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    What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?
    • drug myself up and jump in a filthy lake thinking it was a paradise island
      Current Ranking List:

      1. A Link to the Past_______7. Legend of Zelda_______13. Phantom Hourglass
      2. Ocarina of Time________8. Oracle of Ages________14. Spirit Tracks
      3. The Wind Waker________9. Majora's Mask________15. Adventure of Link
      4. A Link Between Worlds___10. Oracle of Seasons_____16. Four Sword Adventures
      5. Skyward Sword_________11. The Minish Cap _______17. Four Swords
      6. Link's Awakening_______12. Twilight Princess_______

    • Earlier today I was trying to earn a few volunteer hours after school by helping some students in my grade chop and stack firewood outside. After an hour and a half of strenuous work I took a quick break to cool off, when I see my friend holding an axe. I walk up to him, knowing he is holding the axe with the handle pointing towards me. I jokingly pretend as if I am going to bite down on the end of the axe, when my friend nudges it swiftly, hitting one of my front teeth and knocking out a fair-sized portion of it clean out of my mouth. It was unfortunate but hilarious, and I came home looking like a redneck with dirty clothing that was covered in sawdust, wearing a plaid shirt and cap, and having a chipped front tooth.

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    • I recall when I was younger, I wanted to make a ramp so I could put my skateboard on it and fly down it, my mum told me not to, but I did anyway, I skated down it, fell on my arm and scrapped in my skin off, I ran in crying to hear my mum say "I told you so".

      Another is jumping off the top of the stairs only to hit my face in front of a wall.

      I've done so many stupid things in my life. It would take years to post them all. :P
    • Wow, I can normally think of this stuff really well.

      When I was eight, I had a crush on this guy in 5th grade. He was just a plain jerk, but I couldn't have cared less. I totally thought I was being cool about it. So when I was in 4th grade, he came up to me, asking to borrow my Zelda guidebook, obviously knowing I liked him.

      He freaking never gave it back.

      I frequently do various stupid things in public when people I know are in the same location. I also tripped over a tile in the supermarket and all my things in the bag went flying. :P
      "When you say, "mobile phone", why do you point at that blue box?"

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    • When I was in my teens a friend of mine dared me to go apply for a job at a women's lingerie shop at the mall. So I did, and let me tell you I could feel the women's stares burning into me as I stood there at the counter and filled out an application. By law I don't think they could refuse me an application, but I could definitely feel an angry vibe coming from them.

      When they asked me why I wanted to work at a women's lingerie store I told them I needed the money. Anyway I wasn't really expecting to get a job there, but my friend who was waiting for me outside was laughing hysterically.
    • LOL I love this replies! Especially the one where the person climbed a tree to get a hat during school and a news team showed up!

      Anyways, At my last job my and my co worker went a few shops down in a strip mall to a empty store to clean. We decided it would be funny to throw things at the window as people walked by and scream to scare them. It was fun until a poor old lady walked by and we did it. She just stood there staring, looking for us. We snuck out the back door and ran back to the gym we worked out.
      She followed us and we denied everything! I'm sure she still has her suspicions.
      I felt bad for doing it, but somehow I know I'll end up doing something like that again.