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    Thoughts on LOZ The Minish Cap?
    • I love TMC! It's my second-favorite Zelda game (and was my number 1 until ALBW came out :heart:). I love the shrinking down feature, sword skills/combat, the sprites and other designs, Vaati, Ezlo, the music, etc. It was a very fun game to play.
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      Calime wrote:

      What if the Friendzone was part of Demise's Curse?

    • How exactly would an HD remake for a top-down GBA game work? It already looks great. In fact, Final Fantasy did that for some of their GBA games, and they don't look too different. But I agree about the rerelease on a handheld.
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      Calime wrote:

      What if the Friendzone was part of Demise's Curse?

    • I was really disappointed not with the gameplay, but rather for the fact it was a Zelda game that I didn't know about the first time I played it and it had already been out for awhile. It was and is still a true masterpiece and close on par with ALttP. There are a couple of really annoying Heart Pieces to get, but that's pretty much expected with all modern Zelda games. And as fun as it is to do, I feel the Great Spin Attack is overpowered. And as far as Ezlo goes, I still feel he's not as annoying as Navi. I guess I can't help but smile at when he interrupts gameplay and he starts flapping his beak (literally). Navi on the other hand needs to get stuck in a bug zapper!
    • It's been so long since I last played it that I don't remember any details, however, since it's my forum avatar on here, I probably enjoyed it. I liked Ezlo, I liked the concept of being tiny and fighting now-huge regular enemies due to Link being pocket-sized. The gameplay was typical 2D Zelda goodness, which I can't have enough of.

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    • I adore this game. It's my second favorite 2d Zelda and even then I went through some sort of deep internal battle to give it up as my favorite when I played ALBW. Seriously, I think it took months for me to decide that I really did like that game more. Becoming small is definitely my favorite switch between "worlds" in any Zelda game to date. The sprites look great, I think that it has the best sword control in any 2d Zelda game, apart from possibly ALBW, and Ezlo is quite possibly my all-time favorite hint-based companion. I also like little things about the game that add charm to it, like that it refers to your shield as a "teeny tiny shield". I actually kind of liked kinstones to an extent, but they also made it so this is one of the only Zelda games I haven't gotten full completion on. They and the magic shells can get a little tedious. I did like the idea of "unlocking" parts of the world, though. Really, I don't have much besides praise for this game.

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    • I agree with the statement that The Minish Cap is one of the most underrated games in the series. It's not a particularly long game, but the dungeons are well designed and use unique items (at least three of which were brand new at the time, and one that has no comparison in any other Legend of Zelda game to this day).

      The large/small mechanics are used well, both in dungeons and the overworld. Unlike many Legend of Zelda games, the overworld in The Minish Cap is full of things to do. I love the Kinstone sidequests.
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    • The Minish Cap, in my opinion, is the best handheld Zelda game.

      The gameplay does take on the old Game Boy two-button system where you have your sword and shield with your items. That does pose as a bit of a challenge in combat, but really its all about strategy. That's why I like this gameplay set up so much. You use what you need most, and you always keep every item on hand in case you need it. And really, it isn't that hard to strategise all what you need in a situation.

      I felt like the combat within the dungeons was a bit stronger than than in the overworld. But overall, the combat is much like ALttP's; difficulty and all. And all of the different techniques you learn (tiger scrolls) throughout the game are a fun sidequesting hunt. Some are more hidden than others, and once you learn them you become all the more powerful against your foes and have new and unique ways to defeat enemies.

      Overworld puzzles aren't all that strong, but there is a ton of things to do in the overworld. Kinstones are kind of like a lock-and-key towards exploration of Hyrule. So it can be quite linear and is dependent on how much work you put into matching kinstones. Overall, I liked the kinstone sidequesting and there is a lot of incentive to find and use kinstones. Some of the kinstone matches are important to the main quest. And I love the concept behind kinstones.

      Dungeon puzzles were great. From the 1st dungeon onward. There were many unique puzzles throughout all the dungeons. There's definitely a lot of chance a given player might get stuck for a little but. Wind Palace was by far my favourite, including the boss. The boss fights were a bit polarising, much like a lot of other Zelda games. You have the Chu Chus and the Octoroks which were just the regular enemies you fight while you're Piccore sized. But then you have really good bosses like Gleerok, Mazaal, and of course, Gyorg. That said, I'd say the mini-bosses were decent as far as mini-bosses go in 2D Zeldas.

      I very much enjoyed the story. For a 2D Zelda game, it was presented quite well. And I like the way the whole story unfolded as you go along too. Its largely an origin story, but there were so many new and unique things about the story as well. Plus I like the way the backstory for Vaati. And building the Four Sword felt epic, imo.

      Just 2 years after TWW, this game almost got to #1 on my list, but fell short for small reasons that TWW lacked. Its especially surprising to me that a 2D game fell short of a 3D game on my list! Unheard of :P

      Anyways, my thoughts are very positive about this game and imo its one of the most underrated games alongside Zelda II and PH.
    • I haven't played Minish Cap since 2005, so I started to replay it now since I downloaded it on Wii U. I'm pleased with the game thus far but it feels too similar to the older Zeldas on the hand-helds, something which I don't feel with A Link Between Worlds and Link's Awakening. I'm pretty sure it'll raise on my list when I get further but it's fun to play. Way better than those DS Zelda games *shivers*
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    • I agree that The Minish Cap keeps the same Zelda formula that's been around since ALTTP.

      Though I think it makes great strides in atmosphere. Places actually look like, places. Dungeons actually look entirely distinct from each other, rather than simply just having the same blocks/tiles but in a different color.

      So, like Wind Waker, it didn't change the structure but it did change the atmosphere. However, the Minish Cap did so with less flaws. Compared to Wind Waker, the pace was smoother and dungeons were better designed.
    • If you haven't given The Minish Cap a try yet, I suggest you think about giving it a go. It's definitely not the best Zelda game in the world, but its one of the more unique titles. The game has a charming sense, and is one of the lesser praised Zelda games. The music is sharp, the colors are great, and the story runs smoothly. I have already stressed about how The Minish Cap is my favorite game, albeit it has its pros and cons. But as a kid, I use to love playing this game in the last years of the GBA.