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      Crowded, smelly and very little privacy were the norm of public transit in Minoria since time immemorial. Various governments had come and gone trying to fix this problem, but only managed to create more of them. But then again, where was this NOT the case? Still, as bad as it was, it was a far sight better than walking; especially in the core when dusk was encroaching and bringing out the night. And the crazies; you could never forget them. The subtle rocking and swaying of her seat had long since subsided from her mind as the vehicle slowly trundled through the streets of the city.

      Mioska knew her route well enough to not pay attention, for she was so frequently a rider of the city’s famous streetcars that she had almost developed a sixth sense about it. This was good because, frankly, she’d rather be browsing the net from her phone than look at the shuffling masses. Say what you would about City Core, but it had the best damned free wi-fi spread in the country!

      ”Yeah, this sucks. I can’t believe that I am even going thought with this,” Mio typed into her phone.

      “aww, cheer up, m. TBH, I did always peg u as the one to have sum kinda problem in the head between all the mj and x. lol ;3” read the reply that popped up not more than a few seconds later.

      “Hahaha, you’re so funny L, you dip. -.- Are you sitting at your computer, hunched over with your feet on your seat and eating a bag of chips as we speak? I guess I’ll need to order an XXL coffin when I bury you from heart failure.”

      “... not anymore. and they’re the lightly-salted stuff.”

      “Whatever. Anyway, I’d better get going; my stop’s coming up,” she replied.

      “K. TTYL,” L posted before Mio put her phone back into her bag.

      Reaching over, she pulled the cord that ran along the side of the streetcar to signal for her stop. Eventually, the vehicle came to a stop and opened the doors to let her on to the street; the parts exposed to the sun pained a gentle orange while the rest succumbed to the dark shadows of the towering buildings around. The tall and ominous C. Johnson Medical Center loomed across the street, but her destination was the far more inviting community center next door that bore the same name.

      Thankfully, there was no mental ward she was aware of, so she had no hesitation in crossing the street when the time came, but the gothic architecture and strange chill that ran up her spine when she saw this building had always given her the creeps, and she had no idea why. It would have made a great setting for a story, if there was any story to be found there, that is. The feeling was easily shrug off once she put the imposing building behind her and made way to the tree-lined entrance of the community centre.

      A plain, white reception room greeted patrons, as well as the blast of cool, refreshing air offered. The occasional shout and blast of a whistle from the left, with an aptly placed sign, told her there was a pool to be found here. It was probably crowded though, and if she wanted a swim, she could have just gone to a beach in Arendelle. “Excuse me,” she said as she walked up to a lady minding the desk. “I’m looking for the room rented by a... Doctor C. Lombardy. Can you please direct me?”

      “Just a moment please,” the young woman asked, closing out the game on her computer screen for the list of rooms being rented and their timetables. “Doctor Lombardy has reserved room 302 today from 6:30 to 7:30.”

      Looking at her watch, Mio quickly realized she had ample time to spare. Stupid transit; if it was not slow, it was almost as fast as light speed. “Thank you,” she replied gratefully before making for the empty, white staircase up to the third floor of the center. The hall of the third floor was deserted, as to be expected for a prime hour for families to have dinner, so she had no trouble finding the room, especially as it was the only open and lit one on the floor.

      Poking her head inside, she saw around a dozen chairs in a circle in the centre of the room with a coffee machine and some Styrofoam cups on the opposite wall. But what really grabbed her attention was the other person in the room. “Hello. Can I help you with something?” She was tall, at least six feet and olive-skinned bright pink hair that reached down to her shoulder blades. A benevolent smile spread across her face and brown eyes flickered in warmth.

      “Uh...” Mio trailed for a moment, not quite sure what to say to someone so strange in appearance. “This is the... uh.. CPD support group, right?”

      “It sure is,” she smiled a little wider. “You’re early though. I’m not quite done organizing all the new people we’re expecting this week.”

      “Wait. So YOU’RE Dr. Lombardy!?”

      “Well, yes, but you can call me Cassandra if it puts you more at ease.”

      “I’m not perturbed or anything,” Mio lied as she strode in; taking the nearest seat she could find and sat in it. “I just didn’t expect you to have such a... vivid appearance is all. It’s interesting to say the least.” She waited a while for a reply from the doctor, but when none was to be had, Mio quickly grew bored and extracted her phone from her bag. With the start of the session more than fifteen minutes away and no desire to start a conversation yet, all there was to do was wait for others to slowly trickle in.

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