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    Regarding our wiki server issues
    • This is just a little announcement on things regarding the wiki that I figured some here deserve to know. I considered just posting this in the general thread, but figured it better warranted its own thread.

      For the past few weeks, ZW has been having a string of server issues, which has caused several problems for both the staff and editors. Most of these are minor and at a glance easily missed, as the wiki is still for the most part viewable and editable, though deeper into the problem we have found a string of constant issues with user permissions, page loading, javascript, and even some users unable to upload, delete or edit content.

      These problems originally cropped up about three weeks prior to the opening of the ZW forum, as a result of the wiki's host shutting down the server for maintenance, but for whatever reason the server failed to reboot properly which has since resulted in constant frustration in trying to remedy it. ZW team leader, Justin, has written a more detailed report on this, here.

      In trying to fix the server and only finding more problems popping up, it was decided that a server move would be more beneficial for the wiki in hopes that it would rectify these issues. The move was originally scheduled for this week but has been postponed. It is still in plans however, and when it occurs, it is expected that there will be a temporary wiki downtime while the move is in progress.

      Since this has been happening for quite awhile now and possibly for an indefinite period of time, I believe it's only right that I inform of this issue here and of the planned downtime. When we have our new date, I'll be sure to update on it here.

      If you encounter any problems with the wiki, it's possible that it might be due to the server issues. Some users have been unable to edit and upload content as a result. If you encounter any more problems, you can let us know here so we can be aware of them.

      Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience this all has.

      Edit, News 9/02/14:
      The server has been successfully moved and all glitches related to the server crash should hopefully be fixed now! Please let us know if you continue to encounter any bugs or oddities with the wiki.

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    • So guys, I've got some awesome news.

      The problems we've been having? Gone. We just moved over to a fantastic new server setup, and I couldn't be happier with the success of the process! You'll find that everything that was broken before is now functioning, and there should be no further issues. Thanks to all of you who waited patiently for this moment, because it's for all of you that I did this. Enjoy browsing the now error-free wiki! =D
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    • Looks like we're not quite out of the woods yet, everyone... We got another problem, maybe bigger than last.

      When we moved servers, we created two servers for the wiki to run on, the idea being that if one server failed the other would pick up where the it left off. However for the better part of yesterday and unfortunately still now, we've been noticing that newly made edits have actually being disappearing and pages, including all changes in general, going back to their last revisions.

      I personally don't know the cause of this, though I'm imagining there's some sort of conflict between the two servers. Just letting everyone know to be mindful of this when editing, and that it might be a good idea to hold off editing until we get this resolved... It's really quite unfortunate for us...
    • It was due to memcached. I disabled it and we haven't lost edits since. I even told you this :P

      As for the other issues (patrolling issues and whatnot), I believe that's the result of session data not sharing between servers. I can fix that, though :P

      EDIT: Sessions are good to go. We should be back at full operational capacity.
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