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    Favorite Zelda Game
    • Ocarina of time. Its just the best. The story line was highly better then any other zelda game. The gameplay was better...the way links character is built beats the other games... The levels are better...The hyrule layout is better...its fun the WHOLE time....never boring....

      and if i was aloud a 2nd placer it would be Majoras Mask...cuse it follows up Ocarina of time...and plays the same.
      I only Play, Like, and Care for Ocarina of time & Majoras Mask. ....and thats just the truth.

    • Idk, as much as I keep trying to love Twilight Princess and see it as the best Zelda game, it just always comes across as one-dimensional and lacking the atmospheric essence which makes Zelda work. I don't know what to say anymore, keep trying to understand TP? :D It's kinda like the idea of making everything bigger and better, but you miss what was so wonderful about it in the first place, so you end up just making it bigger/bolder in every way, and so it just ends up emotionally empty.

      Currently my favorite is aLttP, with OoT second. They probably have the purest most spiritual essence of them all. You feel that mystical static throughout the whole game. The feeling of being lost and free in this diverse magical world.

      But I am tired of people saying it's nostalgia. It's not always just nostalgia, it could be the fact that these are forever masterpieces. I definitely think if they had the right people, they could truly make a game better than Ocarina of Time, with a new gameplay style and realistic graphics. But in Twilight Princess they were really focused on making it standardized cool (while keeping it kiddish and cartoony -_-?), they didn't worry much about unique qualities personal to the franchise, especially not the mystery. Instead of taking the atmosphere to a new level they just dumbed some aspects down while getting rid of others.

      If people think it's nostalgia, then why are we such Zelda fans in the first place? We played many games as children, and I don't remember any of them being as incredible as Zelda. I'm a fan of some games nowadays too, games which are more like how Zelda aught to be. The fact is, no matter how you chose to look at it, atmosphere is a real quality that can be measured and, like anything else, can improve our perception. aLttP and OoT were great masters of atmosphere, similar to games which relied solely on atmosphere and made it, such as Silent Hill. Though Zelda is of course so much more fine-tuned and diverse.

      Anyway, future improved Zelda is something very alive in my imagination, but unfortunately something that will never happen. This is why I can still look to new games to deliver that raw otherworldly romance, which were probably inspired by Ocarina of Time.

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    • Whats up people. Imma tell you why I like the Zelda games ive played.

      LoZ-Ehhh its alright. Its just not enjoyable in this time period.

      AoL-Never liked it. It just never felt like a Zelda game to me.

      ALttP-Awesome game. Me and my Grandmother would go hard on this game. She beat Ganons tower for me and in return I beat Ganon for her. One of the best of all time.

      LA-Never played it

      OoT-Yes Im one of those people who say OoT is the best and ill never get tired of it. It just brings back so many memories and I still play it to this day. Plus its the foundation for the other games pretty much.

      MM-Basically the same as OoT. Although I still like OoT better because I just beat MM a couple months ago after playing it for 10 years. Lol

      OoA/OoS-Never played them

      FS-Crap. I beat it in a hour. After waiting so long to play it,It was the easiest thing ive ever played.

      WW-Not a bad game, but I dident enjoy it like other people did. I felt it tried to hard to be OoT.

      FSA-Never played it

      MC-Pretty good game,but I havent beat it yet. Pretty good dungeons and a good plot. Also I liked the kinstones.

      TP-Why does this game get so much hate? My 3rd favorite game. I like how its rated T because it brings a dark look to the series.

      PH-Never played it

      ST-Never played it

      SS-Never played it
      [COLOR="Black"]Not played[/COLOR]/[COLOR="Red"]Played[/COLOR]/[COLOR="Lime"]Beaten[/COLOR]/[COLOR="Blue"]100%[/COLOR]/3-Heart Run


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    • Oh-Kay! This is a tuff one for me, but before I go into it I'll just answer the main question: OoT Forever!!

      But this is a hard question for me because I feel that OoT, MM, and TP are just three parts of a single game almost. I know that all the games are part of the Legend, but these three seem especially close to eachother. All three follow the same Link (yes TP too, not the Link you play as but I am a firm believer that the stalfos knight/ golden wolf that teaches the Link you play as is the same Link from OoT and MM).

      I chose OoT over the others because of a few resons: First, it seems to me to be the most quintessential of all the games as well as the main stage that all the rest of the zelda series is based on. Second, it just had an awsome atmosphere of mystery, danger, and adventure. Finaly, and maybe most important the game gave me a hero to look up to and relate to.

      OoT just doesn't seem compleat to me, though, without MM and TP. Where OoT shows Link in the "noble knight-hero who rides in and saves the day against all odds" light, MM shows how selfless Link really is through how he tirelessly races to save everyone even though there is little likelyhood of being rewarded or even remembered(because of all the time travel) or if they do remember him, the three day window of opportunity means that all they would remember is a green blur that swooped in and saved them and was gone.

      Then in TP, it shows how the OoT Link passes on his teachings to the next generation (of Links) as well as giving Link not only the "hero of time " quality, but also the "Timeless Hero" quality.

      Finaly, I feel that, given all the effort to explain all the above, I should also go on to mention Link's constant dependance on Divine Providence. Link isn't some superman who's awsome because he just is; he's just human (or elf) and in constant need of divine help to overcome the darkness that threatens hiself and the rest of the world. Some thing I think we can all either relate to or learn from! Without God we are just dust on the wind, but with God there is an eternity of infinate possibilities!:pope:

      But, ya, OoT if my favorite!:DD
    • The Wind Waker for me, by far. The cel-shaded visuals still makes for the most beautiful art style I've ever seen in a game. Despite how old the game becomes, the graphics will never age!

      I feel that Link has more personality in this game than any other Zelda game ever. I can see why some people might prefer Ocarina Link, simply because he's a blank slate and the player can reflect their own persona onto him. I respect that, but I think that Wind Waker Link has that aspect too while at the same time offering his own characteristics via all of his facial expressions and gestures. He's essentially a child at the beginning of the game, and its remarkable how he evolves into a mature warrior across his journey. The same goes for every other character really, too.

      Exploration has never been more fun - sure, I love exploring dungeons and caves, but nothing was quite like discovering a new island in Wind Waker. From the small and desolate to the huge and intimidating, it was incredibly enjoyable to add a new island to the map and go hunting for treasure.

      The side-quests and mini-games are just as fun as the main game, which is a rare and pleasant occurence. Exploring Windfall Island has to be one of most memorable parts of the game.

      The soundtrack is the best I've ever heard in a game. To this day I get the Great Ocean theme and Dragon Roost Island theme in my head, and the nostalgia when I actually listen to them almost brings tears to my eyes.

      A beautiful, inspiring and phenomenal game. There are no words to express how I feel about it - I've completed it multiple times but I'd do it again and again. In fact, I think it may be time I went back to do so soon!

      It's hard to believe that next year the game will be ten years old. I had a pretty rough teenage life but thankfully Wind Waker was there every afternoon for me to get lost in. It really is an experience I will never forget. There's so much more I can say about it, but for the benefit of other forum-goers I'll stop there. ;)

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    • My personal favorite is Ocarina of Time because it's just so nostalgic for me. Whenever I'm feeling especially angry, depressed, or upset, I can just go play the game or listen to the soundtrack and I'll calm down immediately. The story helped me get through the toughest spots of my life; the death of a close family member, moving away from all of my friends, a rough illness. Besides, it's also the game I'm best at. I can beat the plot speed running in just over 7 hours, and I've done multiple 3 heart and 100% run-throughs. I've spent countless hours improving on the Ocarina, wandering around already completed temples, and just hammering through the story over and over again.
    • Ocarina is still my favorite game in the series, but I haven't played that many of them even though I've been a fan since I played the Original in 1989.

      I actually just picked up Wind Waker about 4-5 months ago and it was GameStop's last copy so I got really lucky. ( Last copy in any store )

      I had always wanted to play it but never did when I first had a GameCube. Re-bought one 3 years ago and have been trying to play ever since.

      Anyways I played through the first 2 dungeons about 2 months ago and haven't got around to playing the rest yet. I was busy playing FFTA2 for the first time ( which is awesome ) so I got preoccupied.

      Now that the HD remake is announced I'm going to wait and play that instead of finishing the GC version. That way about 70-80% of the HD game will be new to me and it will make the experience even better.

      I own Links Awakening on 3DS but only got about 30 minutes into it when I started playing Dragon Quest 9 and once again kind of forgot about it.

      Majora's Mask was an awesome game as well but I never beat it.

      I borrowed it from a friend and got about 70-80% through the game but I ended up playing a long session and not saving for about 4-6 hours and the game froze and I was just too upset to play again at the time. I'm holding off on replaying that one until a re-make comes along.

      I've always wanted to play AlttP because I love the Graphics of SNES/GBA and they just bring back a nostalgic feeling that nothing else can.

      Now that OoA/OoS has been announced I'll probably play those too.

      Now that I think about it I haven't played that many Legend of Zelda games, even though I'm a huge fan of the series. lol

      I still haven't played SS or TP either, but that is because lack of Wii and TP is harder to find for GC.

      In the end Ocarina remains possibly my favorite games ever.

      The OST is beautiful.
    • Wind Waker was BY FAR my favorite Legend of Zelda game because it was my first one, the graphics were fresh and clean, the controls were amazing, all of the characters were lovable, wasn't to dark more on the happy side but it still had intense moments, the open world kind of feeling made it more special, it was a new kind of game to the series, I loved the two player feel with the tingle turner, and it just had this majestic feeling to it that burned memories in my mind. This is probably one of the best games I have ever played.
      I am Error but remember it's dangerous to go alone TAKE THIS :mastahsword:!!!!!
    • Such a difficult decision but ultimately I chose Skyward Sword, why?

      Because that game had everything... beautiful art style, compelling back story/storyline, loveable characters, fun gameplay (for the most part, "NO, I wanted a horizontal cut, dammit!" anyone?) and it even had some intense sexual tension between Zelda and Link early in the game haha.

      But in all seriousness, Skyward Sword is going to be one of those games I always turn to when I get bored of current game line-ups.