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    Tales of Characters User Manual: Why don't people read these?
    • You may be wondering how to get started. The Introduction to the RPG thread was designed to be a quick summary of the RPG section, but it fails to cover specific details regarding both RPing boards. You also might not understand the difference between the two RPing forums found in the RPG. This will be explained here.

      If you want to know how to RP in Tales of Characters, read this manual.


      The Tales of Characters is one of the two RPing forums in the Role Play Guild, the other being the Tales of Worlds. So what is the difference between the two? The difference is the sort of "base" from which RPs are crafted. One uses characters as their starting point. The other focuses first on the setting which characters are made to fit.

      More details on each follows, with a focus on ToC (since this manual is for it). Read the spoiler if you want to know about ToW.

      In Tales of Characters:
      • Create a character profile and write RPs centered around this character as they interact with the characters of other RPers.
      • The focus is on the characters and their personal adventures.
      • Characters can come from all different kinds of worlds, universes, and settings.
      • Inter-world travel through various means is a necessity to allow characters from different settings to meet and interact with each other. This will be explained more under the Inter-World Travel section of this manual.
      In Tales of Worlds
      • One specific setting per RP.
      • The focus is the setting and creating characters that fit within it. These characters can only be used for this RP and no other ones.
      • The host of the RP is the leader and is the RPer who creates/starts this RP. We call this leader the DM, which stands for "Dungeon Master" or you can call them the GM "Game Master" too. They designate/create/maintain the rules of the world/setting and the rules that the characters and RPers will follow.
      • If you want to know more about Tales of Worlds, please visit the Tales of Worlds User Manual.
      Any questions that cannot be answered here can be directed to the Moderators of the Role Play Guild: Ruki, Shrub or Altamira. If you're new, it is highly recommended that you go get yourself adopted in the Guild Adoption Lounge. You'll receive an adopter who can mentor you and help explain how things work.

      This thread is here as a guide to help you learn how to RP in Tales of Characters. The index below will provide you with information and tips on specific topics regarding RPing.

      • Rules - Includes the general rules for the RPG section as a whole and the Tales of Characters (ToC) specific rules.
      • Getting a Character - Outlines the things you will need before you can start RPing in the ToC, like a character and how to get one. This also outlines other information regarding character approval.
      • Understanding Character Status - Outlines the difference between a PC and an NPC, which determines how characters can be used in RPs.
      • Posting and Thread Regulations - The things you will need to know about how to post in the ToC and how to create RP threads here as well.
      • Role Play No-No's and Communication Tips - This goes over (again) the three main RPing rules that are also listed in the RPG rules. You will also find communication tips that will help you avoid doing them on accident or out of ignorance.
      • Inter-World Travel - This explains how characters in the ToC can interact together even while many come from completely different worlds and/or universe. Methods of inter-world travel will be listed and explained here, such as the Dome, Fissure, and dimensional gaps.

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    • Role Play Guild Rules

      The Role Play Guild - also known as the RPG - follows ZU rules and regulations. Whatever rules you must follow on ZU, you must follow here as well. However, due to the nature of the board and the fact community members work closely together to create their stories there are additional rules set in place in order to make sure everyone has a good time. These rules will be divided by rules which must be followed across the board, rules which only apply to the Tales of Characters and rules which only apply to the Tales of Worlds. All members are expected to follow these rules, and breaking them can and will lead to warning and infractions. Continued misbehavior may lead to being banned from the board for a period of time even if you aren't banned from the forums.

      If you have any questions on any of the rules or how they are applied, feel free to ask any of the current moderators: Shrub, Altamira, and Ruki.

      RPG Rules
      1) No Power Playing
      For those new to role playing, this term may be unfamiliar to you. Basically, in a nut shell, what this refers to is controlling the actions/thoughts/words of a character beyond your own. This can also extend to controlling and developing an established world or country another player created without their express approval. If you wish to have another character's actions or speech in your post, you must contact the character's creator to discuss this with them. This can be done via "conversations" or posting on their wall. Other popular methods involve "instant message role playing" on social media platforms such as Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger and Facebook messenger. If a player asks you to change or edit something you said their character did, you must do so - no questions asked. If you fail to do so, a warning or infraction will be issued. While we will not punish accidental power playing each time it happens, if it becomes a habit we will take necessary steps then.

      2) No Godmoding
      Once again, another unfamiliar term for those new to role playing. Godmoding is a term used for when a writer ignores the limits placed on their character to make a battle go in their favor or uses powers not explicitly listed in their character's profile. This also extends to just assuming attacks or whatever is attempted will automatically be successful to the point it breaks the fairness of a role play. Essentially if it breaks the fairness of the role play, it is godmoding. While we do allow for new powers to be discovered in a role play, they must be first OKed with everyone in the role play and brought up to an approver's attention. More information on this can be discovered in our Character Profile Editing/Updating Policy. While we will not interfere in cases of godmoding where the players manage to work it out themselves without moderator intervention, if a godmoding habit forms, warnings and infractions will follow.

      3) No Metagaming

      For those who may play Dungeons and Dragons, this term may be familiar to you. Essentially what this means is that characters are not allowed to have knowledge only the writer knows. For example if the writer knows there will be an explosion but the character has no way of knowing that, the character is not allowed to know there will be one. They are also not allowed to know parts of backstory, like that a character lost their parents at age two or something without somehow obtaining the information in a way the writer approves of. Not to do so breaks the fairness of role play and will not be allowed. Individual happenstances of metagaming may not be dealt with mod intervention if the players work it out among themselves, but just like the previous two rules if it becomes a habit, warnings and infractions will follow.

      4) No Killing a Character Without Express Permission
      The only exception to this rule is in the Tales of Worlds and Tournaments where the Dungeon Master explicitly states in the opening thread this will be part of the role play. And even then only the dungeon master may be allowed to exercise this power. Even so, a dungeon master should still get permission or talk to the writer prior unless they're totally unreachable. In tournament-like settings, there must be a way for a character to be revived. To everyone else though, you cannot kill a character without the explicit permission of the character's owner. This not only applies to PCs, but named NPCs as well. If this happens, a warning or an infraction will be issued and the post detailing the death will be deleted.

      5) No Explicit Sex Scenes
      While Zelda Universe already has a rule regarding sexual content, it will not hurt to state that while the Role Play Guild allows for implied sex scenes, we do not allow blatant sex. Zelda Universe is a family-friendly site and is not the place for your pornography.

      6) Violence Is Allowed
      Violence, torture and death are all allowed within the Role Play Guild to a certain extent. As long as it is used to tell a story and is used tactfully, we will allow it. However, we will not allow violent posts which essentially equate to torture porn or gore porn. A RP with violence must be tagged with the "violence" tag. Simply ask a moderator if you do not have one but need one, and one will be provided for you. RPs which have gore and torture porn will be dealt with, and warning and infractions will follow. (Note: Tales of Worlds RPs must manually write it out in their thread title due to only one tag being able to be used at a time. So an example might be: [ToW Open] The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker [Violence])

      7) Keep Out of Character Chatter Outside of the RP
      When posting stuff out of character, the abbreviation "OoC" is used with "IC" designating a return to in character writing. However, RPs are not the place for conversations out of character to occur. While making short statements, such as translating what a character is saying, stating whose turn it is next or keeping track of points used in magic systems that employ such tactics is acceptable, using it to ask how people are doing or to say hello is frowned upon. Discussion threads and outside messaging services, as well as threads such as the OoC Thread and the Tales of Worlds Green Room serve as places to chit chat with each other. Those who break this rule will be met with warnings and infractions.

      Tales of Characters Rules
      1) All Role Plays Require One Approved Character Per Role-Player
      In the Tales of Characters, to RP in threads, you must have at least one approved character (a.k.a. PC "Playable Character") in the RP that you are participating in. Characters that you intend to use as stand-alone's in RPs must be submitted to the Character Profiles & Resources forum to be approved before being allowed to RP on their own. Only when an approver marks the character as approved can you begin to RP with them alone in RP threads. If you are caught playing without at least one an approved character (or in a bad-case situation, a character who has been officially disapproved) in the Tales of Characters, your thread will be locked and warnings or infractions will be given.

      2) Play By Canon Character Content Rules
      In the past, the Tales of Characters did not allow canon content in any shape or form to be found in the forum. However, recently the moderation team has allowed for it to be allowed as long as certain guidelines are followed. Breaking these guidelines will lead to warning and infractions, to possible revoking of permission to play with canon content in the Tales of Characters. To learn more about canon content characters and the rules, visit NPC Canon Character Regulations in the Resource Repository.

      3) Only RP In Your Own Thread

      Unless a thread is marked [Open] or [OWP], players can only post in their own threads unless invited by members of that RP. Threads are marked by who is in them with the players name next to the title. So, if the user Ganondorf creates an RP with the users Link and Zelda, it would look like "Ocarina of Time [Link and Zelda]." If the user Sheik wanted to RP in Ocarina of Time, Sheik would need to get permission from the players in the thread to post. Those who break this rule will have their post deleted and be warned or infracted accordingly.

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    • Must have an Approved Character
      You should already have an approved character. If you don't, you need to see the Character Profile Creation and Approval Manual thread located in Character Profiles & Resources. It's a good idea to read the whole manual if you're new.

      Important things this manual contains:
      • Getting Started - Covers some basic info about getting started if you're new to the ToC or ZU as well.
      • Writing a Character Profile - This gives you the profile template that you need to fill out for your character with an outline that describes what we expect for each section.
      • Approval Code of Conduct - This describes the reasoning behind the approval process your character will go through in order to be approved, which allows you to use them in the ToC.
      Are you new and not sure if you want to deal with that stuff?

      Check out the Character Adoption thread and adopt a character for you RP with to test the waters. All the characters available have been officially approved. Rules for these adopted characters will be in the first post of the thread.

      Basic Steps to Getting a Character
      1. Fill out a character profile. Here's the empty profile template for ToC character profiles (you'll find it in the spoiler below).[spoiler=Empty Character Profile Template][noparse]Name:
        Eye Color:
        Hair Color/Style:
        Skin Color/Complexion:





        Battle Strengths:
        Battle Weaknesses:


        History: [/noparse][/spoiler]If you want a description for what is expected in each of the profile sections, you better go visit Writing a Character Profile, like I said before.
      2. Once you fill this out, you post it as a thread with your character's name as the title in the Character Profiles & Resources sub-board.
      3. Once you get your first character approved, go to the Character Directory. The opening post of the directory will explain what you need to do in your first and only post in this thread. If you're confused, just ask a Moderator.
      You can't post here in the ToC without a character approved by an official character approver. I'll provide a list here of the official approvers again.

      Official Approvers: All RPG Section Moderators are Approvers but not all Approvers are necessarily Moderators. Where applicable, Super Moderators are in purple, Section Moderators are in red, Forum Moderators are in green, while the rest are plain.

      Once you get one approved, mods won't yell at you for posting in here.

      ToC Approved Characters can only be used in the ToC
      Tales of Characters (ToC) is for those with characters approved by the official approvers only. It is the place where ToC style of RPing takes place.

      Tales of Worlds (ToW) characters that have not been filled out with the profile template and have not gone through the approval process with an official ToC Approver cannot be used in the ToC until you have done so. The ToW and the ToC operate differently from each other. Some characters cross over into both boards, but only after undergoing the approval process for each board. The approval process for ToW varies from RP to RP (since it is determined by the leaders of the RP).

      You don't often see ToC characters in ToW RPs exactly, but you will probably see different versions of ToC characters adjusted to fit the setting of a ToW RP.

      Advice and Adoption
      If you want more in-depth advice on how to create characters, fill-out the profile, and getting it approved you can check out the Advice and Guides post of the RPG Introduction thread. Seasoned members, Moderators, ex-Moderators, and others have created advice threads to not only help with character creation and approval but for RPing in general as well.

      Or, you can go get adopted by a seasoned member of the RPG, by posting a request in the Guild Adoption Lounge. Your adopter/mentor can help you with any questions you have and help introduce you to other RPers.

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    • Posting in Here
      Okay, so you have a character. Now you can post. You can post RP requests in the Out of Character thread (the OoC), where many RPers congregate to discuss such things, and it is also found in the RP Discussion board. So you can check out if anyone else is recruiting for RPs or you can pitch ideas here and see if anyone is interested.

      I'll give some general advice right now. This will be helpful for writing ANY kind of post on ZU. However, it's especially important for writing posts in RP threads in the RPG. When you post, most newbies don't know to space their paragraphs.

      You should space them so that there's a whole extra gap between each paragraph you write. Sometimes if you're copying and pasting from a program, such as Microsoft Word, it won't space it like this. Sometimes you have to do it manually. I've just learned to add the extra spaces as I write by now (press enter an extra time).

      WRONG wrote:

      Ren stared after Rain and Khaz, his red eyes narrowed in suspicion. Kira caught this near-glare of his and quirked a brow as she raised her cup to her lips. "What's with that look, eh?"
      Ren kept staring until he lost sight of them. He rubbed at the itchy scar on his neck as he continued to scowl. "The groom-guy is a vampire."
      "Is he?" Kira tried to crane her head to look at him again, but both he and Khaz were gone. So she looked back to Ren with a shrug. "And? So is Adrien."
      Ren snorted derisively. "Yeah, and unlike you twats, I don't trust him either."

      RIGHT wrote:

      Ren stared after Rain and Khaz, his red eyes narrowed in suspicion. Kira caught this near-glare of his and quirked a brow as she raised her cup to her lips. "What's with that look, eh?"

      Ren kept staring until he lost sight of them. He rubbed at the itchy scar on his neck as he continued to scowl. "The groom-guy is a vampire."

      "Is he?" Kira tried to crane her head to look at him again, but both he and Khaz were gone. So she looked back to Ren with a shrug. "And? So is Adrien."

      Ren snorted derisively. "Yeah, and unlike you twats, I don't trust him either."
      It's better to space it like this as it's easier on the eyes and makes it less confusing to read. Savy?

      Out of Character Notes
      As stated in the rules, you won't usually have any out of character chattering in RP threads, where the in-character writing takes place for RPs.

      However, there are instances when some out of character chatter is needed. These should only be notes related to the RP and posts within it.

      Some reasons, but not all the reasons, people might include out of character notes:
      Display Spoiler
      • Record the amount of points used if their character uses a point system to keep track of mana or energy they use to fuel their powers or similar scenarios.
      • If their character uses words from a different language than English, it can be helpful to detail what those words and phrases mean.
      • They italicize words meant to be spoken in a different language and make note of this.
      • For Open RPs, denoting the allowable amount of RPers and characters per RPer as well as detailing out other expectations or parameters for the RP briefly.
      • Linking to the discussion thread for the RP.
      Out of Character Note Requirements:
      Display Spoiler
      • Must have purpose related to the RP. You shouldn't be asking how someone's day is.
      • Should not address problems between RPers. If you have an issue with something somebody wrote, you can take that to a discussion thread if you have one or to other private means.
      • Should be as brief as possible.
      • Should be done at the beginning or the end of a post. Never in the middle.
      How to make an out of character note:

      You must use the out of character tag to indicate you are NOT writing in-character, when you're making an out of character note. This tag is "OoC" which stands for "out of character."

      If you make an OoC note at the beginning of your post, once you are done writing your note, you must use another tag to indicate you have returned to in-character writing. This tag is "BiC" which stands for "back in character." This tag is not necessary, of course, when you make an OoC note at the end of your post.

      OoC At Beginning wrote:

      OoC: Alrighty, everyone feel free to introduce your characters as you wish. You can even wait to introduce them later if you so desire it.

      “Oi! Get up, it’s time for school!” said Kira, bursting into Rontu’s room, which was dark like a bear’s cave in winter...

      OoC Note At End wrote:

      “Oi! Get up, it’s time for school!” said Kira, bursting into Rontu’s room, which was dark like a bear’s cave in winter...

      OoC: Alrighty, everyone feel free to introduce your characters as you wish. You can even wait to introduce them later if you so desire it.

      RP Threads and Discussion Threads
      • RP threads - the threads where the in-character story-writing/RPing takes place. These threads are posted in the Tales of Characters board.
      • Discussion threads - the threads where the out of character chatting about specific RPs take place. These threads are posted in the RP Discussion board.
      Threads often have additional sort of "tags" added onto them or written into the titles depending on if it's looking for RPers or not as well as other things. See the spoilers below for more details.
      RP Thread Titles and Tags
      The titles of RP threads are just the creative title for your RP decided by the one who starts it. However, you'll probably write in or add certain "tags" to these titles.
      • Open - You write this tag into the title of the thread, Title (Open), if you're fine with anyone joining, no questions asked. Example: Knighthood (Open)

      • OWP - Means "open with permission." If you wrote this into the title of the thread, Title (OWP), it means you want anyone who is interested in joining the RP to contact you first. You get to decide who joins. Example: Knighthood (OWP)

      • (Username) - If you're starting a thread pre-arranged with another member or you invite other members specifically, you write Title (Username). You put the other RPer's username in the parenthesis, if you are the one making the thread. Example: Knighthood (Ruki)

        If there are more than 2 RPer's (so 3 or more):

        Knighthood (Altamira & Ruki) or Knighthood (Altamira, Ruki, & Sabbo)

      • Violent - You don't write this tag into the title like the others. Instead, you will find this tag under "Label" when creating a thread, right above "subject" where you write the title of the thread. Add this tag when you intend to have violence in the RP regardless of being pre-arranged, open, or OWP.

        If violence was not intended to occur at first but does later in your RP, if you cannot edit the label yourself to reflect this you can ask a Moderator to change it for you.
      Discussion Thread Titles and Tags
      You can post discussion threads to recruit people and allow them to "sign-up" for your RP as well as use them for any out of character communication you need such as: describing the intended plot and setting or specific requirements for characters to join. Notifications, announcements, and general conversation about the RP between the RPers involved would also go in here.

      These are labeled with the title of the RP it is for with "Discussion" added onto it: RP Title Discussion.

      Example: Knighthood Discussion

      Discussion threads also have tags: OPEN, OWP, and CLOSED. These tags are added by use of the "label" option when creating a thread. OPEN and OWP mean the same as described for RP threads.

      CLOSED - Edit the label option when you have "filled" up the RP and are no longer looking for RPers to join it.

      These tags also indicate whether it is a discussion thread for a ToC RP or a ToW RP. So make sure to choose the OPEN, OWP, or CLOSED tag that has the appropriate RP board label.

      Solo Adventures
      In order for an RP thread to be posted in Tales of Characters, there must always be a minimum of two RPers involved in it.

      Otherwise, it there is only one RPer then it is not an RP, it's a solo character fiction, which belongs in Solo Adventures, not Tales of Characters. It is a sub-board under ToC (so only approved characters can be used there). So make sure to post your solo threads in Solo Adventures.

      You can use this board to write out backstories to characters or they go have an adventure on their own. Or maybe you write an adventure that involves only your characters and no characters of any other RPers. It can also be used to write joint backstories. So maybe you and another RPer have characters that are connected in their backstories and you want to write it out in a more novel-format. This can be fine too. Solo Adventures isn't too strict. These stories just tend to have a more novel or short-fiction feeling format to them. Some people like to write these in separate posts as chapters, much like in the Writing section of the ZU forums.

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    • Role Play No-No's
      There are three main things that are not allowed in role playing here in the ToC. See the Guild Rules and Regulations Index for a complete list of rules for the RPG and the ToC or the Rules post of this manual. We'll cover the three main things here, so don't act like you don't know what they are. They will be explained twice in this manual, so you should at least have a general idea of what they are and what they include.

      You can see the spoiler that explains the three main things to watch out for while RPing: Powerplay, Godmoding, and Metagaming. Or you can skip it if you feel like you understand it fine.
      Powerplay - Powerplaying is describing the actions and thoughts of another person’s character without their express permission. A character belongs to its creator, not you.

      Note: If the other writer does not like what you have done to their character in your post and they tell you so—you have to change the post or delete it. No questions asked. It’s their character not yours. You have to respect that. If not, you may have a Mod on your ass very fast, and the trouble will get deeper from there. Because role playing is a collaboration, not a manipulation of other people's characters. Everyone should agree on what happens and why it happens. You cannot do whatever you want to other people's characters even if your character is capable of doing it.

      If anyone breaks these rules, first talk to them about it to make sure they are aware of the rules and understand what powerplaying and godmoding is. Tell them to stop. If they still continue to break these rules, please contact a mod either directly (via "conversation" or VM) or through use of the Report Post feature found on every post. We deal with the people who don't play nice.

      Godmoding - Godmoding is using your character in such a way that their skills, abilities, or powers accomplish things that break the fairness of a roleplay. For example, this may be a player assuming that every action their character makes is successful and that they’ll always accomplish what they want, when they want. Allow others the chance to react. Communicate about who will win and why.

      Metagaming - This is where you allow your character to have information that only the writers/RPers should know. While you might be omniscient about the characters of other writers and the plot, your character is not. They have to discover things about other characters and the things in the RP on their own. There needs to be a logic to how they come to discover things. Especially, since characters often have secrets, so you need to respect other RPers by your character not knowing these secrets without them finding out somehow in the RP, in a way that you both agree on. It's also not fair, especially if it has to do with combat or the plot of the RP, if your character magically knows what to do, only because you the RPer already know what is going on. This borders on godmoding issues, hence, another reason why it is not allowed.

      The key to role playing here is communicating with each other.

      Comprehension and Distractions – Some things to remember:
      • Firstly, no 1337 or “leet speak”. It is important for others to be able to understand what you have written in your post.
      • So basic grammar is important. As long as everyone knows what you’re saying, you don’t have to be a master of grammar or punctuation.
      • Coloring, changing your font, or otherwise formatting your text while posting here can be distracting. Certain colors can make it hard on the eyes to read or even see the letters on the forum skin.
      Clarification and Powerplay – These are things that will help you avoid powerplaying illegally or feeling like you need to:
      • If you don’t understand something or are confused by something another wrote in a post, then you can send them a "conversation" message or VM to ask them about it. Always ask for clarification if you are not sure.
      • Most people think the best way to keep their post flowing is to write for another’s character. This is often the excuse for powerplaying.
      • Just because the other RPer doesn’t complain, doesn’t mean they like it. They just might not feel like raising a fuss about it, but this is no excuse to trample over their rights.
      • Plus, no one knows the character better than the owner. Not only might you get the character wrong, but they might have had a different idea for what they wanted to happen next with the character.
      Legal Powerplaying - is only allowed if the other writer gives permission for you to do so. This is where the communication factor comes in to help the RP flow faster and without stepping on anyone’s toes.

      There’s two ways to do this:
      1. Write shorter posts that allow the other writer to respond with their character on their own. However, it is annoying to have only the dialogue. That would make it maybe one or three sentences long. Try to include any other thoughts, actions, and expressions the character might have while asking a question.
      2. Do a mini RP for the conversation in private messages ("conversations") or if you both have an instant messenger, you can do it there (we call this IMRP). Once you have all you need, write your post.
      Combat and Godmoding- Fighting, battles, and short little spats between characters can be difficult to manage, because without keeping communication in mind, RPers can tend to godmode. There are a few things that have to happen when aggression and physical competition come up between characters or all will be lost:
      1. Agree on who wins, who loses, or maybe neither win or lose.

        This must happen. If you cannot agree together on the outcome of this encounter, then there is no point in continuing. It will only lead to conflict and strife between role players. Agree or stop role playing together.

      2. Do not powerplay or godmode.

        Do not control the other person's character without their permission and do not assume your character's attempt at attacking or besting their character will be successful. Going back the first principle, you must be able to agree on the attempt working or failing. Communicate about why and how this happens. Shorter posts are ideal for these situations.

      3. Stick to the limits and weaknesses you have set for your character.

        Godmoding can happen when you defy the rules of your character's abilities and powers as recorded in their profile. When you break, bend, or by pass through loopholes in the limits and weaknesses of your characters you are breaking the fairness of the role play, thus godmoding. This counts even when combating random NPC's. Stick to what your profile dictates.

      “We must be greater than what we suffer.”
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    • Inter-World Travel
      As mentioned before, in the ToC, characters created and used here can all come from their own worlds and universes. So how can these characters interact together in RPs when almost everyone comes from another planet probably even in an entirely different universe from each other? In the ToC there is a lot of inter-world travel and different methods of doing this travelling. Characters often end up visiting the different worlds of other characters, or maybe the characters of an RP go to a world that none of them hail from at all. In the ToC, character interact and have adventures together by somehow ending up in a different world, universe, or setting/location. It's sort of like a big multi-verse here.

      Worlds, Universes, and Settings
      So what are these things really? Well, you create a character that comes from a setting. This setting can be a world of your own creation. It could be:
      • An entirely fantasy-based world, with magic and fantasy creatures and races of all kinds.
      • Sci-fi, based on the real world, or an entirely made-up one.
        • They could be from alternant-reality worlds, meaning worlds based on the real world, but with magic or different rules or maybe something in history happened differently than it did (like the Nazis won or something).
        • Or they could come from a specific period of time in history (the past, altered or unaltered). Sometimes it's combinations of these things.
      • Different universes or dimensions or astral planes with different rules and history.
      • A world of your favorite fandom, like Hyrule in Legend of Zelda.
      As you can see, it can really be anything. But you can bet your character comes from somewhere.

      You can also bet that other characters here come from somewhere too, and that somewhere is likely to be very, very different and maybe even in an entirely different universe or dimension than yours. Some are closer and more similar as well.

      But in order to have freedom in who you can interact with, your character will often find ways into these other worlds and settings, or someone else's character will find their way into yours, or you both will find your way into an entirely different place.

      Methods of Inter-World Travel
      So, we have established there needs to be the ability to travel between worlds, universes, dimensions, and basically any kind of setting you can think of. As the ToC developed over time, RPers have come up with methods and plot devices for this kind of travelling. Just like anything else in the ToC, abuse or unfair use of these methods can result in official warnings, infractions, and even getting banned.
      • The Dome - This is the oldest method of the ToC. The Dome itself is like a gap between dimensions/univeres/worlds/planes. Not only is it like a gap, but it's kind of a sentient being. It controls and manipulates the space and time within itself. The Dome is used not only as a method of travel, but it also houses travelling characters in-between their adventures. Sometimes adventures occur within the Dome itself. It's a pretty interesting but sort of complicated plot device. It even has its own profile to explain these things in more depth for RPers (click the link above to finds its profile). Any RPer or character can use the Dome.

      • The Fissure - This is a newer and simpler method. Unlike the Dome, the Fissure is not a place. It's described as a crack. So it's more like a gap or break in reality/dimensions/worlds/universes/planes that allows characters to pass through into another world/universe/dimension/plane. It has some specific rules for its use, which is described in the profile linked above.

      • Dimensional Gaps - This is not an official creation or anything specific like the Dome or the Fissure. A lot of RPers come up with this method on the fly. It can be like the forest and the hole that Link fell down into in Majora's Mask and found himself not in Hyrule but in the parallel world of Termina. Sometimes, characters won't even notice this happening. They just travel through a forest and find themselves into a totally different world/universe/dimension/plane than they were when they first entered the forest. This can also be linked to the wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Your character could enter a closet and find it has no back wall, and instead it leads to a different world.

      • Character Abilities/Vehicles/Devices - This method is centered on the character or an object/vehicle they own. Some characters come with this ability to travel between worlds. Sometimes, this is the ability to create a portal or it can be like instant transmission--blinking yourself into a new world/universe/dimension/plane. Basically, the characters, even if there are limits to this, has the ability to travel between different settings. Sometimes, it's because the character comes with/owns some kind of sci-fi or mystical vehicle that can inherently perform this kind of travel. (For people who know Doctor Who, it's like having a Tardis.) Or maybe they have some kind of sci-fi or magical device or item that provides the same function.

      “We must be greater than what we suffer.”
      [A Light in the Dark| Empire of Darkness |Under the Red Sea]

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    • So once a character goes through approval, they now have what we call PC status in the ToC.

      Here is what PC vs NPC status means quick and dirty:

      PC Status:
      1. This character can appear alone in RP threads.
      2. If the creator wishes to make changes to this character's profile, they must follow the Editing/Updating Policy .
      NPC Status:
      1. This character cannot appear alone in RP threads (meaning, there must be a PC from the same RPer present in the RP).
      2. This character's profile can be edited whenever the creator wants without following the Editing/Updating Policy.
      PC is short for playable or player character. NPC is short for non-playable or non-player character.

      But don't let the labels and terms confuse you. The status is just a means of us knowing if a character has been officially approved or not. An NPC can be just as developed as a PC or they could be a random character you made and never used again. How important you think these characters are regardless of their official character status is up to you.

      Now, when we say you cannot use an NPC alone in an RP, this DOES NOT mean they can appear with another NPC. It HAS to be with a PC of the same RPer who is using the NPC. No RPer can participate in any RP thread without a PC. It's in the ToC rules.

      However, NPCs do follow certain rules, which can be found in NPC Template and Regulations thread. While the quick and dirty summary above generally covers it, this NPC regulations thread will contain the finer details. You should read it if you want to make an NPC profile.

      When you create NPC profiles, you post them in threads in the Resource Repository sub-board under the main Character Profiles & Resources board.

      Play Fair with NPCs
      While NPCs don't have to be approved or follow the Editing/Updating Policy, they still have to follow the rules of the RPG and ToC.

      Moderators of the RPG have the authority require you put an NPC through approval and turn them into PCs whenever they deem it necessary. This means, don't abuse NPCs. Be fair and honest while you create and RP with them. If Moderators believe you're of high risk of abusing characters and you create an NPC that is sort of iffy, they might make you turn them into a PC.

      If you actually do abuse an NPC while RPing, you can count on Mods forcing that NPC through approval. You also might get infracted or officially warned if you abuse NPCs and are not fair while RPing with them. You could even lose the right to create NPCs, depending on the situation and what the Moderators decide.

      So be nice, okay?

      NPC Canon Characters
      These are the only NPCs which can never become PCs. As you might have noticed in the rules, you are allowed to create canon characters from fandoms such as Zelda, Naruto, One Piece, or Final Fantasy as NPCs. Of course, these kind of NPCs follow different regulations than normal NPCs. You can find those in the NPC Canon Character Regulations thread, found in the Resource Repository.

      While Moderators can never require that canon characters be approved and turned into PCs, if you abuse these NPCs in any unfair way, you'll loose the privilege to create and use them at all. Or you'll get infracted/warned/banned if you really do something bad enough multiple times.