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    • Topaz Mutiny wrote:

      I myself pre-ordered the Limited Edition that comes with the Skull Kid statue. I had to pay for it in full and am now currently waiting for Gamestahp to deliver it to my house.

      My confidence that Gamestop can do this in a timely manner, and without damaging it, is... not very high. :<

      Hrm. I should've done that. I really wanted the LE bundle, but I just didn't take the time to actually find it and order it. Whatever, though. Still got the game. After all, we waited fifteen years for this. I wasn't about to keep waiting!
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    • So I'm playing the game on the 3DS, and I'm got a flashback of the frustration I had with it the first time. I think a massive flaw in the game, which isn't remedied in the 3DS version, is how some of the side quests work. Mild spoilers ahead:

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      Take the frog side quest. Most players are going to try to start this sidequest as soon as they see it, but you can't complete it until you've got to a certain point in the game. In any other Zelda, this wouldn't matter. In MM, it matters a lot, because you end up wasting your time on a side quest when it turns out you can't complete it and you have to redo the whole thing again. That means finding all the frogs again, including doing minibosses possibly for the third time. It's annoying, repetitive, and tedious. Or take the sword upgrade side quest. In order to complete it, you have to beat the Snowhead temple on the first day. Any new player isn't going to to do that, so if they then decide to actually explore and discover things, and to do the Goron race and upgrade the sword, time and money is completely wasted because it's impossible to permanently upgrade it. You have to reset time, redo a boss battle you've already done, watch a cinematic you've already seen, spend money on a powder keg to blow up a rock you've already blown up, win a frustrating race you've already done (although it feels much easier in the 3DS version, maybe that's just me), buy a sword you've already bought for 100 rupees you've already spent, just to upgrade a sword you were one step away from upgrading half an hour ago before the game decided to articially punish you for not exploring and doing things in the exact way it wants you to.

      My three biggest problems with the original majora's mask were the controls, waiting around aimlessly for sidequests, and constant repetition. The first two things have, in my opinion, been vastly improved on. The controls, at least for Goron and Deku link (haven't got to Zora yet) feel much much smoother and the improved song of double time gives the player much more control. But that frustrating repetition from not exploring and discovering in the exact way the game wants you to is still there. Frankly I'd rather have my hand held over when exactly to do things, like in SS or TP, than to be unfairly punished for doing things myself but at the wrong time. I feel like I can't explore properly until I've done as much of the main quest as possible, lest the game punishes me by making me redo what I've already done. As a sidenote, I wasn't much of a fan of the temples in the original MM (having not got to the stone tower temple), and I'm still not much of a fan of them here. I think the temples in MM are pretty comfortably the worst of the 3D Zeldas. The sidequests, though, at least when you don't have to repeat things, are great, and I don't think the bomber's notebook changes have made things too easy, as I feared it might.

      So yeah, I'm enjoying the game much more so far on the 3DS that I did on the Wii virtual console, but I still can't imagine it being anywhere but the bottom of my list of 3D Zeldas. Sorry if this annoys the many MM fans out there, but even with the modifications made in the 3DS version, I still find this game frustrating at times, much more so than any other Zeldas.

      Last time I shared my opinions on this the reaction was ... passionate. So again, I apologise to anyone who vehemently disagrees with me, here! Just my opinion!

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    • Here are my first impressions from the game and note that I am a die hard Zelda fan:

      So I popped in the game and it does feel like a new game but yet it feels familiar which I have no idea how Grezzo does it but it's amazing. Some things I have noticed which disappoint me. From what I seen and played, it seems like every boss has an eye weakspot now. I feel like they were sitting around asking "How can we make this game easier and more approachable for new players in 2015" and some guy responds "let's add an eye to every boss."

      Another thing I've noticed is that the frame rate drops quite often. It goes from 30 to what feels like an unplayable 15 FPS sometimes. I noticed in places where there is a lot of fire, for example. With these slow downs I feel the game was more designed for the N3DS in mind more than the OG 3DS hardware.

      I also feel the dungeon I done was amazing, it provided a breath of fresh air for me and it feels like a new experience but the problems in the game is where it upsets me. The bosses are easier, the dungeons are easier and they changed locations where you learn songs. Not gonna spoil but you'll see what I mean when you get to the swamp.

      It's not that I hate Majora's Mask 3D, I love the original Majora's Mask on the N64 and I rate it to be my favorite game of all time but I feel like Nintendo ripped it's loyal fans' heart out. It seems to be a greedy move on their end to try and force people to buy the N3DS. Just imagine what it's going to be like in the coming months or be it years, we're gonna have to play laggy games on our OG 3DS because we don't have the money to upgrade.

      TL;DR: It's a great game, doesn't beat original. They made every boss have an eye and it lags on OG 3DS.
    • I picked it up this morning, and haven't had the chance to play a whole lot since work tends to get in the way of me achieving my life dreams, but I gotta say, I'm a little hesitant. I've made it up to the part where I'm about to enter the first dungeon, and while aesthetically the game is phenominal (not just with the improved graphics, but the little changes they added; someone showed the silly portrait in the mayor's office, but you could also mention the scale model of clocktown, or the framed photos in Cremia and Romani's bedroom, one showing Cremia with Kafei and Anju as a nice nod to some of the backstory of the Kafei/Anju sidequest), but the farther and farther I get, the more I notice bothersome changes.

      Someone mentioned the alteration in the way you receive the Bomber's Notebook, and while I understand why it wasn't strictly necessary to change, I can at least see why they did it. I cannot, however, for the life of me, understand why they changed the floating platforms in the Deku Palace. They're stationary now until you land on them, making the puzzle (which honestly wan't even all that challenging to begin with) now vastly more simple. And after hearing about the Ice Arrows, I'm even more annoyed. It's one thing to remove unnecessary hassles, another to remove 'challenges' that added nothing to the gameplay; but when you're taking out things that were only vaguely difficult for the sake of streamlining for new players, I feel like that's the moment where you need to take a step back and reevaluate the direction you're trying to take and the message you're sending. I almost feel like one of the core Zelda principles is being mercilessly attacked by its own creators.

      On an unrelated note, can someone explain the fishing to me? Like, they went through all this trouble adding not one, but two fishing spots, and I don't know why. Fishing wasn't even fun in OoT, why did they think it would be fun here? Why didn't they add another dungeon, or some more side quests instead? And what do you get from the fishing spots anyway? Is there any kind of reward?
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    • I played through Woodfall Temple today and this game gets better every second. It took me a surprisingly long time to actually like playing MM3D. Yesterday I just didn't want to leave Clock Town I guess.
      It feels really weird to play this game. I played the tiniest bit of it on Virtual Console so I shouldn't know anything about it. I've watched multiple let's plays and the Game Theory episodes of MM, and read thewhybutton's Psychology of Majora's Mask, so playing MM3D is a weird mix of kinda familiar and completely new for me. Liking it.

      edit: Oh dang almost forgot! I got a Majora's Mask necklace with the game! It's kinda basic but c'mon, it's majora's mask. And it was free. Can't say anything bad about that.

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    • I actually really like the changes they made to Goron-Link. His attacks are faster and more direct now. I really hated fighting when I was in his form, because his movements seemed so slow and inaccurate. My brother had been complaining about how rolling around no longer required you to hold down the A button, but it doesn't really matter much to me. Deku Link I'm kinda 50/50 on. His bubble is actually usable now, but his spins... I mean, I like the new animation with his hat, but why doesn't spinning make you move faster like it used to? Hopping across the water is now 10x slower, and I actually couldn't return across the lily pads after racing the butler because, without being able to increase my momentum, I couldn't reach it. Very annoying. Still, they both look aesthetically better.
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    • The Deku Link still goes faster when water hopping when you spin. You just have to gain some momentum first. In the original game, you could just spin from a stationary position and then hop much faster, but in this version you need a running start. It's still perfectly doable, though. Having played all three forms now, I think they all control much, much better now.
    • I am a bit disappointed that the 3DS version didn't take the opportunity to make more small improvements. For example, I thought for sure that the 3 transformation masks would be mapped to the d-pad, plus the instrument at d-up.

      Wind Waker HD fixed pretty much everything I didn't like in the original WW. Not so with Majora's Mask, where most of the changes seem unnecessary or even a bit for the worse.
    • Although MM is probably my favourite game of all time I'm not buying this remake. Here are my reasons:

      I like playing console games on a console, especially 3D ones, on a big screen with a controller. MM is one of those hugely immersive games for me and a 3DS screen just wouldn't do the immersion justice imo.
      Also, the changes making the game more user friendly is nice and understandable since it's stepping in the modern lazy-gamer generation and mostly because it's on a handheld. But imo that's just not how MM was intended to be played.
      And the graphics are nice but I have so much nostalgia for the old graphics that I actually prefer them.

      And yes, I've played OoT3D and I felt the same with that game. If only they made console versions like TWWHD...
    • Strawberry wrote:

      Would y'all say that the changes in this makes the game a little more fun? I'm not sure what all has been changed from the original, but i've heard there are new mini games?

      There appears to be a new fishing mini game next to the Swamp shooting gallery. Im not sure what the rewards are in this since i couldnt catch squat. Not sure about any others since im only at Snowhead.

      Nesi wrote:

      I have no idea if it was in the original (although I don't think so), but I loOove how the Deku Scrub's hat turns into wood when you spin.

      Awesome touch. <3

      YES. And no, it wasnt in the original.

      Ok, now that im entering the second quarter of the game, i have impressions.
      Display Spoiler

      New Look:
      This is really amazing because the new fangled pretty graphics do not take away from the original mood of the game. This game is all about atmosphere, and none of it was lost. In fact, id argue that the atmosphere is amplified by the new graphics. The game feels a little more mature, but still whimsical. Link has more facial expressions, and everyone feels so dynamic.

      Bomber's Notebook:
      Im in a love/hate relationship with the new Bomber's Notebook. Not only was i left scratching my head as to why the Happy Mask Salesman gave it to me, i was also wondering why Jim doesnt challenge me again for it. I dont....i dont know. That was weird. The weirder part is that everything ever gets recorded in that thing. Bombers themselves are accosting Link and telling him stuff that hints to sidequests. Why...? That, and when you complete one, the game interrupts so the event gets recorded in the Notebook. This is kinda tedious and unnecessary. I get that they put this feature in so people could keep track of the junk they did in case they go through a lot of 3-Day Cycles, But its kinda annoying when the game interrupts to do this, instead of an unobtrusive ping. <.<

      Theres shop owners and people being recorded in the schedule portion that neednt be there. Again, i see why this is a thing, but alas, im not exactly a huge fan. What i AM a fan of, is setting the Tatl Alarm. I havent used this yet, since i really memorized most of the major sidequests' times and junk, but the fact its there, is pretty awesome. So in case you go dungeon crawling, but need to meet Romani for some Mi-Go squashing business at the ranch, Tatl can remind you about that. The layout of the Ongoing Events, Rumored Events, and Completed Events is not exactly great though.

      Weird Changes:
      Some changes are just bizarre and im not getting the logic behind some. The logic behind the save stones being everywhere, however, is something i can grasp. Im ok with that, despite it being a tad clunky on screen. Song of Time does not save anymore. But its ok, cuz theres save points everywhere and they are not like the originals where its a one-shot save. One thing that was weird, was the Bank being behind the Clock Tower. Whats up with that? *shrugs* I just...ok. Sure, it makes the behind the Tower to look nice and like a park, its just weird.

      Kaepora Gaebora is waiting for you right as soon as you enter the swamp. While his speech and the Song of Soaring is the same, the location strikes me as odd. Before, he was on a ledge on the way to Woodfall proper. Maybe they felt that location to be too out of the way? It wasnt cuz you couldnt miss it either way. Whatevs.

      Once you get the Pictobox (which will photograph in color! woo), the first person view button changes to be assigned for the Pictobox. I reckon this is a thing because of the n3DS controls and the new c-stick being the free camera option. But im playing on an OG 3DS, so if i want to first person view (which im doing a lot of just to look at new details), i have to click on that Pictobox. Not a big deal, seeing how the Pictobox crosshair thing disappears after a second, but its a thing.

      When doing the Kafei/Anju quest arc, Curiosity Shop Man is available to visit (where Kafei was hiding) as soon as the third day begins. Madame Aroma, you will have to catch her at the Milk Bar before the night. She will be there early in the day. Weird~ Also, you cant get the key to the room in the Stock Pot Inn like before, unless....Anju mentions a Goron Guest. :B Weird.

      Fishing Spot(s). I dont get it, and im not sure why it exists. What is the reward? Why is it there? Why...I dont know. I just this one of those changes im really scratching my head over.

      Im sure theres more, and ill note them as i keep going in the game.

      Weird But Good Changes:
      There appears to be changes for the sake of it, but like, not all of them are just weird or bad. Some of them are nice. The monkey at Woodfall will approach you when you get to the Deku Palace instead of after saving Koume. This makes more sense. Someone mentioned the platforms in Woodfall and Deku Palace not moving until you land on them. This is actually a positive change imo. Why? Cuz its an Anti-Frustration Feature. While it does diminish some of the dexterity needed to land right, i sure prefer not messing up. Also, you can aim really well with your Deku Nuts while in the air. Neat. Deku mask also has a nice crosshair you can aim with for the bubbles.

      Goron Link, you dont have to hold A to roll and stuff. You push it to roll up and then go from there. Thats really cool. The Great Fairy in Woodfall expands your Magic Meter. This struck me as weird considering that was the Snowhead Great Fairy's job, but im not complaining. Thats gonna make my life at the Goron Races a lot easier. Since i usually waited till i got the Hookshot to do the Snowhead Stray Fairies.

      The Song of Time. Can i talk about how freaking amazing it is to be able to choose the hour you want when playing Song of Double Time? Holy freaking shnikies thats awesome!

      Certainly makes some quests a lot less of a pain in the bum.

      The boss of Woodfall Temple was actually fun to fight versus being boring.

      You can catch Sakon and the Curiosity Shop Man talking if you manage to wander into the Curiosity Shop at just the right time...Its pretty clever. Theres a really cool little model of Clock Town in the Mayor's front office. Nice touch.

      So the thing im getting from this, is that its a true remake. Not just the same game with fancier graphics. I like that, but theres things that arent that great. Since MM was kind of an asspain for a lot of players, i can see why some changes were made. Swamp Shooting Gallery is still hard though :P

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