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    Hello everyone! I'm your new News Poster!
    • Hello Zelda fans!

      My name is Reece and recently I was lucky enough to get a position of News Writer here at Zelda Universe. I've actually been coming to the site for years, but I never thought to register - yep, I was one of those guys!

      But I'm willing to change that, and as well as try to update you on the hottest news, I'm very much looking forward to being an active member of this community. I can't wait to get involved with discussions, debates or silly banter with you all.

      Today I posted the article on the “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this” Key Hanger. Its just a small post, but as you can imagine I'm very proud seeing it published. If you could give me any feedback on it and on future posts, that would be awesome!

      I'm aspiring to become a successful video game journalist so this is a fantastic opportunity for me - and its an honour to contribute to the leading Zelda fan-site. I've played video games since the age of 4, and it was probably around that time I played my first Zelda game, Link's Awakening. I was young and the game was pretty hard, but I never gave up because I found it so much fun to play. Solving a puzzle after hours of attempts was extremely rewarding, and no doubt taught me the thrill of a challenge.

      I first played Ocarina of Time, my first 3D Zelda, round my cousin's house, and it was great fun adventuring on Epona. My favourite game in the series, and favourite game in general, is The Wind Waker, and I'll never forget my time playing it. I first saw it in a magazine after getting a GameCube for Christmas, and before my mind even registered it as a "Zelda game", I wanted it after seeing those beautiful graphics and reading about adventures on the sea.

      Thank you for reading, and a huge thank you to the wonderful Lysia and all of the other ZU staff that were kind enough to take me on. I'm eager to get to know all the staff members as well as the community members.

      So say hi, and tell me about yourselves! ;)
    • @zeldafan12z:

      Aww, thanks for the hearty welcome! And I can't wait to bring you more news, and only hope its worthy in terms of the quality you'd expect on ZU. By the way, that is one awesome welcoming GIF and sig - are you an artist by any chance?


      Sure thing, dawg! You can be my first friend - don't you feel privileged? ;) Seriously, thank you!

      Nice to meet you both!
    • @Uzuki Cheverie

      Thank you! And wow, you must be incredibly dedicated to write walkthroughs - Skyward Sword is no small game, either! I'm very much looking forward to seeing it published and any of your other work.


      Amazing! If you have any other work (like a Deviantart page or something) I'd be very interested in seeing it, you seem very talented.


      Thank you sir! Yeah, I'm quite tempted myself ;). Glad you liked it!
    • Very impressive! I'd like to get more into art and graphics myself one day and learn how to use programs effectively for digital graphics. I like to draw but like you I'm so busy and with such little spare time. At college this year I designed a game for my Game Design unit, and had great fun designing characters, levels, weapons and ideas - I'd love to revisit that at some point to continue and improve it all.

      Again, excellent stuff. Please, keep up the good work!

      That's really generous of you, but I wouldn't ask you to devote your time into creating something just for me. Also, an anime and Pokemon fan as well as a Zelda fan? I think you and I will get on just fine. ;)
    • Hey Reece, Welcome to the forums.
      Don't worry i was also one of those people who never signed up and just browsed but eventually gave in to temptation as most do with this awesome site. ;)

      Congrats on the job, i look forward to reading all the interesting and upcoming news about Zelda from you :)

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    • Thank you very much, AwesomeShan! I think that's the case with a lot of people. I go through a long period of lurking across websites and communities, but I always end up joining the best ones in the end. ;)

      @Uzuki Cheverie

      Yeah, I don't think I ever ventured into the forums myself though, only checked on the home page occasionally. Not because I didn't want to, but honestly I've been so busy with school/college/work for as long as I can remember that committing to multiple forums can be difficult at times.

      Its only fairly recently that I first became properly dedicated to a community when I joined Destructoid. I have them to thank for kick-starting my writing career by giving me a place to blog among awesome people and promoting one of my posts to the front page. I should have mentioned them in the main thread post really.

      To any lurkers who may be reading though, it is way more fun to get involved than to observe. Registering isn't too much effort. ;)

      Its great getting to know you all, I really hope to spend as much time as I can here as it seems like a very friendly community. Hopefully I'll see you all elsewhere in the forums too!

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