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    • Nitro Indigo wrote:

      Since I don't know where else to say this: is it safe to say that things the player was never meant to see shouldn't be used as evidence in theories? I was just rewatching Did You Know Gaming's Ocarina of Time video, and they mention the old "Iron Knuckles are Gerudos" theory.

      From the shoes to the pattern on the axe and kilt, the Iron Knuckle is Gerudo battle armor.
      Ganondorf having brainwashed Gerudo as heavy guards makes sense.
    • Nitro Indigo wrote:

      Since I don't know where else to say this: is it safe to say that things the player was never meant to see shouldn't be used as evidence in theories?
      That's an important factor when discussing the desert beneath Ganon's tower in TWW.
      The Twilight Realm was basically wizard Australia where every naughty banished person was transformed into some sort of harmless albino penguins.
      ~ Gamtos

      WW is Nintendo's Up, basically. Link is Russell, Tetra is Doug, and uh, I guess maybe Tingle is Kevin?

      ~ Gregarious Tree
    • Also, when Daphnes makes his Triforce wish, the three pieces fly up to the centers of the three circular holes in the shield that once held the ocean back.

      Someone should make a list of all these.
      Goddess of the Sands

      Map of Thyphlo Ruins

      Forest Architects

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    • So what's up with ReDeads? I used to believe they were merely reanimated corpses, and that's all they were, but I just found a whole slew of information claiming that they were actually clay golem like beings. This comes from Smash Bros. canon, but was later canonized by ReDead abilities in TFH.

      Are ReDeads the animated dead with the exception of TFH? Are they all now retconned as clay (then what's the deal with Gibdos and the like, mummified clay?)? Or are ReDeads now, like ancient mythological golems, flesh and bone animated from clay itself?

      (Or, if easier, is there a nicely supported theory on the matter somewhere on the forums I've been unable to find?)

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    • It should be noted that the only time ReDeads display this clay-like characteristic is in TFH, and even at that, they're never to my knowledge actually stated to be clay. Zelda Wiki notes that the way they scuttle along while half-melted to the floor somewhat resembles Dead Hand in OoT, which could indicate a relationship between the two.

      Either way, barring definitive word otherwise, ReDeads and Gibdos are by all canon accounts actual undead, not synthetic.
    • ReDeads are not in ALBW. The melty kinds solely appear in Hytopia, so whether or not that's relevant for Hyrule's Redeads is questionable.

      Wind Waker's ReDeads seem to be the real deal, being called "undead" in the Nintendo gallery. But who knows whether or not Nintendo will want to retcon Zelda's "body horror" period.

      One thing's for sure; those masks they're wearing are very likely to be ceremonial burial masks based on how Dampe reacts to the very similar-looking Spooky Mask. With that in mind, I'd propose a compromise and say ReDeads are soil golems animated by the burial masks of the dead.

      Doesn't quite work with the Gibdo, I know, but it's a start.
    • REDEAD = REanimated DEAD.

      Similarly clay is found in soil so perhaps the amount of clay a Redead has is determined by just how much of its body has deteriorated and needs to be supplemented with clay.

      Perhaps the location of Hytopia or the soil of the place Redeads are found in has a mineral composition that leads to a way softer clay.

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    • In many real world mythologies, the Grecian, Sumerians, Egyptians, etc., the idea of man born of clay isn't an uncommon one either. It just doesn't seem to mesh well with the whole dead resurrected from burial thing. I do like the idea that, simply, some ReDeads are more corpselike them others. Only the oldest bodies, the most rotted and gone, are granted form from the clay they themselves have now become one with.

      Second point though, are Stalfos also ReDeads? It's very often that burning the bandages from a Gibdo leave behind Stalfos. Then again, the Gibdo/Stalfos from 2D titles don't possess the same paralytic shriek of a ReDead. Maybe the word "Gibdo" is just Hylian for a mummified corpse in general? It just so happens that it's either ReDeads or Stalfos that have been mummified.

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    • Is there any reason the Twili from TP COULDN'T be the Zonai?

      I was just looking at Midna's helmet/fused shadow, and there are some stylistic similarities. the same blocky, chunky sort of swirls. In some ways it almost looks like it could be a predecessor to BoTW Sheikah tech, with a sprinkle of Jomon inspiration and the strange holes on the front reminiscent of Sheikah constellation decorations.

      The Zonai also have similarities with the Interlopers. They're both tribes of powerful magic users who were warlike (Not much is known about the Interlopers, but they did go to war for the Triforce) and disappeared quite suddenly...
    • @Nonoctoro

      So you're Twilight Theory is that it acts as the realm of the dead, and Wallmasters exist to drag others to damnation?

      Why is it all they do is throw you towards the start of a dungeon then? Is there some other sort of purpose, or do you think it's merely a game limitation. That they really do drag you off to "Hell" and the game plops you back like nothing happened?

      I think it could either be the latter, or that they're actually actively trying to keep players out. Many dungeons are often full of or hinted at having some air of death or despair in their past, could there be some tangible link to the Twilight in these places? Locations where their realms intersect.vjrwinf you as an intruder upon their domain of Shadow...
    • Chateau Romania - Lite wrote:

      So what's up with ReDeads?


      "A mummy man. Has a high offensive power owing to its supernatural strength."- TLOZ manual Translated

      In TLOZ, they are depicted as mummies with supernatural strength.
      Gibdos are reanimated mummies. (obviously)
      So it's seem like mummification is one of the major form of Burial in Hyrule.

      The body is completly dried and wrapped with bandages. That's why Gibdos are weak to fire. When burned, only the Skeleton remains and in the form of a Stalfos.

      They are strong and tough, it might come from the bandages, I think they are possessed as well and work as muscular tissues.
      Pamela's Father was possessed by Gibdo's bandages.


      I think that Redeads can be Clay and a dead body at the same time.

      Various myths compare Clay as human flesh, my thought is that the corpse is wrapped with Clay but not hardened. So the flesh disappear and is remplaced by the Clay, the Skeleton can still be see through it.

      They can be inspired from Haniwa, what has inspired the Gyroids from Animal Crossing, it was a burial decoration for the tombs.
      Redeads do protect Tombs in OOT, there are Redeads in the Royal Tomb, a Skeleton warned us about them in the main hall.

      Burial Masks are quite common, I think that the wooden mask is put on the dead's skull to hide the hideous looking face behind it.
      TFH redeads are more fancy, the mask is more than simple wood and they have gold on them, TWW's too, since they were found in Temple ...
      TWW Redeads lack of Mask, but Poe in that game have Masks, maybe the Poe and the Redeads were once the body and the soul of a dead one.

      Are Redead Soulless ? That would explain their screams, the empty call of Death that paralyzes a living person.

      In MM, Gibdos are revealed with fire to be just Redeads wrapped in bandages, in Burial perspective, it might be a mean to keep the clay flesh together, in OOT, only the Gibdos are found in sarcophagi while Redeads wander outside in wet places where the bandages might fall apart.

      TFH Redeads, kinda like Dead Hands, can "swim" in the earth, maybe some clay's properties but I think this is just basic Zombie stuff, burried in the Ground.

      TP "Redead" Knights, or Gibdos, are quite special, they are strong and have bandages like regular Gibdos, but can scream like Redeads, they are a mix between OOT Gibdos and TWW Redeads.
      They look a little like the Big Poes of that game.
      They were once Knights, as suggested by the Armor plates.
      So, Knights might be burried with their Armors and weapons, just like the Hero's Shade.

      Chateau Romania - Lite wrote:

      So you're Twilight Theory is that it acts as the realm of the dead, and Wallmasters exist to drag others to damnation?

      I will explain this more in another post …

      but they do drag use to the "shadow" realm in Four Swords adventure.

      But yeah, they prefer to expulse intruders from dungeons.

      I don't think they attack the livings, rather the deads.

      Velivolo wrote:

      Is there any reason the Twili from TP COULDN'T be the Zonai?

      I do connect them together, but in a larger scale.

      But for me Zonai are older than Skyward Sword or the Era of Hylia, they are "the first Tribe".
      That's why I connect them to everybody, Gerudo, Wind people, Hylians Sheikah ...

      But the closest relatives there is, are the people of Lurelin Village. They share simillar symbols and live near the Zonai ruins.

      The Interlopers are also ancient, but I can't see the Interloper War happening anywhere else than the Era of Chaos. Which happened much much later.

      Typhlo Ruins ... I think this ancient Zonai place might be related to them and the Sheikahs.
      There is a notion of "Blindness" in the name of this place, and everything is covered in a black mist. Eye Symbol ... Shadow ... Two things they both share.