lynch mob.


    Rontu was doing their usual restocking of supplies with Khaz. Ren was trying not to let the mind-numbing boringness of this town kill him before any imperial soldiers could.

    Death by boredom. Not the way for a warrior like him to go. Ren imagined he would get a beautiful death. An old man like his grandfather, dying in battle ... gramps never had. Ren wondered if Kuza ever wish he had ...

    No use in thinking about the old man now. Ren had been far from home for too long ...

    Someone was shouting. Ren lifted his head in the direction it was coming from. Some idiot shouting about children missing?

    Khaz and Rontu looked up as well.

    "Children?" Khaz wondered out loud.

    Rontu's sharp gaze went to his companion's face quickly. His piercing stare said he knew that tone in Khaz's voice, and that he didn't like it at all.

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  • Disgusting. Just disgusting.

    Robin did her best to avoid all the mud and feces that lingered about the streets. Not wanting to draw too much attention to herself, she had pulled her hood up, hiding her pointed ears and her silvery markings that seemed to lace across her skin around her eyes and neck. The last thing she need was some awkward stares and witch accusations, and she wished she didn't have to stay in the town long.

    She had heard rumors of children going missing, and secretly she thought about how lucky they were that they didn't have to wallow around in this filth, when another part of her told her that this mucky mess was probably a lot better than being separated from your family. She thought back to several years ago, when she was betrayed, and shuddered at the thought, deciding that she was going to try to see what happened to the children.

    THe shouting near the statue got her attention, and she wandered near it, feeling like she may have finally found a lead.
  • Brocc had no idea where he was. Chicago was a dirty city, but it wasn't this dirty. Pulling back his lip and wrinkling his nose as he lifted up his sneaker, he wondered what exactly he was stepping in. While he really hoped it was mud, it smelled suspiciously like shit.

    Not even Mother Russia was this bad, he thought as the squelching sound his sneakers made as the pulled free from the "mud" only to be sucked right back in when he put his foot down made him shiver.

    The bar he had been in just a few minutes earlier was hardly a shady part of town. Well ... not as shady as it could be, all things considering. However, when he entered it was definitely off of 28th Street - a paved street with cars. And people. And it was raining.

    This place could use a nice downpour, Brocc mused as he wandered down the "street."

    It looked like a medieval town - the type you could find in England with cobblestone streets as the country tried to preserve a piece of their history. Except the thing was those towns had electricity, and indoor plumbing and actual paved roads. This place - wherever it was - had none of that.

    Maybe I drank more than I remembered? Or somebody put something in my drink?

    "Citizens of Bellvue!" Brocc's ears twitched as he turned his head. Bellvue? There wasn't any villages or towns around Chicago called Bellvue. Honestly, he wasn't sure if there was a Bellvue in the entire state. It totally sounded like an American town name though, so perhaps it was possible maybe he accidentally wandered hundreds of miles to some hick alternate town in the middle of nowhere?

    Might as well check it out. Perhaps someone can tell me where I am and how I got here.

    He continued down the street, nearly losing a sneaker in the process, as the mysterious person continued their rather impassioned speech. Their accent was definetly British, so maybe he was drugged and shipped to London? He wouldn't put it past the organization, although he wondered why they would dump him here of all places.

    "It has come to my attention that your children have been lost. Spirited away! Mysteriously vanished! But never fear! For by 11'o clock you shall know where your children are!"

    He found himself stopping at the edge of what he assumed was the town square. While most of the townsfolk were wearing clothes which looked right out of the Dark Ages, there was a person in more modern attire standing on the shoulders of a bronze statues, despertly clinging to the sword for support. Ignoring how they got up there, Brocc couldn't help but admit they were cute. Their hair was pushed back by some goggles and a brown trench coat - flapping majestically in the wind - was covering a grey v-neck shirt. Her jeans looked old and frayed though, which was good since if this was indeed shit, the brown muck at the bottom would be hard to wash out and it would be a shame if they were new.

    Brocc watched as the person looked for a way down as the crowd began to disperse, looking at the poor idiot clinging to the statue with a mix of distrust or if they had witnessed a skeptical by the town drunk. Brocc, on the other hand, drew nearer.

    "Need some help there?"

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  • "Khaz, no," said Rontu in a curt and final tone, turning back to the vendor to pay for their new rations.

    Khaz turned his head back to look at his companion. "I haven't even said anything."

    "You don't need to," continued Rontu, putting his purchase securely in their luggage, on his nearby horse. "We already wasted enough time in Altamire."

    Khaz's brow furrowed. "Wasted? You call securing the rights of twins and stopping slave-trade a wasted time? Besides, you were on board when it came down to those kids in Elmir."

    Rontu stepped forward, looking up and now closer to Khaz so that his unrelenting gold eyes stared right into the dark blue of Khaz's. "That is not going to work everytime."

    Khaz smirked, unaffected by his friend's intimidating stare. "Yes, it is."

    Rontu's glare narrowed, but he turned away from the stare-down first. "We're going. No compromises."

    "Sure ... tell that to Ren. Looks like something has caught his interest."

    Rontu looked up, and Ren was striding in a quick and purposeful pace toward the strangely-dressed man addressing the woman who was the one who called out from the statue.

    "Oi, you!" Ren walked up to him and grabbed his shoulder, forcibly making the guy look at him. "You--you're part dragon or something, aren't you?"

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  • "Huh?" Brocc asked as he was forcefully turned around just as the person on top of the statue yelled, "Catch me!" before jumping. He winced in sympathy when they landed on the unforgiving ground - at least their fall wasn't a hard one.

    "Why didn't you catch me?" came the whine and Brocc's watched out of the corner of his eye as they lifted their head, spitting out the mud - or shit, Brocc hadn't quite figured it out yet - their tongue scrapping against the roof of their mouth as their face twisted into a look of disgust and horror. Either way, besides getting a faceful of potential shit mud, they seemed fine which allowed Brocc to turn his attention back to the boy who had demanded his attention.

    He was a short little kid - an albino too by the looks of it. He wore the same type of clothes the other villagers were wearing, except they looked better. Brocc's eyes drew to the three swords he carried.


    Still, it didn't give any clues to how this boy knew that he was dragon - or at least in the dragon family. While Aždaja weren't dragons just like daddy long legs weren't spiders, most of the populace didn't seem give a flying fuck one way another about it.

    Maybe its my smell? Brocc thought to himself, bringing up his wrist and giving it a sniff. While his normal scent had been compromised by beer and cigarette smoke, it didn't smell like dragon to Brocc. What do dragons even smell like anyways?

    That was one of life mysteries though that would need to be mused on another day since the albino boy seemed to be getting more pissed by the second. Brocc gave a thoughtful hum as he wondered if perhaps he was a Rebel - after all, Brocc was sure he was well known enough in the Youkai Organization as the only Aždaja amongst their ranks.

    "I wouldn't say part," Brocc said finally, deciding to not divulge what he was until he was convinced he could keep his heads firmly on.

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  • Robin had watched all the commotion, the word "dragon" catching her ears. She wandered closer to the two strangely dressed people, finding them both cute, before watching the fiery-tempered man walk up to them and roughly grabbed the one standing. She winced as she saw the other one fall, squirming a little when she noticed that some of the mud had gone into her mouth.

    She fished around for her canteen in her bag, finally finding it and heading over to the fallen stranger who had gotten a faceful of dirt. She cast a glare at the violent newcomer - perhaps just some pompous rich kid by the look of his clothing and his elaborate swords, and crouched next to the one who had been shouting.

    "Are you okay?" she asked, offering her water.


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  • Ren waited for the guy to stop looking around like a fucking moron. The girl's protests fell on deaf ears. He didn't notice or seem to care that she fell straight into the mud. His red eyes stayed fixed on the guy in front of him. He had felt it, when he saw him. That faint prickling stir in his back, like his unmanifested wings had an itch. Ren knew it meant someone with dragon's blood was around, usually when he laid eyes on them, the feeling became stronger.

    Ren's patience ran thin when the guy gave him a piss-poor answer.

    "Which is it then?" he growled up into his face. The fact this guy was half a foot taller than him also seemed lost. He had fought bigger and won easily. "I can feel it in you. So don't try lying or giving me some half-assed answer. Just, spit--it--out."

    Khaz was approaching as another woman went over to the girl in the mud, which was the Hylian's target as well. He bent down to examine her as Ren interrogated the guy. "You okay?"
  • Kill him, his friends whispered. Slit his throat. Make him bleed.

    Instead Brocc just smiled, no doubt pissing the boy off even more. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his compact mirror as he looked at his reflection in the glass, his fingers running through his coarse hair as he fixed what strands were out of place. Even in this hellhole, Brocc still looked good.

    "To call me a dragon would be akin to calling a daddy long legs a spider," he said finally, snapping the mirror close and slipping it back in his pocket. Perhaps knowing what he truly was would cause the angry little boy to step down - probably not though. He looked like an idiot who wanted a fight. That being said, Brocc's hand twitched as it longed to reach out and draw some blood. "Everyone does it, but it isn't true. I'm an Aždaja - while I'm in the draconic family, I would be closer to the Hydra than what is mainly accepted as a dragon. Besides, thankfully for me, my parents weren't so rash to mix my blood. I had heard that mixing blood with humans lead to some ... less than desirable results. Of course I thought it was naysay in an attempt to keep the blood 'pure,' but I see there was some truth to the matter."

    Of course, insulting the boy no doubt added fires to flame, but Brocc was determined to not give in to his nature. Still, he wanted to lash out at him and less than subtle insults were always just as good. Plus, it made his friends a little bit quieter and gave him a little bit more peace.

    For Lori's part, she was surprised by the apperance of not one but two concerned citizens. One of them was even offering her water, which Lori took gladly took and proceeded to attempt to wash down the nasty taste in her mouth. While it didn't help much - she gagged a few times - it was no longer as bad as before.

    "I'm fine," she said finally, looking at the empty canteen and giving a sheepish laugh. She would need to refill that. Looking around like she was about to do something very illegal, she slipped her wand out of her coat pocket and put it in the canteen, muttering "Aguamenti" under her breath. After filling the canteen, she handed it back to the angel who had given it to her with a wide smile as she slipped her wand up her sleeve totally inconspicuously. "I've fallen from greater heights."

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  • Robin smiled at the stranger, helping her into a sitting position and taking the canteen back.

    "I'm glad you're okay," she said, "I'm just doing my duty... hey..." she looked inside her canteen, looking puzzled. "Didn't you use up all my water?"

    Khaz smiled. He had seen the ... descrete slip of the wand. It seemed like a similar tool to Leita's staff in casting magic.

    "No," the girl said as she tried to make her eyes wide and innocent looking as possible. "I wouldn't rob you of all your water. That'd be rude."

    Khaz studied the muddy girl thoughtfully. Was there a reason she was hiding her magical abilities? Khaz knew there were some groups of humans in Ranelu who looked down on magic as being wrong somehow ...

    Robin looked puzzled, capping the canteen and putting it away.

    "I wouldn't have minded," she said to her. "I have another one in here, and there are plenty of places to get more."

    "Oh," the girl laughed - although it was a laugh of person who had realized they had done something very stupid. The kind which was forced and petered out after a couple of chuckles.

    Khaz smiled again. She was strange, but it was kind of cute. He extended his hand out to her. "Well, come on. It can't be good to sit in the mud all day."

    "I'm not sure if this is just mud," the girl said as she took his hand - which was unfortunately dirty as well. It squished as their hands pressed together, some of it dripping down back to the ground where it belonged.

    Khaz didn't even cringe. There were worse things. He had spent a lot of time on Malon's ranch with horse shit. Getting dirty didn't bother him. In fact, it just made him chuckle and smile again. "Maybe we can find you somewhere to get cleaned up."

    "If we're lucky," Robin added, standing up with them. "I have never seen such a filthy town before, I can assure you that this is not what the rest of the country looks like..."

    "Hopefully this comes off," Lori said once she was on her feet. She wiped her hands off on her pants as her brow furrowed. "But that can be done later. Right now children need to be found."

    As if she finally remember what she was supposed to be doing, the girl snapped to attention and saluted both Khaz and Robin.

    "Thank you for your help citizens, but never fear! Your brothers and sisters shall be found! Or kids, if you have those. Cousins perhaps?" the girl paused thoughtfully. "No matter! You have my word that by 11'o clock you shall know where your children are!"

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  • Ren rolled his eyes in disgust and disdain as he crossed his arms. Right, like he had never heard the mixed blood jab before. Worse, this idiot wasn't even a real dragon. This was a waste of his time.

    "Oi, ass-hat, I'm part elf, not not human. What? These ears ain't pointed enough for you?" Well, it was better than being called half drow, like they did back home in La Luka Falls. He had broken some other kid's jaw for that, back in the day. He hadn't know his own strength very well back then, but Ren didn't really regret it anymore.

    Rontu approached as Khaz helped the mud-covered girl up and she saluted. Ren turned his attention away from the useless ass-hat to see what Khaz was doing. His red eyes went to the other girl nearby.

    And there it was again, the prickling itch or shiver in his back. Like his wings were twitching inside his back. His brow furrowed.

    "What is there a fucking nest nearby?" He took a step closer to the girl, red eyes narrowed and piercing. "Don't tell me you're not a real dragon either."

    Khaz and Rontu looked to Ren, though Khaz didn't forget what the muddy girl said about missing children.

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  • Robin turned her gaze to the albino-looking man, her cold, grey eyes narrowing a little bit.

    "Like you're really one to talk, asshat," she said. Secretly, she was glad that she wasn't called an elf, not wanting to be associated with the hierarchy of pompous assholes that had ruled over her family for several years. The tales her father and uncle had shared were still fresh in her ears, the sight of their scars still branded into her mind.

    "Yes, my mother was a dragon. No, I don't thnk I inherited very many traits from her. So no, I might not be a dragon. And to be honest..." She grabbed the cuff of his shirt, slightly satisfied that the foul-smelling mud was all over them. "I don't really need it to kick your ass."


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  • Ren's smirk grew steadily more pronounced as the girl ran her mouth at him. Her attempt was ... adorable. So she was half-dragon like he was. But from the sound of it, she wasn't raised by dragons. So by all accounts she was as useless to him as not-a-dragon-ass-hat he had just questioned.

    Ever since he had been exposed to the dragon god, Thael's blood ... he felt himself yearning for it. He felt less comfortable in his humanoid form. He thristed to stretch his wings, to soar through the skies, completely free. He wanted to know that part of himself more.

    But there had been no in his life to ever show him that. These two he just found were as much as a disappointment to him as his father was.

    Ren smirked when she threatened to kick his ass. Well, maybe he'll finally get some action at least. He wondered how long she would last.

    That was when the girl who had jumped from top of the statue and fell less than gracefully in the mud wormed her way between them. Tapping her fingers together, her blue eyes flittered between the two of them.

    "So, I couldn't help but hear you guys were half dragons," she said finally. "And before I go find some children, I gotta know ... were your parents into bestiality?"

    The weird girl really ruined the moment for Ren. He was all geared up for some more trash-talk before he pounded the other half-dragon's face in.

    Khaz let out an involuntary snort and quickly covered his mouth. He mostly laughed because of the look on Ren's face, but he didn't mean to insult the other girl.

    Ren turned to look at the muddy on, his eyes narrowing. He really hated it when people asked him that question.

    "It doesn't work like that retard--Now get out of my way before I smash you into my target."

    "Oi, Ren," Khaz slid up. "Stop, come on. This is no reason to fight. Besides, why are you so keen on your little dragon hunt here? I mean, I get it, finding other dragonish people like yourself might be important ... but ..." He really didn't get why Ren would start threatening people if he was looking for others who were like him.

    "Enough," Rontu voice came like a cracking whip. "We're going. Leave it alone, Ren."

    It only dawned on the girl at the moment that what she said could have been taken as an insult. However, instead of keeping quiet and leaving it alone, she decided to further stick her foot in her mouth.

    "Well, I mean how else is it supposed to work? Dragons are big scaly lizards who are really dangerous," she rambled on. "You'd have to be really crazy or really deranged - or both - to want to have sex with a dragon. I mean its not UNHEARD of for other creatures - like when that chick fucked a bull and made the Minotaur, but you don't exactly look dragoney..."

    Robin glanced back at the girl, sighing.

    "Lots of dragons can take other forms," she said. "My mother... had a humanoid form. She used that."

    She averted her gaze a little.

    "I'm looking for her, actually. The last thing I need is some dick telling me that I'm invalid."

    "I don't think Ren really meant it that way," said Khaz reassuringly. He looked to Lori. "It's the same for Ren. His father takes an elven form."

    "No, I meant it that way," retorted Ren bluntly. "She's useless to me."

    "Then we can go," interjected Rontu. "We don't need to waste anymore time here."

    Ren glared at Rontu. "Since when do I have to take orders?"

    The fake dragon boy coughed as he smiled at Robin and and the other girl. He hadn't said anything more since Ren insulted him - instead he stood there smiling like an idiot - and put his hands on the shoulders of the two young women.

    "Oh, so you are going to help us with finding children?" he asked as the girl echoed, "Us?" and then yelled, "I'm Batman, you're Robin, no take backs!"

    Khaz cleared his throat uncomfortably, since Ren insisted on being rude even when he tried to smooth things over. Instead, he responded to the other guy's question. "Yes, I'm in."

    "Khaz," hissed Rontu. "I said we're leaving."

    Khaz shrugged. "I dunno ... Ren has a point. It's not like we have to do what you tell us to."

    Robin was still trying to get a grasp at the situation.

    "Missing children?"

    "I'm with Khaz," said Ren. He smirked. "Last time he wanted to help someone, we got to be in a war. I'm so in."

    "Yes," the girl said, practically bouncing up and down like a rabbit. "Apparently they were spirited away. Or some magical creature took them. Or demons. I'm not sure yet, but a lot of kids are missing, and this is a job for a super hero. And OH WE SHOULD HAVE A TEAM NAME. Like the Justice League - no wait that's been used before. Team Awesome? Maybe ..."

    "If you try to give us a team name, I will hit you," said Ren.

    It seemed the girl was ignoring him as she continued to list off possible names.

    "Maybe Dragon Force? But only three are dragons ... god this is hard. I really like the Justice League though ... oohhhh maybe the Avengers! But we haven't avenged anything yet. But we could! Yes, let's go with the Avengers."

    Robin just watched, unsure of what was going on still.

    Ren rolled his eyes. "Who says we have to team up anyway. Khaz, why don't we just go investigate on our own?"

    Khaz felt like making this a team effort would force Rontu along with it even more. "Well, if we all have the same goal, it's better to team up and combine forces."

    He looked to the half-dragon girl. "That is ... were you also investigating the missing kids?"

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  • Robin glanced at Khaz, sighing a little.

    "I had heard the rumors that there were missing children, and it would seem to be true, unless parents around here never let them leave their homes at all. She glanced at the ground again, grimacing. "Now that I think about it, I actually can think of a few good reasons to never leave the house around here..."

    She glanced back at Ren, her eyes narrowing a little. They had mentioned earlier that he was descended from elves, and she felt her blood boiling a little.

    "Last time I checked," she said. "Elves usually like to stick their noses in everyone else's business. Guess it's lucky that you're not like the rest, eh?"

    She clapped her hands together, attempting in vain to get some of the muck off of her hands.

    "Well then, if we're all going to investigate 'separately,' we might as well work together."
  • Ren smirked. "Well, Khaz here is more elf than I am ... well, practically the same thing."

    Khaz noted the harsh tone she seemed to have. She didn't like elves? He glanced at Ren. "No, not exactly. I'm Hylian. We're similar but different enough. I guess like how this man here is similar to dragons but not one."

    Khaz sighed. "Anyway, if we're going to work together ... first off, ignore Ren. He's ... like this with everyone so try not to take it personally. Secondly, we should all introduce ourselves. I'm Khaz Serwen. This is Ren Nevisu, and my other friend here is Rontu Nyzento."

    "Robin Issa-Adams," she introduced herself, sighing a little afterward, before grinning. "I've never actually met a Hylian before, that's pretty neat."

    Khaz smiled. "Well, you probably wouldn't. I'm ... far from home."

    "I'm Lori Sevola, and I'm a human," Lori chirped, smiling widely. A knowing smile crossed her lips as she looked at the small group. "But I wouldn't say I'm all that different from ya'll."

    "And I'm Brocc Temnotá," the other boy introduced finally. "You know what I am."

    Rontu's displeasure remained a brooding silence. His gold eyes narrowed with it. Khaz was getting more and more bold. It seemed he longer felt the need to convince him to take his side on these decisions. In truth, Rontu was forced. With Ren and Khaz on board with this, there really was nothing he could do to force them to leave it alone.

    Ren looked to Khaz. "So do that weird thing you do and tell us where the kids are."

    "Uh ... weird thing?" Khaz looked confused.

    "Yeah, you know, the way you just randomly know shit. Do that."

    It was cloudy ... but not dark enough for Khaz to get the answers he needed from the shadows. "Um ... it ... doesn't just work on command like that ..."

    "Good because that would be cheating," Lori declared, folding her arms. "Plus just because we find the kids doesn't mean we will necessary find our kidnapper. We need to go in informed. We should go talk to the people who have their kids missing. You know learn what they know."

    Robin gazed at them for a while. "Lori, what are you?"

    "A human, I just said that," Lori pouted before lighting up. "Or do you mean job? Uh ... what would be the equivalent to you? I chase down bad guys! So whatever that is."

    Khaz smiled. "Great ... we're kind of the same then. We're knights ... all three of us, as much as it may seem impossible for some of us..." He glanced at Ren.

    "I work for for an organization which specializes in the supernatural," Brocc said with a smile. "So, if that ends up being the case I should be able to provide help."

    "I'm a knight as well," Robin said, glancing at Lori again.

    "Great, so are we here to chat or are we going to go track down someone I can smack down?" asked Ren, glancing around at all of them.

    "Such a simpleton," Robin commented.

    Ren smirked. "I'm a simple guy with simple needs."

    "Well I'm assuming we need a plan of attack first," Brocc pointed out. "We just can't go running into people's houses asking where their-"

    "Hey! Open up! We're want to talk about your missing children!" Lori was already about two houses down, pounding on the wooden door.

    "Well, stupid's got that covered," sneered Ren.

    Khaz stared at Lori, but then seemed to transition to thoughtfulness. "Why would someone kidnap the children? We should ask around and see if there's been any demands for money for their return."

    "Or sacrifice," said Rontu, his gold eyes scanned the villagers nearby. Most were gawking at Lori.

    "We'll never know until we ask," Robin said, going up to another house and knocking politely.

    The human seemed oblivious to the stares as she kept on hammering on the door - even after a pock-faced woman leaned out the window and yelled at her to leave their family alone and to stop asking about dreadful things.

    Robin stood where she was, no one answering the door for her either.

    Khaz went up to Lori, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Um, you should try being a little more gentle. This town is under a lot of pressure and distress. It won't be easy for them to speak up about this."

    Rontu shook his head. "Does this village have a leader of some kind? Most likely, they will be the ones who know what is going on and probably more likely to talk than the villagers themselves."

    The young woman paused as she ceased her howling and pounding. However, after hearing Rontu's suggestion her eyes light up again.

    "I dunno, but we could go ask the people at the bar! Bars always know everything!"

    "Bars are also full of drunks and liars," Robin pointed out.

    Rontu supposed she wasn't completely wrong. Rumors and information do travel through bars. But they weren't likely to say much either, unless you were already part of the community.

    "I could always beat it out of them," suggested Ren.

    "Well what do you suggest?" Lori asked as she folded her arms and frowned. "It's not like we can just force someone to tell us who the mayor is, or even talk to. I mean Brocc and I already stand out as is, and its clear we are all outsiders."

    She huffed and muttered something under her breath about how in comics the people always knew the superheroes were there to help.

    "I like force, force always works," said Ren.

    "Ren, is that seriously the only thing you know how to do?" Robin snapped at him, feeling annoyed.

    "Using force would only turn them away from us," Brocc pointed out. "We want to make a good impression."

    He paused as if he realized the group - in no thanks to Lori - already had their reputation already shot.

    "We need to fix our reputation."

    "Hey, hey, let me go snoop around and see what I can do," said Khaz. "I'm good with people."

    "I'll come with you," Brocc said with a grin. "I'm pretty and people like to tell pretty people things."

    As if to prove this point, he did a hair flip and shot what was clearly meant to be a charming smile.

    Khaz smiled. "Alright ... you guys wait here and relax ... or do whatever, and we'll meet back in here in no more than two hours. Brocc and I will work our magic."

    Robin whacked Brocc lightly, wanting to bring his ego down a little.

    "Actually pay attention to them," she told him.

    "And Rontu," Khaz took him by the shoulders. "Be a gentleman and find somewhere for the ladies to clean up. It can't be comfortable to be cold, wet, and dirty."

    He winked and then patted Brocc on the shoulder to follow him.

    "Don't worry, little flower," Brocc said as he bowed slightly before straightening his back and fluttering his eyes. "I'll give them my undivided attention."

    Stepping away, he gave a half salute before winking, calling out, "Ladies" as he followed the Hylian.

    Rontu glared at Khaz. His tendency to coddle women ... but it would give them something to do while they were gone. No doubt, Khaz wanted Rontu to use their money to treat them, again. This was Nadie and Elise all over again.

    Robin rolled her eyes at the 'little flower' comment, walking off.

    "I need to get some more food," she said.

    "This is no fun," Lori complained as she folded her arms. "I'm a professional. I know what I'm doing. We should launch our own investigation to show them up."

    "That would be stupid," said Rontu. "Patience is ... what do they call it, a virtue? Go do what you want if you want to ruin all our efforts. Meet back here in two hours."

    Rontu turned away. Ren groaned.

    "Man, I should have known I wouldn't get to hit anyone."

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  • Before this, Brocc had never gone on a mission. He always was kept safely in the Youkai Organization headquarters, locked away in the city where an eye could be kept on him and he couldn't get into any trouble. Oh sure he did work, providing insight to the mentality of creatures like himself who run on destructive instinct, but honestly he was just like a glorified criminal profiler without the added bonus of his own TV show.

    While he still didn't know where he was (Bellvue didn't exactly narrow things down), he had decided to roll with it.

    Maybe I'm in a different world, like An, he thought to himself, remembering the conversation he had eavesdropped on with Nessi and a strange woman he had never seen before. The next day it was said An went to a different assignment elsewhere, but no further details were given.

    All the same, Brocc realized he didn't know what quite to do and he was following after the "Hylian" blindly. He was never trained to do much, and now that he got his first real chance to prove himself, he realized there was no way he could do this alone even if he wanted to.

    "So," he finally ventured. "Where are we headed?"

    Khaz looked to his new companion and smiled brightly. "A bar."

    "A bar? Isn't that what Lori suggested?" Brocc asked, an amused smile pulling against his lips.

    Khaz chuckled. "Yup, she wasn't wrong but ... I'm not sure gently nursing information from troubled people is in her skill set ... Then again, I have a strange history of getting into bar fights even when I'm trying avoid them ..." He rubbed the back of his neck as he said this pensively. Then he brightened again. "But I'm sure I can get what we're looking for."

    "Well, if there is one place I'm place I'm familiar with, it's bars," the Russian admitted. His countrymen were rumored to have a drinking problem. However, Brocc felt you needed the sweet mistress of vodka to even survive in the harsh country. If Old Man Winter didn't kill you - well, there were plenty of other things that would, the government included. How were you supposed to battle that knowledge while sober?

    Bars, pubs, inns. Khaz had become more familiar with these due to his recent travels. He never really visted them much before that. Growing up in the Gerudo's Fortress and training for a rebellion kind of didn't allow for much of that. Or maybe he didn't seek out drink all that much back then. He really only sought women in those days. And after those days he had had Malon and working on the ranch while he recovered after the war.

    With everything he had been through, one would think he would be some kind of drunk to cope ... Though Khaz supposed his addictions just took a different form ...

    "Right, so, should be easy enough to find one," said Khaz, looking around as they walked through the muddy streets.

    "Allow me to lead the way," Brocc said with a smile, stepping in front of the Hylian. If there was one thing a Russian knew, it was where to find a good spirit.

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  • Khaz and Brocc wandered into a pub called the Little Bird. It was as dark inside as expected to be. Khaz looked around in a brief glance, and then made his way over to the bar. There was a woman, long blond hair that looked like she wasn't well kept anymore.

    She was clutching a glass. Her blue eyes glazed with despair.

    Khaz pulled up a bar stool next to her and asked the bar keeper for an ale. He let Brocc get comfortable and sipped on his own drink.

    Brocc slid on the other side of the woman, and upon catching his reflection in her glass, used the mug as a makeshift mirror to once again fix his hair.

    Khaz glanced over at the woman. She looked pretty, and a little like life made her look older than her years. He worried his lip briefly until deciding to speak up.

    "So do you think it will talk if you stare long enough?"

    The woman looked up at Khaz, almost dazed and confused. "Huh?"

    Khaz smiled. "Your glass, do you think it will talk if you stare long enough?"

    "Oh ..." The woman looked like she almost tried to smile, but her lips just didn't manage it. "Well, even if it did, probably wouldn't tell me anything I want to hear."

    "Well what do you want to hear?" Brocc asked as it seemed he was done fixing his hair. He gave her a gentle smile - it was his trademark smile which got women to sleep with him in the past despite his narcissism.

    The woman looked to Brocc, worried her lip, and then stared back down at her glass. "That my baby's safe. That she'll be found soon--"

    Her voice cracked as a small sob escaped her, her hand going up to her face.

    Khaz's brow furrowed with concern. "Your baby? Something happened?"

    Woman sniffed. "J-just what's been happening to others in town. K-kids vanishing ... no word, nothing. Just gone ..."

    "Can you tell us what happened?" Brocc asked as he gestured for another glass to be brought over. Hopefully Khaz would pay for it since all he had was some crinkled dollar bills, and Brocc wasn't sure this place accepted his money.

    Woman sniffed again. "I dunno ... she went outside to play with the other children like usual ... and--and just never c-came home."

    Tears trickled down her cheeks.

    "This has been happening to other children here as well?" asked Khaz.

    She nodded.

    "And none of them have heard anything either? No one leaving notes or demands for ransom?"

    She shook her head sniffing. "Nothing ..."

    Brocc gave a thoughtful hum as he nursed his own glass. Most Rebels didn't ask for money or ransoms, although like other terrorist organizations they let their actions become known.

    Closing his eyes, he let his mind become silent hoping his little friends might provide some other clues or at least another line of thought.

    There was very little to go off of. Khaz wondered exactly how many children were missing now, but he didn't feel like it was right to ask her that. She looked too upset, and he felt somewhat guilty for stirring all that up for her ... though really she probably had already been torturing herself with these exact thoughts before they started talking, while staring at the glass.

    Khaz would be able to get more answers come nightfall. Then the darkness and the shadows would tell him more. He wasn't sure what the motive or what was causing these disappearances ...

    He was reminded then, of the battle at the Fortress ... All the children, pregnant women, sick, and elderly had been slaughtered in the training grounds. They had tried to guard the doors to the training yard but the drow had broken through ... Khaz never saw the carnage there himself. But he remembered the look on Rontu's face after he came back from checking with Kai ...

    Khaz swallowed his ale with some difficulty. Where were the children? Were they still alive somewhere?

    He was interrupted by an angry and abrasive voice behind him.

    "Hey, are these guys bothering you?"

    There was a group of four men gathered behind them. The woman looked around, dazed and confused, tears trickling down her face again. She looked upset. Khaz realized this might look bad.

    "Oh, no," said Khaz quickly. "No, we were just talking--"

    "I wasn't talking to you, elf," snapped the man.

    Brocc knew where this was heading. He may look like a teenager - as far as Aždaja's were concerned, he was one - but he had lived for 52 years.

    He chugged down his drink, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before placing the jug down as gently as possible as to not alert the newcomers.

    He stood up, keeping his eyes anywhere but the hooligans as he looked at Khaz with a look that clearly said, "Time go."

    Khaz opened his mouth again, to say something like, he didn't mean any trouble. But one of the other men spoke up. "I've seen these two before. The newcomers who were making a racket in the town square--banging on doors, making demands. Can't you just keep your nose out of our business!"

    Khaz stood up. He was going to make a run for it he could. "Hey, listen, we didn't come here for trouble."

    "The noise you were making in town says otherwise," retorted one of them.

    If this continued on, Brocc's hair might get messed up. If that happened, that would be literally the absolute worst.

    "Oh look at the time," he said as he looked at his wrist even though he didn't have a watch. It clashed with his shirt, and Brocc was like a god damn wizard - he was never late or early and arrived precisely when he meant to. "It's half past freckle, time to go Khaz."

    "R-right," said Khaz, quickly.

    But the man stepped up, blocking his escape route. He shoved Khaz was into the bar, knocking over his drink. He got into Khaz's face, scowl, scraggly beard, and terrible breath and all. He grabbed Khaz's shirt, pulling him into his leer.

    "If I see your face in town again, elf, I'll cut your ears down to our size. You hear?"

    Khaz swallowed, sweat gathering on his brow. "... Loud and clear."

    Brocc wasn't new to bar fights, and he always knew what to do them. Pick up the nearest thing and throw them across the room and then run while everyone was looking.

    The nearest thing to Brocc was the man blocking Khaz in. However, that didn't stop the Aždaja, who simply picked up the man like a doll and threw him halfway across the bar yelling "BAR FIGHT!" before grabbing Khaz's hand and ruptured right out of there.

    Those next few seconds really convinced Khaz that Brocc definitely wasn't human. He was tugged along, looking behind them, he saw the three other men were chasing after them. Apparently not distracted.


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  • The market was considerably less muddy, to Robin's relief. She could see that they didn't have much to sell, but had more than enough of what she needed as she traveled to each stall. She bought anything she could recognize, being far away from her home, which was not much. Some things were picked up as a teeny little dare to herself, like some exotic fruits she had seen a couple other people eating.

    All the while, she listened carefully for rumors regarding the missing children. Sure, there were a few vague whispers here and there, but none that could give her a direct lead, either. Sighing, she headed to a stand selling random trinkets, looking around for something that could make a decent souvenir for her father. Spotting a small, hand-carved dragon, she smiled, offering the stand owner a couple of gold pieces before pocketing it and moving on.

    She knew her father enjoyed the little things she brought him, even if he wouldn't admit it sometimes.

    Settling near an empty stall and biting into her fruit, she glanced around for the others, wondering how Brocc and Khaz were doing.

    I haven't known those idiots for long, but something tells me they got themselves into trouble...
  • Rontu had gone and found an inn. He bought a room with three beds and places for their horses in the stables. Meanwhile, Ren fought yet again against the onslaught of boredom. He kept himself busy by walking around town. He went to look around the market even though he didn't want to buy anything. He wished the sun where out from behind the clouds. A nap in the sun sounded good just about now. He spotted Robin moving around the market as well, but had no inclination to approach her.

    Just another clueless half-dragon who could tell him nothing about what it meant to be a dragon. Ren didn't need to seek out half-dragons like Khaz assumed. He didn't need to lick any wounds about being a mixed breed. At least Robin's mother probably had a soul. If she found her mother, she would actually be able to tell Robin what it means to be a dragon ,.. that part of herself.

    Stupid bitch was lucky.

    There was a commotion as Brocc leading Khaz broke into the market. Three angry men were chasing after them.

    "Ohhhh Din, I really don't like fights!" Khaz called. Someone always got hurt in a fight. That usually meant someone would bleed, and Khaz really didn't want that.
  • Robin looked up at the commotion, sighing as she realized her assumption was correct. Taking one more bite of her fruit before casting the core off, she headed down to a spot where shoe could intersect the mob. The mud slowed her down, and she grunted, finally freezing the ground with her ice magic.

    She honestly didn't care what the town thought of her at that point.

    Her ability to walk returning, she ran out to intersect them, nearly bumping into the thugs that were chasing them and staggering backward a little.

    "Oh- e-excuse me," she said in the most dainty voice she could muster, looking up at them.


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