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    [ZUBC] EzloSpirit's Hyrulian Symphonies: The Official Release Thread!
    • As many of you know, the ZUBC is currently on hiatus. However, I have received the go-ahead to continue producing my segment on the side because no hiatus is going to keep me away for that long!

      In case you have no idea what I am talking about, let me fill you in. My segment, EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies, takes a deeper look at the music of the Legend of Zelda series. Debuting in the March 2011 episode of the ZUCast, a total of four episodes have appeared as part of the ZUCast up to this point. Musical categories covered include: overworld themes, dungeon themes, and how themes for similar locations change between games. The third episode was an LoZ 25th anniversary special, looking at how the advancement of technology over the years allowed for progressively more complex soundtracks.

      This thread serves as the official home for my segment. Download links for each episodes can be found below, and you can leave feedback if you'd like, although the main purpose of this thread is the distribution of new episodes of Hyrulean Symphonies. And unlike for my old Profiles segment, I am not taking requests for topics to cover, at least not at this point.

      This post coincides with the release of the fourth episode of Hyrulean Symphonies! Entitled "Across the Universe," this episode was produced in November 2011 for the unfinished ChristmasCast 2011 (and then an alternate intro and and an alternate outro were produced for January's never-produced 'cast). This segment compares and contrasts themes for similar locations among the different LoZ games. It is my personal favorite out of the first four episodes! Enjoy!

      EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies!

      (All episodes other than the fourth originally "aired" as part of full podcast episodes. They are distributed here using an external site, either Google Drive/Docs (episodes 1-3) or Dropbox (episodes 5+). To download them, follow the links normally and press the download button that appears. For episode 4, right-click the link and select "save as..." to download.)

      1. "Hyrulean Symphonies #1: All Over[the]World" (March 2011)
      2. "EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies #2: To the Dungeons" (April 2011)
      3. "EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies #3: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition!" (June/July 2011)
      4. "EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies #4: Across the Universe" (December 2011/January 2012)
      5. NEW! "EzloSpirit's Hyrulean Symphonies #5: Skyward Soundtrack" [Abridged] (January 2013, featuring The Ancient Chifaroo and Emma!)

      Thanks to Cpiddy for doing all of the editing for episodes 1-4 and the abridged episode 5!

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    • EzloSpirit's Hyrulian Symphonies #5:
      Skyward Soundtrack

      NOTE: This segment was recorded on August 1, 2012, and as such, some content may be considered outdated. Absolutely nothing major is affected, however. (In addition, this post was originally made on 1-16-2013 at 3:47 PM. It is now restored following the Great Valentine's Day Server Crash of 2013.)

      The ZUCast is back, and with it comes an all-new episode of EzloSpirit's Hyrulian Symphonies! (This will be the last episode that uses the segment title spelled as "Hyrulian" and not "Hyrulean" because I apparently have been spelling that word incorrectly for the past 2-3 years.)

      For the first time ever on Hyrulian Symphonies, I sit down with two special guests (over the Internet) to discuss the music of the Legend of Zelda series! Joining me are The Ancient Chifaroo (Mitch) and Emma to talk about the music from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

      Our conversation lasted for about an hour, so to fit it into the podcast reboot episode, it needed to be cut down drastically---thanks again to Cpiddy for doing all of that cutting-down! However, I am releasing the full version of our conversation right here! This extended cut, which I took the time to edit myself, features extra discussions that had to be cut from the podcast version about topics such as the Symphony of the Goddesses, the 25th Anniversary Symphony CD, the Goddess Harp in Skyward Sword, Nintendo's (not) releasing official Zelda soundtracks, even more Ghirahim, and more!

      Download "EzloSpirit's Hyrulian Symphonies #5: Skyward Soundtrack" (Full) [53:05]
      To download, follow the link as per usual, then click the download button in the center of the page.

      Bloopers: I have also compiled a collection of audio clips that I cut out of the full version, including bloopers, outtakes, and even a couple entire deleted conversations that I deemed irrelevant, including an extended discussion about Zelda Reorchestrated and another about Pokémon! Witness just how bad my ADD is, how far we are willing to go when referring to how we perceive Ocarina of Time's overall reception, how wonderful Koji Kondo is, the obligatory phone-call-interrupts-recording, and (unfortunately) much more!

      Download the "Skyward Soundtrack" Deleted Conversations, Bloopers, and Outtakes Reel [13:43]
      To download, follow the link as per usual, then click the download button in the center of the page.

      Download the abridged, podcast edit of the episode [19:42]
      To download, follow the link as per usual, then click the download button in the center of the page.