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    If you could choose any Zelda world/time period to become reality, which one would you choose?
    • So last month I made a discovery of "Obviously" a statue leading to Skyloft in Cleethorpes in England. It made me think of the topic "What would YOU do if you discovered the Legend of Zelda was real?" Link to the thread here.

      So this week I found myself on the island of Symi in Greece, Europe. I made another ground breaking discovery for Zelda fans. A statue, "Obviously" made of Link (no coincidence I swear) looking over the harbor onto the South Aegean Sea of the Mediterranean. I am pretty sure that's a Baton he's holding!

      In any case whatever the statue is or whatever it is meant to represent, it got me thinking. Firstly about the new release of the Wind Waker HD on the Wii U and the question.

      "If you could choose any Zelda world/time period to become reality, which would you choose and why?"

      To clear that up a little I will share my answer, I would most likely choose The Twilight Princess game, set within The Twilight Era on the timeline of The Dark World & The Hero's Descendants. The reason? Not only is it a well structured society but they have some really cool technology. Plus the landscape has morphed into something beautiful over the years. I think I would quite like to live in Castle Town and set up business links with Kakariko selling "Gorons Special Crop" and Spring Water. :) But that's me looking to far into it. I would probably first off make sure I had a decent pair of boots ;) Lot's of walking in Hyrule y'know.

      How about you guys?
    • 1st Pick - A Link to the Past. Obvious enough, the overworld is full of magical spirit and culture and the Dark World is epic and mystical. It's a true Eden: lush, dreamy and lost.

      2nd Pick - Ocarina of Time because it has Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, the nicer Hyrule Castle, Kakariko/Graveyard, and the Temple of Time. It has so much atmosphere compared to other Zelda worlds. Warm, spiritual and ethereal. Way different feeling than TP.

      3rd Pick - Majora's Mask. The atmosphere is so intriguingly warm and imaginative, but it's also more dangerous.

      Runner up - Oracle of Seasons/Ages - This world has the most magic and mystical nature of any Zelda game but I refrain from bringing it to life unless the graphics are more realistic.

      I wouldn't want to be transported to TP's world or SS's world, they're both quite bland within themselves with very little magical atmosphere and lots of emptiness to look at, I'd get sick and tired of it. Rather stay here and play better Zelda games.
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    • If there was no disasters or anything, just a normal world with the same people and geography, I'd actually say Termina. There's so much to see and do and in real life it would be very interesting, with all the places to go and see. Ocarina of Time's Hyrule is probably second place though, as it's very similar. I just feel like the huge world would be really fun to explore in real life.
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    • I would have to go with TP, because it is so huge and beautiful, it is also very ancient and I find the old style look to it is really cool. Second place goes to OoT because of Castle Town, Kakariko Village, the Lost Woods, Kokiri Forest, etc., it really feels... right, everything about it is so beautiful and just how Zelda should look like. Third place goes to SS/WW because of the traveling through the sky of the water, discovering islands would be so much fun! The only other memorable Hyrule or other territory in Zelda is OoS and OoA because of some really nice places (I love queen Ambi's Castle) and the change of scenery when changing Ages/Seasons
    • I would really love to be in Termina, peaceful ofcourse :)
      Second option, i would go with Wind Waker.
      As a human that love's the ocean... Oooh yeah!
      About the pic, maybe it's harry potter? ;)
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    • [FONT=&quot]I've deleted my last post and given a more unabridged version of my thoughts...[/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot]I would probably pick OoT and the Child Era. First, OoT, because the story and events and so beautifully epic. A lot of awesome events happen around that game, no other Zelda game is so...deep in the sense of a plot. The other games just don't do that for me. You'll see what I mean by all this if you read Hyrule Historia. A wounded mother flees the fires of war into the forest with her son. Her baby grows up as a Kokiri, not know about his past, his destiny always pointed at becoming the Hero of Time. He leaves the forest, meeting the princess of destiny, struggling to stop the evils of Ganondorf. Pulling up the Master Sword, becoming an adult, saving the land of Hyrule. How much better can you get? No other Zelda game does that.[/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot]Plus, all the areas in the Child Era Hyrule, as RoboticLink said it, just feels so right. The big castle, the deep forest, the vast lake... Whenever I play OoT, I find myself exploring these places for long periods of time and wasting time because they're so picturesque.[/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot]It's the same with MM and TP (although I've never played TP before). MM, because the story of the parallel world Termina is so vast and very thought-wreching and also so deep. And, as before, the events are all so cool. Same thing for TP.[/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
      [FONT=&quot]So, I would definitely want to live in the Child Era. Everything isn't too bad, and it isn't too much of 'everything is perfect' kind of storyline either (like Sprit Tracks). And, like I said, all the settings and events are just perfect.[/FONT]

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    • I'd have to say Twilight Princess era. I like the landscape of Hyrule in this time period and the way that the towns and other areas have developed to have more depth to them than was possible with OoT. Of course, that being said, my runner up would be OoT because I love the lost woods and the overall atmosphere.

      An honorable mention would have to go to Skyward Sword, just because I love the Lanayru region in that game so much.
    • I'd have to say Wind Waker because I have sailing experience, and there's no feeling like being on the open ocean with the wind in your face and the smell of the sea!!!!!!! :D

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