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      toph was searching for enlightenment right? and we see korra going to the spirit world. I'm betting that's where toph is and thats why no one has seen her in like forever.
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    • I'm watching through Korra now. Rewatched the first season.

      watched the entire second season yesterday and today, and I loved it. It really had a climactic ending that the first season really lacked for me, making me feel a little cheated.

      Watched the first three episodes of season three. I have to admit, with this steampunk theme
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      and the flying airship
      , along with the powers that benders have, this is feeling more and more like a JRPG

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      This show is so awesome. Forgot why I loved Avatar to begin with back when the original show was still going. I'll be sad to see this all go.
    • Súndav Istalrí wrote:

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      toph was searching for enlightenment right? and we see korra going to the spirit world. I'm betting that's where toph is and thats why no one has seen her in like forever.

      you know what else would be awesome?
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      so it's pretty obvious (imo) that Korra is headed to the foggy swamp from ATLA at some point in this season (hallucinations, etc). At the end of the trailer she's all battered and beat up and in the same garb she is in the other swamp scenes. Wouldn't that be amazing - to see Toph where we saw her for the first time - in the swamp?
    • Zottie wrote:

      I'm glad they're probably ending this series on a high note. I think that, if Mike and Brian went to the following Avatar cycle... then it could be overstaying its welcome.

      And it's funny that Korra is even on Nick. It's age appropriate yes, but obviously not geared for the target audience of Nick.

      That's probably why it isn't on TV anymore. Online only, remember?
    • It honestly surprised me when that happened at the end. It was always sort of joked that Korrasami would happen, because of the fanservice Bryke gave during the last two seasons, but when it actually happened, I was totally giddy.

      My post was lost, but I had posted this gif of a stick figure hopelessly pulling font that said "SHIPPING" to words that said canon. If it wasn't lost, I would be quoting it and say "I stand corrected."
    • Fal'Cie wrote:

      So what did everyone think of the finale?
      I thought it was good, but Book 3 outshines it.

      Totally didn't see that last scene coming, and I can't help but feel it was done to make waves rather than provide a genuine conclusion for the characters.

      I really enjoyed the finale, I thought they wrapped up all the major character story lines quite nicely. As for Korrassami, they hinted at it since Book 3, and it was nice to see their romantic relationship start in the finale.
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    • Meh, I haven't much liked this season at all, and the ending was basically a massive reemphasis on why this was. Basically, the only things I liked were Toph and the hilarious romance of Verick and his assistant. But as for the rest...

      The relationship between Korra and Asami was forced, and tagged onto the end for shock-value, not because it added anything to the show. I've read hundreds of people claiming that there were 'so many hints', but what 'hints' they had weren't really all that strong, and basically only appeared in this last season. I get that they couldn't be too forward with this, seeing as it's still technically Nick's show, but that's no excuse for bad writing. I mean, if you're prevented from doing justice to the story you want to write, then the answer is to not write it. Wait and write it later when you're not being held back. And on a slightly-related note, nearly every relationship we've seen any main-character get into on this show has been cringe worthy, from Korra/Mako to Aang/Katara. Not even the goofy characters like Sokka or Bolin had decent, believable relationships. The writers should just avoid romance in the future and focus on what they're good at.

      Also, what the frick was up with that giant robot? Outta left field much? I'm sorry, but it totally destroyed my willing suspension of disbelief. It was like I was watching a freaking episode of Gundam Wing. Giant metal robots don't belong in Avatar. It was like the writers were completely out of ideas and were just like, 'well... giant robots are cool.'

      Which isn't to say that there wasn't anything redeemable about the show's finale; Mako and Bolin had a fun little brotherly love part that I appreciated, and as previously stated I appreciated the silly Verick romance, particularly the wedding ('Do the thing'... classic...), but yeah. I honestly don't get why so many people are acting like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Mediocre at best is how I'd rate it, and this is from a guy who's watched the show since Katara found Aang in the ice berg. Even the pathetic attempt at a 'surprise lesbian romance' really wasn't anything worth commenting over, and isn't half as astounding as people seem to be making it out to be.

      tl;dr- 4/10.
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    • Overall I was very happy with book 4. I don't think it was strong as book 3, but I really liked Kuvira as a villain and I think Korra's devolpment arc was done tightly. My only major complaint would be the way Su reacted to Kuvira's actions. Su was quick enough to forgive Bataar Jr. but she had no sympathy whatsoever for Kuvira. What happened to their mother-daughter relationship? I guess it kinda plays into Kuvira's fear of neglect/abandonment, but I think this was a big oversight on the writers' part.

      As for Korrasami, I enjoyed the ending a lot. There have been a lot of subtle hints building up to this moment since book 3. They couldn't be as explicit as they have with previous relationships (I'm surprised they got away with the ending at all), as I doubt Nick would allow it. What we did get was baby steps towards LGBT representation in children’s media which I think is pretty great.

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    • Man oh man, when I watched the finale, my first reaction was, "Why do the ZU forums have to be down?!"
      I was absolutely stunned when I watched the last three or so minutes. I dearly wish that I recorded my reaction. But anyway, now that I have since simmered, I really liked the finale, but I don't think it was as strong as it could've been. I wished it was a four-parter like Sozin's Comet was, and for some reason, I was ehh on Kuvira's ending. All in all though, I loved it. I'll miss the show. But Avatar always lives on.

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    • hijuliaa wrote:

      Man oh man, when I watched the finale, my first reaction was, "Why do the ZU forums have to be down?!"

      Same here, haha. I had just noticed there was an LoK thread before the site went down, too. I wish I'd known about it sooner.

      I really enjoyed Book 4, and I was sad to see the series end, but I thought it was a good conclusion. Did not see the thing with the new spirit portal coming. Also, I loved Korra's character arc. When she not only showed Kuvira mercy, but risked her own life to save her, that was great. Not only would Aang be extremely proud if he could see her now, but it also shows how much Korra has grown up. Book 1 Korra would never have done that.

      I was also really happy that Korrasami happened. I'm not one to get into "shipping", but right at the start of Book 3 and on, I saw a lot of little "hints" that might suggest something more than just good friends, and I started quietly rooting for them to get together. I wish they could've done more, but I get that they have limitations, due to being on a children's network.

      Also, to those who are saying that Korrasami was "forced" or "pandering to the base", this is worth a look…-can-celebrate-it-embrace

      Overall, I liked the finale. It might've been better if Nick wasn't there holding Bryke back, but it was still pretty good, in my humble opinion.
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    • Wow, it's been quite a while since the forums initially shut down. I remember I had so much to say about the finale back when first aired, but I've forgotten most of it now. Oh well, I'll try my best.

      First off, given that the gap between Book 3 and Book 4 was very brief (only a few months I believe), and the fact that Nick lowered the budget for book 4, I believe that there was much more planned for book 4 that had to be cut. A short production time, as well as sacrificing a whole episode for a recap makes it very difficult to create a season on par with the epicness that Book 3 was. And as I expected, there were a few mixed opinions on the overall ending, but it still turned out pretty good in my opinion.

      What I Liked:

      Korra's character arc. They did it great justice. Korra's gradual recovery from the Red Lotus incident was executed very well and gave her character development a satisfying conclusion. Once the final battle happened, you can really feel how much Korra has changed just by how she spoke and acted during the second half. Kudos to Mike and Bryan on that.

      Bringing Toph back. Oh how I loved Toph in Avatar. Even as a wrinkly old woman, she'll still as entertaining as before. Snarky, wise, and powerful, she was the ideal teacher to help get Korra back on her feet. Sometimes the best way to move forward when you've lost all motivation is a bit of an aggressive push. She also got to reunite with her daughters, bringing the Beifong family arc to a close. Back when Book 4 first aired, I was expecting to see some sort of "reunion" with the Gaang of the original series now that Toph was confirmed to appear, but since Sokka is dead I guess it wouldn't feel right to exclude him. Regardless, a very entertaining character.

      Having a morally-grey villain. Kuvira was a great choice to be the villain of Book 4. Like the Red Lotus before her, she too was simply a well intentioned extremist, who's drastic actions were for the sake of her idea of creating "balance". The first two villains were just evil for the sake of it, so I'm glad they chose this direction for the finale.Bringing back Asami's dad. Nice little callback to book 1, as well as giving Asami some needed character growth. Am I the only one who found her to be a very bland character during Books 1 and 2?

      And lastly, More Varrick and Zhu Li is always nice. Both of them had great moments during the season.

      What I Disliked:

      Prince Wu. Gonna be honest, I wasn't a big fan of him. His predicament was very predictable- starts off as a spoiled rich kid, gets thrown into the main conflict, learns to stop being so full of himself and become more responsible and yadda yadda, we've all seen this story before. Within seconds of seeing his character I knew he was either going to become a villain or redeem himself by the end. Personally, I don't think he should've had such a large role in Book 4; there were better story elements that could've been explored in his absence (more on that below) and I don't think he added anything to Mako's character development, so why team them up?

      Leaving a loose end: the fate of the Red Lotus. Kuvira is a great villain and all, but Zaheer clearly established that there are more Red Lotus members out there, all bent on killing Korra. This seemed to be foreshadowing some kind of great battle with the remaining Red Lotus members, but instead they just drop that very important issue and focus on the Earth Kingdom instead. I liked the idea of the Red Lotus, being a defect faction from a peace keeping nation, but I wanted their ideals and factions to be explored in more detail. I guess that'll be the next Avatar's problem. Yipes.

      This last one is more of a nitpick than a valid point, but I'm saying it anyways. No Fire Nation. Book 1 focused on Republic City, Book 2 was the Water Tribe, and Book 3 took place in both the Earth Kingdom and the Northern Air Temple. So naturally, I was expecting Book 4 to focus mainly on the Fire Nation. But nope, more Earth Temple shenanigans. I suppose it makes sense since reuniting the Earth Kingdom was priority number one, but still, we haven't seen the Fire Nation at all during Legend of Korra. I was really looking forward to how much the Fire Nation has changed since Aang ended the hundred year war, especially with the steampunk enhancements the other nations received. Plus, I wanted to learn more about other potential plot threads, like who Zuko married, what his daughter is like, and the whereabouts of Azula. Oh well, a man can dream.

      Thoughts on the finale:

      The giant robot was a bit of an odd choice and underwhelming for a "final" battle. The stakes should've been higher, but the battle with the robot itself was very entertaining and made up for it. As everyone already said before, Korrasami was definitely unexpected for me as well, but I'm glad they were able to pull such a bold move and make it official. You don't see any bi couples in animated shows very often, so this was great to see. Overall, Korra was a fun ride and I'm happy for Mike and Bryan for creating two amazing animated television shows. Best of luck to them in the future.

      Also, Avatar is 10 years old now? Geez, I feel old.

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    • Oh man. XD I was really looking forward to this thread when the finale aired but, alas...

      Anyway. I think I kind of see why they went the route of the Colossus/giant robot - since there was no real, ginormous threat to the world (the worst that could have happened is Kuvira enslaving her nation (which is nothing compared to eradicating bending, 10,000 years of darkness/chaos, or even world anarchy) they wanted as much "edge of your seat" action as possible, so they went with the death ray that could have killed any of our beloved characters at any given moment. But, I gotta say that didn't really work out considering that there was next to no foreshadowing regarding the robot except for the "dismantle the domes", and that none of the characters actually died at the hands of the spirit cannon, and the one character that DID die at the hands of Kuvira, wasn't much of a beloved character anyway, and didn't even get spirit cannon'd.

      Other random finale thoughts: I was so, so happy with how Korra's recovery arc was going until the finale. The confrontation with Zaheer was a great and satisfying conclusion to that arc and they butchered it with one line about her NEEDING to suffer to become compassionate when she had shown compassion to multiple people, multiple times.

      I hate Wu with every fiber of my being.

      Oh, Mako. Poor, poor Mako who cheated death and got left behind with a "snotty rich bozo" while his two ex-girlfriends got together and go on a vacation to the Spirit World. Speaking of, I'm pretty sure if my father died, the last thing I would be doing is going on a romantic vacation to cheer myself up...but I'm not even going to comment on the KS ending because...just, no.

      The only thing I really liked about the finale was the Zhurrick wedding (which, cute as it was, that screentime could have been given to something more like the endgame relationship involving the main character? idk) and Kuvira's ending, but even that was kind of ruined by Su's "you're going to answer for everything you've done" but let Bataar completely slide.So yeah, I was pretty disappointed with the season as a whole, but it did have some really nice moments (Operation Beifong and KORRA ALONE HECK TO THE YES) come to mind. It was nice to see Toph again.

      I really am going to miss Avatar, but I'm still pretty frustrated with Bryke for the direction they went...they ruined an otherwise mediocre ending with a ship that had no buildup. :/

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