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    Why The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is the Best Zelda Game of All Time!
    • My favorite about WW is when you do the merchant trading for the flags and statue. A secret about the trading is if you trade a different flag or statue than what you're supposed to trade to another merchant, you get a hidden flag or statue.

      The only problem I had with WW was the sailing. If Nintendo could make you sail much faster in a (hopefully they will make one!) remake of WW. they could also add make the battle dungeons more like mini dungeons (Outset Island!) to make WW a more lengthy game.

      I love how many quests they have in WW. All the treasure in the game is also incredible. All in all, WW is a very good game.
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    • I'm going to be honest I didn't have time to read your entire post. But from what I read your arguments were well supported and you gave great examples.

      But for me, I believe that every player has different styles and preferences. And for each player, there is a Best Game. For me so far it isn't Wind Waker, but that doesn't mean I'm hating on it or not giving it the credit it deserves. I love Wind Waker and have played it many times, but it's not the one I love the most and for me it's not the 'best game'.

      Great, great post though. It's awesome that you took the time to put all this together. Hopefully you will be able to get more people to appreciate Wind Wakers graphics style which I personally loved too! :)
    • I absolutely loved Wind Waker! I hate it when people moan about graphics being too 'happy', or there being little dungeons. (FFS, THERE WERE 7 DUNGEONS IN THE GAME, NOT 4!!!)

      Wind Waker has beautiful graphics, beautiful dungeons, beautiful characters, beautiful plot and beautiful game play. :3nod

      (Something I wish they would bring back from Wind Waker: The pots in the dungeons, where you could warp from one to the other.) :)

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    • MushroomzKiller wrote:

      (though if you like Twilight Princess better than Wind Waker, I will think you're a bit cocked up in the head - but other than that, totally fine!)

      I really liked this post up until this part. Did you really have to go and bash a group of people for liking one game better than another? I would consider revising that part, it really seems in bad taste imo.
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    • I"M SOO GLAD you posted this!!!! Hooray fellow WW lovers!!
      I could definitely write paragraphs upon paragraphs of why I love WW so much.... but you summed up most of the points I already had xD

      I'd like to add a few more things you passed by the first time around that I think make the game so addicting and interesting..

      1. The fairy queen. Warping into the mother and child island was really cool, and unexpected. The music used when meeting the fairy queen is a funny spin off of the traditional fairy fountain music, and fits the character perfectly. I love that the doll she holds is one of the fairies from the fountains, and it makes me feel like she is the puppeteer for all of them, controlling them through the little doll that she holds. Plus she totally comes onto Link, another part that made me laugh, because the look exchanged between Link and his boat is priceless!! xD

      2. The incorporation of the Kokiri and the Zora, and the plausibility of their descendants, the Koroks and the Rito. I have my own theory as to why the Zora became the Rito, but I won't list that whole story here.

      3. Command Melody. Controlling other characters was one of the coolest aspects of the game. Yeah, sure, you could become a Zora/Goron/Deku in MM, but you became your version of them, not another character entirely... though quite similar. Plus the hyoi pear to become a seagull? genius and soo much fun!

      4. Link has a family. Now, I have not played every Zelda game so, in my defense, I don't know much about this, but I know that he has a grandfather in Minish Cap, and that his mother died when link was a smalllll child in OoT. At least in OoT, there was no interaction, and in the majority of the series, Link has no relatives. I loved Link's connection with his grandmother and sister, and I feel that this connection was similar to some superhero movie mentalities explored today, like the fighting drive in Captain America. Even if he does not yet have the skill, he is willing to risk everything to save those he loves, and thus he is worth of the triforce of courage.

      5. Music. Ok you mentioned music, I just had to mention it again xD this soundtrack is also my favorite, form the major islands to the little sounds commonly found in zelda. The only fairy music i like better, in contrast to you, is the loading screen of SS. Also, though WW is my favorite soundtrack, I actually loved those of TP and SS as well, since their soundtracks really fit the moods of their games, as did WW.
      My favorite song from WW though would have to beeee.....
      Wind Temple, The Great Sea is Cursed, Dragonroost Island and, to probably everyone's surprise, the Forest of Outset Island where Tetra falls in the beginning of the game.

      6. Other items. Though some were more useful than others by far, the grappling hook was not the only cool and different item. I personally loved the giant hammer you got after beating Helmaroc in the forsaken fortress. Plus the boomerang lock-on was win.

      7. Bringing Medli and Makar to dungeons, and the fact that they ride in the boat with you to them. I just thought the concept was cool and cute.

      8. You also mentioned certain details made the game, and I need to re-emphasize that point. Link's eyes. Made that game for me. It helped in dungeons, in expressing emotions and all other times in the game. Since it was a cartoon game that could not add the realism of certain expressions, the animators focused on the eyebrows and eye direction to give a sense of how Link is feeling and responding to others.

      Again, of course, the game was not perfect and I do have my vices with the game, such as....

      -The Deku tree's face and voice. With how well they had done all of the animation in the game, I think he could've looked less.... idk slow or something.. with the giant tooth and he sounds like he's moaning. I just think he could've been better designed.
      -That Tetra, once she becomes Zelda, just accepts that she must stay in the chamber and then you leave. It seemed very incomplete as a scene.
      -Tingle. He always annoys me a bit, and while I didn't mind rescuing him and such, I didn't exactly LOVE giving him 398 rupees every time I wanted a map deciphered. Although the triforce piece quest didn't bother me much, in fact, it forced me to explore more during my first run-through of the game.

      I have way more thoughts but, I'm exhausted :fabulous:

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    • The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker is my favourite game of all time, so I'm not going to argue about it being the best Zelda game of all time, in my opinion.
      However, the only thing I think could be improved would be moving the islands a bit closer to each other. Not to the extent that it ruins sailing, but so that you don't have to sail for so long towards the beginning of the game. But sailing was still one of my favourite parts of the game. Still, I don't really care about the distance, but many others do.
    • I think its definitely a game that could easily be put at the number three or four for best zelda game of all time; not that its bad, in fact, its perfect, its just that game like Oot or MM or even SS seem to surpass it. But still, I find the common criticsm of the cell-shaded graphics and the tedious sailing are really unwarranted; these are just things that make it more of a perfect game!
    • Swift_Knight wrote:

      I really liked this post up until this part. Did you really have to go and bash a group of people for liking one game better than another? I would consider revising that part, it really seems in bad taste imo.

      Sorry if I offended :( It was kind of meant to be a joke, one not meant to be taken seriously, since I'm not PARTICULARLY fond of Twilight Princess - though I've replayed it quite recently, and didn't find it as bad - but seems like I got a bit too carried away.

      Gonna fix it right now!

      Oh, and while I'm replying to you, do you consider the GC version of Twilight Princess better than the Wii version? I only own the latter, so I'm considering buying the GC one since people have been telling me that its miles better.

      Thanks for your constructive comment!
    • Good thread mate. Though I find OoT to be my favorite and have the more "subjectively" superior soundtrack, I did have lots of fun with WW aside from staring at the screen like a drooling monkey when I was sailing around during the Triforce hunt. I think I'm going to make the next game in my Zelda marathon to be the WW.

      In all honestly I don't remember most the game, considering the last time I played it was during 2003. I'd lost it after that and only found it recently.