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    The Imprisoning War Mod
    • ok hi all im new, and i hope im not breaking any rules, but i am following the rule of only one thread per fan game, well i hope a mod is the same

      but to cut things short i well was making a command and conquer generals mod a while ago by the name of the legend of hyrule : the imprisoning war and things never took off becuase the generals modding community really doesnt like zelda :'(. so i finally decided to try to revive it by comming here, so i will tell the basic story line, post a couple of models and would like an HONEST opinion if i should try to finish it with some help from here, well here it is

      This mod is a dedication to the best video game ever, The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past, in essence it is a Role Playing Real Time Strategy (rpgrts) the only one ever made and the only on in production. it will mod Command and Conquer : Zero Hour. the style of gameplay is simple, you mine rupees for credits which you use to build more buildings and units. each building is built inside a castle in a castle you can have archers garrison in side of it. the object of the game is to destroy all three castles and the boss of the castle and collect the essence on evil. there are also three wandering bosses. after you collect all three essences you will need to go to the temple of time and forge the sword of evils bane then you will need to go to ganons fortress and raze it. you will then need to kill ganon with one of your sages and you will have sealed him off into the dark world hence the title The Imprisoning War. the gfx wil be cel shaded in attempt to recreate the feel of lttp.

      A Place only known as hyrule was created eons ago by three goddesses, Din the goddess of power dyed the mountains red with fire and created land, Nayru the goddess of wisdom created science and wizardry and brought order to nature, Farore the goddess of courage , through justice and vigor created life. before the three goddesses left the realm of hyrule they left only one artifact to let the people know of their great power the Triforce
      Eons passed and as fact became legend and legend myth the whereabouts of the triforce became legend, nothing more than a fairy tale people searched despeately for it and never located its whereabouts. Some saythat it lay under the desert, others decree that is is in the cementary that shadows death mountain, no one ever found it.

      One day by total accident a gang of thieves skilled in the arts of black magic stumbled upon it, the leader ganon fiercely attacked all of his brethren in an attempt to claim it as his own, he eventually reached the amulet that was left as a token by the goddesses. Many greedy men and evil people soon searched out Ganon together they formed a formidable army and challenged the Hylian Royal House, through a series of short skirmishes neither side sought much advances, but slowly Ganons corrupt army started to take over. all the Hylian Royal House still owns is the mighty castle of Hyrule....


      note, i hope this isnt considerd advertisement cuase i am trying not to make it seem like that, i just want to make this mod and i need help
    • You know, exept for the fact that (untill Link comes along and defeats him single handedly) Ganon efectively WINS the imprisoning wars, this might be pretty cool.

      One question: Is the model of link in the last screeny just the skin or the actual figure? If it is the second, than I would make his face a bit thinner if I were you. Just nitpicking.

      OH, and it might be a good thing to note that I do not have C&C, so I don't think I will be able to enjoy this particular mod.
    • umm not off of lttp, if i remember correctly there were 7 sages who imprissoned gannon to the promissed land

      in a sense yes and no, that is a hylian mercanary, a clan of hylians to whom link is part of

      and the reason why i am making it for cnc generals is cus that is the only thing i know how to mod, i am, however looking into the posibility of game maker and making it to the exact same gfx, but completely hand drawn so it has a much bigger relivement, and i really dont think noa will be able to shut me down as i will try not to use any copyrighted name, and the game will not feature link or zelda, as this is a prequel to lttp,
    • According Miyamoto-san the Sealing War takes place AFTER AoL. Aside of that, the version mentioned in ALttP is slightly different than the version in OoT and I do not think the Sages in OoT is in any way related to the Sages in ALttP.

      I have my own theory that the Sages mentioned in ALttP are descendants of the Wise Men in AoL. There are eight towns in AoL, included Old Kasuto, which was destroyed probably before LoZ. That would make it seven Wise Men (the one in Old Kasuto is not included), and they're all Hylians.
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