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    [Ry-San]Lunac's Training
    • Again, this is using Lunac .

      Lunac was fishing. He didn’t particularly enjoy fishing, as it required one to sit for long hours a time, until something finally happened. But his last battle had left him exhausted, and he needed to replenish his strength. One of the mercenaries who had ambushed him the night before had had the time to steal his food and run away before Lunac finished off the other two. He had to get some energy back.

      The semi human examined his face in the clear lake water. It was a face that rarely smiled now, a lone face who didn’t dare speak to anyone. It was a face with no emotion…

      Then, suddenly, he felt a slight pain in his back. He reached to scratch it, and his eyes widened in fear at what he realized was there.

      Sleeping dart,, he thought as his consciousness went spiraling down.


      He awoke on a bed of soft sand, and immediately jumped up and reached for his sword. His vision still hazy from the narcotics, he waited until he could see something. His warrior’s sense was buzzing like a thousand bees in a hive. There was danger here.

      “Welcome, Lunac,” said a voice behind him.

      Gerudo training took over. Lunac used his powers to set himself on fire. Always try to impress the enemy, his old sensei’s voice whispered to him in his head. If the enemy is afraid of you, the battle is already half won.

      Lunac slowly turned and had to use all of his determination not to do a double-take. What stood before him was what was commonly known as a Dark Effect. He had read about it in the Gerudo library.

      The Dark Effect could only be achieved by a very powerful sorcerer. It consisted in taking a part of someone’s DNA and copying it, then using one of the souls trapped in the Dark Realm and fusing them into a single being, completely filled with Dark Energy and with all the knowledge of the subject the DNA was taken from. It resulted in a being that was almost unbeatable.

      Oh, crap, thought Lunac, though he didn't show his fear. He extinguished his fire. It wouldn't help at all, if he was against himself. He held his sword in front of him and waited.

      The Dark Effect attacked with surprising speed. Wolfos speed. It slashed at Lunac and sent his sword flying. Lunac leapt back, his mind racing.

      He knows everything I knew until last night. I've got to find another strategy, he thought.

      The Dark Effect attacked again, and Lunac only got the time to raise an ice barrier before the sword hit it. Lunac was thrown onto the sand. He rolled and jumped up, ten feet into the air..

      The Dark Effect seemed to hesitate. It looked as if it didn't know where Lunac was, or if it was even there.

      That's it! Lunac thought triumphantly. He can't see me unless my body is touching the ground. The sorcerer who made him probably wasn't that skilled...

      As soon as he hit the sand, the Dark Effect came at him once more. Lunac jumped again, but this time with a specific objective. Getting his sword.

      He had to make five or six jumps before he finally got the sword back. He picked it up and, for the first time in days, smiled.

      "Let's see if you can beat me now, buckethead," he said.

      The Dark Effect was just over five feet from him, and getting ready to attack. Lunac shot up at the same time as his enemy lunged. He brought down the sword on the Effect's neck, breaking it in two. The Effect dissapeared.

      Lunac looked around, trying to take in his surroundings. He was in what seemed to be a large arena, and there did not seem to be a door or even a window, and yet a shining light almost blinded him when he looked up.

      Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere. "Welcome, Lunac... to the Battle Dome."
    • OoC: First, I want you to do something I ask of all my students when they start. I want you to send me a PM with a list of three things you feel you need to work on in your writing.

      BiC:"Welcome, Lunac, to the Dome," a voice said, as an open door appeared to his right. Having no better option, Lunac stepped out into the halls of the Dome.

      "Hello," a feminine voice said as Lunac emerged, "I take it your name is Lunac. This is, as you've heard, the Dome. It's a training school. Warriors come here from across the multiple universes to become stronger, better fighters." The summoner paused briefly to let it sink in. "My name is Aurora, and I guess the Dome has chosen me as your teacher." She turned and started walking away. After several steps, she paused. "Well, come on. I've got a lot of other students to attend to, you know."

      The two made their way through the interminable corridors that make up the Dome's maze-like structure. Lunac seemed to be looking every direction at once. The Dome's accomodations were quite luxurious for the most part, and it always seemed to surprise people who were more accustomed to the "old hermit in the woods" kind of training.

      They passed a room with a large, ornate fountain at its center. Aurora paused. "That's the fountain room. The Dome changes it's shape all the time. Rooms shift postions and change forms almost constantly. This is one of the Dome's few 'anchor rooms', or rooms that are always in the same place. My quarters is another. It's just down that hall." She pointed down a hall to the left. "It's the only oaken door, so you can't miss it. Also, the gardens, and the Cafeteria, are the other anchor rooms you need to know about right now, but I'll show you those another time. Your quarters are this way."

      She led him down a corridor to the right. The lighting was a bit dimmer here than was typical for the common areas of the Dome, and there were more plants. A creeper of ivy meandered it's way along the ceiling, giving the impression of a forest canopy. Aurora finally stopped at a door.

      "This is where you'll be staying while you're here. Go on in, get some rest, and meet me back at the fountain room in a few hours. There, you'll meet your classmates, and receive your first assignment."

      OoC: Okay, that's your current assignment. Describe the door, the room, and your surrondings in general, IN DETAIL. The Dome tends to make a person's room the kind of place they'd be most comfortable in. Lunac should rest up, then head to the fountain room. There, he'll meet Aurora and her other students: Kaid Rei, Nai, Tokumaru Kyo, Starfire, and Chaos. I'd suggest looking them up, as well as Aurora. My students do a fair amount of working together, so we should all get familiar with each other's characters. Have fun!

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    • Lunac looked at the steel door and felt nervous. Steel, in most cases, meant restraint. Steel meant capture. He examined the figures engraved in its silver frame. They were carvings of wolves, which went perfectly with the forest theme of the corridor. He turned the doorknob.

      Lunac took one look inside his quarters and the nervousness evaporated. The room was meant to seem as a Gerudo bedroom. The walls and floor were made of mismatched grey stones. The bed was a simple mattress placed on a raised platform in the middle of the room, with some rough-looking coffee-coloured sheets draped on top of it.

      He smiled wryly. Efficiency over comfort, his old Gerudo teacher had told him when had taken refuge with the desert tribe. Well, it wasn’t comfortable, but it looked like the only place he’d ever called home.

      The rest of the room was bare, except for a wardrobe in the northwest corner and a small cleaning basin right beside the bed. On the side was propped a small card. Lunac took it and read what was written in an elegant blue handwriting. Welcome to the Dome, it said. Meet me in the fountain room for your next assignment once you’ve gotten some rest.

      Some welcome, Lunac thought. An ambush, a kidnapping, a fight with a Dark Effect, and now I’m being told I have to stay here and take lessons. He sat down on his bed and suddenly noticed another door, right in front of him. It was completely made of a kind of polished wood, and had a handle made of ivory. It was engraved with the same carvings as the first one. He walked up to the door and turned the handle.

      What stood before him was a large bathroom. Almost as large as the room itself. The floor was covered in marble tiles, as were the walls and ceiling. A large marble bathtub sat in the right corner of the room, while a silk curtain was dropped in front of what would certainly be the toilet. A sink and mirror stood right in front of Lunac, and he could see from the tired look in his eyes that he badly needed rest. He decided to follow Aurora’s advice and went back to his bed, lay down on the hard mattress and tried to sleep.

      A thousand questions went through his mind as he tried to gain slumber. Why am I here? What is this place, anyway? Who are the “other students”? What are these “lessons”?

      After a few minutes, Lunac couldn’t take it anymore. He knew he wouldn’t get any rest if he didn’t get his questions answered. He tore the bed sheets off, quickly washed his face, and set off in the direction of the fountain room. He walked through the dim corridors laced with plants, and followed the sound of the gushing fountain until he emerged in the marble-white room. Two people were already there.

      Aurora was sitting, her back to the marble wall. The blond woman wore robes of a silver silky material, which Lunac recognized as Summoner robes.

      A teenager was standing beside her, glaring at him. He had black baggy jeans, a semi-tight green silk shirt and black boots. He wore black gauntlets on both his hands. Lunac ignored the glare, instead stepping right up to Aurora.

      "Did you get some rest? I hear those Gerudo beds are hard on the back," she asked. The question seemed so normal, so friendly, that Lunac had trouble keeping an icy tone.

      "Madam, I would like to know who brought me here, why I'm here, and most of all what this place is," he answered as icily as possible.

      Aurora got up. "The Dome is placed in a multitude of universes. It spans across millions of galaxies but at the same time it can be so small that one can walk around it in a single day. No one really knows the true meaning of the Dome, its powers lies hidden to the known races. But long has it now served as training grounds for eager warriors. The Dome is filled with chambers, each possessing a unique environment. At the center of the Dome, or sometimes at its very north edge, lie the creature grounds. It houses beings from all worlds, ranging from chickens to monsters created only for one purpose, to kill. To reach the Dome, and more importantly, to survive it, one must be ready to give everything." She paused. "Does that answer your question?"

      "Not all of them," Lunac answered.

      "Then you will learn those in time. Now, are you ready for your first assignment?"