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    • It was alright for what it is. The finale music was pretty good and a nice call back to the earlier seasons we love.


      I'll take that over anything, at least this makes me a little less salty! haha

      I also agree that the king's council was pretty fun to watch and wished that scene was extended. The only thing i appreciated on the first few scenes was Tyrion crying over Jaime and Cersei's ded bodees. Such a spectacular scene!
    • Season 8, Episode 6

      I liked the ending, it was very cathartic for me...I only wish the 2 seasons (and my god, the last 2 episodes) leading up to it had built better to this point.
      I am eagerly awaiting the books.

      Daenerys deserved more than this. We didn't get enough time with her in the end...a better build-up to this in Westeros, an episode of everyone grappling with what to do in the wake of this or before the battle...there just wasn't enough time to do this arc justice. I don't even have a real sense of her and Jon's relationship because it has had barely any screen time. She had a lot of ground to cover in this season as a character and I just don't think 6 episodes was enough.

      I cried my eyes out when Drogon picked her up though. Thinking about it and typing that out now is making me tear up. I don't fully understand my feelings about this if I'm being honest. There is some deep sadness in me that awakens when things end, but this was more than that...I wasn't very attached to the dragons early on and a lot of Daenerys' "they're my children"s felt hollow to me...but like when he is nuzzling her to try and rouse her, when he picks her up...that was the first time I really saw them as her children. I was ugly crying. I got very emotional when Viserion died...the horrifying feeling of watching something so unique and rare be snuffed out like if I witnessed one of the last of an endangered species be murdered. It was a different sadness than I felt last night. I think this is also why the flippant death of Rhaegal made me so incredibly angry...the fact that I felt nothing in contrast to these other moments speaks to how hollow that felt, how it felt like a plot point the show begrudgingly had to get through, something they didn't themselves understand the weight of. Drogon really hit home for me. "A Dragon... alone in the world. It’s a terrible thing." I'm very sad again.

      I wish so much that I could be happy for Sansa's ending...they just didn't build it for me. I should be satisfied watching her crowning, but it feels hollow. Also we're cool with hereditary rule in the North or is this a council-chosen thing as well? The fact that Yara specifically calls out that she swore loyalty to Daenerys before all this king talk and then says NOTHING when the North gets independence makes no sense to me. Dorne too, but okay.

      Arya is...fine.

      Jon. I wish I could believe he was more emotionally tore up about this whole thing at the very end...I believe he is resigned to death when Drogon melts the throne, but I need him to still be emotionally distraught riding North. Like let him decide (or suggest) to leave the "realms of men" behind because they are so much pain and then head least he pet his fucking dog, the ungrateful fuck. C+

      Bran...oh Bran. I am fine with Bran being crowned or an intentionally sort of unsatisfying choice (which I am fine with), but the time we've spent with him leading up to this leaves this feeling extra weird to me? He's an total inhuman dick to Meera, plants the seeds for his ascendance to happen (denies his claim to Winterfell, tells Jon his parentage driving a wedge between him and Daenerys, doesn't tell anyone about impending dragon massacre), and I guess everyone at this council knows what being the "Three Eyed Raven" means when the show has barely even told us....and no one remarks upon the implications of any of this at any point. He's like practically joking now. Fuck Bran, Meera deserved better if you were a human all along. Eugh.

      Brienne and Jaime shouldn't have hooked up. I am fine with him knighting her, I am fine with him leaving to be with Cersei, I am fine with her finishing his page in the White Book...but the implication remains that the only reason he went back to Cersei is because he had sex with her and we just get no time with Brienne otherwise. Big ugh, big miss.

      Sam. Saaaaam. I...eugh. I don't really know where to begin? The Maesters are cool with him having a family? They let him back in to forged a few chains? He doesn't think bringing up the form of democracy used by the Night's Watch might be relevant when he's pitching that? Okay.

      I weirdly have nothing to say about Tyrion, I didn't feel anything. Got your old job back, cool. Upset about your very dead family, fine. Acting was excellent, but its just hard for me to care right now? And it sure was weird that Grey Worm was so cool with him leading the whole council as a prisoner. Unsullied make very bad prison guards...openly talking about murdering Daenerys in his room there lmao.

      Bronn, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Davos is fine, wish we had more time with him but he did virtually nothing. I love dunking on Edmure as much as the next person, but he is not this person anymore and playing him for laughs felt very cheap and out of character at this point. Pod, fine.

      All told, I still think this still could have been much better given the proper time and pacing, but I'm mostly at peace with it at the moment...I'm sad to leave this world behind for however long it takes to get the books (if they come), but even if the execution was uneven and a lot of things feel unresolved...this was a fitting end. One I hope to see more cohesively brought over the finish line in the future.

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      Vynrah wrote:

      he is not this person anymore
      I feel like if the last couple of episodes taught us anything, it’s that nobody ever really changes who they fundamentally are.

      Except Bran.

      • Jon is still this guy who just wants to be like Ned but isn’t sure how
      • Dany has always had this massacre in her
      • Jaime is still a fool for Cersei
      • Tyrion is still a natural leader who commands attention even if he can’t command respect
      • Sansa’s always had trouble respecting anyone’s ideas but her own so it makes sense she’d continue to insist on independence
      • Arya’s always been thirsty for adventure
      • Brienne’s always suppressed her loneliness by throwing herself into duty
      • Bronn’s always been a self-serving cutthroat
      • Etc
    • @ibLeo

      ibLeo wrote:

      I feel like if the last couple of episodes taught us anything, it’s that nobody ever really changes who they fundamentally are.
      Except Bran.

      • Jon is still this guy who just wants to be like Ned but isn’t sure how
      • Dany has always had this massacre in her
      • Jaime is still a fool for Cersei
      • Tyrion is still a natural leader who commands attention even if he can’t command respect
      • Sansa’s always had trouble respecting anyone’s ideas but her own so it makes sense she’d continue to insist on independence
      • Arya’s always been thirsty for adventure
      • Brienne’s always suppressed her loneliness by throwing herself into duty
      • Bronn’s always been a self-serving cutthroat
      • Etc

      Not the response I was expecting, but okay lmao.
      I get that take...but last time we saw Edmure he was changed by his years of captivity in Season 6 and we've seen nothing since. I guess he really did live happily ever after with Roslin after his deal with Jaime and he fully reverted to his empty swaggering from Season 3, but did we really need to know that? I didn't really love any of the council scene tbh, but that felt unnecessary and wasn't even that funny. I mostly don't care, but it did bug me enough.

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      I mean the groundwork was good but it was sloppy, lazy work.

      Jon had no reason to be alive after killing Dany, why would Greyworm spare him? He seemed half tempted to kill him when trying to stop the battle.

      The Dothraki were established in the first season to fracture when their Khal dies. They should be rampaging through the kingdoms not sitting politely at a port.

      Yara didn’t seem the type to approve of massacres, but she still supports Dany?

      “Bran should be king” “Oh, great idea! Who’s Bran?”
      Why would any of Danys supporters be ok with putting the brother of her killer on the throne?
      It would’ve been far better for Tyrion to point out that Gendry is a cousin to Dany, she personally legitimized him, he’d care about the common folk and he’d have support from Roberts allies.
      Bran could be master of whispers, but he’s an awful choice for a king.

      Arya going west to see what’s there. Uh she couldn’t ask Bran? And Bran can see all history but can’t track Drogons path since he flew out of the castle?

      The implication that Bran knows the future should have everyone calling for his blood. He let all of this happen so he would be king. Why would nobody say anything about this?

      Thought it was funny Dany was the only person to claim Jon Snow knows something.

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    • I've been posting in this thread since I watched season 1, episode 1 all the way back in April 2011. I've made a post for not all but certainly most episodes. This thread is an interesting little time capsule that way.

      But here I am, almost a full day after the final episode aired, and...I don't really have anything I want to say. In almost every conversation I've had about this final season, I've said some variation of the phrase "it is what it is." That the story may not have gone in a direction that everyone likes, or expected, or in a manner that feels satisfying, but it's the one we got and most of the narrative threads are there...they're just tenuous in places.

      There aren't many finales that I'm a huge fan of, mostly because endings are really hard and mostly I'm in it for the journey. I've never really cared who ended up on the Iron Throne (or the puddle of metal where it used to be) but I loved the game. I did like this finale though. Mostly because it still felt like some of the better season finales the show has done in the past. Where the endings feel open-ended without being cliffhangers - that there could be another season that picks up where we left all these characters, that I still have room to wonder what happens to everyone.

      And I liked a lot of the scenes. The Tyrion/Jon prison scenes (both of them) were very good, and I feel like Tyrion telling Jon that it does matter what he would have done if he were in Dany's position was such an important point that would have been great to see explored in previous episodes. The final Jon/Dany scene was probably their best, and the only time that I felt the weight of their relationship in a way that was believable. Better late than never, I guess.

      In the end, I haven't disliked these most recent seasons (then again, this has never been one of my favourite shows, even if it's a lot of fun to talk about). But they have felt more like writing toward plot rather than from character, which is always going to get clunky.

      It's fine. It is what it is. It's been fun to watch and fun to talk about and I'm not sure we'll ever get another show like this that overwhelms the popular consciousness, thanks to binge-watching and streaming models. Maybe the prequel series will be good.
    • I don't begrudge anyone that got what they needed to be satisfied with this ending, but its just not there for me. The journey is really important, but sticking the landing at the end is what makes a classic. If they had done this better Game of Thrones would go down as a classic and probably be remembered forever. Endings are the last thing you see and the first thing you'll remember looking back. How many people remember the rough episodes of something like Cowboy Bebop, and how many people remember the very end and Spike saying bang? Who remembers the episodes of Code Geass where giant robots were making giant pizza and a cat stole the main character's helmet from his terrorist costume? And who remembers the Zero Requiem at the end? There were a bunch of problems in season 8, but if they had stuck the landing everyone would have been able to brush over like all of it with like one last good memory. As it is a lot of people are gonna remember the last season where starbucks cups and plastic water bottles were laying around in scenes.
    • I am pretty satisfied with how they wrapped things up and left a lot open for... “later.”

      At the very least, they didn’t do what my favorite show did this last season, which was to kill the (most important) mc.

      I kind of hope that one of the spin offs will be about 20 years in the future. Since I don’t pay a lot of attention to rumors and announcements, do you all know what has already been said about future series?
    • Jehanne wrote:

      Since I don’t pay a lot of attention to rumors and announcements, do you all know what has already been said about future series?
      Back in 2017 there were 4 or 5 potential spin-offs floating around HBO. I think at least two of them are dead in the water (the one being developed by Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman is for sure).

      The one furthest along is from Jane Goldman (who comes from movies, specifically ones directed by Matthew Vaughn like Kingsman, Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class), and is a prequel set thousands of years in the past. They've either started shooting or will be shooting later this year, and Naomi Watts and others are attached to star.

      The others have people attached to develop, but other than that their status is unknown, including subject matter.
    • This article is about the prequel set thousands of yrs in the past of the GoT timeline. Which is what HBO is currently piloting. Martin is helping with setting up the worlds and characters as well.

      Anyone wanna try and predict who these actors are gonna be playing just for fun? Here's my predictions!

      Naomi Watts

      Probably one of the first (red) priestess or Nissa-Nissa

      jaime campbell bower

      AEGON the conqueror lol why not?

      josh whitehouse

      Everyone predicts he'll be Bran the Builder but I want him to be oneof the first Greyjoys of Pyke

      Georgie Henley

      My queen lucy!!! <3 I love her and I want her to be in the kingdom of the Reach. Prob one of the Tyrell princesses of High Garden

      marquis rodrigez

      Gotta be a Martell. Doran Martell or Maron Martell?

      John Simm

      Maybe Orys Baratheon?, first lord of Storm's End

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    • Finally finished all this, went through season 8 the past couple of days, somehow managed to avoid being spoiled.

      The big point of contention is Dany. And I am also unhappy with how they handled her (though not to the extent of this online lynch mob). They had two huge villains for season 8–the night king and Cersei–and only 6 episodes...why did they feel the need to villainize Dany :'( Dany&Jon ending up sharing the throne would've maybe been too easy, but was this really the best way about it? (no, it wasn't)

      I did like how the whole 'Lord of Light' came full circle and was right all along. I liked the great war (Episode 3), even if it was silly how all the main cast survived in an overrun Winterfell. As someone else mentioned, maybe they should've done Cersei first and leave the Night King for last. Would also tie Bran being key in all of this more. Weird seeing him become king, but that's the kind of unexpectedness I don't contrast to villainizing (in like 2 episodes) a main protag we've been rooting so long for.

      Overall, it has been very enjoyable. Season 8 was tense, emotional, frustrating, etc. It's hard for me to criticise the quality of the writing when I'm so darn invested in the show that I accept it all as it is. I am certainly satisfied. Perhaps not the banger I hoped for.
    • Guess we're dropping spoiler tags now. Its been the better part of a week and this is a discussion thread for a show whose finale just aired. Spoilers are assumed I suppose.

      Its like, have the battle of king's landing first. Have the surrender sound and Danny still makes it personal by destroying just the red keep. Then have all the armies go north to fight the night king. Either have Arya disclose her face melding assassin powers and use them to sneak up on the night king and finish him off instead of just going "Nothing personel, kid" on him, or have someone that has actually been involved with the night king story before the battle fight him and finish him and have us actually learn something about the white walkers and their motivations. Doesn't have to be Jon. Could have been Tormund and Bran worg into one of Danny's dragons to help or something. Either way, end of the day he's dead. The final episode could then be Danny and Missandei in King's landing managing the occupation and like a riot breaks out and one of the rioters kills Missandei and tries to kill Danny for being a targaeryen and Danny snaps and decides an occupation isn't worth it and razes the city to the ground. Then have everything else play out mostly the same.

      The way the show was Danny didn't reach a reasonable point to boil over and go full Hitler. Every single person she killed before this was morally grey for the most part. One of her dragons kills a single child and she was horrified and locked them away. She never did anything before now that was just morally black and tried to justify it, so lacking that you need something really personal and immediate to make her snap. With the travel between king's landing and dragonstone Missandei died like a week or two before the battle.

      Also the concept of Bran being king isn't a terrible one, but god damn make him do something. Anything at all. The only thing he actually does all season is sit out in the open as bait for the night king. Tyrion says he has a good story, but his good story is he ran away when his family got killed, hid out beyond the wall for a year or two, then...came back. And did basically nothing but tell his sisters yeah littlefinger is an asshole. The only person Bran was really useful to was the viewer so we could see some flashbacks. His powers could make him an interesting king, but like Arya's face melding the writers just didn't want to be bothered doing anything with them the whole season.
    • The more I read into this, the more this all annoys me. Particularly David and Daniel.

      So GRRM wanted 10+ seasons. HBO wanted 10 seasons. But D&D had coffee with Kathleen Kennedy and were given the opportunity to do Star Wars. So D&D essentially said fuck GoT (the show they owe their careers to), we'll wrap it up it up prematurely so we can move on to the big movies and become big Hollywood circlejerks.