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ZUer of the Week: Nicolette!
  • AwesomeShan, I remember chatting to you about our mutual liking of The Big Bang Theory (and you helping me find a friend a birthday present related to it, which I really appreciated!) when I was new to the site.

    Enjoy your week - you definitely deserve it. :heart:

    'Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.' - Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from 'The Cat Returns'

  • This week we have a fresh face to appreciate! Someone by the name of..

    Altie Gates!

    Still establishing her personality on ZU, Altie Gates has managed to impress a nice armful of some of ZU's regulars! We like to take this week and appreciate the uniqueness of Altie Gates! We've had a couple people write up a few things about her and the contributions she's brought to the forums!

    blackbird wrote:

    Altie Gates has shown an enthusiastic attitude toward her activities in the RPG. She has organised role plays, got involved in the OoC after having her character approved, sought out and joined a role play.

    What more is she has integrated very well into the B.A. skype group, conversing with older and newer members alike, sharing her creative ideas and a few of her drawings, and as a whole being a warm and friendly person who is open to conversation.

    Ruki wrote:

    Altie Gates is rather new to ZU and the RPG, but she has quickly acclimated into the community. With her energetic nature, she has made RPs both in the BA and the VCR, and seems to have a great number of interesting characters in the wings. A rather talented artist, she is always seeking to grow and is incredibly active in the OoC Chat Skype group.

    She always has an inner fire in her which is simply contagious. I hope she continues to make herself at home in the RPG, where she will always be welcome. Congrats Altie!

    Let's celebrate Altie Gates this week! Yay!
  • Yay Altie!

    I'd like to say a little something about Altie myself. As some people probably know, I'm (sort of) active in the VCR, and for quite a while nobody new really was coming in. And then, all of the sudden, Altie shows up shortly after getting her BA character approved and got involved in a bunch of the new RPs, even starting one herself! She's kind of like a breath of fresh air, which the VCR needs every once in a while, and she's always talking to everyone and showing off stuff she's drawn.

    Altie's awesome, to put it simply. Hope you stick around!
  • I'd like to totally throw my support and congratulations towards her as well!

    Altie's low post count totally belies her true activity. She's been in Farore for quite a bit! Most of her posts were deleted in the data crash if memory serves correctly.

    A shining moment that I remember is when she stepped up to the plate in clan wars two years ago and helped us out and made a story book with fellow clan member Holden.
    It was totally unprecedented for a new recruit to our clan to do something like that, so this really shows how outgoing and active she truly is.

    Keep up the great work, and hope to see you in and around the clan in the future, Altie!

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  • Here we go folks! I now present to you this week's ZUer of the Week! He hails from the site staff portion of ZU. He's known for helping keep the news on ZU's main page fresh and exciting. Even though I don't know him personally, from the small amount of research I did on him this week I discovered just how hard he does work and that he totally deserves to be ZUer of the Week! So a big congratulations to...


    A lot of people on the site staff and reporter team had some very pleasant things to say about the lead news editor!

    Reece is an invaluable addition to the staff team. Not only is he a great writer, but he is also proactive and will actively search out more ways to help ZU and its news team. He's also created a very welcoming culture in Site Staff and turned it into much more of a community than ever before, which has lead to a lot more of our news staff staying instead of fading out. I hope we can keep Reece as our Editor for a long time!

    I first met Reece when I was on Site Staff awhile ago. I remember being very impressed by him and his work ethic. Not only was he easy to approach, but damn he punched out articles fast. They were well written as well. I am pretty sure he carried a majority of the news for a bit when people were slacking. Really, he made us look bad with his awesomeness.

    When I heard he became Editor, I was not surprised at all. Really, I think he was the most deserving. He obviously truly cares about ZU and the people it serves. He just doesn't want to get news out there quickly. He wants to get news out right.

    Reece is also a great guy to talk to. He is so relaxed and approachable. When I was looking for freelance work, he referred me to a website which would pay if I got accepted as a writer. He just does little things which are sweet.

    Really, congrats man. You deserve this. Props.


    While I've only been a part of the news staff for about a month and a half, I was quickly captivated by how helpful and how inclusive Reece was. From the moment I joined the news crew and site staff, Reece made me feel welcome and I felt right at home. On my first few stories I made a few mistakes, which happens when you're put in a new position, but Reece was nothing but encouraging and helped me become a much better writer in such a short span.

    I've followed news on Zelda Universe for a couple years, and Reece has overseen some of the best output in news coverage the site has ever had. The staff is incredible, Reece is incredibly organized, we get out stories promptly and efficiently. We never sacrifice quality though, which is something Reece stresses, and always strive to put out the best content possible. This is because of how driven Reece is and the vision he has for how news should be presented on Zelda Universe, and I'm proud to have the opportunity to work under him.

    Hombre de Mundo:
    Reece has always been committed to doing a good job and rarely settles for anything he considers below the bar. This is especially applicable to his management of the reporters as he makes sure to keep people active and involved as well as seeing to it that our front page has a steady flow of news which is why I'm never too concerned about anything news-related. Reece and the reporter team has got it covered.

    Reece is not only a great editor, but a great friend. He is always present and willing to help out with ZU and with life. I haven't known Reece for too terribly long, but it doesn't take years to see what a compassionate person he is. He is skilled in what he does and shares his knowledge with others so that we all can succeed together instead of scrambling for the spotlight like others might. I consider myself lucky to be able to work with and learn from him at ZU.

    Reece is amazing. He constantly scans the web for the latest news, making our job easier. At the same time, he reads and edits all of our articles while writing news posts of his own. He's incredibly knowledgeable of proper writing styles and makes himself available to the news staff. On top of all that, he's just an overall cool guy.

    Reece is a great friend and outstanding lead editor. Ever since I joined ZU as a news correspondent in August, Reece has been supportive and positive, even when I made mistakes. Reece treats everyone fairly, and gives everyone a chance to be who they are and brings out their strengths. It’s an honor to work with Reece on such an outstanding website!

    So, Reece, I hope you don't ever feel taken for granted. As far as I can see your hard work is noted and a lot of people appreciate you for it!

    Enjoy your week!

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  • Since I've been moving, I didn't get the chance to put in my two cents for this post.

    Reece has been consistently phenomenal since he joined staff. I'm particularly thankful because that made my job easier when ZU was looking for a new editor! But I think everyone - myself included - dramatically underestimated just how dedicated and quality-driven Reece would be. Under Reece's direction, the news staff has become a true force to be reckoned with, constantly churning out the best content we've ever had. Reece has been an absolute joy to be able to work with, and I look forward to a whole lot more of it.

    Cheers to you, man :)

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  • Thanks so much everyone! This really did make my day coming home to this. Honestly, any work I put in is more than worth it for things like this and just being involved with all of you; staff and community. I'm flattered beyond belief and just happy you think I'm doing my job adequately enough--I've loved ZU for a long time and it still feels amazing to help out, and give back.

    I can say all those same nice things back to the staff. It's a pleasure to work with and learn from you all. :3nod
  • Alright, coming from the clan of Din, we have our next ZUer of the Week! Everybody please make sure to say hi and give many congratulations to..


    LordJL has been an active member here on ZU for the past seven months and his presence and contributions are definitely being noticed. Some of this closest and familiar friends have some nice words about him!

    Caramel wrote:

    LordJL is a really amazing guy. He's really fun to talk to, very funny (he's made quite a number of people laugh from time to time) and overall a great member. JL's one of those people who you could just walk up to and start a conversation about popcorn if you wanted to. He's also helped a number of people out too, and can instantly make anyone feel better even if they're really upset. He totally deserves the ZUer of the Week award :)

    Ericzander wrote:

    What is there to say about JL? Besides the fact that he's totally and completely deserving of ZU'er of the week? And I'm not just saying that as his best friend. The dude's awesome! I can honestly say that if wasn't for LordJL, a lot of us wouldn't be active on the forums. He created the second most active social group where so many of us spend time relaxing, rewinding, and ignoring our problems for a while. Even in times where members, including myself, lost our cool; LordJL was always the calm one. No drama JL.

    This guy is crazy about ZeldaUniverse. Obsessive even, no lie! You must be doing something wrong for him to not have drawn you in a picture or put your name in a story of his. Heck, both my avatar and the video in my signature were made by this crazy awesome Venezuelan dude! For JL, friendship comes first. Then comes creativity, then Zelda, then Breaking Bad.

    JL's a blessing to every one of his friends. Everyone in our social group, everyone in the Forum Games, and most people who know him in general, love him. Should he be ZU'er of the week, there would be cheering and fist pumping galore!

    Ballistic Buizel wrote:

    Lord JL is one of the funniest guys I know. He's really fun to talk to and can always crack a joke, brightening any situation. And heck, do we (the BFL) love him to death! He never let's anyone down and tries to be fair. He's considerate of others. He's also quite talented at drawing and writing fan fics about the BFL.

    In the past, he created the BFL, or the Best Friends League of the Zelda Universe. It consisted of many members who hung around the Forum Games and is still growing to this day, creating many friendships. He also created the SSD (The Skyward Sword Defendets) along with myself for the "Great Battle of MM and SS in the Zelda Elimination Game.

    Congrats LordJL! Have a happy week!