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    Do you want to see Midna again?

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    • I'm a bit late, but I think Midna should NOT be brought back.

      From a storytelling standpoint, Midna's character is already complete. There's nothing left to add to her. She started out selfish and condescending, but she grew to become compassionate and empathetic. She developed very fully and, in doing so, became a "finished" character.

      Of course, there ARE questions which were left unanswered, like, "Could there have been some romance between Link and Midna?" But given Link's nature as an avatar for players, we MUST conclude that is is up to each and every individual player to determine their own feelings for (or against) Midna.

      Thus, it's not Nintendo's place to provide one definitive answer to questions about Midna's future. Each player should determine their own interpretation of Midna's future. Honestly, I count myself among those who would pursue Midna and try to reestablish contact with the Twilight Realm.

      But there's the point; even if you, personally, would pursue Midna and try to reestablish contact with her, it's not really sensible (from a storytelling perspective) to argue that Midna should actually return in some future Zelda installment. Midna, as a character, is complete, so there's really no sense in having her make an official return.

      This is, of course, nothing but my humble opinion.
    • You're right; Midna certainly undergoes a drastic change throughout the course of TP. In many ways, her story is very self-contained. Now, while, admittedly, my hope to see her return has more to do with her just being fun to have around, I also believe that you could (and should, if she returns) go even further with her character development, and still have it make sense for the story.

      For example, if that quote from Hyrule Historia -- "the invasion of Twilight that instilled much hatred has brought the existence of Hyrule and the dual-nature of its counterpart world into sharp relief, and the repercussions will be felt in future eras" -- is hinting that the Twili may return, I could imagine a potential scenario being this: a group of Light Dwellers seek to gain entry to the Twilight Realm in order to trigger another war between the two realms.

      This would, obviously, serve as revenge for the events of TP. In this hypothetical scenario, Midna's loyalties could be tested, as it's clear that she cares as much about the World of Light as she does her own people. This all might sound like a bit much for a Zelda game, but that's partially what made this character so compelling to begin with. For me, she definitely broke the mold of what I expect from a character in this series.

      SoulofDeity wrote:

      I agree, she's a 5-heart love, but I also think she should come back. Her fan base is just way to big for her not to.
      I agree. Would even go so far as to say that, aside from the main trio of Link, Zelda, and Ganon, she's the most popular character in the series. ZU itself ran a poll fairly recently that, while not the be all end all of this argument, is pretty telling:

      Which of these characters would you like to see return in a future Zelda game?

      Midna (33%, 656 Votes)
      Saria (22%, 432 Votes)
      Malon (12%, 227 Votes)
      Tingle (9%, 167 Votes)
      The Postman (8%, 158 Votes)
      Linebeck (7%, 140 Votes)
      Tetra (6%, 109 Votes)
      Medli (3%, 70 Votes)

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    • Rare Addict wrote:

      For example, if that quote from Hyrule Historia -- "the invasion of Twilight that instilled much hatred has brought the existence of Hyrule and the dual-nature of its counterpart world into sharp relief, and the repercussions will be felt in future eras" -- is hinting that the Twili may return, I could imagine a potential scenario being this: a group of Light Dwellers seek to gain entry to the Twilight Realm in order to trigger another war between the two realms.

      Oh, of course they could revisit the Twilight Realm in a future installment. I have little problems with that, I think, because it would likely be done without ruining what was good about Twilight Princess's ending.

      Let's revisit the ending of Twilight Princess to see what I mean. We all (presumably) KNOW what happens. But what do we actually CARE about in the ending? Ganondorf has (I think) a pretty cool "death". Oh, and Midna's goodbye is obviously a bit of a tear-jerker (I certainly teared up).

      But that's about it. Everything else seemed about as simple and as uninteresting as "Hooray. You did it. You won. You saved the world. Again. It's over. Woohoo. Good job."

      Really, the best (and most important) thing about Twilight Princess' ending WAS Midna's farewell. It wasn't bittersweet just because LINK would (supposedly) never see her again; it was so because we, the players, would (presumably) never see her again either.

      Midna's character development sets her up to turn into a lovable character - one that the player can come to genuinely care about. So her leaving presumably wasn't implemented just to provide an answer to the question "What's Midna going to do now that Ganon and Zant are gone?" Her leaving is SUPPOSED to evoke emotion and be one of the most iconic bittersweet moment of the game (and, for that matter, the franchise).

      Face it; there's really not any way you could bring her back without completely negating that experience. Just visit Final Fantasy X-2's "canon" ending if you want another demonstration of my point. An important character left - FOREVER - in X. The ending was bittersweet and it evoked some powerful emotions. And then they made X-2, brought the lost character back, and made it "canon".

      From now on, that moment when the character leaves in X just...isn't powerful anymore. I can revisit it all I want, but every time, I think, "It's a good thing he comes back later on, or else this scene would be SO bittersweet."

      That's why Midna should not come back. If anything, she could be referenced in a brief, passing comment from some unimportant history-buff-NPC in some future installment. "Legends tell of an ancient princess from another realm who saved her people from a shadowy fate..."

      Anything more than that would really ruin the beauty of that moment in Twilight Princess' ending. Again - this is all simply my opinion / interpretation.
    • You raise a perfectly valid point. Despite everything that I've said, it's something that I've thought about extensively -- the notion that bringing her back would tarnish TP's ending.

      Now, what I'm about to say will probably make me come across as somebody who just wants his bright, rainbow-filled ending with every work of fiction that he comes across. The thing is, I'm not adverse to tragic or bittersweet endings. Often times, they can prove to be more impactful than an all-round happy one.

      The fact that TP's ending is the most emotionally powerful moment that I've personally experienced from any piece of entertainment is probably the source of my uncertainty. On the one hand, you're absolutely right. Her departure was incredibly moving, and Nintendo bringing her back could potentially be a fan-service-laden betrayal of that.

      At the same, however, I find myself conflicted by the ending. As beautiful as it is, I sort of feel as though it happened too soon, if you know what I mean. I feel like Midna deserves more than what she got from that single game, regardless of how terrific it was. I know that that sounds odd, considering that she's essentially the star of TP, but I maintain that there's still some untapped potential there.

      That was all pretty tangential, but I hope that at least some of that made sense. Basically, you're right, Devonfayr! I've just got some attachment issues. :P
    • I totally respect that. When characters are as well-developed as Midna (which, let's face it, doesn't happen often in Zelda games), I almost always want them to be developed as much as they can be.

      Midna is a rare exception to that. I think, despite being a well-developed character, she WAS designed in such a way that made me feel that she still had a lot of untapped character potential even at the end of the game, as you suggested. I guess I like that her part in the Zelda franchise ends before that potential is realized, because it just makes her feel that much more real to me. It feels like bringing her back and taking advantage of that potential would make her less of a "real" character and more of a "How much can we market this character?" character.

      I draw a comparison to the main cast from Cowboy Bebop. Don't worry; I won't post any spoilers for those who haven't seen the show, but if you haven't seen it...go see it. It's great. ;)

      One of the definitive themes of Cowboy Bebop is "people struggling with their pasts". The theme is implemented in such a way that keeps the audience guessing, "Just what HAPPENED to each of these people? Who ARE they? What motivates them?"

      By the end of the show, each character confronts their past directly in some way, and you get enough info to get an idea about what happened to the main character, Spike, to make him so concerned with his past. But even though the main question, "What happened to him in the past?" is answered, plenty is still left for the imagination.

      That quality of having definite character development while still having potential for further development is a beautiful thing, I think, because it gives us the closure we should most certainly receive at the end of a story while still allowing us to ask (and answer) some questions on our own. It's a happy medium; the story isn't forcefully crafted and shoved down our throats, but it's also not left SO ambiguous that we don't really feel like we got anything out of it. It's right in the middle.

      For a character as great and as loved as Midna, I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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    • Okay, how about this. What are your feelings with using Midna not for a game but for a short animated doohick?

      I ask because the more I think of actual gameplay mechanics using her in a 3D adventure would be a bit difficult, and things like strategy games, well, it wouldn't really be feasible. That would be like using Zelda for a 'Sim Hyrule' kinda game, and that's derived at best.

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    • I'd love to see Midna again.
      Although she was a "helper" character, you didn't really ever think that throughout the game. She was a very developed game character.
      Unlike Navi or Fi, she really wasn't.. annoying or all over the place telling you obvious stuff most of the time.
      She and the King of Red Lions are likely the best "helper" characters in really any game.
    • What I want to see more of is the Twilight Realm; I'd love to know more about their culture and history. If Midna is an excuse to do something like that, then sure. I've often fantasized of a Zelda game solely based on the Twilight Realm; maybe Link finds a link to the Twilight, but in turn awakens a curse?

      Heh, just my 1:00-in-the-morning ramblings...
    • I liked her the best. She wasn't pushy and wouldn't be like Hey Listen.More useful then them too and does not abandon me in both boss battles!cough,cough[Navi]. May sound sexist but I want hot Midna back

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    • Not really. As she was a helpful Character, she was annoying (Almost like Navi, but Navi is a freakin Fairy so she's off the hook)

      Also, She hurt my Poor Puppy Link went he turned into a Wolf (HOW DARE CHU!) :argh:

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