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    Do you prefer dating other Zelda fans?
    • i am error wrote:

      Of the women I've dated, only one was ever seriously into gaming. This was in college, when we were in the same dorm and often went to the other's room to play games. It was certainly a blast to play through Ocarina of Time together, while making jokes about the game. We'd also play Starcraft, and play through old NES games like Castlevania. Still, I'd say gaming was only a small part of the relationship; there were so many other amazing things about her. Maybe or maybe not it was a coincidence that she was also the woman I was most fond of (we'd have continued dating had she not moved to another country).

      Anyone else I've dated actually flat-out disliked gaming, as they weren't into any activity that kept them cooped up in the house/apartment. This wasn't a problem for me, though, since it encouraged me to get out of the apartment more! In fact, getting older, I've found I've had to be somewhat discreet about my interest in gaming (not bringing Zelda up on a first date, not having a giant collection on center display in my living room), since it's easy for a girl to then perceive me an antisocial loser before she's gotten a chance to know me.

      ^it would be a problem for me if i felt like i had to continually downplay my nerdiness in a relationship, but i definitely understand wanting to keep that somewhat hidden early on before you really know what kind of frame of reference they have.

      before i tl;dr anymore:

      Simon Pegg wrote:

      “Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.

      I was reluctant to tell my girlfriend that i was on a raid team in WoW before I knew she had a gaming history, but part of that reluctance was that I knew she had a douchebag ex boyfriend that would ditch her for his guild activities so WoW sort of involved some previous bad experiences. I also got the impression at one point that she thought playing pokemon at our age was a bit childish, but I immediately told her how recently i had played those games (within the past three years) and a month later i actually got sucked back into the pokemon franchise and now we actually play pokemon snap together and she is making a pair of eevees out of clay art with some personalized touches that represents the two of us. (yes, we are a bit schmoopy)

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    • I mean, I'm going to be marrying a Zelda fan thanks to this site :B
      it's really important to me, honestly, because I have two Zelda tattoos and the series is very close to my heart. I got really lucky meeting him and falling in love with him :)

      He's my first love, so it's hard to say if I would have dated non-Zelda fans. I probably would've if they accepted my love for the series at least :P
    • I'm not into Zelda much anymore, whether they like the series or not isn't very important to me. None of my real life friends are that into videogames (or at least the ones I like), so it's something that's quite separate from my social life. Because of this it would be nice to be in a relationship with someone who enjoys videogames in general. It'd be kinda intimate in a way cos that's one aspect of my life I don't really share with people. Ok this is starting to sound lame I'm gonna stop now, haha.
    • I used to think it was highly important in a relationship for a girl to share my hobbies. I used to be super-jealous of guys who were dating girls who were hardcore Zelda fans.

      But now I'm starting to think of personality traits, habits, and life mindset as #1. And video-game interest as just a cool perk - not essential or important.

      If I met a girl who had those qualities I mentioned, I wouldn't care if she wasn't into Zelda (or video-games in general). So long as she isn't dismissive or condescending toward them.

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    • I would prefer to date a guy who can respect that gaming is a big part of my life or would be willing to try out the games I like, but it's definitely not as important as his personality and how he treats me. I have some gamer friends but a lot of these guys would make immature boyfriends. Ideally, I would love to date a guy who loved Zelda but more importantly, he needs to be someone mature, responsible and can commit to a relationship. Sharing a hobby is great, but it shouldn't be the only thing that keeps you together. But with that being said, gaming- especially Zelda- is a big part of my life and it would make me much more attracted to a guy who shared that interest. I would consider it special because it's not something I share with many people just because it's hard to meet Zelda fans around here. The guy's I have dated or been interested in the past mostly just played Xbox, particularly Call of Duty, FIFA and Grand Theft Auto kind of games (with one being interested in Pokemon at most) and deem everything Japanese as childish and lame. Honestly as long as I can feel comfortable being completely open to the guy about my interest in gaming without fear of being ridiculed then I'll be content. But... I still daydream of being able to have a boyfriend I could cosplay as Link and Zelda with. Also, what female Zelda fan wouldn't love to be proposed to by a guy holding a mini treasure chest that opens and plays the Item Get tune with the ring inside. Seriously haha. Husband material right there!
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    • Liking the Zelda franchise isn't a necessity in having a relationship. However, it does help if one wanted to find something in common with somebody to create a conversation. The rest adds up to how much you would really like him/her, despite the differences. You can like Zelda games or not and still have a relationship. Personally, I would not make that a qualification when it comes to dating.
    • Dating someone that's a fan of Zelda really isn't relative to me anymore since the series has rather dwindled in my eyes but certainly a guy that had an appreciation for gaming would be a plus. The guy I'm dating now isn't really into video games so those kind of conversations get tossed into the breeze since it tends to be very one-sided.

      At the end of they day though it's not a problem that we have different likes and dislikes because this is just what happens between people.
    • Not liking Zelda isn't a deal breaker for me. It'd be nice if we have some things in common (whether it be video games or something else), but I wouldn't not date someone because they didn't like a particular series I did. Like a lot of others people have said, I wouldn't date someone who'd have a problem with my gaming or anything else I like to do.
    • Nah, liking Zelda/video games isn't a big deal for me. In all honesty, my interest in video games has waned considerably over the years. So it would be cute if the guy had an interest in Zelda since it's nostalgia/childhood memories for me. I'd be more happy if a guy enjoyed anime/Japanese stuff like I do, since there's more where my interests lie now over video games.

      But all in all, I think sharing interests like that are just a nice plus, not a deal breaker (in my opinion, it would be kind of unhealthy if someone were to set their standards so strict as to not want to be with someone because they don't share a particular hobby or interest). Things such as attitudes on faith, morality, etc are way more important in my eyes.

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    • I honestly don't care, I am not really in the dating game but if I see someone interesting I go to them. I mean them being a loz fan can open up some discussion and make less awkward silences. At least distract me from looking at her....nvm but yea it rly doesn't matter if a girl likes it or not.
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    • Nah. It's nice to have the same interests but not a deal breaker for me. My GF doesn't even understand half the stuff I'm talking about in regards to Anime or video games but she listens to me and that's what mattered to me the most.

      Although gotta agree with Ty: a girl knowing their shit about Silent Hill is pretty baller.

      *I'm sorry I used the word "baller" in a sentence.