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    Character Profile Editing/Updating Policy
    • Okay, so your character has been officially approved by an Approver. They clearly gave your character either a visual stamp of approval or a written one posted in the profile thread. Your character is ready to go. But then you realize something you hadn't thought of before while you were making their profile. Or you've finished an RP and due to the events of the RP your character got a kool new weapon or spell or skill or power. You'll want to add these new changes to your character.

      However, there are things you need to do and need to know about either editing your character's profile or applying new updates to it. Because Tales of Characters does have a policy concerning this stuff.

      So there are different kinds of changes.

      Update - This is a change or edit that adds or even takes away something from the profile after the events of a particular RP that the character was involved in. Because characters can and do grow and change as you roleplay with them. They can get new weapons, armor, items, powers, spells, skills, a companion character, and more experience in various things in general as they go through adventures and quests. An update should always be related to the events of an RP.

      Updates can also include things gained or lost during the events of a Solo Adventure (aka a character fiction). However, a Approver will be checking over the Solo Adventure responsible for the change to ensure there is an enough effort, creativity, and thought put into it (this will only be for Significant Changes, which are described later in this post). Basically, you still need to earn the update.

      Edit - An edit is a change that is not related to the events of an RP. This change could be fixing typos, the format, or even the content of the profile. An edit could be adding or taking away things from a profile in sections like weapons, armor, items, powers/skills/magic, companion characters, battle strengths/weaknesses, which may or may not be allowed depending on the nature of the edit.

      Then, there are two other kinds of changes, be they an update or merely an edit. So these changes are categorized as a significant change or an insignificant change. These will determine whether or not you must have the approval of a Approver to make these changes (updates or edits).

      Significant Changes - These are content changes made to specific sections of the profile that add or take away from these sections. These sections are Powers/Skills/Magic, Weapons, Armor, Battle Strengths, Battle Weaknesses, and Carried Possessions (and companion characters added into the profile). These sections are considered more important and significant than the other sections of the profile because they govern over the fairness of the character (meaning: whether or not they break the fairness of a roleplay).

      (However, it is only considered a significant item for Carried Possessions if said item has powers or magic or special properties of some kind that make it different from other ordinary items.)

      So changes made to these sections are considered significant changes which you must contact a Approver about editing them into the profile. Basically, these changes must be approved before the character can continue to be used in Tales of Characters.

      (Proper contact would involve either VM or sending a private message to the Approver who first approved the profile via conversation. Do not post in the thread and hope that means they've seen it and approved (it will require an approval mark in the character thread in most cases). Not all Approvers are subscribed to the threads they have posted in. They might not see it. Always wait for a response either by a private message in Conversations or VM or even, and most preferably, in the character's thread communicating about whether or not the change is approved or if there needs to be more details. Do not assume the change is approved until an Approver explicitly says so. If the Approver who approved your character the first time is not available, seek out a new Approver about your changes.)

      You can make edits to fix typos and maybe rearrange the format without the consent of an Approver, so long as you are not changing the content, which would be the limits and boundaries of your character's power/skills/magic, weapons, armor, items with powers/magic/special properties, and battle strengths/weaknesses as your Approver had approved for the character. Do not change or tweak any of these limits and boundaries without the consent of your Approver.

      Typically, you should not be making significant changes to your character profile unless it is an update (small editing for typos, spelling, and format aside). It is hard to develop a character who you are constantly changing on a whim. Not to mention, it's not exactly fair to the people you are RPing with if you are constantly making significant changes to the profile.

      Possible Exceptions
      - If you feel you have a good case for making one or many significant changes (that are edits and not updates) to your character's profile, contact your Approver and discuss it with them. They will decide if your case warrants a significant change that is not an update. However, not all significant changes will be accepted if your character is in the middle of one or more RPs.

      The one of the few exceptions is if an Approver approves an edit (not an update) to the significant sections of the character profile, and if you want to implement these changes in one or more RPs your character is involved in, you must have the approval of all the other RPers present and active in these RPs.

      One other exception would be the RP which an update came from. Say in the middle of the RP, an event gives your character an update, you would able to use that update for the rest of the RP, given the nature of the update allows for it. (Basically, it needs to make sense that given the update that your character would be able to use it after the originating event of the update.) But we will also take into account chronological order of the RPs that your character is involved in. RPers do not always write RPs in order. So your character may receive an update for one RP but will not use these updates in another RP that is supposed to take place prior to the RP in which the character received the update. So you are allowed to do updates with a character that is in the middle of many other RPs.

      Insignificant Changes
      - These would be any changes, update or edit, that are in the specific sections of Name, Age, Sex, Appearance (and related sections like Hair and Eye Color, Weight, Height), Carried Possessions (only if the items have no powers, magic, or special properties), Personality, and History.

      Changes made to those sections do not require the consent of an Approver.

      However, if you are making insignificant changes to a character mid-RP, you need to be telling the other RPers involved in the RPs your character is in about those changes (small editing for typos, spelling, and format aside). People are not mind-readers. You need be communicating. Do it.

      This thread will remain open if you have any questions about editing and updating a character profile.

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