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    The Wii U celebrates it’s 1st Birthday!
    • So it's been a year since the next gen started huh? As much as I love the Wii U I can't help but feel really depressed about the sales just looking rubbish for my next gen console of choice. In fact I was only planning on getting one in a few years time when Smash Bros, Zelda U or perhaps a new Metroid came out, but I decided to get it in April anyway because of how bad sales were looking.

      But enough about me being an emo over this, personally I don't regret getting a Wii U at all, it's a wonderful little machine that has a good set of exclusives, a good set of third party games, an unappreciated love for backwards compatibility, and unlike the other machines it chances things up with a new controller which I really love and I would love to see what Zelda and Metroid could do with the controller.

      I've got about 7 Wii U games, and there's like 5 more on shelves that I want as well, although nothing too spectacular to immediately get a Wii U.
      I thought Nintendo Land was a fun package but could've benefited from more modes.
      New Super Mario Bros. U was just as fun as the NES and SNES Mario games.
      Pikmin 3 is a wonderful title that is a joy to play even if it can be tedious.
      ZombiU is a fun and really tense horror game.

      As for the non-exclusives, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is fantastic adventure, Darksiders II is a lot of fun and Rayman Legends is just a joy to play.

      I do love the novelty of lying in bed with the TV off and just lazily playing Mario and Monster Hunter on the Gamepad.

      If the Wii U manages to survive these next few years then I can definitely say that I'm really looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash 4, Bayonetta 2, and X. Just wish Nintendo would shell out more of their franchises for the Wii U like Star Fox or F-Zero. But I think this is the only console I'll buy in this gen, I just have the time of day for anything else.
    • Erikson wrote:

      An abomination.

      Not really.

      I actually just got my Wii U a few days ago, while everyone else was going gaga over the PS4. I'm happy with my purchase, especially after hearing about all the problems PS4 owners are having. It will probably be my only "next generation" purchase, since I have my PC to play most other non-Nintendo games. I may purchase the Steam Box though, as it looks promising, but as far as shelling out $400-$500 for basically souped up versions of Sony and Microsoft's previous consoles, I think I'll save my money.
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    • @ Erikson, Let's compare the Next-gen systems shall we?

      The PS4, if you've been following it's launch, has 4 system design flaws already; 1 negligible design flaw, and 3 serious design flaws. The first of which is the fact that the system itself is rectangular, yet only features 3 pads on the underside of the console, thus the system 'wobbles' back and forth. Now, while this flaw doesn't impede the gaming experience, it does show that the system was designed haphazardly, and without proper quality assurance in-mind. Now the other three are more serious, first of which is defective/flawed HDMI output ports; there are a large number of systems that come with a piece of metal sticking up into the path of the HDMI port, preventing users from plugging the HDMI cord in. This presents a problem, because any system should be ready to play out of the box, with these systems, the consumer has to file off this piece of metal to plug in the HDMI cord; meaning consumers aren't able to play right out of the box -- as the PS4 does not have Composite or Component A/V outputs, it only has HDMI. The second of the serious issues of the system is airflow, which is designed relatively inefficient in order to meet a release deadline ahead of the Xbox One. The air intake and outtake vents are both located on the rear of the console, which, as any computer engineer will tell you is not very efficient at allowing air to flow across the critical components. Furthermore, the system has a somewhat small internal Fan, which combined with the third airflow issue, being an Internal AC/DC power adapter, means the system is extremely inefficient at circulating air to cool down the system. Which leads me to the final flaw, having the Internal AC/DC Power Adapter (power brick) located directly above the system's Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This proves to be an issue because the system, when in standby, uses a steady 70 Watts of power, meaning the power brick is continually warm and/or hot while the system is on, and because it is located near the GPU (another part that produces heat), it transfers excess amounts of heat to the GPU, and in most reported cases, it has fried the GPU, or the connectors to the HDMI port. Now a fifth problem, which I have less information on, is the 'Dead On Arrival' PS4's -- systems that are unboxed, plugged in, and do not function at all -- there are theories floating around about this, the foremost of which is the fact that the PS4 has below-average packaging, meaning there is a higher likelihood of the system suffering damage in shipping. All-in-all, the PS4 has major issues, that eclipse the drought of games the Wii U has had, and the whiny bantering about the Wii U GamePad.

      That said, Sony doesn't have the money to do a recall of all the systems they have shipped thus far unfortunately. Sony is nearly bankrupt right now as it is, just recently, they had to sell skyscrapers they owned to partially pay off debt they have, if this does turn out to be the case, it will bankrupt the company. Sony is already selling the PS4s at a loss (hardware components run approx $300-$350, plus labor costs, shipping costs, and taxes), so having to recall all of them and develop a new design is something they cannot afford to do at this point in time. So, again if this turns out to be the case, Sony Corporate will liquefy Sony Computer Entertainment (games division) to capitalize on its losses in hopes that they don't go under. This course of action though, while the only one they can do in this case, will put Sony out of the Video Game industry -- which is bad because the competition they bring only serves to better the industry as a whole and create new, better products.

      Now, onto the Xbox One; given how the Xbox One has not released yet, I will have less information than there is here on the PS4. First off, the system has already been confirmed to not play games out of the box; in order to play games, consumers must log onto Xbox LIVE and download a mandatory Day 1 update. This proves a problem for people who don't have broadband Internet connections, especially those outside the United States. It also causes issues when the consumer just wants to go home and play games instead of waiting to download something that hundreds of thousands of other people are all trying to download at the same time. On that last note, the fact that it's mandatory means that everyone who buys the system will have to do it, continuing this chain of logic, it means that the hundreds of thousands of people that will buy the system on the 22nd will all be running to download it at the same time. Which means that there is an extremely high probability that the Xbox LIVE service will crash or experience a high degree of network latency, which means that everyone will have to wait longer to download the update. Going on, we have to address the issue that the use of the Kinect 2.0 when the system is turned on is mandatory as well. This in and of itself is not a big issue, but when put into context with what Micro$oft will be doing -- keeping logs on voice chat, text chat, video chat, and constant streaming of content from the consumers console to M$'s servers, all able to be seized by the US National Security Administration (NSA-run by Obama) via a warrant since the servers are located in the US -- presents a catastrophic privacy issue.

      Something else you should note about the Xbox One, all 8th Generation consoles except the Xbox One are able to natively render images in 1080p, the Xbox One on the other hand, is only able to internally render images at a mere 720p, the same as the Xbox 360. What Micro$oft PR tells you about being able to play in 1080p and 4K is not the whole truth, while images may be displayed in higher resolutions, that is not how they natively look on the system. Images are generated in 720p and through a process known as upscaling, they are displayed in 1080p and 4K, meaning a lower resolution image is 'stretched' to fit a 1080p or 4K screen, leaving the resulting image pixelated and/or blurry. Additionally, with all the next gen titles for the Xbox One, it has trouble maintaining a steady frame-rate of 60fps, which leads me to believe that the system, like the PS4 was designed haphazardly in order to meet a deadline since Nintendo jump-started the 8th generation.

      You may be wondering why I'm addressing the hardware/graphics capabilities of the systems so much, and it is because both systems tout their hardware power as the primary selling point, thus critiquing the systems on their own selling points is more logical. With that said, the Wii U has been critiqued on its game lineup, because the Wii U, unlike the competition is designed specifically for gaming, and moreso gaming with a unique experience (i.e. the GamePad). For the sake of being fair, let's take a look at the launch lineup for the Xbox One and the PS4, which can be found here: Xbox One Lineup and here: PS4 Lineup. As you can see, each system has very few games, not only are the games low in number, but they are also low in quality/ratings. So henceforth, given the information presented here, anyone buying the Xbox One or the PS4 who criticizes the Wii U's launch lineup is a hypocrite.

      Concluding, I'd like to say that with the catastrophic launch of the PlayStation 4, and Micro$oft's Xbox One on the horizon, I can safely say that the Wii U is the best choice for gaming this generation. While it may not have the horsepower that it's competitors have, it is specifically designed for gaming, and therefore needs less power. Not to mention its lesser price in this economy come this Holiday season will prove to be a major selling point. Another selling point is its own upcoming game lineup, foremost being The Legend of Zelda Wii U (tentative title), which, if The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is any indication, will be utterly amazing, much moreso than anything any competitor can release. Basically what all this is about (TL;DR?) stop complaining about the Wii U and Nintendo, its competitors are in a much worse spot right now, and the competitors don't have amazing series' like Zelda to help them.
    • It's not dead yet! :D

      Also, dayum, The Dude, that is a lot of nice info! It'd be funny if Nintendo jump started the 8th gen on purpose just to trip up Sony and MS because they'd undoubtedly scramble to get their next-gen consoles out.

      I know that's not the case, I just think it's funny to think of.

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    • Also, didn't Wii U sales completely spike after the release of The Wind Waker HD? I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that Wii U sales were up 200% after it released. I know for a while now, I haven't seen any at my local Walmart after I put mine on layaway. If a remake helped sales out that much, then just imagine how much it's going to sell after Super Mario 3D World releases later this week.

      Also, take a look on Metacritic. A Link Between Worlds's reviews are completely destroying any of of the PS4 and XBox One's launch titles (91 for ALBW with Need for Speed Rivals for PS4 being the closest with a 84). Though the reviews for SM3DW are surprisingly absent.
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    • @ the DUDE: PS4 hardware costs total $296 according to a few game sites.

      And I've got to say, the good games on the Wii U are countable on one hand. I actually own WW HD limited edition but don't plan on buying a Wii U anytime soon due to lack of good games.

      The Gamecube (even though it's my fav console) was a step down from the N64 in sales and games, the Wii was a huge set back in quality games (even though it sold good), and now the Wii U has hardly any good 1st or 3rd party games... What's going on with Nintendo and home consoles?
    • THE_DUDE_xD wrote:

      You claim that you should criticise based on their primary selling point, yet you brush aside the Wii U's abysmal lineup by comparing it to consoles that have just been released. That's rather dishonest, considering the Wii U has already been out for a year. Of course it's going to have a better lineup, however marginally; the Xbox 360 had a better lineup than the PS3 and Wii when they were launched.

      Of course, comparing the Wii U's current marginally-better lineup to the launch lineup of the PS4/Xbone is hardly judging the console on its own merits. So let's look at the console's primary selling point, which is, as you said, the games. The problem is, the Wii U's lineup could charitably be described as a wasteland. Let's look at Metacritic's top Wii U games. Almost all of them are ports. The only games that look interesting to me are Pikmin 3 and TWWHD (which I wouldn't ordinarily count due to being a remake, but god knows the Wii U needs all the help it can get), but I'll throw in Rayman Legends since I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'll also throw in the just-released Super Mario 3D world, since that looks pretty fun. So that's four worthwhile games. For a console that I'll need to drop $300 for, plus at least fifty bucks each for the actual games. As much as I love Wind Waker, it's still, at its core, the same game I've been playing for a decade with a few neat additions and updated graphics (and this is hurt by the fact that the original game's graphics have aged excellently), and not something I'd buy a console for. Pikmin 3, while I do like Pikmin, it's not something I'm willing to spend $300 for. The new Smash looks promising... but they're also releasing a version for the 3DS, which is a console I already own.

      So the Wii U is damned even by your own criteria for judging it.

      The sad fact it, the Wii U, as it stands now, is a failure. And unless Nintendo can manage to get their shit together soon, that probably won't change. It's sad, but trying to deny reality doesn't help anyone short of people suffering from buyer's remorse.

      I'm honestly rather glad I've got a pretty decent gaming PC; none of the three consoles appeal to me enough for me to spend hundreds of dollars on them, especially considering I can get tons of great games on Steam for great prices. While the traditional problems of PC gaming (hardware and games can be a bitch, if you don't know how to build one a good PC will cost you, has to be upgraded and maintained, etc.) are still there, they're pretty mild in comparison.

      Maybe I'll pick one up if the prices drop a good amount. But as it is now, I'm pretty content with just a PC.
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