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  • Good, also after a discussion with Ruki, you're going to need a Crest for James. Ordinarily, he wouldn't need one as a Spirit user. However, we're doing things differently. So he will need one.

    This is a list of currently occupied crests:


    So you can pick anything that is NOT one of those above.

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  • It's kool, Twi. I just wanted to make sure that you knew we were waiting. I understand shit happens and internet gets shut down for a while sometimes.

    In other News:

    Digimon Evolution Mastery

    If you’ve watched at least the first or second seasons of Digimon, you may have noticed some variation involving a Digimon’s stamina or ability to evolve and ability to perform attacks and special powers depending on if they have enough energy.

    I’m bringing this up now because these things were important mostly for pacing for the show. Digimon got stronger not just in evolving to the higher level evolution—they also got stronger within their current or previously evolved forms. This involves pacing, because then there’s more variation and challenges within the show beyond just getting to the next level of evolution. If there were no stamina or energy levels within one form of evolution, then the anime seasons would have been over a lot sooner than 50 or so episodes even taking filler into account. That aside it adds a sense of realism and makes the process of digivolving a lot more interesting.

    This is something I want us to keep in mind while writing this Digimon RP. We need it to last a while, so we can’t be hitting the new levels all at once or immediately after having just discovered the previous level.

    Firstly, getting to the next stage in evolution should NOT be that easy. Of course, there will be differences depending on the type of Digidestined your character is. Obviously, Spirit users and Savers have different things to worry about. However, even if the details are different, they will not be getting to the next stage very easily either.

    I will first be covering the Adventure type Digidestined, since Karkat and Sam have those types for their characters. I will then be covering Spirit users since Hagaar has that type. I will then cover Tamers for Ruki and I. Of course, I have one of each type, so I will cover the rest briefly.


    Typically, there are certain challenges that are overcome as they master each level of evolution.

    1. Getting to that next evolution be it Champion, Ultimate, or Mega for the first time.
    2. Mastering the ability to evolve to that next stage in evolution by will.
    3. Maintaining that level of evolution for an extended amount of time (involves stamina).
    4. Developing the stamina to maintain that level of evolution as well performing the attacks or special abilities that come with it several times without de-evolving or getting tired and just unable to produce the attacks.
    5. Mastering their attacks and special abilities to the point they become far more powerful than they originally were when they first evolved to that new evolution level.

    As you may have noticed, there are certain factors that are involved in overcoming the challenges.

    1. Will – This is what enables a Digimon to overcome their current limitations (aka jumping from their current form to a new form of evolution that is not as limited). This is usually triggered by their partner being in danger, but not always. If there is a will, there is a way.

    2. Energy – This can come from food and rest, but it can also come from the bond formed with a partner and their emotions that they share as well as the shifts and growths they experience as individuals that releases energy. There must be energy to make it to either the next stage in evolution, maintain it for a certain time, or to perform and produce attacks and abilities.

    3. Stamina – This can mean either knowing how to utilize their energy more efficiently so that they don’t waste it while in a higher level of evolution, or it can also mean they have built a larger store of energy, meaning they don’t run out as quickly as they once did. Usually, a Digimon can only maintain a higher level of evolution for as long as they have energy to do so. If they run out of energy, they de-evolve to a lower level. Or even being able to produce attacks in a lower level requires a certain amount of energy for the number of times they wish to produce the attack/ability. Stamina affects how much and for how long these things can be done. It also can mean evolving multiple times. Either back and forth between a lower and higher evolution or evolving progressively to the highest level of evolution the Digimon has progressed to.

    4. Ability Mastery – As energy and stamina are developed, so is the level of skill that the Digimon perform their attacks at. A new level of evolution means a new set of attacks and abilities to learn. A Digimon can naturally do all of them, but they get better at doing it the more they do it. This makes their attacks more powerful than when they first started. Practice makes perfect.

    Rookie and In-training Level – Originally in the first season, they received their Digimon at the in-training level. However, in this RP we should generally be starting at the Rookie level. So our Digimon will have already mastered this level of evolution.

    So what does this mean? It means the Digimon can go back and forth between Rookie and In-training with ease. With “ease” means not needing to eat most of the time (unless they have no mastered higher levels like Ultimate or Mega yet, more on that later) in order to evolve to Rookie after de-evolving (by choice) to In-training. It also means they can use their attacks and special abilities typically a lot more than 3 times. It means they have more stamina to engage in combat multiple times before needing to eat to regain their energy. They will now be very comfortable with their attacks in the Rookie and In-training forms. They perform their abilities with an ease that only comes from practice and having mastered the skills to do it well. After all, think of each new evolution as receiving a new body. You will have basic instincts, which means you know all the abilities you can perform and you can do them, but it doesn’t mean that you can do them particularly well.

    So this also means, not only can the Digimon who have mastered Rookie and In-training levels perform their attacks and special abilities multiple times and engage in combat several times before needing to eat and rest, but their attacks also becomes more powerful than they originally were. They are the same attacks and abilities they did before, but with practice and mastering their new evolution stage, they learn to do them better than before. Hence, the attacks gain more power and precision. Not to mention the increase in energy and power in general that comes with mastering a level of evolution.

    Champion Level – This is where our Digimon for this RP will start seeing more challenges. Firstly, they will not be able to evolve into Champion with ease after the first time. Just because you make it to Champion level doesn’t mean suddenly you can get there whenever you want. This is part of mastering the level. The first time usually takes the Digimon’s partner being in danger to evolve, plus having at least a little energy and will-power to do it. Sometimes a Digimon is pushed to their limits right before they manage to evolve to save their partner’s life. Hence, learning to evolve without their partner being in danger takes some time, discipline, and energy. And sometimes, even if their partner is in danger and they have ZERO energy left, they will not be able to evolve. Digimon need food for energy.

    However, food is not always the only energy source for Digimon. After all, why would they need a partner most of the time to evolve? (Interesting note: a partner actually is NOT always required. It is just extremely hard for Digimon to evolve on their own without the help of a partner and the energy they get from the bond they form with that partner.) Which leads directly into the next explanation of energy. Digimon have sometimes been known to evolve for the first time without their partner being in danger directly. Sometimes, if their partner has some kind of revelation or they experience something that makes them experience a shift in the way they used to perceive themselves, others, and generally the world around them it is similar to what the Savers experience: the moment of catharsis. However, it doesn’t require emotional distress. This shift in perception provides a boost of energy to their Digimon partner whom they have formed a bond with. Sometimes this realization is powerful enough to allow their Digimon to evolve to their next form for the first time.

    (Sometimes it is related to their Crest. However, it doesn’t have to be related to their Crest, and in fact most of the time it is better that it isn’t. Because you might want to save that for when they actually get their Crest and need a revelation for them to evolve into Ultimate.)

    Of course, even after the initial power boost that allowed them to evolve that first time into the next level (Champion), they will need food, practice, and probably their partner being in danger. The partner being in danger is always the best catalyst to trigger an evolution almost without fail. Usually, after the first time, your Digimon will always need to eat after they de-evolve before they can evolve again into Champion. Because the first time typically always drains them of all their energy.

    After several times of getting into Champion, the Digimon should start being able to do this with more ease. Eventually, they will get to the point where they can evolve by will (but only with sufficient energy to do so). However, maintaining the evolution becomes another thing all together.

    But usually all of these things are developing at the same time. Each time the Digimon manages to make it to Champion, they will be able to maintain it a little longer than they did before. Basically, as a Digimon learns to evolve to Champion and as they gain experience using this form, they build and grow in stamina and energy levels. Not only that, but they gain experience using their attacks and abilities and they get better as doing those as well.

    Ultimate – Now, it is important to note that the Digimon does not need full and complete mastery of the Champion level in order to reach Ultimate. However, what does seems to be required for Ultimate is the Crest and the partner’s ability to realize within themselves the quality that they possess. This quality which is their Crest provides the most energy release. So the partner being in danger is no longer the only requirement for triggering the next stage in evolution. The revelation about their Crest seems to provide a certain energy level required to get there.

    However, the revelation alone does not automatically trigger an Ultimate evolution instantly. Often, what happens is that the Crest glows for the first time. However, often the energy from the revelation can be called upon again when the partner is in danger and the Digimon will follow suit and evolve to Ultimate. It is important to note if the partner starts acting in ways contrary to the quality of their Crest, the Crest will stop glowing for them and they will lose the ability to evolve into Ultimate. Because they must foster that quality within themselves to produce the energy that this quality creates within the partner, which is what fuels the energy level to reach Ultimate.

    To call upon this energy, the partner must merely recall their quality that they maintain within themselves and they will then usually be able to reach Ultimate. However, like with the Champion level, they will start at the beginning levels of mastery for the Ultimate level in all the same areas as mentioned before in typically all the same ways. However, note that especially after the first time evolving to Ultimate, your Digimon will de-evolve to their In-training level. This is different from Champion. Champions will only de-evolve to Rookie, not all the way back to In-training. The burst of energy used in Ultimate causes them to need to rest in the In-training form and eat before they can evolve again to Rookie or higher. This changes as they grow in energy and stamina. Eventually, they will only de-evolve back into Rookie. This is usually a sign of near-mastery of the Ultimate evolution level.

    It is also important to mention that there is not skipping levels of evolution even if your Digimon has mastered the previous level. This means you cannot go instantly from Rookie to Ultimate. You cannot skip Champion. First, your Digimon must evolve to Champion and then to Ultimate, and then eventually Mega. This is also how the Digimon continues to build and grow on previous evolution forms that they had not completely mastered before reaching Ultimate. They will be forced to go to a higher level of evolution as the combat situation proves that a certain evolution is not adequate enough.

    Mega – This a tricky level, but typically, of course, you will need your Crest and such to get there. Like said, previously, you cannot skip evolutions. Not usually anyway. As the first season of Digimon showed, actually only two characters managed to get their Digimon to reach the Mega level. This involved what was called “warp digivolving.” This means they could technically skip right from Rookie directly to Mega (note they would need to be in Rookie, so if they were in In-training they would need to evolve to Rookie and then Warp Digivolve). Please, please, please note they could only do this because the two partners of the Digimon were shot by holy arrows of Light and Hope. I suppose this could still possibly be an option for your characters and their Digimon, but you would need to speak to Ruki about it to get permission to do so.

    Outside of Warp Digivolving, the same rule applies from Ultimate that no stages in evolution can be skipped to get to Mega. However, the process of then getting to Mega is a little different. I wager it is still related to the Crest of the partner. Sometimes there can be second revelations in which a partner gains an even deeper understanding of their quality and themselves as people. This is part of growing as an individual. Often the partner being in danger is often still a triggering factor. However, I do believe character growth is often now the only thing truly needed to reach Mega. A deeper understanding of themselves, a relationship they have to someone else or the world around them, or their Crest quality creates another burst of energy that is greater than the first revelation that got them to Ultimate. Like stated before, full mastery of the Ultimate level is not required to get to Mega.

    Like stated for Ultimate, they will first de-evolve to In-training after combat in Mega to regain the energy lost in the use of that form. This will change as they master it, and eventually again they will only de-evolve to Rookie, showing a near-mastery of Mega. All the other rules in regard to evolution for Champion still applies as they gain mastery over Mega.

    Complete Level Mastery – What this looks like is basically when a Digimon is able to maintain a higher level of evolution almost indefinitely. Such as Gatomon in the first and second seasons of Digimon. Gatomon was actually a Champion level Digimon, but she was able to maintain her Champion level as if it was her Rookie level because she has completely mastered it. A Digimon who has completely mastery of a level will not typically De-evolve, unless they intend to or must return to a lower level to rest and regain their energy, usually after going to an even higher level than the one they have currently mastered.

    De-evolving – This is discussed but it should be noted that de-evolving can occur outside merely needing to rest after going to a powerful level like Ultimate. De-evolving can occur as a result of a partner regressing as well. The Digimon is intricately linked to the emotional and mental state of their partner. For example, Koushiro (or Izzy for the English version) made Tentomon de-evolve all the way back to his baby-fresh level when he gave up his curiosity, which was part of an important aspect to Koushiro’s Crest quality which was Knowledge, in giving up his curiosity and even what appeared to be his awareness of his surroundings, Koushiro’s energy level that comes from his emotion, mental state, and Crest quality dropped so Tentomon de-evolved.

    After all, if character and individual personal growth produces access to higher levels of evolution, anything that causes regression in personal growth or stops that growth or causes their current state to regress or worsen would then cause de-evolving to occur.

    Crest Mastery – As noted at the end of the first season of Digimon, they eventually had their crests destroyed. However, the physical tags and crests were merely tools to help them discover their qualities. Once they have a full and deep understanding of their qualities, the Crest aren’t actually required. Because obviously these were traits that they carried within themselves. They can’t be destroyed or taken away just because the physical tags and crests are.

    I will work on the remaining Digidestined Types later and will be posting these in sections. Once I complete all of them, there will be a new spoiler in the opening post that will contain all of this information.

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  • Digimon Evolution Mastery continued (if you don't understand what this is, go back a page or post) ...


    Spirit users don’t have the same challenges or factors that play into their evolution process as Adventurers do. Of course, since they turn into the Digimon themselves, the obvious things of self-care come into play. Humans needs food and water and all those things to be physically active.

    So all it comes down to is: Spirit Mastery. This is similar to the Ability Mastery of the Adventurer type.

    (The only other thing they really need to worry about is finding the DigiSpirits to begin with.)

    Human Spirit – This is the easiest and yet the most difficult Spirit evolution to master. For surface level techniques, it is the easiest to master. Why? Because it is a human type, turning the user into a humanish formed Digimon. Because the DigiSpirit is of human form, it is closer to humans therefore easier for humans to figure out how to use.

    This is what is meant by Spirit Mastery is that the Spirit user is given a new body that they have to learn to use. All Digimon actually go through the same process whenever they reach a new level evolution. They have a new body with new attacks and abilities. They can use all of these things instinctually. However, in time and with practice from actually engaging in combat and using their abilities against enemies, they learn to use their new bodies and their abilities better. This leads to them becoming more powerful in a similar manner.

    There is a deeper level though. The Spirit types seem to be able to develop a bond with the nature of the Digital World. They even seem to almost govern over specific natural elements like wind, fire, ice, wood, etc. Like they are indeed spirits of these elements. The more in tune with the DigiSpirit, the more in tune the Digidestined will become with the natural elements of the Digital World. They are almost able to even summon all the elements in a subtle way as they tune in. This requires a certain embracing of what it means to be a Digimon. After a Spirit user reaches this deeper level, they are likely to feel like they are part Digimon themselves and not merely Human alone.

    Not to mention, the DigiSpirits that they use do have a consciousness of their own. As they develop and deepen their bond with the Digital World through their fusion with the DigiSpirits, eventually they can develop the ability to communicate with the DigiSpirit. There is no hard and fast science to this. Some people will be able to communicate with their DigiSpirit sooner than others.

    Beast Spirit – This is the hardest DigiSpirit for the Digidestined to master. It turns them into a beast type Digimon, which has a vastly different body and innate nature. Humans are not used to this, which is why it is harder for them to even learn how to function normally without spinning off into some random direction by accident. Basic motor functions can sometimes be a challenge for them to figure out on their own. Then add the fact that they need to learn how to fight in these bodies, it takes a while to really master this Spirit evolution.

    Sometimes there can be added challenges, usually depending on the temperament of the beast Spirit they are using. Beast Spirits are harder to use because their bestial nature can conflict with the human’s. This was seen Takuya and his beast Spirit, which caused him to Spirit evolve into Vritramon. Problem was that this beast Spirit was so wild and powerful, it took over and he went on a wild rampage attacking his own allies unable to discern who was friend and who was foe. It takes will power to be able to overcome the willful presence of a beast spirit on occasion. But certainly not all beast Spirits cause this problem.

    Fusion Spirit – Nothing new to mention with this that doesn’t already hold true for what I have said for the DigiSpirits above. They will have to learn to master the new Spirit evolution just the same as before. However, Fusions seem to be more humanoid in form, so after learning to master the beast and human Spirits, the only challenge may be learning how to control all the power that the fusion spirit gives them.

    The deeper level of becoming in tune with the DigiSpirit and the Digital World can be done for any of the DigiSpirits. It is not limited to the human Spirit.

    Also, as mentioned before, they will require the upgraded D-Scanner in order to do the fusion Spirit evolution. However, the reason a Crest is going to be required for the RP is that upgrading the D-Scanner will not be enough. The function to fuse the DigiSpirits and Spirit evolve needs to be "unlocked." The only thing that unlocks it will be the revelation of the quality that their Crest embodies. This is basically the same as the Adventurers in that it involve personal growth.

    De-evolving and Fractal/Digi Code – When a critical hit is landed, a Spirit user de-evolves from their Digimon form back into being a normal human. Also, typically their fractal/digi code appears along with the code of the DigiSpirits they possess. This provides an opportunity for DigiSpirits to be stolen from each other. Another Spirit user could scan it and take the DigiSpirit of another if they are able to weaken them to this point.

    It is a similar process that is involved in the Spirit evolution itself. Upon getting their DigiSpirit, the Spirit user makes portions of their fractal code appears around their hands which they scan with their D-Scanner. This suggests that when they receive a DigiSpirit, the DigiSpirit’s fractal code gets combined with the human’s. The scanning of the code seems to activate the DigiSpirit and they Spirit evolve.

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  • Yeah, you should probably ask before just inviting yourself into a situation. Also, I don't even know you how got "lonely" from what Shiki said to Ren. She said nothing about being lonely, just not wanting to look stupid to "her" which refers to Leita, not that James would know that either.

    To infer Shiki is lonely without proper and believable clues is like metagaming.

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  • Okay, in light of this, I have something I need to call to attention.

    Haagar, so, we all know that you want James to be close to Shiki somehow. You've thrown him directly in her path, you've tried a lot of different ways of trying to either get Shiki to notice him or to allow James to have insights on Shiki that are very personal and deep.

    I do believe Ruki has already told you to ask her if you wanna work something out with character interaction with Shiki and James. She told you not to force it.

    Because honestly, you might just have to accept that with Shiki's personality you might not get what you want, but if you can accept that and work with Ruki directly, you still might be able to put together an interesting story between them, even if it doesn't end up with them being friends or particularly close.

    You can't make Shiki notice James without Ruki being okay with it (and she's not going to be unless she agrees to the terms before hand), and if you try to make it so James can have insights about Shiki, you will get called out on it like you just were now, especially if it doesn't really make logical sense and especially if Ruki is not okay with it.

    Ya get me?

    Because seriously, dude, you need to stop trying to force things with other people's characters.

    Because it doesn't work. And it won't EVER work. Ever.

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  • Name: Masaru (first name) Sho (last)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 16
    Birthday: September 6

    Theme Song(s):
    No Way Out - James Arthur
    Faded - James Arthur
    Wings - Jeff and Casey Williams

    Appearance: Masaru is of a fairly average build, 5 foot 8 inch (172 cm) tall and weighing 150 pounds (68 kg). He has a white and light complexion. His skin is mostly free from blemishes. The only ones of note are a small freckle or two that appear just below the left eye and below his lip to the left.

    He has hazel eyes, predominantly green around the edges, with a small amount of brown in the centre that also filters through the green in small flecks. He has relatively thick, yet well maintained brown eyebrows. His nose is somewhat broad, though not disproportionately or unattractively so. Hips lips are of a medium volume and pale pink in colour. He has a pleasant smile when he chooses to do so, with faint dimples that crease into his face. His facial structure is beginning to take a more masculine form with a more angular structure along the jawline.

    While Masaru wouldn’t be considered a heart-throb, there are those subtle features about him that have an attractive quality, such as the sparkle in his eyes he gets when he’s excited, particularly when he feels a rush of inspiration. Or as mentioned, that pleasant and sincere smile, that’s a rarity among his face. Most often his expression looks contemplative or fatigued from the fact that he doesn’t get much sleep on many days.

    Masaru has shaggy brown hair that reaches just past the bottom of his neck with a slight wave to it. His fringe is parted such that it is side-swept and hangs over his left eye brow, just short of his eye. The hair generally hangs over his ears and around his face just short of the jaw.

    His build is moderate. He isn’t particularly muscular, but he isn’t scrawny either. He has a mostly lean body with little fat.

    He would appear to only be of half Japanese ethnicity (mother), with a mix of European (most likely English) ethnicity(father). And his physical attributes resemble his father more than his mother.

    • School Uniform- Masaru wears his uniform not too messily, but also not completely neat. While he keeps his shirt tucked in and wears a belt, his tie is generally kept loose, because he doesn’t really enjoy the restrictive feeling of the tie around his neck and similarly he unbuttons the two top buttons of his shirt. Rather than scrunch up his sleeves, he folds them up to reach just past his elbows.

      The clothes are reasonably well fitted upon his body, not baggy but also not tight.

      The belt he wears is black leather, with a plane square steel buckle.

    • Work Uniform- Waiter’s outfit: This consists of a white, button-up, long-sleeve shirt with a black fitted vest over the shirt and a black tie. His shirt is tucked into a pair of fitted black trousers, also wearing the above mentioned belt. He wears a pair of dressy black shoes.

      While on the job, he wears his uniform rather properly, the shirt tucked in neatly, the tie done up tight and his sleeves down. But pretty much as soon as he leaves the job he loosens the tie and folds up his sleeves.

    • Casual Attire – When Masaru gets time away from everything, he will be found wearing a combination of collared shirts, cardigans and jeans. Most often he wears his pale blue shirt with the top buttons undone, a grey long sleeved cardigan with the buttons done all the way up into a V-neck. The shirt is kept tucked into his pants and the sleeves of his cardigan are folded to reach past his elbows.

      And he also wears a pair of black skinny jeans, with the
      above mentioned belt around the waist.

      He wears a pair of black Rabens.

    Accessories: He’s always wearing his watch, which is of a black leather strap with black watch face with a silver squared edge around the face.

    He also tends to stick a pencil behind his right ear. Most of the time he forgets it’s even there.

    Special Ability/Talent:
    Masaru is a creative type of person. He is a gifted artist in aspects of drawing and poetry. His drawing skills tend to focus more towards realism, however, he is also very good with anime style drawing, in which he probably spends more time doing just as quick sketch-ups.

    His poetry is also something he is well-practiced in. He probably spends just as much time, if not more, scribbling down lines to poems, even the occasional lyrics to a song.

    He is a very organised person, who tends to be punctual to both work and school. He knows how to prioritise and does so quite well.

    Carried Possessions: sketch pad, pencil, iphone 4, wallet with some cash (Yen equivalent to $40 (about 4000 yen)), keys (house keys and bike lock)

    Type of Digidestined: Spirit
    Digivice Colour: Light grey/ baby blue with white buttons
    Role: The worker. With Masaru’s work ethic, he is constantly putting in 100% into just about everything he does. You can expect a pretty decent job with a fair degree of effort invested in a task he is asked to complete.
    Partner: N/A
    Crest: Creativity

    Other: Masaru works as a waiter at a fairly reputable Shinjuki restaurant. He works from 5 pm generally all the way to 11 pm on just about any day he can get hours to work. Currently he is rostered for Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

    It has become important for him to earn money, as a large portion of his pay goes toward paying the bills that his mother seems to constantly neglect. He is good at his job, even though he hates it.

    His grades are average. He does do his homework, when he gets the opportunity, and has managed to keep himself in a steady class middle.

    While most students are prohibited from working, Masaru has managed to gain permission from the school to work. This is because while his grades aren't perfect, they are at a reasonable medium, as well as the vague reasoning the school has been given concerning the need for Masaru to work for family reasons. While they aren't aware of Masaru's mother's drug addiction and work, they are aware of the vicarious financial position of Masaru and his mother.

    His main mode of transportation is his black BMX bike, which is actually getting a little rusty and small, considering he’s had it for years. Typically it also has an iron chain bike lock with a pad-lock that locks around the back tire. When not in use, Masaru wraps the chain under his seat.

    Basically, Masaru’s life is a constant of work, work and more work. He’s gotten to the point where he is pretty stressed from trying to juggle school and work, as well as having time for the passion he has in his arts and developing his skills. This generally creates more problems for him socially.

    He doesn’t spend his breaks talking or socialising. Instead he is either drawing or writing poetry.

    Masaru is fairly organised with his time. He knows how to be punctual and prioritises well. While he enjoys his arts and seeks to make a career out of his artistry in some way, he knows that homework has to come first. And he is always at least 10 minutes early to his work shift. He hates his job, but still maintains a high work ethic.

    Masaru is torn between telling his mother to go to rehab and keeping her around. He doesn’t want to feel as though he has betrayed her and loves her deeply. He wants to keep her around, but the way she is now, she’s more of a drain on his life than anything.

    He does occasionally succumb to stress and as a result can end up breaking down from over-loading himself. Even when he knows he needs to unwind he just keeps on going.

    His social interaction is fairly stinted with regards to his somewhat detached attitude toward people. He can hold a conversation when it arises, it’s just that they rarely do arise, and he’s not the type of person to make an initial approach.

    Likes: drawing, poetry, music, he can appreciate just about any form of artistic expression, his mother.

    Dislikes: Work as a waiter, his crappy fall apart bike, his crappy fall apart apartment, his mother’s addictions, his mother's "work".

    Virtues: dedicated, high work ethic, artistic, caring once he gets to know you a little

    Vices: overloads himself, occasional outbursts resulting from stress, socially reserved, can come across as cold

    Masaru’s mother was a very young girl who got involved in shady activity at a young age. She herself had been orphaned at a young age and as such, not many opportunities came her way. So she took the one she knew, that of prostitution.

    And so was how Masaru was brought into the world, when his mother was still the young age of just seventeen. She kept him though. Needless to say, the father didn’t stick around. For ten years, Masaru had kept his mother sober, and she worked hard waitressing to provide for her son. She kept herself clean and motivated and the life they shared was a struggle, certainly, but it was a happy one.

    However, after Haruka got involved with a shady man, she was pulled back into old habits, she started drinking. And that was it for the first two years, until the man she had been with had gotten bored of Haruka and decided to just up and leave. Old, worse habits started to manifest at that point. And old, worse habits needed to be paid for with old, worse, yet better paying jobs.

    Her waitressing stopped and she went back to prostitution. Bills were paid, though every time late and generally not without being threatened for eviction first.

    Their only saving grace was nobody else wanted to live in the derelict apartment they lived in. It eventually got to the point where Masaru took up a job to help, and to pay for things like food and electricity.

    Masaru’s only notable family is his mother. He never knew his father.

    Haruka Sho:

    Haruka is Masaru’s mother. She has pretty much pulled herself into a dark ditch at the moment where her addictions have in many ways distanced her from her son.

    While her actions don’t show it in the distant and neglectful way she now treats Masaru, Haruka deeply loves her son. And at moments, when she is a little more sober, feels guilty about her actions and the neglect toward Masaru.

    In her current state, she is extremely irresponsible, willingly taking clients in the apartment she and her son live in and spending almost all the money she gains to feed her habits. This has gotten them in the situation where Masaru has to work just so that the bills to their tiny, cramped and just plain terrible apartment get paid.
    She tries to reassure her son that she will try to stop her habits, lying blatantly to his face.

    As she tends to take jobs in their own apartment, particularly during the late hours, Masaru ends up being displaced from his home. He generally won't spent the night at home if Haruka is working, because it makes him feel uncomfortable and uneasy. meaning he spends these night with little or no sleep.

    Haruka is somewhat attractive. Being only 34 years old, she is still quite young, though with the deteriorative effects of her drug addiction would appear to be a little older. She does however, take caution in taking care of her physical appearance in order to keep her clientele.

    She has a dainty figure (5 foot 1 inch and 49 kg), with long black hair that reaches to the middle of her back in layers. She also has the same hazel eyes as her son. She is also the type of person to apply very heavy make-up, to the point where it may seem just a little over-bearing to the eyes.


    [ESPOILER=Human Spirit]
    Name: Totolmon
    Sex: Male
    Level: Hybrid (Champion)
    Type: Bird Man
    Attribute: Variable

    Appearance: Totolmon has a similar appearance to that of an Aztec Warrior. He would stand at 6 foot 5 inch. While he doesn’t look bulky, he has a lean, muscular body structure. His skin looks to be a ghostly white, his eyes a very pale blue and his hair is black, reaching just a little short of his shoulders.

    He wears face paint. Green that traces around his eyes from the brow to the cheek. And from the bottom lip, down to the chin is blue face paint. And along the jaw line are three equally sized green stripes one each side. On his head is a green feather headdress. With the feathers reaching about two feet long. Along the rim of the headdress, just about wear it sits on the head is an arch of blue, following by a thin arch of green and an arch of brown, then the green feathers.

    He wears a tattered, yet adequately concealing grey loincloth that reaches down to the knees. And a pair of tight black thigh high shorts just for safety.

    The features of his body are clear cut. His abdominal muscles are a prominent feature on his body, as are relatively developed biceps and calf muscles. His body is also painted, mostly just evenly distributed green stripes about his body, much like tiger stripes.

    His hands are formed into talon-like claws, with long, sharp and slightly curved nails that appear to be more steel than natural fibres. His feet are similarly formed into some form of talon.

    On his back are a set of falcon wings that would span a cumulative 8 feet long. They appear to be strong and sturdy, definitely capable of carrying Totolmon’s weight and then some.

    Description of Digimon: Totolmon is the human hybrid evolution for the Spirit of Wind. Totolmon’s attacks focus less on power and more on speed and quantity of attacks. He isn’t necessarily weak, but his wind based attacks do not offer a great deal of physical power.

    His style of attack is to wear down opponents, rather than over power them. The word Totol is from the Aztec Nahuatl word for bird. Totolmon tends to function more on instinctual thought, rather than on calculated strategy.

    He is very much like an Aztec warrior and his disciplined manner shows.

    -Hurricane Wave (from fairymon): throws long thin tornadoes erupting from its fingertips.

    -Tempest twist (from fairymon): Gets down on hands, spreads legs and then spins very quickly to create a strong force of wind.

    -Roseo Temporale (from fairymon): Rapidly kicks the opponent with both legs.

    -Toxic mist (replaces love tap as a status move): Creates temporary nausea in the opponent as Totolmon releases a light purple mist from his mouth. Effects generally last for a few minutes (no more than five). However stronger opponents could probably break through it much quicker. The opponent should be no further than 3 feet away from this attack to affect.

    Personality: For an Aztec Warrior, Totolmon tends toward disciplined mannerisms. He is calm in the heat of battle, like an ocean breeze. He knows how to keep collected and focused and does so quite well.

    [ESPOILER=Beast Spirit]
    Name: Cuauhtlimon
    Sex: Male
    Level: Hybrid (Ultimate)
    Type: Bird Man
    Attribute: Variable

    Cuauhtlimon is bigger and more muscular than Totolmon. He still looks much like an Aztec warrior, although a lot more decorated and ornate, somewhat like an Aztec priest. Cuauhtlimon has large and defined muscles and stands at a height of ten feet tall. One again his skin is a ghostly white.

    His eyes appear completely white, without irises. And he has what would look like a black feather mask around his eyes.
    Cuauhtlimon has no discernable mouth or nose, these surfaces appearing to be flat, though it is more the case that his face is covered by a cluster of small evenly shaped silver feathers.

    Upon his head is an eagle headdress made of gold . The head dress fits on top of his head, down along the jawline and past his neck. On the top of the head dress is the form of an eagles head with the beak beginning to point down a little toward Cuauhtlimon’s face and eyes of red stone. Along the sides at the middle top of the helm are wings that point up and back. The back of the headdress looks like an array of neatly organised feathers, until the neck down wears there is an assortment of flowing strands that reach to between the shoulder blades.

    From underneath the headdress flows Cuauhtlimon’s wild locks of black hair that reaches down to his waist.

    Cuauhtlimon’s entire body appears to be covered in black tribal tattoo patterns, lines switch from angular to circular patterns and are compacted together, recurring patterns include feathers, triangles and swirling patterns and circles. Akin to this, but all over his body.

    His hands and feet once again form into talons, though this time, they appear to be gold.

    Upon his back are a two sets of black eagle wings that are long, both sets span to a cumulative 12 feet long, and appear are very strong, very easily lifting Cuauhtlimon’s weight.

    Between his naval and knees are black eagle feathers that are voluminous and are attached to his flesh. They would conceal all that lies between like a pair of pants would.

    Along his forearms are a set of golden vambraces that would appear to look like a cluster of feathers. And from just below his knees to his ankles are a matching set of greaves.

    Description of Digimon: The word Cuauhtli is from the Aztec Nahuatl word for Eagle. Cuauhtlimon is the beast hybrid evolution of the spirit of wind. Cuauhtlimon naturally has incredible vision, like that of an eagle. He can see roughly 8 times more clearly than a human, and would be able to spot something as small as a hare from a mile away. This isn’t an attack, but a natural and constant ability he has. Cuauhtlimon is fierce like an Aztec Warrior and it the type to be unrelenting in its attack. He is swift and agile in his attacks, and though he is powerful, tends to focus more of wearing down his opponents.


    -Hurricane Gale (from Zephyrmon): Throws blades of blue energy at foes, which rip and slice them with the force of a tornado.

    -Plasma Paws (from Zephyrmon): Forms blue energy orbs around his hands and feet to slice and dice enemies with the power of a hurricane.

    -Power Gust (Additional): Rapidly flaps his wings to generate powerful gusts of wind with enough force to topple foes and send smaller ones flying.

    Personality: This beast form tends to give off a primal energy, however like the eagle that stalks its prey, Cuauhtlimon is a patient predator who will tend to weigh the situation before acting. But once he chooses to strike, he is determined and constant in his movements which are acted without relent.

    [ESPOILER=Ancient Spirit]
    Name: AncientCuauhtlimon (noted as ACmon at points for convenience)
    Sex: Male
    Level: Mega
    Type: Ancient Bird Man
    Attribute: Vaccine

    AncientCuauhtlimon has a similar size and muscular build to that of Cuauhtlimon. They are defined and strong, yet lean and not over-bearing, optimal for quick and powerful movement. AncientCuauhtlimon’s skin is of a pearlescent white.

    His eyes are completely pale blue, without irises or pupils. Once again, he has a feather mask around his eyes, however as AncientCuauhtlimon, the mask is silver and covers the nose in the form of an eagle (the shape is like so)

    Upon his head is a vibrantly coloured feather headdress. The feathers seems to protrude from the top of the mask back in a neat and long assortment of bright blue, orange and striped brown and white feathers. The feathers reach to about 3 feet long. (Feather colour pallet and assortment are like so)

    From underneath the headdress flows, silky strands of silver hair that reaches to the middle of his back.

    On his back are two sets of eagle wings, equally as large and strong as Cuauhtlimon’s, however they are not black, rather they are a mixed colour scheme of green and purple, in patterns of alternating feathers.

    He also has a long birds tail, similar to that of a widowbird , with a colour scheme alternating between red and yellow. It reaches down to the ground and flows even further, like the elegant train of a gown.

    His hands and feet are formed into sharp, talon-like claws on the tip of the fingers that are of platinum.

    From his naval to his knees are pristine white feathers that conceal all that lies between.

    He is also armoured to a degree, with platinum pauldrons, vambraces, greaves and chain mail skirt.

    The pauldrons cover his shoulders, half way down his upper arms and the upper part of his chest. They are strapped around the biceps and underarms and along the collar bone with buckles. Around the neck is a collar-line protrusion from the armour. From the shoulder down the pauldrons are separated into four inter-linked and layered panels.

    Along the collar bone and the neck-line are a series of diamonds imbedded into the armour. Four small diamonds evenly separated on each collar-bone and six evenly separated along the neck-line.

    A set of platinum vambraces reach from AncientCuauhtlimon’s wrists to his elbows. They shape into a point a little past his elbows. The vambraces would appear to be comprised as if they were a cluster of feathers. Around the wrists are eight small and evenly separated diamonds.

    From his ankles to his knees are a set of platinum greaves, matching that of his vambraces. They appear to be as a cluster of feather and reach up to an upward apex just over his knees. A series of eight evenly separated diamonds line the ankles of the greaves.

    He also wears a platinum chain mail skirt, slitted along the sides. The skirt reaches just 3 quarters down his thighs.
    Finally he also wields a sword similar to that of the conquistadors. This sword is a long-sword and reaches four feet long with a rather narrow blade, perhaps only 3 cm long. The blade is made of platinum. Along the where the fuller would usually be is a set of evenly separated small sapphires that run along the entire length of the blade, with a total of sixteen sapphires of each side of the blade.

    The handle of the sword is at a length of 20 cm long with a large, diamond encrusted pommel. The guard is a combination of dome shaped and cross-guard, the cross guard extending beyond the dome. Around the rim of the guard are evenly separated small diamonds.

    Description of Digimon: AncientCuauhtlimon would appear to have some stylistic influence from the Spanish Conquistadors with designed forged armour and weaponry. However the elements of the Aztec head-dress still remain, as do the bird and eagle traits central to this Digimon. He has great eye-sight, like that of an eagle, and can see eight times better than a human, able to spot something the size of a hare from a mile away.

    AncientCuauhtlimon is a very patient, calm and collected warrior. He has power, speed and grace in his motion. Attacks do tend more toward his incredibly quick and agile motions however, and less on power. With the knowledge that there are much more powerful and stronger digimon out there than himself, he sooner focuses on wearing his foes down with quick attacks, rather than trying to match their power.

    -Rainbow laser strike (ACmon’s variation of Rainbow symphony): Uses his sword to strike with super-fused lasers that shine with the colours of the rainbow. ACmon raises his sword into the air as a charge of white light engulfs his sword and strikes down as a cluster of powerful rainbow lasers rupture from his sword.

    -Storm Gazer (from AncientKazemon) [ACmon slight variation]: Continuously generates a super-gigantic storm.
    This is fatiguing for ACmon, so he would only be able to keep it up for a maximum of two-minutes.

    Personality: ACmon has the knowledge of the ancients. He is calm and collected, generally patient in his approach to his tasks. But ACmon is also fierce when pushed and shows dedication to battle and finishing the fight. While more often than not he shows the calm disposition like that of an ocean breeze, on the instances when he is angered, he will show a violent attitude like the raging tempest.

    Thank you for your patience Ruki. And thank you Shrub for your help too.

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