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    The Big Theory Q&A
    • Ganon Vader wrote:

      FS also don’t occur on the timeline in which the Temple of Time is built.

      "why is the Temple of Time missing during TMC and FS" is a question I could anwser.

      Why should TMC and FS take place after the construction of the Temple of Time ?
      Why not before ?

      As FS is taking place in FSA as the prologue confirms while also taking place in the Downfall from the existence of the realm of memories in the anniversary edition, containing only games from the Downfall.

      So ... Is FS what HH pretends OOT is ? The starting point of the split ?

      ALBW kinda disconfirmed HH which was saying that Hyrule was established after the wars for the Triforce and its sealing to the Sacred Realm, as ALBW mentions that a King ordoned himself that the Sages shall seal the Triforce.
      If there is a King, then there is a Kingdom, and the castle was depicted in the paintings. So the Wars of the Triforce took place after the establishement of Hyrule.

      I strongly believe that the Force Era, TMC and FS, took place in this few centuries young Kingdom of Hyrule. The "Hero of Men" ? The Hylians thought of themself as mankind, unaware of the human tribes beyond their land.
      Fi was taking care of the remains of Demise thus making the Master Sword unavailable. Making the Picori Sword's existence quite important in a time where nothing else was strong enough in order to defeat the demon horde.

      Thus, the wars for the Triforce took place after and with it the split between the DT branch and the AT, CT one.
      The DT one lacking the Temple of Time.
    • Chateau LonLon wrote:

      In Four Swords Adventures, was the Four Sword locked inside the Sacred Realm/Dark World?
      The Four Sword was originally created inside the Elemental Sanctuary which was located between the Minish and the Light Worlds, there are two "portals", one located at the wall of Hyrule Castle and one leading to the secret room, technically we are entering the Minish world when we enter that room, I guess it is the light source behind the stained glass.
      It only opens once a century.

      "The sanctuary is a strange realm, trapped between two worlds. It is the bridge between the Minish world and the human world." — Ezlo

      "The doorway to the sanctuary opens only once every hundred years!" — Ezlo

      Since we kept the Four Sword with us, it's only around one century after that the way to the Elemental Sanctuary was open again, a new princess must had entered it and retrieved the four Elements now called the Royal Jewels, there is a posibility that the pedestal was also brought back too, also, only a child can see the entrance.

      FS Manual :
      And the boy entered the sorcerer's abode, instantly sealed Gufuu in that sword, stuck it deep into the forest, and disappeared somewhere.

      A new already Hero defeated Vaati, left the Four Sword and went back from where he came from.

      Although the people did not believe the girls' dreamlike words, they christened the sword sealed in the forest the "Four Sword", and since it was rumoured to divide one's body at a touch, they built a temple to carefully enshrine it

      The people built a sanctuary for it, those people might include the Princess that retrieved the Elements since they were brought in the sanctuary.
      This sanctuary is located inside a Forest.

      In Four Swords Adventures, it can now be acceded via this room within Hyrule's Castle, there is a portal that can be opened by the seven maidens.
      It's located within the zone called "Frozen Hyrule", after the Temple of Ice, we enter a certain Forest that contains the sanctuary.

      So … within a Forest.