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ZUer of the Week: Zelluna!
  • You guys are just the best. I feel so loved =']

    Ruki: Thanks for throwing this together!
    Ge0: You rock. Our story has been awesome so far.
    Sam: Thank you so much. It makes me really happy to know you guys are enjoying my tourney posts.
    Abyss: No, you are.
    Sakume: You’re awesome. We should do more things.
    Altimira: You are such an awesome BAer, your words mean a lot =]
    Quark: Dude, so many memories. Awesome times. You rock. And you need to put Copy into another thread, so that when Roery and it reunite, they’ll both be blobule shapeshifting things!

    And dude, remember that one time J had a bomb making squirrel, and you had Toofy cut it's head off? That was so mean! And I was such a girl! I was like: "I thought you were cool dude, but you're not."

    Oh yeah, and Wife!
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    *Millions of smooches*
  • I always get to these sorts of things so very painfully late. I)ragon is just so awesome the echo of this acknowledgement brought me forth from the depths of... super-busy real life (as we all say) to say something. Keeping track of time and threads and people isn't my forte, so all I can say is that I've known Mr. I)ragon for a while, and I do want to say a few things before this whole week thing ends.

    Seriously, everything everyone has said about I)ragon being enthusiastic is true. He is always energetic when I have chatted with him, and seems to be an endless fountain of ideas. Perhaps even more importantly, he has the rare trait of balancing out all this energy with incredible patience--he's never been snappy at me for my own shortcomings and is polite even when it takes forever to get an RP post. He also has a willingness to accept new ideas as well as roll along with whatever crazy thing you throw at him.

    And that is rare. Seriously. It is rare to have someone able to write on the fly when someone pulls something weird in an RP thread, accepting whatever you've brought to the table and responding in a way that is creative and fun. He can write action very well not only because of this trait, but because of his descriptive style (especially with Zyler's lightning magic) and personal flare.

    This flare is also reflected in his characters. While I've really only interacted with his character Zyler, I absolutely love the openness, the sense of plunging into the fray without knowing how things will turn out and dealing with whatever comes next with debonair clumsiness. There are layers to the characters he writes, expressing innocent awkwardness, affection and friendship shown in the truest and simplest ways. Reading his posts always makes me smile, and then there are moments when I feel like he gave me a little gift, a single phrase or piece of dialogue that sticks with me because of its potent, happy wit.

    That's not even mentioning his artistic talent (I still have a sketch of Leonna and Zyler--good times!), which should not go unmentioned. It's still fun to take a gander at his character drawings.

    So, this is long overdue, but I'm truly happy you're here on ZU, I)ragon!
  • In b4 I)ragon's week ends. XD

    Oh, you guys. :)

    This is a much deserved ZUer of the week award, thingy. My brother is awesome, but he can be really quite incognito outside of the BA, so I'm glad someone caught onto his awesomeness.

    I think this might have been a little bit of serendipity on my part; I'm so glad I showed my brother I)ragon zeldauniverse back in 2007. I had been looking up stuff on Gamefaqs for a zelda theorizing post around that time, and I happened onto ZU's zelda resources, and showed I)ragon the site.

    He made one theorizing post, if you can believe it, and then wandered about on his own till he found the BA and the rest is history. I'm sure he won't like hearing this, it might be sort of embarrassing, but this place has been a great place for him to grow up, and you guys have all gotten to see a lot of that, and it makes me glad to call so many of you our friends.

    I really just have to say it, continuing on with the embarrassing stuff, there was a time when I)ragon was horrible at spelling and grammar, let alone plot or story structure. That fact is a little unbelievable now. Sure, I) has gotten some college in since then, but I would venture to say that despite his schooling, ZU has played a nearly equal role in both piquing his interest in story writing and improving his talent in all areas of English and Literature, if not role playing in general. :)

    I am really impressed with his writing style, his flexibility and ability to write about just about anything without much preparation or research, his ability to make fast friends and his amiable attitude towards anyone and everyone.

    I am probably most impressed by his garnered writing style though, and his ability to create and describe personality and ambiance. To create characters that you care about. I've always had a little bit of a knack at writing, but I tend to be very disillusioned and cynical in the way I write.

    By contrast, I've always been impressed by I)'s ability to write without letting the darkness of reality fall into his descriptions, to stay clandestine, audacious and bigger than life, no matter the subject matter. I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's the way I feel about his writing. If he ends up doing anything at all with his talent in the future, he will always have ZU to look back and thank, in large part, for that ability.

    And finally, someone else said it, he is of all other descriptive words, mostly just good. And when you random internet faces can say that he is good, it becomes apparent that you have come to see him as he really is. Because sans online persona, and stripped of all other pretense you are describing him as he is at his very core. He is just a good person. I should know, I'm his big brother.

    edit: Oh, so it's official now, I), you need to make your avatar Toothless. :)

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  • Presenting our ZUer of the Week:


    Dys is one of the most fascinating, kindest and friendliest ZUers I've had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time. He's still relatively new to the ZU scene, but that hasn't stopped him from making an impact with a lot of ZUers, myself included. Right from the moment I saw him post, I knew right off the bat Dys was the kinda guy I'd like to get to know, and you know what? I WAS RIGHT HAHA.

    In the last few weeks, I've had the chance to correspond with Dys over VM, and eventually PM, and we've written each other essay-long messages about all sorts of things! His company is enjoyable, -wise-, funny and awfully clever. He's even given me comforting and truthful words when I've felt down, for which I am grateful.

    As a ZUer, he's a tonne of fun, participating in the Forum Games area, or in Farore, and recently taking part in our Mafia games, and let me tell you, he impressed the hell out of me with his first performance during Mafia V :D. He was bold and articulate, and IMO prob shaping up to be a future power player in the Mafia community!

    One of the best things I've seen with Dys is that he easily adapts to his environment and the people around him--he's VERY easy to like because he's so laid back and fun, and he mixes in his charismatic warmth and intelligence so it's pretty damn obv. he's a hella smart guy, and a hella smart guy who can connect with almost any person who has the will to reach out and try.

    Even though our friendship is only just starting, I've come to trust him quicker than I would most people, and that's... odd for me because I'm not exactly the kinda person who trusts easily. But Dys has a way of making you feel at ease, and talks to you in a way where you feel like everything is gonna be okay, you know?

    He's basically a wizard, is what I'm saying. A mother fucking wizard.


    Now for the love dedications from other ZUers :heart:
    Dysphoria is a member I've known to be a ZU'er for a while now, but I've never actually talked to him much. We talked about poetry once though and I hope that in the future we can chat it up again sometime, because he seems like quite the wonderful fellow and from what I've seen in his poetry, he has quite the way with words ^__^ Congrats on ZU'er of the Week, Dysphoria! <3[/espoiler]
    [espoiler=EmptyStar]Dysphoria is a real highlight of our clan! He cares deeply about the members both in and out of Farore, and his extreme enthusiasm and zeal is something that you don't always see in Farorian newbies, so it's been a pleasure having him a round. There was a reason he was nominated for the coolest newbie in the clan this summer!

    In addition to offering to help out in clan wars, he also participated in the recent summer Farore awards, and his detailed, well-though-out nominations show just how well he has come to know us all in this relatively short time of him being here and meeting us all!

    Its nice to know that the Farore clan has made in impact on Dysphoria; because he's certainly made an impact on us!!

    Congratulations, and I hope to see you around the clan more!
    [espoiler=Filia/Izuna]Congratulations Dysphoria!

    Dysphoria is a learned person. He was able to create some pretty complex codes in the Mafia game, and an excellent player indeed. Very creative and a team player, he is. Dysphoria is also a great addition to the Forum Games section as well, always making smart, well educated posts. Very good addition to the community.

    [espoiler=Bane of Envy]Dys is one of the brightest ZUers in every sense. His personality is always there to perk me up; really should post more. Also, I think us guys in the FG section will all agree that Dys adds another beautiful colour to our count thread. We would like you here more plllzzzz.
    As well, Dys likes Studio Ghibli.

    So yeah, enjoy your title man![/espoiler]
    [espoiler=Yawn]Dysphoria is just so great. I discovered him when I saw that he had his CR in Esperanto. So, he and I started talking in Esperanto, and it's how we usually communicate. So, I honestly feel more comfortable writing the next part of this in Esperanto for him <3

    Dys, ci estas mirinda. Mi amas paroli kun ci, kaj ci estas tre inteligenta. Mi lernas aferojn multajn de ci.

    You're just so skilled with linguistics, and you've helped me understand even more about languages just by learning from you.

    Along with all this, you're pretty great at Mafia, and I enjoyed playing with you.

    You're just great <3[/espoiler]
    [espoiler=Yeraza]Dysphoria is one of my all time favorite counters in the ZU F&G. He is always way kind, polite, and very contributing to the group :3 I always enjoy seeing him there, and am glad he makes time to visit our section. He is also a great member of our site, he converses with many people through vms and talks about things you both like, over just saying random nonsense on your vm wall :p
    He also has great taste in games, and likes all the best games :p Thats a hard quality to find in a person :p
    I hope he decideds to stick around ZU, I wouldnt want him to leave the F&G :3[/espoiler]
    [espoiler=Unconformed]I think dys is pretty cool ^~^ he makes a good effort to be involved and I've enjoyed talking to him :heart:[/espoiler]


    All in all, we LOVE you, Dys :heart: and we all hope you stay on ZU with us for a while! Because from what we've seen, you're just a really beautiful person that we all wanna hang out with, get to know, and call a friend :D

    Congrats, darlin'. Enjoy your week of spotlight. You deserve it :heart:
  • I... I...

    ... :looney:

    can't believe this. Truly, I am so touched. I've just spent the past five minutes staring at my computer in the library with the most dumbfounded, ear-to-ear grin on my face. :D I'm sure people are wondering about my sanity right now. :P

    All of you, thank you so much for your wonderfully kind words. Look at you, speaking so eloquently about me while I trip over myself here in utter amazement. I had many doubts before I decided to register, wondering if I would fit in to my first forum, be able to successfully integrate to such a large community, and be able to contribute in a meaningful way. Everything about ZU has since blown away my expectations, and this is just too much. :heart: ZU - no, WE - are quite the family, aren't we? :DD

    You have no idea how much this means to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'm basically tearing up and laughing at the same time. What a flurry of emotions. Wow.

    Y'all are absolutely :fabulous:

    -- Dys

    P.S. Liah, my new signature rocks! :artist:

    P.P.S. What kind of Farorian would I be without some Gimli? :gimli::gimli::gimli:

    P.P.P.S. :')

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    Ahh, when is this smiling going to end? xD

    Euphoria is a wonderful thing.
  • Aguará Guazú wrote:

    I would like to know how you came up with that username :)

    The word kept popping up in a pharmacology course I was taking (I guess we could blame the repeated exposure effect), and I felt drawn to it. Aesthetically, I like how it looks and sounds, and that it invokes a rather dark yet intriguing imagery. Finally, it's a unique/uncommon word, and that appealed to me as well.

    I also quite fancy the nickname "Dys", originally propagated by Liah, as it is both concise and familiar, and makes me feel accepted by y'all. :D
  • ~~Justin~~

    Justin, for those of you who are unaware, is the man responsible for us still having forums. And for Zelda Wiki being fully functional and awesome. Justin has been working tirelessly since our forums went down a couple months back. He's been at it basically non stop. And just as he was going to take his vacation, too!

    Justin, you are very hard working. You are very dedicated. You are very good at what you do. Etc. Aside from that, you're a good friend. One of very few friends (ie, I think you're pretty much the only one) from around when I joined that I talked to that are still hanging around, and that I still enjoy talking too now. I thought you vanished on me a couple years back, but I guess you were just working more behind the scenes. Haha. I think it's awesome you remembered me when I joined staff. Such a blast from the past.
    It's always nice to talk to old friends again,

    But anyway, I think you're a great guy, and I really can't express how much I appreciate all your hard work. I know it's been stressful, but thank you so much for everything you have done. I can't even imagine how much dedication and just technical know-how it would take to do what you've been doing.

    So once again, I would like to thank you for everything, and i'm sure everyone on ZU appreciates it.

    So, everyone down below would also like to say some nice stuff!

    I cannot envy Justin for the amount of work he's had to put in. He's worked a full two months on getting the forums back, and before that, slaved away at fixing constant server issues that were set off by possibly the smallest of things. I don't blame him for feeling as tired as he is, and I don't envy him. However, it is thanks to him (as well to the rest of the techies) that we are even still around today, site, forums and wiki. What I DO envy is how hard working he is when it comes to these problems. He was also a great wiki leader before he changed positions, and helped to establish key growth that the wiki has been needing for years now. Justin has been a great man to the ZU community and site, and we all have to really appreciate that. Plus he's funny too.

    Justin is one of the most important behind-the-scenes members of Zelda Universe and Zelda Wiki. He has worked tirelessly for the site, through breaks and sleepless nights, to make sure everything continues to run. He’s also had a long history with Zelda Wiki, where he has over 5000 edits. I hope to continue working with him here for a long time

    Double A
    Probably the most fitting choice.That dude has been working his patooties off for months getting ZU back online and he's still working to fix bugs in the system, while being really chill and composed. That's some real dedication right there.He also owes me a Shulk ditto on Smash >: [

    Here's a thing:Justin doesn't know how to sleep, and because of that, I finally have my community back after almost three months. So for that, I'm grateful I mean, I'd like him to learn to sleep like a normal person, but still, thank you!He and I have been working together now for, what, almost a year? And we get along great. He's hard-working, dedicated, and willing to try out new things for the sake of the end goal. I like that attitude. I think what I like most about him is we don't always agree, but that's okay--we both move on, and just handle it like adults And we're still bros at the end of it all.Justin's a cool cat, so chin up, yo--you deserve this

    I've watched Justin's reactions via IM to most of ZU's downtime. He'd always be cursing and shouting at the servers and various bugs that were causing him hassle in his work to restoring the forums. What's impressive and incredibly admirable is that I've never seen someone go from that to shrugging it off and driving himself forward so quickly and so consistently. Like, literally seconds after shouting at the server for being a piece of shit and finding a bug that set him back several days he'd be saying "ah well, let's do this". Whenever we've found problems pre-launch, he's tackled them head on immediately with a smile on his face.Justin is truly devoted, and I don't think anyone has deserved the title of ZUer of the Week more than he does right now.

    Thanks to Justin, I am once again capable of living my life. He if the Saviour of our website. No amount of gratitude will ever suffice.Also, he's a fan of Rainbow Dash, which always scores a few points in my book. :3

    Justin has exceeded his reputation as ZU-guru in my personal opinion - not only by being transparent with the forums re-building process, but he even went as far as to create a Facebook group announcing timelines and creating realistic expectations.When I first met him through Slack he offered a warm presence and welcomed me to the group with open arms. Thank you for helping me transition into my forum mod role, and thank you for committing a majority of your life to the addiction that is ZU. Well deserved.

    Ich Will
    Sure, he certainly deserves it. He's been working like a champ with the forum and is still at it pretty much daily as far as I know, even as it seems the list of things to fix keeps growing.He's also a nice guy to everyone on the team!

    I've known Justin for years through collaborating with him on Zelda Wiki. He also has an interest in tech, so in late 2013 I asked him to fill in for me on ZU development when I was going to be busy. I say "fill in" but he's since become an invaluable part of our devops team. He works tirelessly and "going the extra mile" is the norm for him. He's also a great guy. I've had the pleasure of watching him grow over the last 6 or so years from enthusiastic kid into a great guy. Justin, it's been great working with you and I hope we continue to do so for a long time!

    ​Justin is truly fantastic! The whole staff has been watching him work for months on this server stuff and the forum relaunch, and I know for a fact that the majority of people wouldn't have been able to persevere as much as he did. He would find a problem and move past the frustration it would inevitably bring so quickly that I think we should all be jealous! He was even still in good enough spirits to have good fun talks with us like he normally would, and was still happy to do small tasks like adding in the masthead artwork for each board despite having this many issues all at once.Without Justin, ZU might still be down, and so we all owe him a debt of gratitude!

    Sig made by .Hog​

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  • I don't know you, I have no idea if you're a nice guy, what are your talents and if you're funny or not. Heck, I even thought you were a Jason alt name or something like that.

    But the work you did, and the huuuge service you did for the Zelda community is far beyond what we can grasp.
    So, thank you, you deserve to be recognized by the forums that you helped to build.

    Humongous respect, dude!
    Enjoy your week! :D
  • D'awwww. Thanks, guys. It means a lot to see that everyone so deeply appreciates my work. Especially considering how overwhelmed I always feel, sometimes even big accomplishments get lost in the never ending sea of ongoing tasks. Even the forum launch for me was something I was super happy about for maybe a couple days, but then I brushed that aside to get moving on other work.

    For the record, though, the Facebook group wasn't my doing. I had my say in "it's a good idea," but I can't take the credit for that. As for everything else, you guys are all awesome in your own right, and I don't really think performing a necessary service and doing my job makes me any worthier than you all of this title.
    That said, you guys definitely put a much needed smile on my face today. So thanks, guys. All of you. You all rock! :)
    (former) Technical administrator and developer for Zelda Universe and Zelda Wiki.
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