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    Mad Marie
    • Name: Marie Petit
      Alias: Mad Marie the Detonator
      Age: 22
      Sex: Lass
      Race: People
      Height: 1.56 m (4'11'')
      Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
      Eye Colour: Blue
      Hair Colour/Style: Brown, short, unkempt, an' usually slightly singed.
      Skin Colour/Complexion: Pasty white by nature, but years under the Southern sun have given Marie a decent tan, an' she rarely goes a day without gettin' covered in soot.

      Marie is fairly small an' lightly-built. She tends to wear a simple striped shirt an' trousers held up with a belt (to which two pistols, a dagger, a few bombs, a flask an' a few satchels are attached). She be wearin' a blue bandanna on her head. She be generally wearin' a brown satchel on her back with a few rockets an' a large gun stickin' out. She be usually wearin' an eyepatch, though she shifts it from one eye to the other from time to time.

      She also has a yellow jewel implanted in her right shoulder (obscuring a perfectly good tattoo of the Devil, a corpse and the ship’s goat engaged in some rather unmentionable activities), courtesy of some poxed bastard.

      Pictures o' Marie:
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      By Zeldalina

      By HitokiriChibi

      By HitokiriChibi, edited by Sabbo


      Marie be the gunpowder expert o' the Irritated Octopus, one o' the most feared Pirate ships on the Seven Seas, ARR! As such, she has access to a number o' powerful guns an' the like:

      Rocket Launcher: Marie's signature weapon be her rocket launcher, a long tube o' metal with an ignition mechanism to fire rockets at enemies, which she carries in the satchel on her back at nearly all times. These rockets be very powerful, packin' a mighty wallop with a large explosion, an' with their smoke an' fire an' noise can be an intimidating spectacle. Occasionally, they even end up somewhere near the intended target.
      Limits: Extremely inaccurate to the point that sometimes rockets will end up flying right back towards Marie, enough recoil to send Marie flyin' back, an' it takes a while both to load a rocket into the gun, an' for the rocket to actually fire.
      Side-Effects: The rocket causes lots o' noise an' fire an' smoke, possibly scarin' enemies.

      Musket: A modified musket, sacrificin' accuracy for sheer power, it can punch a hole through a small wall. This weapon be kept on the ship unless Marie thinks she be goin' to need it. Its recoil often makes Marie fall on her back.
      Limits:: Not very accurate, takes long to reload, an' has significant recoil.
      Side-Effects: None.

      Bombs: Marie be carryin' a number o' incendiary bombs to throw at enemies. Bein' thrown weapons, they be lackin' in range, but they pack a punch an' are easy to use whenever her other weapons prove too unwieldy.
      Limits: Explodes soon after the fuse bein' lit, so timing needs to be right.
      Side-Effects: Produces lots o' fire an' smoke an' noise, makin' it very distractin' to enemies.

      Pistols: Heavily modified guns, they be devastating at short range, but nigh-useless at a distance. Packin' serious firepower, they'll send Marie a few paces back upon firin', and send her enemies straight to Davy Jones' locker.
      Limits: Fairly short range, needs to be reloaded after every shot, decent recoil (will send Marie flyin' backwards when both guns are shot at the same time).
      Side-Effects: None.

      Dagger: An emergency weapon, for when Marie has no other usable weapon. Also useful for cuttin' stuff.
      Limits: It be a puny, short, weak dagger.
      Side-Effects: None.

      Cannon: In special circumstances, Marie takes one o' the Irritated Octopus' cannons with her. Pushin' the thing around slows her down to a snail's pace, but sometimes, the sheer firepower o' the cannon just makes it worth the effort. Arr!
      Limits: Too heavy for Marie to move it more'n a few metres, an' even strong men can't move it very fast (or at all depending on the terrain).
      Side-Effects: None.

      Rocket Array: When just the regular rocket launcher won't cut it, Marie brings a small cart with twenty rocket launchers along with her. Like the cannon, it be heavy an' cumbersome an' generally impractical. When fired, twenty rockets be sure to stop any enemy in its tracks, even if not a single rocket actually hits.
      Limits: Loadin' all twenty rockets takes a good while, an' like the regular rocket launcher, it be highly inaccurate.
      Side-Effects: Absolute chaos.

      A striped shirt. Provides full 100% protection against paper cuts.

      Luma Key - Artillery:

      After an unexpected encounter with a rotten landlubber, she be in possession o’ the Artillery Key, a single yellow jewel with a variety o’ mysterious powers. It seems to have a limited reserve o’ energy; whenever none o’ its powers are in use, the gem slowly recovers energy until it’s reached its peak amount of energy at 300 units.

      Basic Aura: By tappin’ deep into some supernatural power or another (one can never be sure in a world of cursed Aztec gold, Voudou, ghosts, Davy Jones and who knows what else), Marie can significantly increase her weapon strength, reaction times, reflexes, strength, speed, stamina, weapons skills, and perhaps most terrifyingly, her accuracy.
      Limits: At full power, Marie can use this power for up to forty seconds.
      Side-Effects: Should the gem run out o’ energy, Marie will be left dizzy for about half a minute.

      Overcharge: Costin’ almost half o’ her gemstone’s energy, this power doubles Marie’s attack power an’ weapon power for some fifteen seconds.
      Limits: Only lasts fifteen seconds, takes up some 130 units o’ energy from her gemstone, an’ requires a five-second cooldown period.
      Side-Effects: Causes Marie to be surrounded by bright yellow sparkles.

      Piercing Shot: Greatly increases the already-impressive power o’ Marie’s various firearms. At two-and-a-half times their regular power and increased piercing ability, Marie’s guns will be sure to strike even more terror in her opponents - if she manages to hit them, that is.
      Limits: Takes 110 units o’ energy from her shiny yellow jewel, an’ has a two-second cooldown period.
      Side-Effects: A certain sense o’ giddiness, probably.

      Carried Possessions:
      Aside from her weapons, ammo, and her clothes, Marie has a satchel of money an' a flask for grog.

      She has a small box o’ yellow-ish bullets with odd engravings that she has yet to use because they don’t seem all that useful to her. She also has a pair o’ strange bracelets seemingly designed to hold charms and the like. She’s been trying to sell said bracelets at every market she’s come across but has so far been unable to find any buyers. Both bullets and bracelets be a gift from the strange landlubber who also “gifted” her the Luma Key.

      Battle Strengths: Marie's weapons tend to be highly devastatin', as well as intimidatin'. She's also been in enough bar brawls to know how best to apply a barstool to an opponent's face.
      Battle Weaknesses: Marie's weapons be extremely inaccurate, especially at range. Slow reload times (as well as her getting knocked back after firin') means she be very vulnerable to counter-attacks after firin'. Her light weight an' lack of physical strength means she can easily be knocked around by a stronger enemy. She also has very little tactical sense, bein' over-enthusiastic an' impatient an' trigger-happy.

      Marie speaks both French and Pirate fluently, knows some basic English (which she learned from her half-English granddad when she was little), and a few words Spanish. She suffers from a slight self-loathin' complex on account o' bein' part English while also bein' French.

      As the Irritated Octopus' gunpowder expert, she used to set fire to bits of the ship from time to time. After explodin' the Cap'n's beard one time too many, she be restricted now to a dinghy tied to the back o' the ship if she's feelin' experimental. Havin' to buy new dinghies from time to time be a price more'n worth payin' to have some of the best guns on the Seven Seas. Arr!


      Likes: Fire an' explosions, fightin', sailin', drinkin', Piracy in general. Arr!
      Dislikes: Tyranny an' repression, the English, boredom, ninjas, a certain family member.
      Fears: Gettin' kicked off the crew o' the Irritated Octopus an' bein' unable to find a new crew to join, gettin' sent to Davy Jones' locker before gettin' revenge on a certain family member.
      Virtues: Marie tends to be cheerful, friendly an' determined.
      Vices: Marie be reckless an' rarely takes things seriously, can be very stubborn an' hot-headed, occasionally tends to be a bit self-loathing, an' her love of explosives be a bit too obsessive to be healthy.


      The Petit family has, for generations, lived on the coast o' Brittany, Western France. They be valuable to the French Army for supplyin' them with guns an' quality gunpowder. Young Marie learned much about the subject from her father Jean-Jacques Petit, who happily taught her everythin' he knew about his art.

      However, when Marie was at the tender age o' seventeen, her father was framed for an assassination attempt, forcin' him into hidin'. Marie would have taken over the business had it not been for her uncle Michel arguin' that he was better suited for the job on account o' not bein' a woman. For bonus jerk points, he also decided to move the business east, away from the ocean Marie loves so much.

      Marie would have none of it. One night, shortly after her uncle had announced his plans, she got a big cart an' two mules, loaded as much weaponry and gold as she could on it (includin' a few exotic gun models from the East that a distant ancestor had apparently bought from a man returnin' from the Crusades), an' set off to start a new life somewhere else. After a long trip south an' a few strategic bribes, she found herself an' her cargo aboard a Spanish galleon headed for the New World.

      She ended up in a lawless port town in the Caribbean, where she worked a number o' lousy jobs while improvin' her gunpowder art in her free time. She got her break when she exposed a local gunsmith as a fraud, which earned her a reputation as knowin' her guns. As she continued to more'n live up to her reputation, more an' more people came to her for her services.

      An' then she got her second break, the big break she'd been waitin' for. Cap'n Screamin' Steven, a man down on his luck but with his heart in the right place, asked her to join his crew, hopin' that her gunpowder expertise would change his fortunes. She's been on his crew ever since, and Screamin' Steven became a very successful Pirate Cap'n. ARR!

      Completed RP’s:

      On Dark Tides - Marie accompanies a kindly old man to an island only for the man to attack her. She ends up with a massive headache, a new-found distrust o’ strangers, and an eldritch artifact engraved in her skin.

      Baggi sig drawn by Malia! <3

      BA charries: Phantasmo - Mad Marie

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