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The Time Line of Hyrule Historia: Complete Translation by The Baton of the Wind
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    Page 68
    Chronology of Hyrule, the Country of the Gods

    The History of Reincarnation Concerning the Triforce

    ...This is a story you humans have passed down by word of mouth...

    Here, we introduce the fate of "The Legend of Zelda" series in which the history of Zelda is spun by the axis of time.

    So what is the "Legend", and what is the "History of Reincarnation?"

    We explain the reason "Skyward Sword" is the opening story, and we go through through the late generations.

    The only course of its history spins the adventure you hold in your hands.

    【 歴史を読み解く前に 】
    Before You Interperet the History

    Spinning the Present History

    This chronology that we spun is the only information that can be confirmed at this time, though it is very obscure.

    And the history of Hyrule sure changes as its told throughout time, as we've spun its future.

    Even without greatly undermining it, a new legend is born in the future, so we may rewrite history.

    About the Hero's Name "Link"

    The heros who appear in this chronology all have a unified name, "Link."

    In fact, "Link" might really have a different name.

    In some cases it is the same person, and it can also be another person--including descentants; most of the time is "Link."

    Also, the central figure in the history of Hyrule "(Princess) Zelda", though many have appeared, takes its name "Zelda" from the Legend.


    Shows you the layout of the book

    About the works not included in the chronology.

    シリーズには、ほかにも「リンクのボウガントレーコング」やスピンオフ作品などがあるが、年代記の中には含 めていない。
    In the series, there is also "Link's Crossbow Training" and other spin-offs, but they're not included in the chronology.

    Page 69

    Page 70
    Legend of the Gods and the Hero of Time

    This world was created by the 3 goddesses.

    The gods produced what this world was without--earth, order, and creatures which were entrusted with the future.

    They had absolute power, and they left the Triforce......
    創世の時代 - 神々のトライフォース時のオカリナなど
    The Age of Creation - Triforce of the Gods / Ocarina of Time, etc.

    The Creation

    The Creation of the Creator-Gods

    This world was in chaos and there was nothingness in this era. The world was created by the 3 goddesses. The goddess of power--Din--made the earth, the goddess of wisdom--Neiru--made order, and the goddess of courage--Furore--made every creature.

    When the creator-gods left this world, they left golden triangles--the Triforce--which symbolised each one's power. It has power to answer the wish of one who touches it.

    The Inheritance of the Gods, the Triforce

    The goddess Hylia assumed the duty of watching over the new world and the Triforce. Why the gods left the triforce in this world, no one knows.


    The All-Powerful Triforce

    Triangles that answer the wish of one who touches it. The Triforce does not determine right from wrong, it will answer a bad wish as well as a good wish.

    To correctly manage it, one must hone his natural talent and have a strong mind; and must be balanced in power, wisdom, and courage. When a person who is unbalanced touches it, it divides into 3 separate Triforce pieces--power, wisdom, and courage. The only one left in his hand is the one in which he most strongly believes, and the remaining 2 are chosen by the gods to whom has it dwelling on the back of his hand. To attain true strength, one must submit the two other divided Triforce pieces from those who have the crest on their hands.
    Other info
    The 3 Goddesses

    Power, wisdom, and courage are governed by the creation-gods. Din, Neiru, and Furore have a crest which expresses each; and they left them in the land.

    Page 71
    女神ハイリアの時代 - スカイウォ-ドソード
    Era of the Goddess Hylia - Skyward Sword

    The Ancient Battle

    The Battle of the Goddess Hylia and Evil

    The eras had moved to the era of the goddess Hylia. Evil ones had emerged from the land with aim for the Triforce. The evil ones were the feared "Demon race", the head of which was sometimes called the "Tyrannical One" [Demise] who tried to rule the world with enormous power.

    The goddess Hylia protected the Triforce from the demon race, and took the surviving people to the sky. And then, she isolated the heavens and the earth and hid it in a sea of clouds.

    The goddess and some sub-humans remained on the earth to risk their lives and fight, and they sealed the Man of the End at last.

    The Goddess' Seal of the Earth

    Though they escaped the destruction of the Earth, it was obvious the seal would not last long. There, the goddess Hylia decided to extinguish the Man of the End with the power of the Triforce.

    However, no gods could use the power of the Triforce. Therefore, the goddess Hylia abandoned the position as a god, and had decieded to be reborn into a human being.

    After the goddess Hylia was no more, Impa of the Sheikah Tribe would watch over the seal.


    The Land of Hylia

    The Temple of the goddess was built in the center of the world. The goddess Hylia cut this place out and sent the humans to the sky. Because she sealed the Man of the End in the ruins, this place was the land of the seal, and the Temple of the Goddess comes to be called the temple of the seal.
    Other info
    The Man of the End [Demise]

    He is the origin of evil with the power to destroy the world. His appearance is said to be different in each era, and to be absolute evil. He plotted to obtain the triforce and to try to dominate the Earth with the Demon Race.


    They are non-human races. It includes the Goron Tribe of rock people.

    The Sea of Clouds

    The thick clouds preventing the heavens and the earth. It is responsible for the land of the seal, and one cannot usually come and go.

    Sheikah Tribe

    The whole tribe worshiped the goddess Hylia. They were balanced, so they were chosen by the goddess Hylia to watch over the seal and would play a role in teaching future generations.

    Page 72
    天空時代 - スカイウォード
    The Sky Era - Skyward Sword

    The Legend of the Goddess and Skyloft

    The land that was cut out by the goddess Hylia which floated in the sky became the "Island of the Goddess."

    大空に逃げ延びた人間が居住する島は“スカイロフト”と名づけられ、人間たちは、女神から授かった守護鳥ロフトバードとともに暮らすようになる。The humans who survived lived in the sky on the island named "Skyloft", the humans lived with guardian birds, loft birds, which were given by the goddess.

    The people were considered to be limited only to the land of the goddess according to tradition, though thousands of years had passed and the people had come to forget the presence of the legends.

    Development of Skyloft

    In the ancient battle, the humans could only run trying to escape, but vigilance in Skyloft gradually grew stronger.

    The legend had been protected by the family of Gepora, whom founded a knight school. He brought together combat and bird-riding lectures, which would establish knights.


    The Characters of this Era.

    The existing characters from the era in which the goddess Hylia descended. The goddess' sword was laid to rest in the pedestal, on a land from where one could see various locations. The ancient characters could not be deciphered.
    Other info
    Island of the Goddess

    The goddess' land was cut out of the Earth. The Triforce and 6 emblems (The crests of 6 sages of a future era) were drawn on the ceiling tiles of the Temple of the Goddess.


    The Island of the Goddess was connected by bridges to the largest island, and to the eternal spring of paradise.

    The Family which Protected the Legend

    They inherited the legend from the goddess from generation to generation through documentaion written about the Earth, and they kept the secret of the goddess' sword in the goddess' statue.

    Page 73
    Reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia

    The time was approaching for the seal of the Man of the End to solve, and a girl was born. The baby was the reincarnated goddess, Hylia, the name of whom was Zelda.

    Zelda matured beautifully, and acted in the Knight School rituals as the goddess. The winner of this year was a boy riding a rare, red loft bird, Link. Zelda and Link would performe the rites of the goddess.

    Head of the Demon Race, Ghirahim

    Around that same time, Ghirahim--who was sent by the Man of the End--began secret maneuvers. Ghirahim bidded himself as the head of the Demon Race, and planned the revival of the Man of the End. Demons thrived on the Earth, and a search was started for the goddess Hylia.

    Finally, Ghirahim laid his eyes on the sky and found Zelda, so Ghirahim caused a tornado so that Zelda would fall to the ground.


    The Knight School

    The knights were asked to protect the peace of Skyloft. Those among the most excellent could join the Rescue Knights, who would rescue people who'd fall from the sky and tasked with missions such as ride loft birds at night as security.

    Anyone who passed the bird riding ceremony would enter higher levels and given a uniform. Their colours change every year, Link passed on the 25th year since the foundaton and the color of the year was green.
    Other info
    The Bird Riding Ceremony

    In the Knight School, it was an examination necessary to entering the higher levels. Using the loft birds, the person who'd promptly obtain the statue became the champion.

    Ceremony of the Goddess

    The champion of the bird riding ceremony would recieve honors from the goddess, as well as a para shawl.

    The Head of the Demon Race, Ghirahim

    He had a variety of spell-casting, such as teleporting and summoning demons

    Page 74
    The Hero's Spirit Guide, Fai

    Link was introduced to his fate with the goddess' sword in hand. It came according to the legend that Gepora had inherited. Because Link was looking for Zelda, Link went down to the Earth of the legends with the guidance of the sword spirit, Fai.

    Regaining the Memory of the Goddess

    On the other hand, Zelda had fallen to the Earth but was rescued by an old woman. The old woman told Zelda that she was the reincarntion of the goddess Hylia. Zelda confronted her own destiny and, wearing the goddess' garments, went to find two fountains.

    She was kidnapped by Bokoblin, subordinates of Ghirahim, in the Spring of Earth; but Impa of the Sheikah Tribe had come to escort the incarnated goddess Hylia.


    Map of the Overworld

    It is divided into 3 regions, named for the godly dragons who protected the goddess' flames; Firo-ne, Oldin, and Lanayru.

    Each of which were a forest, a volcano, and a desert--the desert was once before a lush land.
    Other info
    The Goddess' Sword

    The holy sword was located inside the Statue of the Goddess, where the sword was placed. The goddess Hylia guided the hero using the spirit she left. It had been protected by Gepora's ancestry, and it emits a light when an evil is revived and it is said that a chosen hero would draw the sword.

    Garments of the Goddess

    The goddess Hylia was dressed in the same white garments. The goddess Hylia had to obtain the harp to communicate with Skyloft.

    The Old Woman

    Impa, of this era, continued protecting the temple of the seal for a thousand years.

    Page 75
    Zelda Passes back to the Past as a Goddess

    Zelda gave the prayers in the two springs and regained her ancient memory. To strengthen the seal on the Man of the End, she went back to the ancient era from the Temple of Time in the desert. However, while confining Ghirahim--who was aiming for Zelda--Impa went through the door with Zelda and destroyed the door of time so that Ghirahim could not give chase.

    The Trial to become a True Hero

    There was another door of time in the temple of the seal that did not operate as of yet.

    Link defeated the Man of the End and sent him back in the seal with the help of his good friend, Bado [Groose], and went on to do the trial of the gods which yielded in him raising his sword to the goddess' fires to forge it. He'd filled the goddess' sword with great power and completed the Master Sword.
    A Thousand Years Ago

    Meeting and Parting in the Era of the Past

    Zelda and Impa arrived at the location of the seal, and Link chased after them to the era of the past until they met again. Zelda explained the circumstances to Link, and fell asleep in the temple to strengthen the seal.

    The stable ground of skyloft prospered in the heavens. Then, a thousand years passed.
    Other info
    The Two Springs

    They are the Holy Spring and the Earth Spring. By dedecating prayer to the goddess' statue, the goddess Hylia had purified herself and ragained her memory.

    Bado [Groose]

    A resident of Skyloft who fell down to Earth looking for Zelda.


    The great power that the gods of old gave to the world.


    A power that accumulates in the sword by pointing it to the sky. In the Master Sword, force increases more and it becomes a strong light.

    Page 76
    Sky Era

    The Man of the End, Annihilated

    Link went back to his own era and found the Triforce of legend. Link obtained the Triforce emblem through the trials and deserved to use the power of its abilities. His wish was granted that the Island of the Goddess, that had ascended into the sky, once again return to the earth and annihilate the Man of the End.

    Zelda's role was finished and she awakened after a thousand years.
    A Thousand Years Ago

    The Demon King Resurrected in the World of the Past

    Ghirahim was indignant, he took Zelda away beyond the door of time. In the era of the past, he held a ceremony for resurrecting the Man of the End. Link chased after Ghirahim, and beat him; but [Ghirahim] had succeeded in the resurrection of the Man of the End.

    The key on the Man of the End expanded out. After a fierce battle, Link had defeated the Man of the End. Its presence was gone, and its hatred was sealed in the Master Sword. The feared Demon Race had disappeared from the Earth, at last.
    Sky Era

    Return to the Earth

    Zelda and company returned to their era. They looked at the world wrapped in a calm wind and felt the beginning of a new era. Zelda was preserving the Triforce and decided to live on the surface.

    However, at the end of the battle was not the eradication of man of the end. The evil curse is the hatred for the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero, and the ever-repeated history of reincarnation of it was beginning.
    Other info
    The Triforce Emblem

    The Proof of 3 appears on the back of one's hand. The top is power, the lower left wisdom, and the lower right represents courage; if one is balanced between these things the Triforce shows true power.

    The Ceremony

    Zelda's soul, which was the reincarnated goddess Hylia, was necessary in the ceremony to resurrect the Man of the End. Ghirahim, who was ernestly engaged in the sole purpose of reviving his master, was the incarnation of the sword of the Man of the End.

    Fai and Impa

    Fai had finished her mission as well, whose contract with Link was finished. He returned the Master Sword to its pedestal, where Fai would go into slumber. Impa, having made sure of the extinction of the Man of the End, stayed in the era of the past to watch over the sword.

    Page 77
    Over the Years

    The Holy Land is Sealed

    God's Country: Hyrule

    The 3 goddesses created this world that goddess Hylia protected, which would later become known as Hyrule. The people who had roots in the goddess hylia became known as Hylians, of whom had mystical powers.

    Over the long peace that followed, with the times came a wave of chaos.
    混沌の時代 - 時のオカリナ
    Era of Chaos

    The Battle for the Holy Land

    Folklore of a universal power had hastened the desire of the people, and there became a constant competition for the Triforce.

    The sage of light, Rauru, built the Temple of Time at the only enterance to the Holy Land which holds the Triforce. With a power stronger than time, he sealed the Holy Land along with the Master Sword. The pedestal of the Master Sword lay behind the closed door of time, and there were 3 stones that acted as a lock and opened the door; each in the trust of the people of the forest, the people of fire, and the people of the water--all of whom protect each.

    The Triforce was enshrined in the Temple of Light, Rauru's locally isolated sacred place, and keeps the power of the gods.
    Era of Prosperity

    Founding of the Hyrule Kingdom

    Those who had come down the bloodline of Zelda, the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, founded Hyrule. The Temple of Time was held in the center of Hyrule with a castle nearby so the Holy Land and the Triforce were protected.
    Over the Years

    As for the royal, many who inheirited royal blood were born with special powers, and as for the princess, the name Zelda is often filled by [the princess] from which is the legendary history.
    Other info
    The Temple of Time

    聖地にある光の神殿へと続く唯一の入口。太古の時代、砂漠にあった神殿と同名であるが、ラウル に造られた神 殿の埸所は、封印の神殿があった埸所にあたると思われる。
    The only enterance to the Temple of Light, which is in the Holy Land. In ancient times, there was a temple which had the same name; but the location in which Rauru built the temple was where the temple of the seal was thought to be.

    The Royal Family's Emblem

    The goddess Hylia had an emblem of a bird because she once handled a large bird in Skyloft, the bird together with the Triforce became the emblem of the royal family.

    Page 78
    フォースの時代 - ふしぎのぼうし
    Era of the Force - The Mysterious Hat [The Minish Cap]

    The Piccore and the Light of the Force

    The Legend of the Hero who Received the Sword from the Heavens

    Hyrule developed as a kingdom, and then the first major incident occured. Demons appeared and almost covered the world in darkness. However, there, a small piccore came down from the sky there. He recieved a golden light and 1 sword from the piccore, and the hero used this sword to seal the demons in a treasure chest; and peace was regained in the world.

    The golden light is the force.

    The Hyrule Royal Family and the Piccore

    After the demons were sealed by the sword, the Hyrule royal family kept the "Sword of the Piccore" and enshrined it.

    The people thanked the piccore, and would hold a Piccore Festival once a year.

    The Martial Arts Tornament and the Sword of the Piccore

    The presence of the piccore had become a legend, and the secret door would open only once in 100 years and it is said that they came over to the human world.

    The custom of the Piccore Festival lasted for many years, in which there was the Martial Arts Tournament.
    Other info

    An unlimited power bestowed from above. Originally, power would dwell in everything*****, in this case the force was an enormous power that was bestowed.

    The Martial Arts Tournament

    During the Piccore Festival, a competition would be held at Hyrule Castle. The customs of the hero of legend were that the winner would have the honor of standing before the Sword of the Piccore.

    Page 79
    Birth of the Evil God and the Tempering of the Four Sword

    The Evil God appears at the Piccore Festival

    This year's Piccore Festival was a milestone, the most unusual in 100 years. The champion who'd won at the annual martial arts tournament was a man of an unknown identity called, Gufu [Vaati].

    Gufu's purpose was to get to the tresure of the sealed chest. Gufu disturbed the Sword of the Piccore and solved the seal, but the force he was looking for was not in the treasure chest; then the demons that were sealed overflowed from it.

    Gufu turned Princess Zelda to stone and left to look for the force elsewhere in the human world.

    The Secret of the Piccore

    The sacred power of the Sword of the Piccore could solve the curse cast on Princess Zelda. However, only the piccore could fix the broken sword; and that race could not be seen by adults. So the Hyrule king decided to send a boy named Link, by the suggestion of the blacksmith--Smith. Link had heard of the home of the piccore from the king, and with the broken sword and using a sword Smith had given him he left for the piccore's village.

    The Encounter with Ezlo

    Link went toward the Chiroria Forest in which the piccore lived, there he met a man who had been changed into a hat by the curse of Gufu.

    This is after Ezlo was the sage of the piccore and Gufu was his apprentice. Gufu had worn the wishing hat that Ezlo had made, it is said that he obtained the power of an evil god.
    Other info
    Princess Zelda

    She is said to have magical powers, she was Hyrule's Princess. Gufu was afraid Princess Zelda would disturb his deeds, so he turned her to stone.

    Smith and Link

    The blacksmith, Smith, had an apprentice--Link. Once awarded at the annual martial arts tournament, Smith was sword-trained. Link and Zelda were childhood friends, and enjoyed the Piccore Festival together when the incident occured.

    The Evil God, Gufu [Vaati]

    Originally, he was the sage Ezlo's apprentice. He was a human who desired an evil heart. He was under the impression that both the sword and the force were hidden together, and that humans were given these when winning the annual martial arts tournament.

    Page 80
    Village of the Piccore and the Elements

    Ezlo felt responsible for Gufu's actions, so he jumped on Link's head and informed him of the place that was called the entrance. Once inside, Link's body momentarily became smaller...... The piccore were a small race that would fit into the palm of an adult's hand. Thus, Link was able to enter the forest village of the piccore.

    It was necessary to retain sacred power on the Sword of the Piccore to remove a curse which Gufu cast upon it in order to have it repaired in a piccore village. Four elements, which were spread across the plateau of the world, were to be taken to the sanctuary and placed in the pedestal to make the sword more powerful.

    Gufu's Scheme

    Gufu could not find the force, so he went into the Hyrule king and controlled him and ordered the soldiers to seek the force.

    Then Gufu said, "When the 4 elements are in the sanctuary and the sacred sword is born, the way to the force will open"; and he knew the legends on how to reach the people of the wind.

    Aware that Link and company were collecting the elements, Gufu decided to wait for his opportunity.


    World of the Piccore

    The piccore were a race with small bodies. Link also became the size of the piccore and searched for the place they lived. However, weak demons were now giant enemies and puddles became big ponds; there were many hidden hazards when his body was small.
    Other info
    The 4 Elements

    The world is filled with the crystals of spirits' powers. The elements are Earth, Fire, drops [of water], and Wind.

    The People of the Wind

    Originally, they lived on the Earth and lived with the living things of the wind; then the whole tribe climbed up into the sky via the Palace of Winds. Their homes were higher than the clouds, and they know many things because of the rumors that go through the wind.

    The place, in the sky, which the people of the wind came from was now called the Wind Ruins. Riding the wind, one can go back and forth between the Earth and the Heavens.

    Page 81
    The Whereabouts of the Force become Clear

    Link collected the 4 elements and put them in the pedestal of the sanctuary. The sword retained the sacred powers and became the Four Sword, which gives one power and splits him into four people.

    At the same time, the back door was opened. The legend was inscribed there, which said that the force dwells inside of Hyrule's Princess through the generations.

    Ceremony of the Great Evil God

    Link and company followed Gufu when he took Princess Zelda away to the roof of the castle, where he would begin a ceremony in which the great evil god would gradually pull the force out from her body. Link prevented the ceremony from being fulfilled, and defeated Gufu with the power of the force; and the curse on Princess Zelda had been solved.

    The Wishing Hat

    The fight with Gufu collaped the castle, which he started out of great sacrifice. Ezlo gave Princess Zelda the wishing hat to wear, which Gufu had left behind. Princess Zelda wished that the force leave from within her, and that Hyrule return to its original state. Her wish would come true.

    Soon, the door to the piccore's country would close. Ezlo gave Link a green hat, and went back to the piccore's country.
    Other info
    The Sanctuary

    A sacred space, the entrance of which is located in the Hyurle Castle courtyard. Adults cannot see it. There is a pedistal in which the elements are placed, and the secret concerning the force is hidden there.

    The Wishing Hat

    Ezlo, who lived in the world of the Piccore, originally made it to give it to humans. The person wishing on it must have a strong heart and show great power.

    Page 82
    The 4 Sword / The 4 Sword + Hyrule Adventure

    The Seal of the Evil God Gufu [Vaati] is Solved

    Hyrule had regained peace, and the fearful evil god--Gufu--attacked it again. Gufu, who was thought to have been defeated, was resurrected.

    Gufu occupied the Palace of Winds in the sky, and then went to steal beautiful girls.

    There, a hero with the Four Sword of legend appeared. His body was divided, by the sword, into four; and the four heroes defeated the evil god Gufu with a threatening power. Gufu was sealed by the Four Sword, and then it was laid to rest again in the sanctuary.
    The 4 Sword

    Resurrection of the Great Evil God of Winds, Gufu

    From generation to generation, Princess Zelda played a key role in managing the Four Sword, but the time had come when the seal was solved.

    Princess Zelda had come back to check on the state of the seal, but she was taken away--by Gufu--to the Palace of Winds.

    Another Person to take the Power of the Four Sword

    A boy, Link, witnessed the resurrection of Gufu. After that, a fairy appeared in front of him and told him to remove the Four Sword, and Link's body divided into four as in the legend. Then he went to find the direction of the Palace of Winds, which the great fairies knew. The 4 Links would have to have their courage accepted by the great fairies by defeating demons and collecting rupees.
    Other info
    The Great Evil God of Winds, Gufu

    Do you not remember the days of the Piccore, when he lacked in reason and only rushed wildly? Gufu has now gained control of the winds and called himself the great evil god of winds, and claimed the Palace of Winds in the sky as his.

    Hero of the Four Sword

    No one understands his true nature very well, but it is thought that he was the descendant of Link, who once defeated Gufu.

    Princess Zelda Kidnapped

    Kidnapping Princess Zelda was not Gufu's primary objective, it was intended to be a bribe to restore the memory of his resurrection.

    Page 83
    Link, the 4 Heroes

    Link collected the rupees of the 3 great fairies protecting the 3 regions. The fruits of the hero were recognised and he was given the key leading to the Palace of Winds. The Palace of Winds, which had disappeared, reappeared and the four Links climbed the Palace of Winds.

    The Appearance of the Palace of Winds

    The fight against Gufu occurred in the depths of the Palace of Winds. The 4 Links had become powerful enough to defeat him. They must finish their business there without any trouble to rescue Princess Zelda.

    Gufu again was sealed in the Four Sword. Link returned it to its pedestal, and his body returned to its original form.

    Princess Zelda and the people of Hyrule watched this seal even more closely.


    The Regions Protected by the Great Fairies

    Each of the 3 great fairies watch over the thick forest from which no one returns, the frozen talus mountain, and Death Mountain which is overflowing with lava.
    Other info
    The Great Fairies

    Of the 3--the fairy of the forest watched over the Forest of No Return, the great demon fairy of ice watched over the talus mountain, and the great fairy of fire watched over Death Mountain.

    Page 84
    時の勇者の時代 - 時のオカリナ
    The Era of the Hero of Time - Ocarina of Time

    Hyrule Kingdom in Chaos

    A Unified Hyurle Kingdom is Wrapped in a War

    The War in the Hyrule Kingdom was endless through the ages.

    In the chaos, one woman carrying an infant escaped the war into the Forbidden Forest. The woman entrusted her child to the spirit of the Kokiri Forest, the Deku Tree. The Deku Tree felt that the infant was involved in the fate of Hyrule, so he accepted him.

    Hyrule claimed the war and unified the whole Hyrule Kingdom.

    Short-lived Peace

    Traces of the war disappear from the Hyrule Kingdom, and the world seemed calm.

    Ganondorf was the Chief of the Gerudo Tribe, the people of the desert, and he also pledged allegiance with the Hyrule Kingdom. However, Ganondorf's aim is in the Triforce, which was said to be somewhere in Hyrule Kingdom. He requested the 3 stones necessary to open the entrance to the Holy Land.


    The Map of this Era

    In the middle is the vast Hyrule Plain and Hyrule Castle. In the Northeast is a continuous volcanic mountain--Death Mountain, in the east a forest, in the south Lake Hylia, and in the west is Gerudo Desert. It has not come far from the topography of the Era of the Sky
    Other info
    The Forbidden Forest

    The outsiders called the place Kokiri Forest and Lost Forest. For the people who are lost here an adult becomes a Stalfos and a child becomes a Stalkid; and will wander the forest.

    Page 85
    The Child Era

    The People Chosen by the Triforce

    The Dream of Good Fortune, which was Chosen by the Gods, Seen by the Princess

    Princess Zelda of Hyrule had powers chosen by the gods. And Princess Zelda had a dream of good fortune about the fate of Hyrule.

    Ganondorf's aim was the Triforce of the Holy Land and perhaps to destroy the world. Zelda realised this so she told her father, Hyrule's king, of the good fortune but he did not believe her. Princess Zelda, along with her caretaker Impa, discretely watched Ganondorf when he would visit to the castle.

    The boy with a Fairy

    Under such circumstances, a boy from the forest accompanied by a fairy would visit Zelda. Link would come to know the purpose of the 3 stones as the keys to the holy land, 1 of which he had in hand.

    Princess Zelda was convinced by the dream of good fortune that Ganondorf came to find the Holy Land to overthrow the power of the Triforce. She asked Link to find the 2 remaining stones.


    Link's departure from the Kokiri Tribe

    Each member of the Kokiri Tribe has a fairy, and they appear to be a family which are always children. If they leave and go from the forest, they die.

    Link was of the Hylia, and didn't have a fairy, but on the fateful day in which Link departed, the Deku Tree called on Navi the fairy to go to Link. The Kokiri Tribe wore unique green clothing.
    Other info
    The Dream of Good Fortune

    Coming from the desert was a man and covered Hyrule in black clouds, then there appeared a light of salvation and that light was in the figure of a boy with a fairy.


    Princess Zelda's caretaker. She had served the royal family since the days of old as the surviving member of the Shiekah Tribe.


    The Deku Tree sent the fairy, Navi, to guide Link. She was Link's partner on his advenures, and helped him.

    Page 86
    Ganondorf's Rebellion

    Link aligned the 3 stones and at the same time Ganondorf attacked Hyrule Castle. The royal family protected the "Ocarina of Time", the treasure linked to the Holy Land, against strong forces that came to steal it.

    With the help of Impa, Princess Zelda escaped from the castle; then she witnessed Link's appearance. Princess Zelda sincerely prayed that the Triforce was protected, then she threw the Ocarina of Time past Link.

    When the Door is Opened

    Link put the 3 stones in the Temple of Time and played the ocarina of time and opened the door of time. He pulled the legendary sword that stood in the back. It was the last key to the Holy Land.

    Ganondorf noticed Link's movement, and invaded the Holy Land. He touched the Triforce. However, only the Triforce of Power was left with Ganondorf; and the other two--wisdom and courage--scattered to look for the people who qualified.


    The 3 Spirit Stones

    Of the 3, Spirit of the Forest, the Deku Tree, protected the stone of the forest (The Kokiris' Jade), the Goron Tribe protected the stone of flames (The Gorons' Ruby), the Zora Tribe protected the stone of water (The Zoras' Sapphire).

    Ganondorf possessed a curse for the guardian of the forest--the Deku Tree--and guardian of the water--Jabu Jabu--and then threatened the Goron Tribe. The form of the stones has become the symbol mark of each tribe.
    Other info
    The Ocarina of Time

    The royal family protected the key to the Holy Land. One can manipulate time and space by playing it, its pale glow is reminiscent of the time-space stone of the ancient era.

    The Master Sword

    With degraded magic powers, the wicked cannot touch the Holy Sword. Only those with the qualifications of the hero of time can pull it out. Link's power, wisdom, and courage were proven by obtaining the 3 stones.

    Page 87
    Hyrule begins to be Surrounded by Dark Clouds

    The Holy Land is a place which reflects one's heart. If one with a wicked heard sets foot here, it becomes an evil world, if pure it becomes a paradise. Ganondorf had the Triforce of Power, and became an evil king. The Holy Land, leaving few places, changed into an evil world and demons infested it.

    Hyrule Castle and the town were under Ganondorf's control, and the people who survived moved to Kakariko Village.

    The Young Hero continues Sleeping

    On the other hand, Link--while qualified for moving the Master Sword--the hero's body was too young. And so the Master Sword sealed Link in the Holy Land.

    In the Temple of Light, the key to the Holy Land, the old sage Rauru--called among the sages--barely protected the slight space. Link, watched over by Rauru, slept for 7 years.

    Princess Zelda solved Link's seal, which did not last. To escape investigation by the demon king, she disguised as a boy of the Sheikah Tribe named Sheik and hid herself.


    Hyrule Characters of this Era

    The characteristics of these letters are shaped in the form of a fuse.

    The list of stones, to read and understand it one must understand Japanese.
    Other info
    Kakariko Village

    Once made by the Sheikah Tribe, it was the hidden village of the whole of the tribe. Princess Zelda's caretaker, Impa, grew up there. Behind the village were graves, engraved on them was the history of the endless, bloody conflict of Hyrule.


    In the ancient era, he built the Temple of Time. Before Link removed the Master Sword, he watched over Link's adventure as the ominous bird--Kepora Gebora.

    Page 88
    The Adult Era

    The Hero Awakens

    Armed with the Master Sword in his left hand and the shield of Hylia in his right hand; Link had returned before the figure of the head of the castle.

    Princess Zelda, playing a harp as Sheik, helped Link with advise. Link was imposed with a mission, to solve the curses on the five temples and to awaken the other sages.

    Activity of the Hero of Time

    Link, the hero of time--riding a horse--while going back and forth through 7 years' time, solved the curses on the 5 temples. He recieved medals from awakening the sages, and Link obtained the power of the sages.


    Favourite Horse, Epona, and the Lon Lon Ranch

    In the Hyrule plains, idle ranchman Talon, his daughter Malon who likes to sing, and his employee--Ingo--ran the Lon Lon ranch.

    Link, in his childhood, made friends with the horse Epona. In the Adult Era, the ranch had been taken over by Ingo who was ruled by an evil heart.
    Other info
    Sheik's Harp

    Princess Zelda, with the harp, taught special songs for Link which lead to the temples

    Shield of Hylia

    In the goddess Hylia's era, it was made in a similar way to its design; it was a durable shield which could not be broken.

    The Sages' Medals

    The medals are full of power of the sage who is awakened. The hero of time aquired greater powers in aquiring them.

    Page 89
    Resurrection of the Six Sages

    The sage of light was Rauru, who protected the ancient Holy Land. The sage of forest was Saria of the Kokiri Tribe. The sage of fire was the head of the Goron Tribe, Darunia. The sage of water was Princess Ruto of the Zora Tribe. The sage of darkness was Zelda's caretaker, Impa of the Sheikah Tribe. The sage of souls was the head bandit of the Gerudo, Naboru.

    Finally, the six sages had been resurrected.

    Reuinion with Princess Zelda

    The head of the sages, Princess Zelda, carried the Triforce of wisdom in hand. She waited for the time, as Sheik, to reveil herself as Princess Zelda to Link.

    Princess Zelda and the six sages planned to open a hole and draw Ganondorf into it, to seal him and keep him closed from the outside world.


    The Group of Fire, the Goron Tribe and the Group of Water, the Zora Tribe

    The Goron Tribe, who protected the stone of fire, live in Death Mountain; they are a family that lives by eating rocks.

    The Zora Tribe, who protected the stone of water, lived in the Zora Village in the upper reached of the Zora River. The kings are summarised as being called King Zora. The king of this era was King Zora Do-Bon the 16th. The Princess was Ruto.
    Other info
    The Sage of the Forest, Saria

    The only one of the Kokiri Tribe who understood Link. Link was not seen as one of the Kokiri Tribe. She played an ocarina in the depths of the forest, at the entrance to the Forest Temple.

    The Sage of Fire, Darunia

    He was the head of the Goron Tribe. He had a warm personality, and admired Link's courage so he gave his son the name "Link" after his name.

    The Sage of Water, Ruto

    She was Princess of the Zora Tribe. As a child she was Link's age, and with his help in the Adult Era she was awakened as a sage.

    The Sage of Souls, Naboru

    She was the head bandit of the Gerudo Tribe. She was brainwashed by Twinrova, Ganondorf's care taker.

    Page 90
    Ganondorf's Decisive Battle

    However, Ganondorf had been observing Link and aimed to take Princess Zelda to his castle so Link would follow; so that he could have the remaining Triforce pieces.

    Ganondorf had the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom dwelled within Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage dwelled within Link. They resonated so that they would become one. Finally, it was time to fight Ganondorf.

    This is if Link, the Hero of Time is defeated and a different history is spun.
    (P.92へ)(To Pg 92)

    The Demon King Ganondorf's Transformation

    Link won the fight with Ganondorf. However, Ganondorf used the last of his power to transform into the figure of a wicked beast. The demon king Ganon cornered Princess Zelda and Link.


    People of the Desert, The Gerudo Tribe

    The Gerudo were thieves living in the desert. They were a race where only women were born who occasionally would go boy hunting in Hyrule. By tradition, a man is born once in 100 years and becomes their king.

    Ganondorf was raised by the twin magicians, Twinrova (Kotake and Koume). Twinrova would worship Ganondorf as a demon king, she lived for about 400 years and was the 2nd-in-command chief of the Gerudo Tribe.
    Other info
    Ganon's Castle

    It was a place that was occupied by Ganondorf, in the past it had been Hyrule Castle but it became an abominable castle.

    The Demon King, Ganon

    "Ganon" was a pet name for Ganondorf, a name given when Ganondorf transforms into the figure of a beast, which gives the appearance of a giant wild boar.

    Page 91
    The Hero Link's Victory

    After a fierce battle, Zelda held Ganon with a wave of light and Link gave the finishing blow. And then the six sages opened a hole in the seal of the Holy Land and succeeded in confining Ganondorf within it.

    When Peace Returns to Hyrule

    Thus, the fight had ended.

    7 years ago, Princess Zelda allowed Ganondorf to tread ground in the Holy Land. In order to correct the mistakes she'd made, she must play the ocarina of time. That which had been sealed was about to regain 7 years when she sent Link back to his original era.

    When peace had returned to Hyrule, it was a farewell between Princess Zelda and Link.
    Other info
    The Sealed Ganondorf

    Ganon had lost in the fight, and the Triforce of power had remained sealed. He'd reverted to the appearance of Ganondorf--and he had a horrendous hatred for Princess Zelda, the sages, and Link which would result in tragedy in later times.

    The Peace of Hyrule

    Many people had gatehred in Lon Lon Ranch where a festival took place. The Deku Sprout in the Kokiri Forest had grown, and the world would be purified.

    A story of reincarnation that was started by an ancient fight.
    The existance of a Hero going back and forth through time had become a turning point in history.
    The chronology of Hyrule is divided much more.

    The history that is spun from the child era when Link, the hero of time, is sent back there. (To Pg 110)

    The history that is spun after Link, the hero of time, left the adult era. (To Pg 122)

    -> "The Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero" or the "Decline Era"

    -> "The World of Shadows and the Hero's Descendant" or the "Child Era"

    -> To "The Hero of Winds and the New World" or the "Adult Era"

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  • Cereal Bawks wrote:

    ^Well, that would still make her her grandmother, though. So HH doesn't exactly contradict what ST says.

    No, they're two different roles.
    ST specifies Grandmother. Her one of parents' mother.

    HH specifies great great grandmother. Two roles. Two women.
    A great great would mean her grandmother's grandmother.
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    The HH contradicted the game is the point here.

    Just saying that it's possible for her to have known Tetra when she was little. It's also not uncommon for someone to call their great grandmother grandma. Think about how old Tetra and her daughter would have had to be when they gave birth if Tetra was only her grandmother. Assuming that they are both 15 in their respective games, even if Tetra gave birth at around 45 and her daughter did the same, ST Zelda would be 25 in in ST. 45 is very old to give birth at.

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    Just saying that it's possible for her to have known Tetra when she was little. It's also not uncommon for someone to call their great grandmother grandma. Think about how old Tetra and her daughter would have had to be when they gave birth if Tetra was only her grandmother. Assuming that they are both 15 in their respective games, even if Tetra gave birth at around 45 and her daughter did the same, ST Zelda would be 25 in in ST. 45 is very old to give birth at.

    Saying this would defeat my other point, but a woman was able to have a baby at 70.
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    Saying this would defeat my other point, but a woman was able to have a baby at 70.

    Through in vitro fertilization. Which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist in Hyrule. The oldest known natural pregnancy is 54. Natural pregnancies over 50 are VERY rare. To top it off, royalty is generally bred. Assuming that Hyrule royalty works the same as real life, Zelda would be pressured into accepting a husband as early as in her teens.