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    • RealmWings wrote:

      Why, then, do you think that the Shiekah had a special relationship with the Oocca? Do you think it was simply geographic, or did they both just happen to advance more rapidly than the Hylians? Perhaps the Hylians simply weren't the dominant civilization before the Hylia-Demise battle?
      This is more of a headcanon but I see the Sheikah as originally being just a highly trained group of Hylians/humans appointed by Hylia to watch over her people...basically the royal guards of Hylia. Over time they became their own race. The Oocca likely existed for a very large time so the Sheikah in their pursuit to guard the mortal incarnation of Hylia and help establish Hyrule likely sought to build a relationship with the Oocca as they saw their technology to be a valuable resource.
    • Mango The Magician wrote:

      yeah that's the issue but Faron is the only Water Dragon Zelda really has and it's all in such a close proximnity of Lake Floria and the Spring of Courage that I feel like it would have to be Faron, plus the nature of how the Zonai view the Triforce in such a primitive and tribal way doesn't make sense in any time period in which the Hylian Royal Family would be present and prominent. Thus placing them after SS but before the sealing of the Sacred Realm and the wars over the Triforce just seems to fit better, at least to me.
      That's true. If I had to pick a known dragon to be worshiped by the Zonai, I would go with Faron, too. But I still think it's more likely that it's a different, unseen dragon instead. Elemental dragon trios seem to be a regular feature of Hyrule, at least whenever Hylia is involved, and there's a massive time gap between SS and BotW, or even BotW and its own backstory, for another trio to have come and gone. Lanayru was already dead before SS even began (though he may be alive by the end of it), so they aren't immortal. BotW also features Dragon Bone Mire, with the bones of (presumably) a dragon located west of Rito Village, well outside the territories of any of the SS dragons. Adding that to the dragon statue at the Spring of Courage that doesn't look like Faron or any of the other known dragons, and I think that's enough evidence to tip the balance in favor of another set of dragons living between the two games.

      RealmWings wrote:

      Question - For how long do you believe the Hylians existed before Hylia's battle with Demise? Do you believe other civilizations existed before them, or did all of the races and civilizations begin when the Golden Goddesses created the world?
      HH only starts using the term "Hylian" after the return to the surface, and the first game to use it is Minish Cap, so I generally think the period between SS and MC as the beginning of "Hylians," at least as a distinct group. I know that's probably not what you meant, but it's an answer.

      Mango The Magician wrote:

      Anyways I find it extremely unlikely that the people on Skyloft are the only ones who survived so I'm gonna wager that several extra human civilizations had to have existed in secret simply for the sake of mathematics and having enough people to populate the world.
      There are at least a few not actually on Skyloft, since the Lumpy Pumpkin exists. So at the very least, there could be more places like that, that we didn't see. Personally, I like to think that Skyloft, the City in the Sky, and the Wind Palace all coexisted in the sky at some point.
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    • I reviewed a play through of the Fire Sanctuary and see how the frog statues are incorporated.

      I was wondering does anyone have a translation of the boss key puzzle? It mentions that the puzzle protects the kings treasure, which I suppose is the flame of power. I wanted to check if this was true in the original wording, because it would mean the place was the one area we know of that was run by the pre skyloft royalty.
    • RealmWings wrote:

      Question - For how long do you believe the Hylians existed before Hylia's battle with Demise? Do you believe other civilizations existed before them, or did all of the races and civilizations begin when the Golden Goddesses created the world?

      The Hylians are the Skyloftians who returned to the Surface after the events of Skyward Sword, they are the people of Hylia and built a new civilisation around her Temple.
      Before Skyward Sword, there was no Hylians, but Humans.

      Those Humans weren't homogeneous either, they were most likely separated into multiple Tribes, those of Faron, of Eldin, the Sheikah at Lanayru and the Wind Tribe at Tabantha.
      (without counting the foreigners outside of the domain of Hylia).
      But they were the people of the Era of the Goddess Hylia.
      I would include an Era before this one where an unique Tribe was the ruler of the Domain of the Goddess, the Era of the Zonai.
      The rest of their ancient civilisation is found all over Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, they are most likely the ancestors of all the human tribes of Hyrule (Sheikah, Hylian, Wind folk, Gerudo ext ...).

      I'm working on it, it will me my second next thread.

      Evran_Speer wrote:

      Personally, I like to think that Skyloft, the City in the Sky, and the Wind Palace all coexisted in the sky at some point.

      Well, you will have to assume that they aren't the same tribe …

      I am of the school that says they are the same.
    • RealmWings wrote:

      Was just going through Hyrule Encyclopedia, and saw that the Tower of the Gods is referred to as the Tower of Spirits, like the tower in Spirit Tracks. Was this a translation error? Perhaps a correction of a translation in the actual games? What would the implications of such a change be?
      Actually, it's the other way around: all of the "spirit" stuff in Spirit Tracks has "god/s" in it in Japanese. I guess the English localisers wanted to play on the different meanings of "spirit"?
    • Nitro Indigo wrote:

      Actually, it's the other way around: all of the "spirit" stuff in Spirit Tracks has "god/s" in it in Japanese. I guess the English localisers wanted to play on the different meanings of "spirit"?
      神の塔 (Kami no Tō) both used in Wind Waker. Kami can refers to spirit and gods.

      The spirits of good are called gods of light in my version.

      Are they called "Hikari no Kami" in the ov ?

      RealmWings wrote:

      Hyrule Encyclopedia
      Do not forget that HE is a suggestion, not a canonic source.
    • If you're going by the intent when ALTTP was released, it raises the question of how knowledge of where the Sacred Realm is spread from Ganon to everyone else, and if you're going by HH, it raises the question of why people thought the Triforce was in the Sacred Realm and without an owner after Ganondorf ruled Hyrule with a third of it for seven years.
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    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought in ALttP's backstory, the existence of the Golden Land was fairly common knowledge, it was just its exact location that was a mystery until Ganon and his cronies found it? At which point Ganon got the Triforce, the Realm got corrupted, and monsters began flowing out.

      Going of HH's account, that question presupposes that the people at large knew that Ganondorf only had one piece of the thing, which is dubious considering Link (and we by proxy) doesn't learn that detail until near the end.

      Either way, once monsters started flowing out, thrill-seeking power-hungry idiots with little thought for long-term consequences flowed there accordingly.
    • Ganon Vader wrote:

      Do we have any idea what caused people to start rushing into the Dark World in the beginning of the Seal/Imprisoning War?
      The manual says …

      "Yet, Ganon's evil made it to even Hyrule as it spread."
      "People of greed were herded and consumed by this power, and disappeared."

      So, it was mostly like a second Era of Chaos.
      As there was no seal at that time, the gate was just closed, not sealed, Ganon's Darkness was able to spread outside of the Dark World, into men's heart and become Greed, like the whisper of a serpent, the Triforce was now the Holy Grail of everyone's desires.

      "However, knowledge of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce spread across Hyrule, and many greedy people searched for it in order to claim its power." - Hyrule Historia(Translated)

      Ganondorf's actions already caused the legends of the Triforce and of the Sacred Realm to be known by everybody, as it was believed to be just a myth since the Era of Prosperity.

      Ganon was using this as a bait, so someone will open the Gate of the Sacred Realm once again, as it was closed by the Sages of the Era of the Hero of Time (I won't call it OOT, since OOT never happened in the Downfall Timeline, it is rather a variation of those events).

      Blind the Thief and his followers might had taken the first step, they were a group of thieves residing at Kakariko, and might have been as influencial as a mafia in an Hyrule recovering from Ganon's destruction.
      He would had discovered the Temple of Time in the Lost Woods, surely where the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town were before than a Forest grown on, Thieves's lairs are still found in the Lost Woods.

      Did Blind would had to deal with the Spiritual Stones ? Then he would have to deal with the Kokiris, Gorons and Zoras.
      The Zoras of Hyrule were corrupted into the wilds River Zoras/"Zolas"(fan name), the Kokiris disappeared and the Gorons are no longer found in Hyrule.
      Was this the doing of Ganondorf ? Or another thief, Blind … We can't be sure.

      Blind and his thieves would then open the Gate of the Sacred Realm once more and rush to the Dark World, where they were cursed and turned into Demons added to Ganon's Army, leaving the Sacred Realm's Gate opened ....

      Then the Imprisoning War happened ...

      The recent greedy people who ventured to the Dark World used the gates opened randomly in Hyrule after that Aganhim was weakening the sage seal by sending the maidens into the Dark World, there was several centuries between the sages' seal and the day when Agahnim showed himself.

      So, it was Ganon's Malice taking the form of greed and the legend of the Triforce spread by Ganondorf's actions, also, Blind the Thief might have started this Golden power rush.

      Chateau Romania - Lite wrote:

      what's the deal with the Triforce? Ganon supposedly claimed it, wished upon it, and everything, but he never once uses it in his confrontation with Link. Why was he even trapped in the Sacred Realm if it was within his grasp?

      Maybe that a Triforce's wish isn't that simple to make, Ganondorf did one once and wasn't able to afterward.

      Or maybe that the Sages have an authority over the Triforce, since they existed since before Skyward Sword, the sages' symbols can be found in the Temple of Hylia and she was chosen to be the guardian of the Triforce by the Golden Goddesses themself.

      If Ganon used the complete Triforce, Something like Yuga and BOTW Zelda, to power up himself.
      Would he have defeated Link ?

      "After all, the legendary Herocannot defeat us, the tribe ofevil, when we are armed withthe Power of Gold"- Agahnim

      Surely, he would have … but … he underestimated Link, after all, he already defeated a Hero.

      At that Time, half of Ganon's Soul was into Agahnim and Ganon had to become Ganon once more.

      I think he feared that using the Triforce again would cause it to split, the sage seal cannot be broken by the Triforce itself and that he was underestimating Link because he already defeated the Hero of Time.
    • There are things that are designed as part of the world but can't actually be seen. For example, Malo's shop in Twilight Princess has a whole second floor with a bed that Malo presumably sleeps in, but which can't actually be seen. Zant still has his actual head when he's wearing his mask, and the Zoras with helmets have Zora faces underneath, so maybe the Gerudo heads represent the developer's ideas that there really are Gerudo under all that armor.

      But of course, there's stuff that's off-screen that obviously isn't meant to be canon. Ultimately, I think it's something of a grey area. I wouldn't mind using it in a theory as long as it's something that makes sense in the world.
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    • I imagine that much like gods in Roman and Greek mythology, the sages have different aspects that they are associated with in different time periods. For example, the sage of the forest may in another time be the sage of wind, shadow to earth, etc., much in the same way that Neptune is a god both of the sea and of horses.

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    • Chateau Romania - Lite wrote:

      Does anyone have any sort of thought as to their deeper meaning?

      BEHOLD !

      I see things like this :

      -Before the Golden Goddesses, there was Chaos, Darkness, and the Rupoor are the closest thing there is to pure Darkness as it literally devours other Rupees.

      -Then, the Golden Goddesses created the World, and left the Triforce as the core of Balance of this reality, what keep things together, the Triforce is made of three parts that represent the power of the Three Goddesses, Power, Wisdom and Courage. Together, they form the Golden Power, the element of Gold is associated with it.

      - The Triforce itself emits two opposed elements, Light and Shadow, the two merged together form something neutral, Metal.

      - Alongside Light and Shadow, there are four other elements that represent the balance of the Triforce, the power of the Sages; Forest"Life", Water, Fire and Spirit(the balance between Water and Fire, energy), those are the six elements of the Sages, mixing them together forms Silver, the "Master" Element. The 7 Sages control this power and it seems that with it, they can have an authority over the Triforce as they sealed Ganon in the Sacred Realm with the Triforce and this one wasn't able to break the Seal even with it.
      The Divine Power, the Master Sword or the Silver Arrows are seem to possess this 7th "Master" element and are the most efficient weapons against Darkness.

      - What could be interpreted as the fourth Triforce(There are only three true Triforces), Force, is what make matter and life, and is composed of four elements ; Earth, Fire, Water and Wind, they correspond to the other four elements of the Sages, (Earth is Sipirit and Wind is Forest.)
      The Minish, the "Spirits of Good"/Light Gods and others use the power of Force to alter Reality, the Minish created powerful artefacts with it, like the "Light" Force which possess a power almost identical to the Triforce itself. Lokomos made portals out of them and a Sacred Sword, but the weapon that use the power of Force the most efficient way is the Four Sword, with it, a soul can be split into Four.
      The four Divine Beasts seem to represent each of the four elements.

      - Rupees are not only a currency, they are a form of Power, Great Fairies and other entities use them as fuel for their magic.
      One game do explore the rupee's true powers, Tingle Rosy Rueeland
      There are five Super Rupees : Metal, Leaf, Aqua, Earth and Magma, all together unlock the Master Rupee.
      if Metal could be both Light and Shadow, then we would have six elements, just like the sages.
      The name "Master" is interesting as it can correspond to the Master Sword.
      There are nine types of rupees (Green (1), Blue(5), Yellow(10), Red(25), Purple(50), Orange(100), Silver(200), Gold(300) and Dark) and they all correspond to one elements.