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Exploring New Horizons [Sam, Ruki, Shrub, Fairess]
  • Cleo sat within the protected area of the room, surpressign a shudder of terror as the shadow jumpers appeared in the corner. They felt cold, dark, lifeless...she was reminded of Ged's shadow from the book A Wizard of Earthsea. As the things remained in the corner, she couldn't help but think that this was how the others around her must have seen Mara when they learned what she was. Dangerous. Predatory. Something to be killed, like they now were planning on doing with these shadow beings.

    But then, the idea began to form. She'd been stewing over different routes of escape in the back of her mind the entire time she'd been in these people's "care", and nothing had come up yet. She could try to break the protective light and hope the monsters didn't kill her along with their prey, but she couldn't bet on that, and the dragon and Renee were likely to strike if she tried...she wasn't fast like Mara was.

    But she did have one advantage her vampire lover was, unfortunately, lacking.


    She didn't need to escape now...she just had to lay the seeds that could allow her to escape. And right now, when things were tense and they faced down a dark predator as some man's bait, was the best time of any for her to start. Luckily for her, the group she was with seemed content to not ask questions...

    "So, before we let our gracious host and his lovely assistant summarily execute our newest captives, I have to ask...when exactly are you all going to ask questions? You know, maybe before a possible murder or international incident goes down in front of us?"
  • None of the Altamirians really knew what to expect as the hour slowly ticked by, Vinx taking their slowed appetite as the fact they were done with the food, taking away their dishes without asking if they were finished. In Altamire, this behavior would be considered rude and inconsiderate, but perhaps it was the norm here, wherever here was. It wasn't worth causing a stink about - especially since Vinx was the one who bought it for them.

    The quiet of the room was stifling. It seemed like to open their mouth and speak about something was against some unwritten law. Fortunately for the princess, the knight and the dragon they had another means of conversation, talking amongst themselves via use of Pyre's telepathy. Most of it was gossip or simple conversation, although some of it wandered to discussing others in the room. Renee and Elrohir complaining about Cleo saying that they shouldn't be protecting a thrall of a vampire.

    Eventually the conversation lulled into Renee's relationship issues, which essentially resulted in a "lalala I'm not listening to you" more appropriate for at 5-year-old, not a 27-year-old knight. Renee was easy to depend on, but the knight - like other humans - had a plethora of issues. Natasha, however, knew enough to leave enough alone when the knight got on the defensive.

    Elaine, on the other hand, leaned against the hearth as she stared outside the window. Unlike her twin, who preferred social interaction, she always preferred being by herself. To her the flow of time was meaningless, and raised an eyebrow when she noticed out of the corner of her eye a flash of shadow. Pushing herself away from the hearth, she casually walked to where her twin was sitting.

    Natasha, on the other hand, snapped her head to the corner of the room as she felt a presence enter. It felt like death - cold and nauseating. Clutching her shawl, she curled her legs into herself as one of Renee's hands rested on her sword ready to draw and kill at a moment's notice. The heat of the room began to creep up as Natasha attempted to smosh down her fear.

    "So, before we let our gracious host and his lovely assistant summarily execute our newest captives, I have to ask...when exactly are you all going to ask questions? You know, maybe before a possible murder or international incident goes down in front of us?"

    Cleo broke the silence of the room, and Renee's ice cold eyes swiveled to glare at her. Did the thrall not even feel the horrible feeling which came with these creatures? However, before she could say something Pyre spoke up.

    "Well, you are free to step outside of the circle if you are so sure of their innocence," Elrohir sneered. "Nobody is forcing you to stay."

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  • There was a snarl—so soft it was barely audible, yet so potent it needled—not a moment after Pyre pipped up. To any observing, the slightest, yet most terrifying thing had just occurred in Vinx’s corner of the room: one of the shadow jumpers had crept up and snuffed out the candle he’d just lit. He froze for a moment, processing just what this meant, then relit the candle. His head turned slightly to glance behind at Naddie.

    “You said you can handle fire. I need your help to keep these lit.” Of course, he wasn’t one to explain when there wasn’t time for words. His icy gaze contained his worry and replaced it with iron conviction as if he’d just given an order. Then, in the briefest moment, he leveled an almost inhuman glare towards Cleo. In the intensified light of so many candles, his eyes almost seemed white instead of blue, but the message was clear: keep distracting everyone and you’ll die first.