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  • Yeah news in the last few days is pretty fast. Now the only thing I'm missing is that announced Zelda cartoon, based on TWW. ;) That seemed pretty big to me, I sent it in as a tip.
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  • Don't mistake old news for a slow news team. The current news team is one of the hardest working and best-coordinated news teams we've had in our 10 year history, dealing the best they can with the hand dealt to them. In comparison to our usual historical news output of something every couple of days, they've had to push out news at upwards of 40 posts a week, because the double release of Zelda games in a short span has caused stories to come in way too fast.

    At the moment the situation is that Reece regularly finds a large amount of news and has had to sort it into priority levels so that we can get important stuff out in time, with our volunteer news team writing the other posts as time allows (and it should be noted that they're putting in a lot more time than usual and getting a lot of news out). This is not a permanent concern, just an issue of Nintendo piling multiple major Zelda releases into the same time period.

    As much as we'd love to just dump in like 50 people to help, we know from experience that it just doesn't work that way. News coordination can only be efficient if the editor can keep track of everyone personally, otherwise you get people not doing anything or not sure what to do or writing the same story somebody else wrote or just not feeling part of a team and becoming disinterested. If there are too many balls to juggle it all falls down.

    It's just something that's going to happen in super-peak times no matter how well we prepare for it, for the same reason that even giant companies like Blizzard can't deal with about the first week of a new MMO launch. The spike will pass soon, and the news team will catch itself up.

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  • Hey Canyarion, I'm the News Editor of ZU. It seems as though everyone's pretty much explained the majority of what needs to be said, but I have a little more to add that'll hopefully be helpful to you.

    As has been said, we do have an internalised and constantly updated list of news that we manage, and I assign each news story with a priority level. We focus on the ones that we feel must go out immediately first, meaning that lower priorities are attended to afterwards. Sometimes these "high priorities" stack up day by day, meaning other news stories may occasionally be pushed back and published late.

    However, think of it this way: would it be better if we abandoned those stories completely? While this is not about competition to me, this is often what ZD and ZI and many other sites do. If something isn't published, then people often won't know about it, and therefore won't complain about its absence. Instead I like to think we put in the extra effort to ensure that that news goes out, even if it is old, because I want our readers to know about it.

    Regarding those two examples you provided (and you are welcome to provide more if you have any), the reversible cover was one such story that got pushed away because of other major things happening at the time. Also, for whatever reason our writers may not be able to finish a post in time, as was the case here, and so a draft is left unpublished until the author goes back to it or the other staff cover it instead.

    As for the interview, Aonuma has a habit of participating in a lot of interviews at once. In these scenarios, it's simply impossible to publish them all in such a short time. But again, I don't want you to guys to miss out on anything, so we report on it anyway when we can. The unfortunate thing is that we could have easily left it out, and no one would know otherwise--but when we do and it's "late", we get complaints. I love receiving feedback from you all, (and this isn't aimed at you specifically Canyarion) but it's just something for everyone to consider before anyone calls us out for slacking.

    Now, as for spoilers.

    Canyarion wrote:

    Edit: one last question now that I'm here: what's your policy on spoilers of non-released games? Because 20 minutes ago I had to discover about 2 new items in ALBW. They were mentioned in the headline, so that makes the main page unsafe to visit for people who avoid spoilers! :(

    Am I right in assuming that those two items you are referring to are the Fire and Ice Rods? If so, then first of all sorry you feel that way. However, these items were introduced a long time ago in gameplay footage. Considering these items are not new to the series, and that this is a direct sequel to A Link to the Past, I don't consider a simple mention of them as a spoiler. You might, but it's an issue of balance. Really, any new information about the game could be considered a spoiler from someone, and this would mean not reporting any news on ALBW whatsoever. I feel we have a good compromise, and anything we show shouldn't spoil your experience.

    zeruda~ wrote:

    Its a huge spoiler actually. If for example a picture of a boss in the game is shown as part of the news headline its clear that's a spoiler regardless of whether text information of the boss is giving in the headline, and the same goes for items!

    Again, this is completely subjective. Not to sound harsh, but you are in the minority with that opinion, and when it comes to the balance of spoiler territory we can't do much more than satisfy the majority. Yeah we revealed an image, but we didn't reveal its name or ability. In fact, in the first post regarding the item, that was the whole point: what is this mysterious new object and what does it do?

    lefty wrote:

    ZU always seems to have the hardest time keeping up with news, I do agree. I understand there is volunteer work and whatnot, but that is the same for other fan sites.

    In my travels; though, I've seen different Zelda sites with different strengths.

    ZU has community and its forums, but is always late with news posts. (I used to do news for ZU, and I can attest to things always being late, we didn't have much tip type things and it seemed not a lot of people looked for news all that often. Tha was then though)

    zeruda~ wrote:

    And going on topic, I have noticed aswell ZU being very slow with news. Usually I find out new Zelda info through posts on the forums and not on the news page.

    I realise I may seem very biased in saying this, and I highly appreciate your opinions, but I highly disagree with this. I can't speak for ZU's past, as I have only been the editor here since June 2013 (and a reporter for the last year), but as Cody says we have the best news team and the best news output in a very long time. So we're late on a couple of recent stories, but then there's also the other 30 news posts we have churned out in the last week alone that, as far as I know, have been timely, relevant while at the same time written professionally.

    Nielyboyken wrote:

    But indeed, sometimes ZU is also a bit late, that doesn't mean we have/can not work on it. I know sure we can have still more better news with a bit re-organisation. If we work as a community and for example send new news tips to: and it's really checked, we would increase our news-quality.

    Your advice to the community is definitely appreciated, though a lack news tips isn't a issue we face. We are on top of everything, and we only really require tips on things like fan art, crafts, events etc--things that might not necessarily turn up on the gaming news websites.

    The common misconception here is that, because we might not report on a news story on the same day, then we simply just don't know about it and have to be told. This isn't the case. We are aware, and we add to our list so it will then be organised and put out as soon as we can.

    Eternal Legend wrote:

    The problem is that we don't really have that many news writers on the team at the moment, plus it's volunteer work, meaning that irl matters + committments should always come first over stress on releasing a news article on ZU.

    Yeah same.
    Kind of makes me feel bad as a site staff myself, but then again I am no writer.

    Actually, we have the biggest news team I've seen since I started working here. And if you were a writer, you would know that we work incredibly hard and that there's more news to deal with than you realise. Sorry if you're embarrassed by us, and apologies to anyone else who may have issues with the news output, but I'm incredibly proud of my team and I know better than anyone the amount of passion and hard work they contribute to ZU.

    I hope everything there has helped at least someone understand things better. Just like the other staff, even as the editor I have a full-time job and a whole bunch of commitments that sadly need adhering to before ZU. I would love nothing more than to work here full-time, ensuring that we are on top of everything at all times. While this cannot be, I'd still say we somehow conjure the time and energy to make the site a great news source.

    And we are all of course eager to improve, so thank you all for your feedback and we welcome it at any time!
  • I understand your stance on bringing the news, thanks for explaining it. And apologies if I was wrong about the fire/ice rod being a spoiler. I only remember(ed) seeing the fire rod in the first 2 trailers Nintendo revealed. I must have forgotten about the ice one.

    Anyway, I'll just have to start visiting other sites, so I can read stuff when it's still 'news'.
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