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  • The Legend of Zelda: New Tides

    "This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

    Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains, and peace..."

    Ganondorf, the great evil that all still thought to be sealed away in the Sacred Realm of Hyrule, crept forth, eager to resume his dark designs. As the darkness was spreading over the kingdom, the people hoped that the Hero of Time would once again appear to save them, but the hero did not appear.Ganon’s next step was to make another aggressive move for the Triforce. The king, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, attempted to stop the fiend, but was not strong enough.

    A war once more broke out amongst the races. Some Gerudo joined Ganondorf deciding to take the spoils as it became clear the Hero of Time would not appear. Other Gerudo fought against their sisters. Some races - such as the Hylians and Gorons - raised to fight against the Gerudo forces. Others, such as the Kokiri, decided to remain neutral in a desperate hope they wouldn’t end up like the Sheikah.

    As doom drew nigh, the king and his people prayed to the gods, leaving their kingdom in the hands of fate. The goddesses answered their prayers by instructing those chosen to flee for the mountaintops, before they flooded the land. Ganondorf and his minions were sealed along with Hyrule in an enchanted air chamber at the bottom of the sea, with the Master Sword serving as the key suspending the flow of time within the chamber. However, Ganondorf was not the only one hidden under the waves. Unlike the King of Thieves, many people were unable to reach the mountain tops in time and subsequently drowned.

    Now a few survivors find themselves on an island, confused, disorientated and barely alive. However will they stay that way for long?

    Before Getting Started
    • There are no Wind Waker exclusive races at this time. According to the Hyrule Historia timeline, the Wind Waker takes place right after Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf was resurrected and then Hyrule is flooded. As a result we are using Ocarina of Time races.
    • King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule died in the flood. While his daughter escaped with some retainers and a piece of the Triforce, she has delved into hiding because even though Ganondorf is dead, his minions are not. So, she basically pulled a Sheik. Everyone assumed she died in the flood as well.
    • There are no sages. None. Nada. They are dead. End of discussion.
    • If you think this is sounding like an RP which is based on complete anarchy, congrats. That is exactly what it is. This is the RP which focuses mostly on what happened in the aftermath. No settlements on the islands have been mapped out. The Zora haven't evolved yet. The Gerudo haven't left to the corners of the sea. Kokiri haven't transformed into Korok. Gorons have not established themselves as traders and vagabonds. Sheikah are still dead. (Nice try.)

    Now, I am getting most of my information from the Zelda Wiki, and I'm going to copy and paste all the information you need for character creation and everything you will need to know about the Great Sea. You will literally have zero excuse for not keeping within the outline I have set out for this RP. While I want this to be an open world and there is no railroad tracks to follow, I expect you all to keep within the racial descriptions and the world as is described.


    Hylians: Hylians traditionally have pointed ears, and generally have blue or blue-grey eyes and light skin, although the ethnicity as a whole has a wide degree of variation. The lower classes usually wear casual clothing; Hylian males tend to wear belt leather jerkins, and females wear long gowns in many different colors. Hyrulean symbols are often part of the embroidery in their dresses. Tall buns are common in women, while men of the working class usually wear broad-brimmed hats in order to protect their skin from the sun and the rain. Some men also wear knee-length leather boots.

    It has been observed that the higher classes including royalty wear complex and luxurious jewelry including precious metals and gemstones such as gold and rubies.

    Hylians have a medieval theme to them which fits to the medieval setting of the series, especially in the case of earlier games. Many architectural elements seen in the series greatly resemble architecture from the medieval times. Clothing styles vary but are mainly consistent with the overall medieval theme. Unlike most other races, Hylians are a predominantly urban race. This, however, by no means suggests that Hylians are not seen elsewhere, as many people seen living on farms and other comparable non-urban locations have been Hylian. Hylians are shown to have ranging professions, varying from farmers to merchants and bartenders. In addition, Hylians are known of being highly superstitious, having a rich mythology and many legends.

    One of the few known abilities that the Hylian people possess is the use of their pointed ears to receive special messages from the gods themselves. This also includes the ability to send telepathic messages to other Hylians across time and space. This is an ability that continues to get passed unto their children, their children's children and so on.

    Another special ability of the Hylians is their use of magic in musical notes that can aid in fast-forwarding time from day to night and night to day (Sun's Song), summon instant storms (Song of Storms) and allow teleportation to specific locations throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule.

    Humans: There are a number of humans that are round-eared but are otherwise similar to the Hylians in appearance and culture, and often live with them in the same towns, it is unknown as to whether or not these humans belong to a distinct race. Round-eared humans do not possess magical powers, unlike Hylians. These particular humans are the majority on the islands of the Great Sea, the lands of Holodrum and Labrynna, and a province of Hyrule, Ordona.

    Kokiri: The Kokiri are an ageless race that takes the form of human children. Like Hylians, they possess long, pointed ears. Apart from Saria, all known Kokiri have either blonde or red hair. Despite their agelessness, Kokiri are still mortal beings that may be killed.

    The Great Deku Tree grants each Kokiri a Fairy, which watches over the Kokiri. Subsequently, the Kokiri utilize the Faries' abilities to their advantage, such as using them to speak across distances.

    Possessing a Fairy partner is considered the sign of becoming a "true Kokiri" within the forest, and many of the Kokiri congratulate Link after he obtains one and even offer to help teach him to use it. Mido bullied Link because he didn't have one, and still refuses to accept the young hero as one of them even after Navi has joined Link's side. The Kokiri do not accept adults who have Fairies, however.

    The Kokiri dress in green Kokiri Tunics. The females wear headbands, while the males wear distinctive floppy green hats. They all reside within hollowed-out trees, which they use as buildings. When the Kokiri Forest is overrun with monsters, they all take refuge within the buildings. For some reason, the tops of the trees are all cut in a cone shape.

    The Kokiri seem to be dependent on horticulture, as many farming supplies can be found within Link's house. Hay may even be found within the young hero's home, although no livestock are visibly present until after Malon gives Link a Cow. Fruits are present on Link's table within his house, so some of the Kokiri diet may be gathered rather than cultivated, though since Link is a Hylian and not a Kokiri, this may not apply.

    Gerudo: The Gerudo as they've thus far appeared held the following looks: round ears, a prominent nose, brown skin, amber eyes and red hair. Which of these are actually unmistakable Gerudo traits is unknown due to their small established role throughout the series.

    Their skin color has been shown to come in two variants: a common light brown and an olive-greenish version seen on Twinrova and Ganondorf, though their skin may be darker due to age. Recent games have made some adjustments to Ganondorf's look, changing his nose from "long" to "big" while his ears have become slightly pointy - far from Hylian-like, but still less round than what they have once been. Whether this has any significance for the Gerudo race as a whole is unknown.

    A rather peculiar aspect of Gerudo physiology is that the race consists of almost solely women, with a male being born only once every hundred years. The exact nature of this phenomenon is never explained, leaving many questions unfortunately unanswered. It is known however, that at least during the Ocarina of Time era the lack of males among the Gerudo is countered by them taking boyfriends from other human races. This establishes that heterosexual relationships are common in their nearly all-female society.

    Some members of the race have been shown to possess magical skills. Given the focus the Gerudo put on physical training, this seems to be either a rare or otherwise unused ability. Furthermore, Gerudo might be able to reach a very high age, though the only suggestion to this was related to Twinrova, not exactly a most standard example of a Gerudo.

    The Gerudo have an Arabic theme to them and seem to be based on the Amazons, a "real world" tribe of warrior women. Being a warrior race, they have been shown to use weapons such as glaives, dual scimitar swords and bow and arrows. In Ocarina of Time, they are capable equestrians, while they prefer the use of boats in Majora's Mask due to their role as pirates.

    Generally, they have been shown to be a somewhat reclusive race that does not take well to outsiders on their territory, which in Hyrule constitutes the whole desert area. Though not without nobility, they've mostly been depicted as thieves to the other races. The Gerudo appreciate talent when they see it and do accept non-Gerudo among their ranks if they manage to prove themselves.

    Zora: Sea Zoras are normally found near or in large bodies of water. Their skin color lies in the white-blue-gray area, although brown/red also is a possible, though seemingly rarer variant. Most individuals (but not all) have fins attached to their arms and a tail at the back of their head (making their head alone look like a fish). The females have breasts, even though the species was shown to lay eggs in Majora's Mask, though this could simply be a design tool to help distinguish between the sexes.

    Goron: The Gorons are a large race, with sizes ranging from medium, tall and even gigantic. The largest known Goron in the series is Biggoron, who was about roughly the same height as the peak of Death Mountain. They have small eyes and noticeable lips, which conceal unaligned square teeth. Their durable, round bodies greatly resemble that of stones and boulders, and nearly all Gorons have a hide of ridged stones on their backsides. Combined with their round shape, Gorons can also curl themselves into a ball shape and roll like a boulder, which is also their primary attack against enemies. They usually have a light brown skin; however, three Gorons, a green, red and blue, have been seen in the series only in the world of Labrynna. Their different color compared to other Gorons is unknown.

    Another common trait of the Gorons is that they have symbols in the shape of the Goron's Ruby tattooed to the side of their arms, whether this is natural or not is unknown. Gorons also possess immense strength which many in their race are proud of, and many groups of Gorons like to hold competitions that test each other's physical strength and even rolling ability, including competitions such as sumo wrestling and rolling racing, among others. While Gorons do have many strengths, they are not without their weakness, and one of their apparent weakness is deep water as they cannot swim. However as told in Twilight Princess, Gorons can hold their breath for long periods without ever needing to breathe and thus cannot drown.

    The diet of Gorons consists almost strictly of rocks mined from nearby mines, although it has been proven in certain titles that Gorons also eat other kinds of foods. In The Oracle series, it was shown that Gorons also drink lava, either in the form of Lava Juice or Lava Soup. Oracle of Ages also had a drink called Goronade, which acts much like an energy drink. In The Minish Cap, Biggoron had indicated that some Gorons also like to eat steel, and asked Link to give him his tiny shield to "nibble" on, which had eventually turned Link's shield into the Mirror Shield. In Phantom Hourglass it was mentioned that young Gorons may eat tree hearts to grow big and strong. It was also hinted in Twilight Princesss that Gorons may drink milk.

    A large group of Gorons often live in a close-knit community within their home mountains, often lead by an elder leader. For example, the leader of the Death Mountain Gorons in Ocarina of Time was Darunia. Gorons are very close and respectful to others of their own kind, and often refer to each other as "Brothers". Though the Gorons are a friendly race, they can also be slow to trust outsiders, and may come off as cautious or even aggressive depending on the situation. However if the outsider is able to prove their worth, usually in a test of strength, skill or intelligence, the Goron tribe will accept them in as one of their "Brothers".

    Besides strength, some Gorons are known to be skilled smiths, notably Medigoron and Biggoron, of which the latter is responsible for creating the Biggoron's Sword. They are also known for harvesting bombs from Bomb Flowers which grows in Death Mountain, sometimes also called the Goron's Special Crop. Some Gorons have been shown to be interested in archaeology, uniquely amongst the many Hyrulean races.

    The Goron race have also been noted by fans for lack of any identifiable females.

    Race Relations

    Gerudo: Out of all the races, there is the most contention amongst the Gerudo. With the first defeat of Ganondorf, the Gerudo were forced to give up their tradition of naming their male heirs king and their life - which was seen as the “problem” instead of the culture of rampant racism that lead to Ganondorf trying to take over Hyrule in the first place. There was also other restrictions placed on them such as each Gerudo could only leave the Fortress once a year and there was four times to choose from. It wasn't uncommon for the Gerudo to never come back. Although there were Gerudo who fought against Ganondorf, as a general rule it wasn't due to love for other races. Gerudo are more sexually free than the other races and they aren't allowed to marry.

    Hylian/Humans: These two have very similar cultures as they live together. They also have the best relationship between the two races. In fact it isn't uncommon for Hylian and human to be used interchangeably by the other races. They fought together against the Gerudo the second the Ganondorf came back and kept fighting to the bitter end. However, overall they kept believing the Hero of Time would return to save them and each year he didn't their drive to fight dwindled as they believed it to be a useless cause.

    Goron: The rock people are ones who put their pride first. A tight knit community which refers to themselves as brothers, they have a good relationship with the Hylian Royal Family and respect those who proved their worth against the Gerudo. Like Hylians, they are not at all likely to be kind to a Gerudo.

    Zora: While the Zora allowed their warriors to fight against the Gerudo, for the most part they bided their time and didn't really join that much in the fighting. Well aware of what happened last time Ganondorf was in power and the hope that the Hero of Time would come back to save them, they felt joining the fight in full force like the Hylians, humans and the Gorons was foolish.

    Kokiri: Unlike every other race which took part in fighting to some extent, the Kokiri stayed neutral and out of it. They did so hoping not to draw the ire of Ganondorf, which worked to the extent of he was so preoccupied with total war with everyone else, the destruction of the Kokiri moved to the bottom of the must do list. As a result they are the only race with no deaths. While one or two Kokiri may have joined in the fighting, they wouldn't have been very helpful outside the forest as they had no knowledge of fighting and will have eternal innocence. Ones who lose this turn to Skull Kids. The other races are annoyed all the same about their stance and will likely keep bringing this up to a Kokiri. Some took it more of a personal insult than others.

    Starting Setting
    The ZRPG will begin with all of our characters together. By some twist of fate, all of them decided to take the same escape route, each having been informed of the cataclysmic flood by various means. Whatever last-minute supplies they were able to gather you are allowed to start with. Keep in mind that the alpine area where the sea will be flooding is completely barren, and your character can only bring as much as he or she can carry.

    Magic and Abilities
    I’m going to leave this very open-ended and trust that no one does anything crazy. If you end up submitting a crazy over-powered character anyways, you will undoubtedly be asked to tweak a few things. As long as it’s sensible and doesn’t break canon for the Zelda universe, I’m pretty open to what you use.

    Character Creation
    Character Sheet
    Display Spoiler


    [b]Hair Color/Style:[/b]
    [b]Eye Color:[/b]


    [b]Hyrule home:[/b]

    [b]Survival Gear[/b]


    [b]Magic and Skills:[/b]

    [b]Battle Strengths:[/b]
    [b]Battle Weaknesses:[/b]



    Character Creation Rules
    Display Spoiler
    • You cannot play established characters in any Zelda game. So, that means if you want to play a Kokiri, you cannot play Mido.
    • You cannot play anybody relating to the Royal Family. This means the princess or one of her retainers. None of our characters know the truth of the Royal Family and that there is a survivor. None.
    • Keep to the racial description provided. It's nice if you want your character to be "different," but you can go to the Battle Arena or start your own RP for that. Here, we are sticking to the racial descriptions provided.
    • Characters should only have what they can carry on their back. So they shouldn't be weighed down by a lot of weight, otherwise the floodwaters would have killed them. While I am trying to keep to the Zelda canon as best as I can, characters do not have Link's magical pouch of being able to carry several ton things on their person and walk around like its nothing.
    • I expect a paragraph at least from personality and history. More is better. More is always better.

    Finally, this rule is important to say up front because it’s unique to the ZRPG. There is a week long
    grace period
    for participants to regularly post once the thread begins. While there is no established post order, if you do not manage to write a single post in that period of time and give no leave of absence (or notification to skip your character’s chance to react or act at all), you will be written out of the ZRPG. If it takes you longer than three days to post, your character's chance to react may also be skipped without warning. If you wish to rejoin after being written out, you may PM me with a viable idea to bring your character back into the action.

    Characters and Players
    Below is the current characters and players in New Tides. New players are always welcome to join, however, before a new player may come into the role play, they must send a "conversation" to Ruki for approval before posting their character in this thread. After the character has been posted, they will be hyperlinked here for easy access.

    Hana, played by Ruki
    Garret, played by Inevitable Tranquility
    Viola, played by Josephthemerman
    Alina, played by Fairess
    Gormarcus played by Fairess
    Gakuto, played by Gakuto93
    Kempe, played by Sam Nornal
    Krako, played by Rakoa
    Chaith, by mattmaster68
    Ela, by timehopper
    Captain Rauruma "The Red" Rivel, played by Link64
    Lorna played by House Impa

    (Sig pic by Aoi Tori)
    ~Fairby Minions~

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  • And here is my character! I hope I start seeing some other new characters as well~

    Name: Alina
    Sex: Female
    Age: 15
    Race: Zora

    Height: 4’6’’
    Weight: 90lbs.
    Hair Color/Style: One long, scaled headtail
    Eye Color: Dark Blue and without irises


    Alina is diminutive in appearance, short and skinny. She shares the same features of her people, sporting white-blue scales and fins just below her elbows and right above her ankles. Tiny fins cover ear-holes on either side of her head, and she has one long, finned headtail that nearly reaches to her ankles. Her body is smooth and bony, streamlined for swimming, and her smile is littered with razor-sharp teeth.

    Alina is one of the few Zora who likes to wear clothing, and she uses a dark blue sarong with orange seashells decorating the top and bottom hems. Strapped across her chest is a round bag made from the skin of a bombfish—complete with glass eyes. She also wears colorful seashell anklets, bracelets, and necklaces that clatter together when she walks on land.

    Hyrule home: Zora’s Domain

    Survival Gear

    Bombfish Pouch: The giant teeth of the bombfish have been dulled, but function as clasps for the bag. On the inside, it’s been covered with a soft, rubbery fabric sectioned into a series of pouches used to hold tubes, flasks, and other alchemic gear. Holdings Include:
    *2 red potion bottles
    *2 green potion bottles
    *Tweezers, mortar and pestle, stirring stick, 1 injection needle
    *1 measuring cup, 2 empty bottles
    *3 hotrocks
    *1 bottle of insta-grow
    *1 pouch of sniffle powder

    Weapons: None
    Armor: None

    Magic and Skills:

    Inherent Zora Ability (Zora Shield): Alina can use her magical energy to form a shield of energy around her body, which electrifies anything that touches it. The shock itself is severe enough to cause burns, but she can only maintain it for one minute before needing more magic energy.

    Sniffle Powder: Formed from treated deku nut extracts, this powder mixes with moisture to form a highly abrasive black substance that irritates the eyes and nose, causing temporary inflammation and in most mammals, crying and sniffling. Its most effective use is direct contact to the eyes and nose.

    Instagrow: A fairy dust base is used in this brew, which causes any small plant seedling to grow to its full maturity. One bottle grows one plant.

    Hot Rocks: A unique creation, it utilizes more fairy magic to cause normal stones to turn hot. It takes approximately three minutes for a stone to reach a maximum temperature of 103 degrees Celsius. After 1 hour of use, it must be recharged by sitting for 3 hours in direct sunlight.

    Red Potion: Cures moderate wounds almost instantly with one bottle.

    Green Potion: Fully charges Alina's innate Zora magic.

    Battle Strengths: Alina uses her natural agility in water to avoid danger, and makes use of her various alchemic creations to help defend of her. This typically gives her an element of surprise in even land-based situations.

    Battle Weaknesses: Alina is small and weak, thus easily overpowered when she can’t escape. She has no combat experience and only a few encounters with water-based predators.

    Personality: Alina is optimistic, quirky, and observant. She tends to be a quiet person because she thinks more than she talks, but she is unafraid of strangers and loves to talk about her work. Her youth is hardly a deterrent in her quest to understand the unknown, so she approaches even potential danger light-heartedly, eager to poke and prod to get a reaction. Lively in spirit, she tends to move her mind more than her body, frequently making her absent-minded as she considers new experiments and formulas. Even the fact that Hyrule is now underwater doesn’t bother her, as it presents a whole new world of discoveries.

    Alina was raised in Zora’s Doman, and only recently isolated from her parents when disaster struck Hyrule. She was quickly declared a child prodigy for her alchemic discoveries, and has even written recipes for potion dealers all across Hyrule. Though she spent a great deal of time at her personal lab in Zora’s Domain, she also travelled the rivers frequently to find new ingredients and people to trade with. When Ganon’s reign began, however, her short travelling life came to an end, and she focused on helping her people counter the monsters that began to appear around their home.

    (Sig pic by Aoi Tori)
    ~Fairby Minions~

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  • This is my first time trying one of these things, so here is my character.

    Name: Aercus
    Sex: Female
    Age: 22
    Race: Gerudo

    Height: 6 ft 1 in
    Weight: 120 lb
    Hair Colour/Style: Red, single braid, shoulder-length
    Eye Colour: Light Brown

    Appearance: Aercus is tall and wiry, with long legs and long arms, somewhat muscled as most Gerudo are. Her upper left arm and shoulder are somewhat disfigured and overdeveloped from years of drawing the bow. Her style is utilitarian, hair in a braid to keep it out of the way, her clothing simple formless hooded tan robes, designed to keep out the desert heat and allow for ease of motion and maneuverability. She goes barefoot, and wears leather gloves. Her robes have a dust mask she can tie over her face if necessary. Her face is sharply angular, a long, thin nose. Her skin is the light brown common to Gerudos.

    Hyrule Home: Wastes outside of the Spirit Temple.

    Survival Gear: Hawkeye, messenger bag, waterskins, tinderbox, spile, knife, cold-weather clothing, clawshot.

    Weapons: Recurve composite bow 140lb draw weight, normal and bomb arrows. Curved dagger
    Armor: None

    Magic and Skills: Aercus lacks magical abilities.

    Battle Strengths: Having spent nearly her entire life training with and hunting with her bow, Aercus is a master archer, especially when firing from a still position, though she is still competent at firing when moving. She is also an expert hunter, skilled in tracking and stealth. Her swiftness and agility help her mobility. Her reflexes give her some ability at close range.

    Battle Weaknesses: Aercus is unused to fighting at close range and has no training in hand-to-hand fighting. Additionally, she is not very strong outside of her bow arm, and can be overpowered somewhat easily.

    Personality: Aercus is very unused to human interaction, very rarely seeing anyone since her parents' deaths at age 8. As such she is very reclusive, and often caustic when she does interact, do to a lingering distrust as a result of the situation her parents put her in. With little to do in the abandoned wastes, she has developed a desire to push her skills to the limit, and thus tends to respect those who display feats of martial prowess.

    History: Aercus was raised in the Gerudo fashion, an only child, until she was 8, when her parents decided to attempt an excursion to the Spirit Temple. Both were killed while inside, and Aercus was left to fend for herself. She managed to escape the temple, and spent the next 12 years of her life surviving in the desert, gaining food through hunting. Finally, at 20 years of age, she attempted to escape the desert, and succeeded in a two year-long journey, only to be forced to escape the floodwaters by climbing the tallest mountain she could find.
  • Name: Viola
    Sex: female
    Age: 18
    Race: Hylian

    Height: 5'3
    weight: (She'd Rather Not Say)
    Hair Color/Style: Brownish/Blonde straight long length locks
    Eye Color: Light Grey

    Appearance: Viola is a hylian she's thin but with an hour-glass shape, and cute facial features. Big round grey eyes, a small pointed noise, small pointed ears like all hylians, and small round pink lips (her smile is known all around town). Her Brownish/Blonde hair flows long towrds her lower back and has bangs pinned to each side to keep out her face with pink pins. Her light fair skin and rosie cheeks make her one of the prettiest girls in Hyrule. She wears a white tight long sleave button blouse with dull pink trimmings that fit and show off her shape, and an ankle length 2 layerd skirt (top layer is grey and bottom is rose red). she wears gold like colored sandles, and a gold necklace with a pendent she recived from her late father.

    Viola loves getting dressed up in Hyrule's finest garb. she is notably noticed for her tight tops and long length skirts witch cover most of her body but show off and are accustom to her shape. Around her waist she carrys her fathers tan leather belt with a knife holster and small pouch she crafted herself for carrying unique items, gloves, and a small alchemy book.

    Hyrule Home: Hyrule Castle Town

    Survival Gear: Her late fathers leather belt, witch includes a knife holster for her hunting knife. Attatched is her own hand made bag made with high quality leather. Contents in the bag include items and bottles to craft unique potions.
    Contents Include...
    *3 odd mushrooms
    *2 odd potions
    *3 eyeball frogs
    *1 bottle
    *small sack of fairy dust
    *deku stick (for mixing)
    *gloves (for handaling poisionious materials)
    *Small worn out alchemy book

    Weapons: Hyrule hunting knife
    Armor: None

    Magic & Skills:

    Alchemy Book- Violas alchemy book is full of modern and special recipes to create Red, Green, and Blue potions. some spells may backfire due to her medium level of magic and missing/worn out pages, but can be completed with luck.

    Red Potion- Heals a small amount (6-8 hearts) of Viola or allies health meter.
    Green Potion- Restores a small amount of Viola or allies magic meter.
    Blue Potion- Heals And Restores the health/magic meter of Viola or allies almost completely... Or.. depletes a small amount of health when it backfires.

    Explosive Potions- Using energy from her magic meter Viola can whip up a small harmful explosive potion for battle.

    Share Ability- Viola has the ability to share her potions with multiple allies at once. But this ability can be used only once as it deplete's her energy meter completely.

    *All potions can only be made out of battle, not during.

    Hunting Knife Skills
    When Viola was at the age of 13 her father taught her brother to be strong and fend for himself, Viola was never the type to do so, so her father entrusted her with a special Hunting Knife instead, he taught Viola the usage and skills for this blade and told her to hold it for safe keeping until she really needed it. Viola can use her Hunting Knife in battle, crafted in Hyrule with the finest of materials it will never break and will not dull as quick as other blades. Using some of her magic meter, Viola can perform a quick 2x slash faster and a bit stronger then her regular attack.

    Battle Strengths: Despite Her femminen appearance Viola is relatively strong and quick on her feet, and can take a hit or two. She can fight along side allies using skills with her hunting knife.
    Battle Weaknesses: Viola is more often to catch attention from monsters and enemies, and sometimes will panic and freeze in fear. Although fast in movement, her attack's are slow and close range only.

    Personality: Viola is shy, sweet, and caring, and sort of a book worm. She always puts her friends first. With strangers Viola tends to keep to herself and will follow instead of lead. Viola despises being left alone, but takes orders well and always offers a helping hand. She's akward and clumsy and always tries to see the brighter side of a bad situation. Viola tries to make every situation as enjoyable as possible.

    History: Viola grew up in the Hyrule castle town, with a very wealthy family, her father, mother and brother. When Viola was 15 she lost her father to a illness. From that day on she vowed to help others in need and learn spells and healing magic to create wonderful potions. She travled Hyrule at a young age to meet others who were into potion crafting where she would share and learn alchemic recipes to craft potions. Upon Violas return Hyrule was in a dark setting during Ganon's attack, Viola and her family fled along with the rest of the town to Kakariko Village. During this time Viola lost nearly everything. The horrific events were followed by a giant wave that swallowed the Hyrule lands, Viola knew not to give up just yet, leaving her lost ones, the flud, and broken heart behind she found a way to reach higher grounds. With high hopes she pushed onward.

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  • Name: Hana
    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Race: Gerudo

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Hair Color/Style: Like most Gerudo, Hana has long red hair which she tends to keep in a ponytail. It reaches her butt. Her hair tie is very ornate. On an onyx base, she has a ruby about the size of a half dollar attached.
    Eye Color: Amber

    Appearance: Hana looks like most of her Gerudo sisters. She has light brown skin, covering her muscular athletic body which has become littered with scars from her time at war. While she isn't particular curvy, she does have a feminine form. Luckily for her, her breasts aren't particular big - about B to C cup. On her left bicep is a black tattoo of the Gerudo people.

    She has round ears and a prominent nose - common traits of the Gerudo. Her face is rather angular and she has golden smokey mascara and pierced ears with small golden hoops.

    Resting around her neck is a choker made out of iron and gold. Attached is another onyx base with a ruby this time which is slightly smaller than her fist.

    Her breasts are covered by a singular piece of thick purple cloth. In white thread, the common rectangular pattern goes around this wrap. She has purple genie pants with white bandages wrapped around her ankles. Her feet are covered with purple-like pointed slippers. The closest way they can be described is like moccasins.

    Hyrule home: Gerudo Desert

    Survival Gear In a small brown leather bag, Hana has shoved as much as she could possibly carry with her, which she is loathe to admit, isn't as much as she wanted.
    • (2) Red potions - Cures moderate wounds almost instantly with one bottle.
    • (3) Three Deku Nuts - When thrown, Deku Nuts release a blinding flash that stuns most regular enemies
    • Purple thread and steel needle - Normally used for repairing clothes, when properly sterilized, it can be used for sewing wounds together.
    • Bow string
    • Fletching The aerodynamic stabilization of arrows or darts with materials such as feathers, each piece of which is referred to as a fletch.
    • Medical Kit A wooden box that contains five feet of gauze, herbal ointment for open wounds, cloth compresses, and liquid ointment for burns. Also inside are two red potions. (.2lbs)
    • Leather Backpack - The pack itself has one large compartment and leather ties to strap the blanket and mat to the bottom.
    • Wool blanket - A red thick wool blanket and is 3x6ft large. (1lbs)
    • 30 ft long rope - A regular string of rope that is 30ft long. (1lbs)
    • Knife - Forged from iron, about 4 inches in length with one sharp edge and one serrated edge. Used for numberless functions in the wilderness. (.2lbs)
    • Flint and steel - A set of flint and steel for making fires. (.2lbs)

    Weapons: Hana carries a glaive - a European polearm weapon, consisting of a single-edged blade on the end of a pole. The steel blade is 18 inches long at the end of a 7-foot oak pole.

    She also carries a composite bow - a traditional bow made from horn, wood, and sinew laminated together. The horn is on the belly, facing the archer, and sinew on the outer side of a wooden core. When the bow is drawn, the sinew (stretched on the outside) and horn (compressed on the inside) store more energy than wood for the same length of bow. Its range is 250-300 yards and can reach speeds up to 45-50 mph.

    In her quiver - made up of wood and animal hide - she has 20 steel three feet arrows. The arrows she has is bodkin point - a square-section arrowhead, generally up to 4.5 inches and 1 cm thick at its widest point, tapered down behind this initial "punch" shape. Bodkins have greater ability to pierce mail armor than broadheads, and historical accounts do speak of bodkin arrows shot from close range piercing plate armor.

    Armor: Stolen from the Spirit Temple, Hana has come into possession of the silver gauntlets. Once belonging to the fabled Hero of Time, these gauntlets allow her to lift rocks and move huge stone blocks when she wears them.

    Magic and Skills: As a Gerudo, Hana was born into a warrior society. She was taught how to use various different weapons such as glaives, dual scimitar swords and bow and arrows. She also is a capable equestrian, and of course - thief.

    Of course, while she has experience in a lot of different weapons she doesn't excel in any one area.

    However, after the emergence of Ganondorf and the call for the genocide of her people, she is excellent at hiding and surviving in unfavorable conditions. Her strength of the spirit has allowed her to survive in harsh and unfavorable conditions.

    Battle Strengths: Hana may not have any particular special weapon ability, but she has experience in a whole bunch. Fighting monsters, killing others - Hana has fought many a people of all different races and came out alive. Hana is a hardened soldier whose ability to fight and survive - sometimes by sheer spirit alone - are unparalleled.
    Battle Weaknesses: Hana was born in a desert environment and thrives in a desert environment. She was never taught to swim. While she can trend water for a few minutes she will eventually sink like a rock. She also doesn't do as well in cold environments.

    While she also may have lots of practice in various forms of weapon training, she doesn't excel in any particular one area. As a result it is possible for someone with extensive training to beat her. Also, she is one person - she isn't Rambo. She doesn't do so well in one vs. everyone type deals.

    Personality: Hana believes in taking destiny in her own hands. She isn't nor was ever content to sit around and do nothing and pray. She believes carving out your own destiny and changing your own fate because if you sit around on your ass, you will accomplish nothing and sometimes, you won't like what happens.

    Hana has very bitter feelings towards the other races of Hyrule. She has been hunted, prosecuted and demonized. To the best of her knowledge, she is one of the very few survivors of the Gerudo race and in a couple generations, they will be no more. What she really regrets is forcing to take her sister's lives while protecting these people. Part of her wonders if it was even worth trying to do anything and losing so much if the goddesses just flooded their land anyways.

    Hana like other Gerudo appreciates talent when she sees it. However, just because you show talent doesn't mean she will necessarily respect you. Due to the long and bitter history she has endured, she fears what is to become of her now that they are trapped on one little island and what is to happen to her people. They have nowhere to hide, people want them dead and she has reached the mentality if they want to take her down, she will take as many as she can with her.

    She's like an injured animal backed in a corner. One wrong move and she will cut you man.

    History: Hana has lived in the Gerudo Desert all her life. Like many of her sisters, she didn't take well to outsiders in the Gerudo Desert and only seemed to go about in the town to fool around. Despite the inherent racism faced by her and her people and the difficulty they had being served anywhere due to sore lingering feels of the whole Ganondorf fiasco, Hana never really feared for her life.

    That was until the King of Evil returned.

    Fear ran rampant and racism began to show itself. At first it was the occasional lynch mob of any Gerudo caught outside of the desert. The more time passed and the longer the people's hope the hero would appear to save them once again, the more Gerudo were prosecuted and the more anarchy began to reign.

    The Gerudo - some of whom had returned to Ganondorf's side just to protect themselves or seek revenge for their fallen sisters - were blamed and there was systematic hunting done of the Gerudo race.

    Hana - who feared for her life and the continued existence of her race - managed to break into the Spirit Temple. It was hard, but she managed to find the silver gauntlets. She decided if the hero wasn't appearing, the only way the killing would stop if a Gerudo became the hero.

    Encouraging bands of her sisters to follow her, they launched an attack on Ganondorf's forces to save towns and villages across Hyrule. Unfortunately not only were they killed by Ganondorf's forces but by the people they were trying to save.

    Nobody it seemed wanted to take destiny into their own hands, let alone have a filthy Gerudo become their saving grace.

    That was when Hana learned of the flood. She tried to return to the desert to alert the last remaining people of the Gerudo who managed to escape the genocide, but she never made it. She was forced to find high ground at the nearest point when it became apparent she just needed to trust in the Sand Goddess to protect her sisters.

    :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
    Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
    Characters | The Time Lost | The Rumors We Believe | Ruki's Reviews

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  • First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted a character. This is a fantastic turn-out, and it looks like I've received seven submissions for characters! Once I have approved all of your profiles, I'll take the liberty of starting the ZRPG in-character thread, though there are some things I'll be discussing with all of you at that point. Before we get to that, however, a few more details about approving:

    *If you PM'd your character, once I have approved it, you may post it in this thread.
    *Once a character is approved, I will "Like" the post so others can see it has been approved.
    *I will add a hyperlink in the beginning post to your character's profile post so everyone will have reference to him/her.
    *Approvals are still open, as I will probably end up splitting this ZRPG into two groups.
  • Name: Garett
    Sex: Male
    Age: 36
    Race: Human

    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 145lbs
    Hair Color/Style: Brunette. Long hair held in a ponytail.
    Eye Color: Light Green

    Appearance: His clothes are mostly stolen, usually from the middle class of people, so not that fancy, but rather varied on the day. He did have glasses specifically made for him when he had the money to do so. Has a silver ring on his left ring finger, he stole it because he thought it looked nice.

    He is rather slim, not much fat or muscle, but not extremely skinny. Has a goatee, and rather noticeable sideburns. Has an orange ponytail hair tie.

    Hyrule Home: Kakariko Village, usually camped out in Hyrule Field.

    Survival Gear: Biggest Bomb Bag, and a Small sized pouch which contains:
    3 Bottles of red potion.
    A separate small bag, which carries around a good amount of scrap metal.
    Gold and Silver Scales

    Weapons: Small Dagger, Smoke Bombs, bombs.
    Armor: No Armor.

    Magic and Skills: As a thief, he is good at pickpocketing and picking locks.
    Has an innate sense for danger.
    Good at hunting.
    Very good at swimming.
    Can make his own daggers and lock picks.

    Battle Strengths: Very fast, can escape well. Is good at sneaking about, attacking the enemy when unknown.
    Battle Weaknesses: Very physically weak. Can’t take many hits, nor deal them well on an enemy with heavy armor.

    Personality: A kind man who has an optimistic approach to the end of the world. His belief that the denizens of Hyrule need to work together keep his hope of surviving alive. His time in prison had hardened him a bit, but still was fairly unchanged.

    He gets rather emotional when his family is brought up, to the point of breaking down on the spot. However, he is generally level headed, and will get the job done when ready.

    Garett is rather quick witted, and can be fairly sarcastic when he feels it is okay to be. He never gets angry, though he can get annoyed fairly quickly depending on what you are doing.

    History: Garett hailed from a fairly wealthy family that lived in the Castle Town, but he had wanted his own wealth, so he left his home when he was around eighteen. A year later, he was a homeless man on the brink of starvation.

    He had too much pride for his own good, so he would not return to his family for food. One night, he noticed a particularly wealthy man drop a bag of rupees. Seeing the man not turn around to retrieve it, he snatched for himself, and his thievery had begun there.

    In the years that pass, he learns how to pick locks and pickpocket effectively. He learned to hunt and decided that living on the fields was a much better than in the Castle Town or Kakariko Village.

    He didn’t steal much at a time, only enough for about a week, always from different people. He became rather notorious, but was never reported, because no one knew who had stolen from them. He did well, until he had gotten greedy.

    One night, when he was around twenty-six, he decided to go big. It was rather late in the Castle Town, so he had decided to steal from a richer family. When he got in the house, a sudden wave of nostalgia had hit him. He shrugged it off, and continued his raid. All was well, until he accidentally smashed a pot.

    “Who’s there!?” yells a man, and when the lights go on, Garett knows he is in trouble. He prepares to fight his way out, when he sees the man’s face. His father.

    Garett freezes, just staring all wide eyed. The man immediately calls for the guards, and soon after, Garett is arrested. As he is pulled away, he tears up a bit, and all he could think was, “He didn’t recognize me.”

    It was a quick sentence, one in which the King and the Princess were in attendance. A year in prison, enough time to atone and think of what he has done. A year goes by, lifelessly. Before he knows it, he is released.

    After he leaves, he vows to never return to the Castle Town, unless in extreme emergency. He leaves, and his career in thievery sky-rockets.

    He carries around a dagger know, always ready. Not ruthless, but never afraid again. He had the pleasure of training with a remaining Sheikah, who had helped him hone a sense to tell if danger was close. He was also taught how to effectively use his dagger.

    He had become rather friendly with the Goron and the Zora, buying bombs from the Gorons, and receiving the scales from the Zoras.

    His sense for danger had helped him escape the floods that would soon engulf the land. He attempted to warn the people, but was ignored and called mad. He ascended Death Mountain when the lands had flooded, and had been living there since. He has been preparing to attempt contact with the Zoras.
  • Name: Gakuto
    Sex: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Gerudo

    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 200lbs
    Hair Color/Style: Dark brown: Shines ruby red in sunlight
    Eye Color: Amber

    Appearance: Olive coloured skin with freckled arms from sun exposure in the desert, 3 small jewel piercings in the left ear lobe, Gerudo marking at the nape of the neck with Gerudo lettering flowing down the spine. While not skinny in physique there is above average muscle mass (based heavily in the legs) underneath a little fat. Wearing a leather leotard with no sleeves, Gakuto also wears a makeshift poncho that is also used to sleep under. He dons he feet in light yet durable boots that allow him to move swiftly and quietly. From fights with other Gerudo he has only one canine tooth, the other replaced with a stolen jewel he chipped into shape.

    Hyrule home: Gerudo Desert, outskirts

    Survival Gear (Carried inside the poncho when not worn) Grappling hook, rope, dagger, green potion x 2, Companion fairy (named Ta’so),

    Weapons: Bow and arrows, two daggers
    Armor: Gauntlets, gloves, and chest mail

    Magic and Skills: Can create small fires with palms (only enough for camp fires, not combat ability)
    When sleeping; a dark aura surrounds his body
    Fast and quiet on land (drudging through desert makes for strong legs)
    Strong Climber
    Weak swimmer
    Stealthy given his size
    Good at spotting movement patterns in creatures and people

    Battle Strengths: Swift and wields dual daggers make for a formidable duo. He can spot rivals weaknesses. Good long range with a bow and arrow but is slow to deploy at shorter ranges (hunting skill)

    Battle Weaknesses: Light armour means that a single mistake in close range combat could result in major injury and blind spots whilst aiming with a bow and arrow causes him to be occasionally flanked while concentrating.

    Personality: A shy and quiet Gerudo boy that was often bullied as a youngster for being an outsider. Gakuto has grown into a mature independent man who relies on himself and himself alone. Quick to turn down help offered by others, though he does not ignore the sentiment. He seems cold on the exterior but has fire in his veins. If he could ever open up to someone nobody knows, as he hasn’t spoken since he became adolescant.

    History: Shunned as a young boy for being born male at the wrong time and showing magical abilities that are unusual for his kind. His mother abandoned him at the age of 5 in the desert. She was a frequent visitor of Kakariko village so his father could have been one of many men. He grew up living on the outskirts of Gerudo desert and Hyrule field, leaving the desert only to hunt for food, as he felt uncomfortable in wetter climates. At the age of 18 he felt that he must look for his mother once more to seek acceptance. On his travels he met Ta’so, a fairy that had wandered out of the lost woods, and together they discovered many people who pointed him in the right direction, only to find that a drunken Kakariko villager had killed her. Because of this he has a fierce distrust of intoxicated people, be it alcohol or other substances. His magical prowess did not begin to show until after the discovery of the death of his mother. Beginning only as a red-hot heat in his palms, he gradually taught himself to light fires and cook using nothing but magic. Doing so drains his energy so he has to sleep regularly to recharge. At the age of 21 Ganons rule over Hyrule began and animals began to disappear from Hyrule field, forcing Gakuto into the mountains that were still untouched by evil. Luckily this meant at the time of the flood he was already safe, so helped others leave Hyrule behind them; still not speaking a word.
  • Name: Kempe
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Zora

    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 176 lbs
    Hair Color/Style: Formerly a scaled headtail, Kempe’s was severed, his head somewhat misshapen, although fairly close to a Hylian’s skull shape, especially with the hood he wears.
    Eye Color: Dark blue, almost black, without any iris or whites.

    Appearance: Kempe is tall and well built, a Zoran warrior by birth. His skin is white with the faintest shade of blue mixed in, with the blue becoming deeper around his joints. His face is narrow and angular, with sharp, high cheekbones and a somewhat prominent nose.

    The most noticeable features of Kempe are the ones that distinguish him from the other Zora, however. His headtail is gone, carved off, leaving his head roughly the shape of a Hylian’s, with a mass of scar-like white skin around where the headtail would have started. Where his fins once went out from his forearms is similarly scarred, both fins torn off. He’s littered with smaller, older scars, from his time as a warrior fighting for Zora’s Domain.

    Unlike other Zora, Kempe wears clothes. His entire lower body is clad in leather armor, consisting mostly of a central torso segment with straps on the side, two pauldrons, and leather gauntlets covering his hands and going up to his elbows. Below a leather belt, a skirt-like segment of leather goes down to his knees, over leather boots. Under all this he wears a black long-sleeved tunic and grey pants, which is what he wears when not wearing the armor. Over his head he wears a leather hood and a wooden mask, the mask have a small slit over the mouth shaped somewhat like a frowning face and two open holes where his eyes peer out.

    At his side is his bag, strapped to the leather belt, and connected to his leather gauntlets are two blades attached around the upper forearm to a mechanism, sticking blade outwards. At his sides are two empty sheaths that fit the blades attached to his forearms, and on the front of his belt is a boomerang.

    Hyrule Home: Lake Hylia, formerly Zora’s Domain.

    Survival Gear:
    Three bottles of Lon Lon Milk, two cooked salmon, one raw eel.


    Twin Blades: Kempe’s own inventions, with some help from the Professor who lives at Lake Hylia. The twin blades were built to be able to emulate the Zoran warrior’s “sword-fins”, and attach to a mechanism on Kempe’s gauntlets near the forearm. When attached to the mechanism the blade of the swords faces outwards and can be used to slice and cut, while stabbing isn’t really possible when the blades are in this position.

    Taking this into account, the weapons are designed to have two other ways of use. The mechanism at the gauntlet can allow for the blade to swing upwards and turn, making the point of the weapon stick up past the hand almost like he’s holding it, with the blade still sticking out away from the arm, allow for stabbing and slashing. The blades can also be detached entirely from the mechanism and held by the hilts like normal blades, allow for quick changes between the two styles at will without needing the mechanism. The blades are two and half feet long and made of iron.

    Boomerang: A simple boomerang, the boomerang is a tan-brown color and set with a red gem where the two sides meet, with two green stripes covering it at the ends. The boomerang can stun most enemies and kill things like Keese and return to the hand, regardless of what it hits.

    Armor: Kempe wears fairly standard leather armor, covering most of his body, along with a leather hood and wooden mask over his face. This offers some minimal protection, although the armor is easily patched and fixed compared to other armors.

    Magic and Skills:
    Inherent Zora Ability (Zora Fin Blades): Although no longer usable, Kempe does have the Zoran Warrior’s ability to transform their fins into sword-like appendages, also being capable of launching them out like boomerangs. Kempe cannot actually use this ability anymore ever since his fins were torn off, but he still holds the ability to do so if he still had his fins.

    Battle Strengths: Kempe is a trained warrior and tough as nails, raised to defend Zora’s Domain from any threat. He uses his Twin Blades to quickly adjust to different fighting styles and is a rather accomplished swordsman.
    Battle Weaknesses: Kempe was at his finest when he fought in the water, darting around with his fins and slashing with his fins. Now that he can’t do either, he’s in fairly new territory, trying to get used to fighting on land without as much maneuverability. Although he did get his hands on a boomerang from the travelling caravan, he has no idea how to use it, and still sometimes tries to use his abilities which he can no longer actually use, like a phantom limb he still thinks he has.

    Personality: Kempe is an honor-bound warrior who believes most firmly in what could be called “kharma”. If you do something bad, you’re going to be punished eventually, and if you do good, you’ll be blessed. When he swears an oath, he holds to it.

    Kempe’s biggest issue is, strangely, his insubordinate nature. In situations where the person giving him orders and his oath or belief in what is right conflict, he’ll dismiss the person giving the orders, believing his oath and duty to be above them, and his true leader in what to do. He’s said before that he follows concepts and truth, not men, for men waiver.

    There’s a lot that gets Kempe fired up or angry, mostly people he views as dishonorable like thieves. He tends to view people in very black and white terms, which can cause problems. He tends to default Gerudo to thieves or monsters, all Zora to “people who betrayed me”, such and such. This makes him rather prejudiced in most of his interactions.

    History: Kempe was born and raised as a Zora warrior, trained from birth to defend the Domain from attack and help the citizens. One of the biggest moments of his childhood was when he sworn the oath to the Zoran Queen to defend those in danger and fight in her honor. He was always taught to keep to his promises, and he saw this oath as the biggest promise of his life.

    Time passed and he grew older and older, eventually becoming one of the most respected warriors in the Queen’s service, working under a superior officer by the name of Emir, a deeply patriotic and controlling Zora who valued order and peace at any costs. Kempe and Emir clashed often, but nothing flared into direct conflict until Kempe was 19.

    Four years after Ganodorf’s return, a more massive attack then usual marched on Zora’s Domain, hiding in the Zora’s River and preparing to attack Lon Lon Ranch and Castle Town as well. Emir was dead-set and ordered all of his warriors to remain in the Domain to defend, but Kempe was quick to realize that a band of traders was passing by the mouth of Zora’s River, who although armed, would be no match for the dark forces along the River. As night fell, Kempe abandoned his post against direct orders from Emir, dead set on warning the traders and defending their escape if necessary, viewing not doing so as breaking his oath…he’d sworn to defend all those in danger, not just Zora’s Domain.

    Heading through a hidden passage to Lake Hylia, Kempe managed to run across the field and arrived just in time to warn the human caravan, covering them as they fled and taking out three of the monsters before running himself, returning to Zora’s Domain as the fighting died down and the monsters were scattered.

    Emir, furious at Kempe’s insubordination and determined to make sure none of his other men disobeyed him again, dragged the Zora off into the night. With his squad assisting out of fear, the commander had Kempe’s fins torn off and his headtail carved off completely, saying that he’d dishonored himself by disobeying orders and wasn’t worthy of being called a Zora if he wasn’t willing to stand and defend their home when he was told to. Leaving the warrior to die and believing his men sufficiently put in their place, Emir returned to the Domain, telling Kempe as he left that as his superior officer, he was exiling him from the Domain for his actions.

    In agony, Kempe lay dying, before he was rescued. The trade caravan had returned, planning on giving their hero gratitude for his actions, only to find him bleeding and alone. Using what red potion and other methods they could, they managed to heal him up…his headtail and fins were gone forever, but the wounds sealed up, at the very least. Kempe stayed with them awhile, before leaving them to go to Lake Hylia, accepting a boomerang as a gift as he left.

    Living at the lake, Kempe began work on replacing what he’d lost. He could no longer swim as he once did, so he practiced swimming like a Hylian would. His fins were gone, so with the assistance of the Professor living at Lake Hylia, a man who had found the abandoned lab by Lake Hylia and decided to take residence. Gathering up strength, Kempe clad himself in leather armor purchased from the rangers at Lon Lon Ranch and finished his arm blades, determined to become a Knight of Hyrule if the Zoras would no longer have him as a warrior.

    Unbeknownst to him, Emir had recently been banished himself, found guilty of murder after what he’d done to Kempe was released by his comrades in arms, the stories spread across the Domain that Kempe had abandoned his post and died in dishonor revealed as lies.

    Before Kempe could join the knights, however, the Flood began. Running along with some others, Kempe scaled one of the mountains, with the flood waters just behind him, taking the Professor away in a furious wave. Now he lays at the top, lungs bursting, legs still not used to running on land collapsed under his own weight.

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  • Name: Krako
    Sex: Male
    Age: 65
    Race: Goron

    Height: 7’6”
    Weight: 600 lbs.
    Hair Color/Style: Grey, rocky
    Eye Color: Black

    Krako is like many Gorons in appearance; he stands tall, and possesses a mottled, rock-textured skin. His hair, too, is grown and groomed into jagged spikes that jut straight back from his head. The typical Goron Ruby tattoo is present on both of his shoulders.
    Unlike most Gorons, Krako is more visibly muscular than most Gorons (though still has quite the stomach), and generally displays a stern expression, rather than a dopey one. This isn’t always intentional, however. It is simply his natural, neutral expression.

    Hyrule home: Goron City

    Survival Gear: Belt, Big Bomb Bag.

    Weapons: None
    Armor: None

    Magic and Skills: Krako can use magic to create spikes when he is rolling; however, his magic energy is fairly low, and he cannot use this ability extensively without getting tired.
    Krako also possesses a surprising amount of coordination. This, combined with his training and strength, allow him to strike accurately and powerfully.

    Battle Strengths: Krako is a tough opponent due to his Goron strength and rock-like armoured skin. Underestimating Krako as a “bumbling brute” is a dangerous thing, as he can curl and roll at incredible speed with the force of a boulder, and is a smarter fighter than he lets on. His ability to time the detonation of the “Goron Special Crop” is well-respected amongst his peers, and he has been known to artificially alter the fuses on them before battles to different ends.

    Battle Weaknesses: Though a smart fighter, Krako is a linear thinker. He has difficulty grasping concepts that don’t follow his own thought progression, which includes many kinds of deception and deceit, as well as abstract ideas. This makes him rather easy to trick.
    In addition. Krako does not carry any weapons (save a stock of Goron Special Crop) or armour, relying solely on his rock-crushing hands and think skin to protect him. This can cause problems when fighting enemies that are resistant to his main fighting tactic, or enemies that can pierce his skin.

    Personality: Krako is a proud member of the Goron people, and his loyalty to them is unmatched. His pride as a Goron could be his downfall, as he can be goaded into actions he would not generally take when his people are insulted. He is rather like a Goron candy: rocky and tough on the outside, but filled with nice, warm lava. While generally gruff, those who earn his respect, whether by strength, skill, or intelligence, are elevated to new levels in his eyes and honoured with the title of “Brother” (regardless of gender).
    He is very introspective. Though he typically says little, he thinks much. Some consider him dim-witted for it, but the truth is he just doesn’t feel the need to talk much, firmly believing that actions speak louder than words. The rare times he does say more than a few words, he has trouble expressing himself. His minimal experience to non-Goron cultures contributes to this problem.
    Though confident in his fighting, he does not enjoy unless he feels his opponent truly deserves it. This is different from Goron tests of strength and manhood, which he greatly enjoys! Finding himself surrounded by smaller, squishier folk, he will attempt to reason with or intimidate opponents, at least until he gains a better understanding of their resistance to his blows.

    History: Krako’s life has followed a very typical routine from an early age. He would wake up, grab some pebbles for breakfast, practice his fighting skills with other Goron warriors, and then lift rocks for strength training. Most nights he would join his friends by the lava pool for a drink, and his weekends would be spent harvesting special crop for the city store. Given the isolation of Goron City and the lack of anything worth taking in the eyes of outsiders, Krako rarely got the chance to practice his fighting in real battles. The few times he did, he found almost too easy.
    Old Gorons in the city would occasionally tell tales of the other races. The Hylians, the Gerudo, the Zora… Krako knows none of them by name, but knows of the pointy-eared beings, the dark skinned women, and the walking fish. The rare Hylian traveller quickly dispelled any doubts Krako had regarding the veracity of the stories. To his regret, Krako avoided the man during his brief stay, and then he was gone.
    When Ganondorf returned, nothing changed for Krako. The occasional Hylian would survive the road of Death Mountain and reach Goron City for refuge from the evil below, only to quickly leave upon realizing that no food could be found there to satisfy their appetite. His evil had yet to reach the Gorons, and most of the mountain dwellers doubted it ever would, if even he had really returned. The Gorons generally took pity upon the Hylians after their journey there, though, and always escorted them safely back down the mountain.
    It was on one such trip that Krako discovered the truth to the sayings of these refugees. It wasn’t until Krako and the family of three he was journeying with reached the foot of the mountain that he realized evil was ripe in the air, and danger evident everywhere. A pair of Lizalfos ambushed them, and Krako was awarded his most difficult battle yet. Though their blades could not pierce his skin, the shock of their blows was jarring, and given enough time, Krako would certainly lose consciousness. Combined with their agile, darting movements, Krako had to fight harder than he ever had. By feigning poor skills and allowing them several hits, Krako allowed them to get cocky. He rolled into one, knocking him unconscious. Krako stood to face the other, and it struck. Krako allowed it, thrusting his chest outwards in sync with the sword swing. The weapon snapped midway up the blade, and the lizard man fled in fear.
    With the family safe (or rather, as safe as possible), Krako began his solitary ascent. It was on this ascent that Krako saw the clouds gathering in the skies, and opted to take shelter in a cave before moving on. While looking for particularly tasty rocks near the back, he happened upon a very old inscription bearing symbols of the Three Goddesses, directly above a bomb flower. Looking closer, he discovered that it spoke of a time when divine intervention would be required to save the land from the King of Evil. “That time is likely now,” Krako said aloud. “But how could they stop this evil?” Just as he finished speaking, the bomb flower detonated, the wall bearing the inscription crumbled, and an enormous wave of water and rubble washed over him. He rose shakily to his feet and heard loud thunderclaps from outside. Walking to the mouth of the cave, Krako stared resolutely up at the torrential downpour. He would never be able to make it back to Goron City in time. All he could do was hope that they managed to seal off water pathways with boulders, or collapse key tunnels with the special crop, and survive. A determined expression on his face, Krako curled up, and with spikes activated for better traction in the muddy ground, sped off with great force to find safety…

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  • Name: Chaith

    Sex: male

    Age: 19

    Race: Hylian

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 122 lb.

    Hair Color/Style: Plain dark brown hair loosely kept, at a length of a mere few inches.

    Eye Color: green

    Appearance: Chaith has a toned face. His jaw and cheek bones are deeply defined, as well are his pointy ears. He has thin lips and an average button nose. He has broad shoulders and thin arms and legs. He lacks muscle, and probably floats like a stick - literally. You'd swear he starves himself, but that's just his very high metabolism. He has a somewhat noticeable rib cage though it's not something you'd instantly point out. He has minimal body and facial hair. Chaith wears a plain burlap vest with no sleeves. It goes down to a little bit below his waist, where his tan breeches start. Going further down, are a pair of tan sandals.

    Hyrule home: Castle Town

    Survival Gear -three inch brass pocket knife

    Weapons: Pocket knife if that counts. Armor: N/A

    Magic and Skills: -The common assumed power of Hylians and their ability to receive special messages from the Goddesses.

    -Night vision: lasts a few minutes, and can only be used once every few weeks.

    Battle Strengths: -Frets a lot and swings aimlessly, or as he likes to call it: quick on his feet.

    Battle Weaknesses: -If worst comes to worst, he'll act as a distraction. Although, the odds of him wimping out and watching his teammates fall are very high.


    Chaith wasn't born to any special way of living, but he wasn't a beggar on the streets of Castle Town either. His constant worrying of his father or mother never coming back always kept him in check with reality. He's filled with paranoia, and it would almost seem like second nature, and it's somewhat expected of him. He's awfully skittish and hates to take the lead. He also dreads being last in line.. or.. being part of the line at all. He'd rather watch from a distance, or a really nice corner. He likes to talk, just not about him. His lack of confidence constantly threatens his ability to be social and thus stands by while everyone else has fun. He does although enjoy a good listen, to a point, a decent smile, to an extent, and a good laugh, but not too often.


    Born to not the richest family in Hyrule, but not a pair of beggars either, Chaith has had a good life from others peoples lives- or so he likes to think. His whole childhood was composed of him sitting around his small plain brick room as his parents worked. His mother handling the finances and stock of a shop in Kakariko, and his father caring for the sick and dying. Other kids felt sad for Chaith and his fear of everything the world has to offer. During his pre-teen years, however, he came out a little bit more and more, taking gentle strolls back and forth from his family's house. His teen years were a bit more secluded, though. People gave him looks though not of disgust or bitterness but of sadness and pity. He really didn't do much with his life besides deeply think about a variety of subjects and such. Many people wonder how someone can live this way. If you ever ask him, he'd reply: "It's easy", but it's not. Days before the starting of the RP, Chaith found himself standing outside the Hyrule Castle draw bridge, staring profoundly at the massive lands out there.
    “Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!”
  • Name: Ela
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Race: Hylian

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 151 lbs.
    Hair Color/Style: Bright red hair that falls to his shoulders, which he keeps in a loose ponytail. His bangs fall freely.
    Eye Color: Light Blue.

    Appearance: Ela is of average height and weight and is somewhat lanky. He has very little muscle tone, seeing as he is more likely to sit around reading rather than exercise. That said, he is fairly fit, due to his profession, and has acquired a light tan from all the time he spends outside. He wears his hair in a ponytail most of the time, with some strands falling loose on the sides of his face.

    His ears and nose are pointed, and the former are pierced with small steel loops. His eyes are very expressive and are a light blue, a common trait for Hylians. Ela is almost always seen with a smile, and in fact almost appears as a different person when lost in thought or angry.

    He wears clothes typical of Hylian peasantry, but wears a large tan cloak overtop of them. He keeps a dagger sheathed at his side, and has many pouches tied to various parts of his body. He tends to carry a lot of things on him at any given time. He also keeps a green silk scarf on him, that he bought for his sister. He keeps it tied around his waist, usually, to make sure it doesn't go missing before he can give it to her.

    Hyrule home: Near Lake Hylia.

    Survival Gear: Ela carries two bottles on him at all times, as well as a wallet, a small messenger bag filled with scrolls, and four hidden pouches. At the moment, only one of them is filled, and it contains Deku Nuts. One of his bottles is empty, but the other one contains water. Most importantly, however, Ela owns, and often wears, a pair of Hover Boots.

    Weapons: A small dagger crafted by his brother.
    Armor: None.

    Magic and Skills: Ela is unable to use magic despite his family history of it, but he more than makes up for this with his ability to go undetected. He is quite stealthy and fleet-of-foot, and has a light touch.

    Battle Strengths: Ela is extremely quick and nimble. He's able run faster than most people when he's at his best. He's very agile and good at avoiding attacks, and is skilled at coming up with plans on the spot.
    Battle Weaknesses: Ela is not physically very strong, and so he tends to rely on tricks and plans, to the point where he tends to get too wrapped up in them and forgets to defend himself.

    Personality: Fun-loving and free-spirited, Ela loves nothing more than a good adventure. He is very good at keeping up appearances and even better at smooth-talking. This is fortunate, because he's quite talkative, to the point where people often have to tune him our or outright tell him to shut his trap. He's excitable and perky, and often behaves like a child when not required to act professionally (and even then, he could stand to be more disciplined). Although he's very strict with himself when it comes to getting work done, he generally disliked taking orders. He isn't much one for authority, but he'll fall into line when needed or if he respects who's giving the orders. He much prefers doing things his own way though, even if his ideas aren't always the brightest.

    In spite of how silly, impulsive, boisterous, and extroverted he is, Ela is quite the bookworm. He'll do just about anything to get his hands on a new book, especially histories and folktales. And once he gets to reading, nothing can pull him away from his books until he decides he's done. His love of learning doesn't stop at that, however; Ela is fascinated by other people, especially ones of other races (particularly rarer and more mythical ones, like the Sheikah). So because he will occasionally forget he can think before he speaks, Ela tends to ask really personal questions to strangers really quickly. He has put a lot of people off that way. But underneath it all, Ela is a sweet kid. He just happens to be a little misguided at times.

    History: Ela grew up with his family just outside of Hyrule proper. His parents are both scholars: his father studies history and his mother the more abstract arts, such as hexes and potion-making. As a result Ela grew up surrounded by books and scrolls, and is quite the scholar himself. Because of his mother's influence, he's pretty used to supernatural events. He finds the idea of ghosts perfectly normal, even fun. In fact, he often jumps at the chance to investigate graveyards or abandoned temples. He finds the realm of the supernatural almost as fascinating as the physical realm -- which is saying a lot! So when asked what his area of expertise is in terms of scholarly pursuits, Ela is most likely to claim to be an expert on myth. His parents have always supported his independent studies.

    Said studies had taken him all across Hyrule in search of new things, specifically treasures. He has explored many historical sites and ancient dungeons and temples in search of knowledge, and has picked up some interesting treasures this way. When exploring some nameless ruins one day, Ela happened to come across some interesting items, some of which he recognized from his books. Not needing them himself, he decided to take them to the market and peddle them on the street. The interest in his plunder amazed him; apparently, he'd found some really rare stuff! And certain people were very happy to pay for what he had found. One man in particular asked him where he'd gotten a nice wood carving, and so Ela explained how he had come across it in an abandoned temple filled with traps and dangerous-looking insects. The man seemed to be interested, and so offered Ela a handsome sum of rupees to bring back anything else he could find. And so he did. Word spread from that point on, and soon Ela found himself being commissioned from all sorts of people to find all sorts of things. Plus the occasional less-than-moral request, but money is money, and so Ela became known as a hired thief. He has become quite well-known in the underground for his skills. If given the choice, however, Ela would much rather explore a cave or some ruins than take someone else's property. This doesn't stop him from helping himself to things now and then, however.

    One such example includes the Hover Boots he wears. Said boots were acquired when investigating what rumours called the Shadow Temple in Kakariko Graveyard. He'd read about the temple's history regarding the Sheikah and the Hylian Royal Family, and was interested to see if they were true, or if he could find the treasures rumoured to be hidden within. He found a handful of things, mostly of historical value, within the first few rooms, but continued his search. The Hover Boots were found quite accidentally, and after he had gotten lost by wandering through some fake walls. It took him another few hours to get out, and he still hasn't returned to plunder further into the temple's depths. The boots were enough to satisfy him for the time being.

    When he wasn't stealing, exploring, or reading, Ela roamed in search of a cure for his sister's illness. Ela's younger sister has always been frail and sickly, and is often confined indoors if she can even manage to get out of bed. Her health was made worse by an attack from Gerudo thieves, and although they did not intend to hurt Ela's sister, he is unaware of this fact and considers the Gerudo his enemy. Because Ela does not know how exactly to cure his sister's sickness, he takes as many jobs as he can while searching in order to earn money in the hopes that a doctor will be able to help her.

    It was while he was exploring one day, on an expedition to a supposed burial site near Kakariko, that he received word of the impending flood. His mother had sent a letter after learning of it herself from some of her occult dabbling. Unfortunately, Ela was far from home when he received the letter, and wouldn't be able to make it to his family in time. But he assured them he would find a way to survive it and meet them on the surface, whenever that may be.
  • Name: Gormarcus
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32
    Race: Goron

    Height: 7’9’’
    Weight: 750lbs.
    Hair Color/Style: White, spikey main that goes to the top of his head to his shoulder blades.
    Eye Color: Black

    Appearance: Much like his people, Gormarcus is large boned with dark brown, stony skin. His eyes are small and his face wide, featuring a huge mouth and button nose. He has a pot belly and large, flat feet, featuring a broad chest and shoulders as well. Even his fingers are a bit stubby, but the stony skin of his fingertips have been calloused. His overall appearance is a bit homely, and he even likes to wear a leather apron over his gray loincloth on occasion. There are also rock-like white ridges of skin on his forearms, elbows, most of his back, and shins.

    Hyrule home: Death Mountain

    Survival Gear
    *Sack of rocks: Weighing in around 200lbs is a large sack of rocks mined from the caverns of Death Mountain. Gormarcus never liked leaving work just for food, so he was quite happy to carry his sack of food up the mountain with him when the flood waters came. There are enough rocks in the sack to feed him for approximately 3 days.

    Smith’s Hammer: 2 feet in length with a 30 pound head of pure iron, this is the tool Gormarcus uses to forge weapons of all kinds. It has a wooden handle that is relatively new, as Gormarcus is prone to breaking it frequently.

    Blade of Gor: Gormarcus’ most prized possession. It is a longsword no less than 4 feet and four inches in length, forged from steel with an obsidian core. Though heavy, the blade’s balance has been enhanced by fullers that run along it, ending in a deadly tip. Both sides of the blade have also been expertly sharpened, and Gormarcus’ name has been etched into the sword’s hilt, which has been wrapped with black leather. While Gormarcus does not wield swords, it serves as a trophy of his greatest accomplishment, which he carries with him at all times since leaving Death Mountain.


    Stone Skin: Gormarcus’ skin is naturally hard and resistant to cutting. The majority of his skin takes a strong, sharp jab from a blade to draw blood, but the rocky ridges on his arms and legs are much harder to penetrate. He’s also resistant to extreme heat, able to withstand walking in lava with ease.

    Magic and Skills:
    Forging: Gormarcus is a skilled blacksmith, able to form all kinds of weapons, from the prized goron-made blade to the most efficient of arrowheads.

    Goron Strength: Gormarcus has the natural strength of his people, which allows him to pound and crush regular stone into bits. He can also lift twice his weight—a little over half a ton.

    Goron Roll: Gormarcus can curl up into a ball and roll across the ground. Unfortunately, he struggles to master his control while rolling, and frequently careens well of the path he meant to take.

    Battle Strengths: Strong and hardy, Gormarcus is difficult for anyone to fight in close combat. His extreme strength and tough skin deflects most normal blows, and his ability to roll can turn him into an unstoppable boulder.

    Battle Weaknesses: Gormarcus, like all gorons, is prone to drowning, and poor footing easily throws him off balance. Because he relies mostly on blind punching, his reflexes aren’t great and he is easy to maneuver around. His smoother skin also is easier to penetrate with physical attacks.

    Personality: Gormarcus is rather shy, even among his own kind. He isn’t fond of contests and is acutely aware of his simple-mindedness. His strength is borne of working the forge tirelessly, and he takes great pride in his work, which is acknowledged among his peers as well as the various merchants he trades with. Of course, Gormarcus has never had great use for money, using his smithy abilities to increase his own strength and intelligence, and thus permits his blades only to be sold to worthy warriors.

    Gormarcus was raised peacefully in Death Mountain, happily tinkering in the depths. At a young age, he was inspired to become a blacksmith when he heard the tale of the Hero and the great Biggoron Sword. His life’s dream has always been to make a blade that is the Biggoron sword’s equal, and if he is truly brilliant, a weapon that surpasses even that fabled, unbreakable blade. He has toiled day and night in this attempt, never satisfied with his end product.

    When Ganon reappeared and threatened Hyrule, Gormarcus lent his skills to the people of Hyrule, offering his blades up for those brave enough to bear them. He even helped fight off Ganon’s minions himself, wielding his hammer against creatures who dared to enter Goron territory. When the enemies simply became too overwhelming, like his brothers, he took up his most precious possessions and fled high into the mountains, only to watch in horror as water took over the world below.

    **Note: This is a character for use with the second group.
  • Hullo again, everyone!

    I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. There are still three people who haven’t quite gotten through the approval process just yet, but I am going to run through some necessary preliminaries anyways. Now that most of you have been accepted and the ZRPG is ready to begin its first big event, the one thing I need to do is ensure that everyone goes over the rules

    The ZRPG Rules (click here)

    There is a random word hidden in the rules. If you read them through, you will undoubtedly find it. Once you have this word, put it in a PM and send it to me. Once everyone has done this, I will start the first interaction event for the ZRPG, after which point it will begin in its own In-Character thread here in the Virtual Character Reality. Worry not about finding it when I start it—I will post a link to it in the beginning post of this thread.

    In the meantime, I have broken this ZRPG into two main groups. You will be roleplaying in separate in-character threads, but as we move forward, I will likely put all of you together before the end. I have posted the two groups here with the intent to give you a brief time to introduce yourself to your RP-mates and even coordinate with what you want to do with your characters. You can even start off with your characters as friends, acquaintances, rivals—basically anything, so long as you work it out with the other player.

    I strongly encourage you to get to know each other. Having buddies at the outset of this will make it easier for you to write with them and enjoy yourself, as well as avoid the typical sense of alienation that comes from working with groups this large. You can even use this thread to coordinate with others, or send them VMs or PMs. I will reward you for doing so, as having friends will make it much easier to survive in this very difficult situation. So, without further ado:

    Group 1:

    Group 2:
    *Captain Rauruma

    But Fairby! You put the Gerudo together so now all my racial hatred I prepared won’t have everyone at each other’s throats in the beginning! The point in this grouping actually was to avoid as much starting conflict as possible for a myriad of reasons. The first is because, as I’ve already mentioned, I really want all of you to be able to interact well together, so I’ve given you as much common ground as I could while trying to keep the groups balanced. The second is because you’re going to be on an empty, desolate island, and surviving on that alone will be difficult enough.

    If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask them in this thread or throw me a PM anytime. Thanks again for all your wonderful submissions, and I look forward to seeing all of your characters in the ZRPG!

    (Sig pic by Aoi Tori)
    ~Fairby Minions~

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  • We all ulgy sob at Gurren Lagann....

    Name: Captain Rauruma "The Red" Rivel
    Sex: Male
    Age: 26
    Race: Hylian

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 177 lbs
    Hair Color/Style: The Red's most distinguishing feature, his bright red hair is barely kept in place by an upper-back length pony tail, with the rest either hidden beneath a blue tied-back bandana or hanging over his face as bangs. His exposed chest sports surprisingly little hair, something he carries with shame, but he happily offsets this with some short but well maintained scruff stretching from ear to ear.
    Eye Color: A lighter shade of green.

    Appearance: Captain Rauruma can best be described as coordinated but careless. This applies to his appearance as much as anything else. His cloths give the impression that he, at one time, gave some thought to his wardrobe. But have long since fallen to the wayside.
    A light blue cap and tunic once went well together, but have since been torn into a make shift Bandana and Vest, barely keeping his hair in place and always showing off his lithe but proudly "hardened" physique. A pair of once-white pants are now dirtied knee level Shorts, while a pair of far-to-often repaired sandals help to expose his well tanned skin. A set of earrings, a pair of leather bracers, and a leather belt help to bring things together and keep his prized Sword in place. But, short of his messy hair yet well kept beard, it's his equally prized white Mantle with blue ends and unusual blue Feather with white ends that give him his well known appearance. The feather, once adorning his no-longer-a-cap cap, is now matted and has since been strung through and worn on a necklace. The mantle, now tattered and torn, is more of a waist length cape that barely catches the wind.

    Hyrule home: The Shores of Lake Hylia

    Survival Gear
    *A set of two grapple hooks on the back of his belt, often used to grab docks and double as mooring lines.
    *A Dagger hidden with in the right bracer for security and utility.
    *Three Deku Nuts hidden in the left bracer for security and more security.
    *An old Dodongo stomach bomb bag with 15 small charges tucked inside on the left side of his belt.
    *A small bottle of Blue Potion tucked away in his right pocket to keep him peppy and to power his "magic items."
    *A err.. large flask of "Adult" Lon Lon Milk tucked away there too just because.
    *Some Tinder and Matches in his left pocket.
    *Finally his Mantle and Feather which he swears gives him magic powers.

    Weapons: Nakura, a relic of a blade that for reasons unknown has never dulled or chipped. Though rather heavy looking, the Captain boisterously wields the steel long sword single-handedly whether easy or not. He swears that any one cut by it loses a part of their soul. Whether true or not, he believes it so to the point that he never brandishes it against people. His tavern hardened fists do that well enough.
    Armor: Years of hard labor have left his skin calloused and hard. Ask him about his spear wound, or any scar really, he claims he went knuckle to knuckle with a Goron three times his size! Though his stories are hard to believe, his toughened will and exterior makes small wounds like paper cuts. Not very effective, but something he'll be telling you about forever.
    Magic and Skills:
    A Sailor and a Tradesmen who's worked the Rivers of Hyrule for years, his understanding of sailing, bartering, and sense of direction are as keen as they come. He's famous among his fellow sailors for his ability to position a mast quick and single handedly using a duel set of grappling hooks. And surprisingly, despite his brick like stature, he can swim a swift current and balance a thin mast all with a hardy laugh. His hard laborious life, with a mouth that can't stay closed, has granted him a rigid body and a taste for fights and adventure. Yet despite a love of hero tales, he's far from above self-serving schemes and has been known to play Privateer in some of Hryule's darker canyons and backwater rivers. Whether fighting Moblins or fellow Sailors, his skills with a Sword are sharp and he's even sometimes known for dirty tricks.
    The only bit of magic he has is his fabled "Double Jump." He claims that his favorite cape and feather give him the ability to break the very laws of gravity and perform feats that makes seemingly no sense at all. It is said that, with the cost of some magic, his feather allows him to vertically leap 5 feet into the air. And just as he's coming down, his cape allows him to kick off from seemingly nothing at all to perform a second 5 foot jump! Landing like a feather with not a single stumble.
    Of course these are his own personal superstitions, claiming that their power had lied dormant until a fated meeting with the Great Fairy awakened their power. In all reality though, the power may just be inside HIM instead.

    Battle Strengths: Physically capable, well coordinated, an obnoxiously hard will to break, and not to shabby with some rope or a sword, Rauruma the Red has been called feared, self-absorbed, and even loud. But he has never been called incapable. And though no one has actually seen him do it, his "legendary" Double Jump makes him a force to be reckoned with. Why has no one ever seen it you say? He claims those who have either turned around to late, or are now to far underwater to recount.
    Battle Weaknesses: Over Confidence will be the death of that man. Something most sailors agree on. Always preaching tales or heroism or some recent clash with 5 Moblins at once, it's hard to believe anything he says especially knowing his shadier connections. He's skilled at what he does, but book smarts are far from his forté. And he's never been very good and catching hints or picking up body language from people. Except for of course when money is involved. A Greed as famous as his tall tales makes him easy to buy off. Though Ale and Rum tend to work just as well. Finally theirs the fact that working on the Hyrule waterways has always given him a homefield advantage when trouble sought him out. The stormy seas he'll now find himself on now not only dulls his proud sense of direction, but will prove a lot more difficult to sail than any river or lake he's touched in the past.

    Personality: What more is there to say? Captain Rauruma is loud, boisterous, and full of stories, but a proud Sailor if there ever was one. A simple man who works his vessel during the day and takes to the tavern for drink and merriment at night. But his off hours are filled with all manner of mystery and myths. Some say his tall tales are far from tall and he makes a hobby of facing down monsters for fun, or exploring canyon side caves for lost treasures. Others say he's not to be trusted, stealing away Zora shipments or hallowed treasures and selling them off to shady back alley businessmen in Castle Town. What ever the case, it's clear he loves what he does.

    History: Raised by his Mother, the boy's head was filled with the stories of his Father's adventures. A Hylian Knight who helped the people of Hryule when ever possible. Cut down in his prime, young Rauruma only really had those tales to remember his father by. Those and the glistening sword over the family fire place that he swore he would one day be worthy to wield. That day would come far too soon though as his mother fell ill. Passing to him her own family treasure, a feather to ward of evil and a mantle to keep him warm, once she turned cold Rauruma swore he would become a man his mother and father would be proud of. Taking up the blade his father left, he left into the world to make his name.
    This however proved harder than expected. With out proof of lineage, the young man couldn't become a Hylian Knight and would instead have to settle for a simple Soldier. Far from fitting his ideal future, he instead continued to do what he had been doing for years.
    In an attempt to help his poor mother, the future Captain picked up work as a deck hand on the lake to bring home food. As she fell ill, he began collecting money through one means or another in hopes of affording proper medicine or a doctor. After a period of dejection resulting from his mother's passing and being refused membership into the Hylian Knights, he then used the money he had accumulated to buy himself a small vessel and began performing trades and cargo movements on his own. Though some same he's but a hollow man who drinks and tells tales to kill the dreams he failed, others say he's been living his dreams in secret for years. Quailing troublesome monsters and bringing lost or stolen treasures back to the world, desiring no recognition save for his liquor fueled shanties he happily shares in the local taverns.

    That is to say until the waters came. Things had been strange, the days leading up the flood. Monsters were becoming ever more common, the waters ever more dangerous. There came a point where most sailors called it quits and refused to even touch the monster infested waters where even Zora were weary to tread. But not stubborn old Rauruma, he held firm even when the rains came. When the water rose and people were forced to seek high ground, the Captain just laughed as his vessel and home rose with it. But in the final storm that saw the world swallowed, the currents and winds proved to much for the small ship. In a last desperate effort, Rauruma was able to steer the ship into land before the storm swallowed him whole. He awoke the next morning shipwreaked, but alive. The storm had passed.
  • Starting Things Off (finally!)

    In an effort to try something new and to reward everyone for their work on their profiles, I have decided to kick off this new and special ZRPG with an event. Since this is a survival RP and your characters will be struggling to find food and shelter, we’re going to make the assumption that they had just enough time to stop at a store somewhere in Hyrule, either in one of the towns or some mountain shop before everything was drowned. All the options available for sale and your character’s starting wealth is explained and listed below. Keep in mind that, once again, you can coordinate with your fellow group members if you decide your characters happened to meet at the same store with the same goal in mind.

    Buying; An Explanation
    If you choose to take this opportunity, the way of going about this is simple. Post here in this thread using this format:

    Current Rupees:
    Items Bought:
    Remaining Rupees:
    Attempted Theft:
    (if so) Items stolen:
    (if so) Success or Failure: (will be declared after your post, as I will determine it. After it is determined, you can edit in the result here)

    In addition to giving you all something to do while I write up the first posts, this will allow you to quickly buy items if the group doesn’t have time to stop by a shop. While there won’t be any stores once you’re at the summit, I will use this format for future business dealings.

    Starting Wealth

    Wealthy: If your character belongs to a noble or wealthy family, he or she likely has received an allowance over the years. You are allowed to pull from that before leaving, fattening your wallet as much as you possibly can.
    Rupees: 500

    Well-to-Do: If your character was mentioned working any kind of profession (and it must be a profession he or she currently works, not one he or she gave up in the past), he or she likely has some savings to draw from in order to purchase supplies. You are also allowed to half the rupees you would normally receive to take one specialty item from your profession.
    Rupees: 300

    Community Living: If your character lived among a well-to-do family or among a community that supports its members like family (a tribe, organization, etc.), you are allowed to pull from its resources to prepare for the calamity.
    Rupees: 100

    Squalor: If your character is an exile, wilderness rover, or civilian without family or a job, the only money you have been able to collect is that which you’ve had the rare fortune of coming across, either through chance, stealing, donation, or bartering.
    Rupees: 50

    Rules of Stealing
    If you so choose, you may opt to steal any item listed under the shop items. When doing this, I will make a chance roll on your behalf to see if you succeed. Depending on certain situations, you may receive a bonus to succeed. However, there are also penalties for failing, which are listed as well.

    Stealing Bonuses:
    If your character was ever mentioned being a thief, you gain a +5 boon to your theft attempts.

    If your character is assisted by another player character, you gain a +7 boon in addition to your theft attempts.

    Stealing Penalties:
    For every item you successfully take, you gain a -3 penalty for your next attempt.

    If you succeed in stealing an item, it is yours to keep and add to your current inventory. You can make up to 3 theft attempts.

    If you fail in stealing an item, one of four penalties will occur. If you were assisted in the robbery, the penalty will be applied to only one of the characters. If you were assisted in the robbery, you receive one more chance to make a theft attempt; otherwise, you may not make another attempt. Additionally, you do not get the item you attempted to steal. Any failure will result in one of these outcomes:

    1: Your character will receive a significant wound from attempting to flee. Where the wound occurred will be determined by an additional roll.

    2: Your character will receive a fine for the same amount of the item he or she tried to steal. If your character doesn’t have enough money to pay it, an item of equal or greater value will be taken from his or her inventory.

    3: Your character will receive a magical brand that can only be removed by the same spell. It looks like a small dagger and glows a faint yellow light and is also visible through clothing. This marks him or her as a thief to all until he or she pays a fine, makes peace with the merchant, or turns himself or herself in.

    4: Your character gets away unscathed, though the merchant will spread word of your deed and appearance, so there’s a chance you may be noticed by other merchants or law enforcement elsewhere.

    Shop Items

    Travel Items

    Hiking Kit (200rupees): A leather backpack that contains the following: one 30ft long rope, one sack of food stuffs, one wool blanket, one straw mat, one knife, one mess kit, one bar of soap, one 1 liter canteen, and one set of flint and steel. The pack itself has one large compartment and leather ties to strap the blanket and mat to the bottom.

    Rope (20rupees): A regular string of rope that is 30ft long. (1lbs)

    Food Stuffs (20rupees): A leather sack stuffed with jerky, dried fruit, bread, and various cheeses, enough to supply three meals a day for two days. (6lbs)

    Wool Blanket (30rupees): Comes in three different colors! blue, red, and green. Made from thick wool and is 3x6ft large. (1lbs)

    Straw Mat (20rupees): A woven mat to make sleeping more comfortable. It is 2x5ft large. (1lbs)

    Water Canteen (10rupees): Made from water with a cork stopper, with an outer covering of leather. It can hold one liter of water. (2.2lbs when full)

    Flint and Steel (10rupees): A set of flint and steel for making fires. (.2lbs)

    Knife (50rupees): Forged from iron, about 4 inches in length with one sharp edge and one serrated edge. Used for numberless functions in the wilderness. (.2lbs)

    Mess Kit (40rupees): Two small metal bowls clip together and contain one butter knife, one fork, one spoon, and one shallow cup. All are made out of thin iron. (.5lbs)

    Soap (10rupees): A bar of soap that comes in 3 different scents: unscented, peach, and sage. (.2lbs)


    Pickaxe (80rupees): A two foot wooden handle with two iron spikes at the top. Used for gathering ores, and in some situations, as a stake. (3lbs)

    Shovel (50rupees):
    A four foot long pole with a shovel head made out of iron. (3lbs)

    Grappling Hook (100rupees): An iron hook with three prongs attached to a 50ft. rope. (.5lbs)

    Grappling Hook Launcher (150rupees): Highly resembles a crossbow, made from ash. The stock is thicker, and it has a small slit for the rope, as well as a powerful spring to launch the hook. (2lbs)

    Torch (5rupees): A thick wooden stick about two feet long with heavy cloth wrapped around the tip. It can burn up to 3 hours. (1lbs)

    Scissors (15 rupees): A delicate hand cutting tool made from iron. (.1lbs)

    Iron Pot (20 rupees): A hollow iron pot that can hold up to four liters. (5lbs)

    Medical Kit (50 rupees): A wooden box that contains five feet of gauze, herbal ointment for open wounds, cloth compresses, and liquid ointment for burns. Also inside are two red potions. (.2lbs)

    Sewing Kit (15rupees): A single needle with 3 spools of thread: black, white, and dark blue, along with four spare buttons (black). (.1lbs)

    Lantern (50rupees): An iron cast, hooded lantern with a handle. When full it burns for roughly four hours.


    Quiver (50rupees): A leather quiver that comes with 15 arrows (all tipped with iron and white feathers), as well as a belt strap that hooks around the wearer’s chest. (2lbs)

    Arrows (20rupees per 10): Wooden shaft approximately one foot in length, tipped with a sharp iron head and dressed with white feathers.

    Bow (50rupees): An ash short bow, available in sizes from 3’ to 4.5.’ It is strung with horse hair and is completely smooth. (3lbs)

    Machete (100rupees): A three foot long blade made from iron. Simple in design with a wooden hilt, the curved blade is used for both hunting and cutting brush. (3lbs)

    Sword (150rupees): A four foot blade made from iron. (5lbs)

    Bombs (30rupees per 10): Black shells full of explosive powder, about 6’’ in diameter. Each has a fuse that lasts approximately ten seconds before exploding. (10lbs per 10)

    Hylian Shield (80rupees): A metal shield with the Hylian crest, about 2x2.5ft in size. (3lbs)


    Red Potion (30rupees): A full bottle cures moderate wounds. (.5lbs)

    Green Potion (30rupees): A full bottle restores half of a drinker’s magical energy. (.5lbs)

    Fairy Spirit (50rupees): When released, the spirit restores the user to full health. (0lbs)

    Blue Fire (300rupees): Fueled by ice, which it melts, it can clear entire walls of ice. It gives off no heat. (0lbs)

    Poe Soul (30rupees):
    The spirit of a dead… something. May harm or restore health to the user, do nothing at all, or sometimes even poison the person who consumes it. (0lbs)

    Deku Nuts (5 for 15rupees):
    Nuts that explode with a bright flash upon impact. Can cause temporary blindness and even stun beasts for a few seconds. (.5lbs per 5)

    Oil (20rupees per bottle): Used for fuel. (.5lbs)

    Bottle (20rupees): A fine glass bottle used to hold half a liter of just about anything. (.1lbs)

    (Sig pic by Aoi Tori)
    ~Fairby Minions~

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  • Character: Viola
    Current Rupees: 500

    Items Bought
    Rope (20 Rupees)
    Food Stuffs (20 Rupees)
    Wool Blanket (Blue) (30 Rupees)
    Water Canteen (10 Rupees)
    Soap (Peach) (10 Rupees)
    Medical Kit (50 Rupees)
    Sewing Kit (15 Rupees)
    Lantern (50 Rupees)
    Fairy Spirit (50 Rupees)

    (*Note- 15 Total pounds)

    Remaining Rupees: 245
    Attempted Theft: Never that.

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