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    Survivor: Hyrule (Discussion and Sign-ups)
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      Survivor: Hyrule

      Welcome to Survivor: Hyrule! This is Zelda Universe's spin on the popular Reality TV show!

      There are 20 spots open, so if you want one PM me with an application.

      You need to be willing to set aside time to play the game, and you need to be willing to play to win. All members are welcome to join, regardless of your level of familiarity with the TV show. If you love the lying and deception involved in mafia, this is a game for you.

      The Rules

      Pre-Merge: You will all be split into two tribes of 10. Each tribe will be prohibited from communicating with the other tribe, but you will be invited to a private subforum so you can communicate with your own tribe.

      Every other day, there will be a challenge. The winner will win immunity and occasionally some sort of reward. The loser will go to tribal council.

      Tribal council will be held inside your group. You will hash out your issues and decide who to vote for.

      When you've made up your mind, you will PM me who you are voting for and a brief reason why.

      Example: I'm voting for Fluttershy cuz I can't trust that one

      Please note, all votes are confidential and all votes are final

      The player with the most votes is eliminated. You will be kicked from the group and you cannot participate in the game thread. You can still hang out here in the discussion thread, but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO IMPACT THE GAME IN ANY WAY.

      Post-Merge: Once the numbers have been narrowed down and there are fewer people left, the two tribes will merge. Tribe discussion will be moved to a public thread here in community central.

      Instead of competing for tribal immunity, we will compete in challenges for Individual Immunity. You ensure that you can't be voted for, but you still participate in tribal council, and you still get to vote.

      You also have the power, if you win, to give your individual immunity to someone else. They will be immune and you CAN be voted for. If you wish to do this, you must PM me and I will post the announcement that you gave up your immunity to someone else when I tell people they are allowed to vote.

      After the merge, all eliminated players join the jury. They watch closely as the rest of the game unfolds, and once we reach the end (final two or final three; I make no promises) then the jurors will talk to the remaining players.

      This is the Final Tribal Council. At the end, the jurors will PM me their votes for the winner. You can vote for whoever you like, whether it's the most deserving player, the most popular player, or just the one that screwed you over the least.

      [espoiler=Confessionals]This game will involve much lying, deception, and PMing others about alliances and what not.

      But I want to be able to document what's going on.

      In addition to explaining why you're voting for someone when you PM me your vote, it'd be remarkably nice if you could PM me with the subject "confessional" and talk about big new developments, such as new alliances, new strategies, etc.

      It'll help my record keeping so I can wrap up the game better at the end. I promise I won't reply to the messages and they won't impact the course of the game.[/espoiler]

      [espoiler=Hidden Immunity Idols]Hidden Immunity Idols ARE in play this game.

      I have chosen one post on this forum to be the hidden immunity post.

      Throughout the game, you will receive clues to the idol, helping you narrow down where the post is. When you find the post, PM it to me.

      First person to PM me the post will receive possession of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

      -You can only PM me one guess per hour
      -You can only PM me one post per guess
      -If you are wrong in the post OR if you are right but it has already been claimed, I will reply the same way.

      What does the Hidden Immunity Idol do?

      If you have possession and you are worried about being eliminated, PM me after tribal council when you are making your vote and say you want to use it.

      If you play it, all votes cast against you will not count.

      If I'm on a tribe with 5 others and they all vote for me while I vote for Spagh, then I play the idol, the 5 votes against me would be discarded and my 1 vote for Spagh would be the only one that mattered. Spagh would be eliminated.

      The Immunity Idol can only be played once, but it will be "re-hidden" afterwards. Another post will be selected and more clues will be given.[/espoiler]

      [Espoiler=Common Questions]Q: Can I PM other players and talk strategy?

      A: Not only is it allowed, but I recommend you PM players and form alliances.

      You cannot, however, communicate with eliminated players, or players currently on an opposing tribe. Also, you cannot PM anyone but me during tribal council (unless your tribe isn't at tribal council)

      Q: What happens if there's a tie in the votes?

      A: We revote, except you are only allowed to vote between the players who tied. If the tie persists, the two players voted for are safe, and one of the other contestants who did vote in the tie will be randomly eliminated.

      Immunity idols can only be used in the first vote. Not in subsequent revotes!

      Q: Can I play my immunity idol on someone else?

      A: Yes. Just PM me during the voting and say who you want to play it on.

      Q: What sorts of challenges will there be?

      A: All sorts! Some logic based, some creativity based, some luck based. But we'll let those stay a surprise.

      Q: When will the game start?

      A: As soon as we get enough players.

      Q: What should I do if I have more questions?

      A: Ask away! That's what this discussion thread is for.[/espoiler]

      [espoiler=How to join this awesome game]Like I said, PM me with an application if you are interested in playing. If you post here asking to join I'll just ignore you.

      Why the application? Are you screening us?

      Not really. This is just to help me make the teams fairly even. It's totally confidential and it won't affect your place in the game.

      [espoiler=The Application]On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being "superfan" and 1 being "never seen an episode," how big of a Survivor fan are you? (Note: all players are welcome, regardless of their answer):

      Do you think you will win this game? Why or why not?

      Have you played other similar games, such as mafia?

      Are you a Goron or a Zora? Why?[/Espoiler]

      If you want to play, you just need a willingness to play and obey the rules. This application just helps me choose even teams. PM me this application with your answers if you wish to play.[/espoiler]

      I'm very excited about this game and I hope you are too :3

      The Players:
      1. Bolero of Fire
      2. theunabletable
      3. Unconformed
      4. Foo

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